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  1. GHB comes out middle of June. Thats our best hope. I too hope Harridans go down. I feel like Glaivewraith Stalkers need a full re-write. As it stands they are just bad versions of GGRs and BGRs.
  2. By double-triple I meant 20, 30 models. I didn't wanna use Extollers because they look so dumb.
  3. Im tempted to pick up 3 Tomb Banshees , Run a Guardian of Souls, run min unit skeletons, and fill the rest with Dreadscythe Harridans. Im really hoping Harridans become battleline though. I wanna go for max bravery debuff.
  4. Question on Grimghast Reapers. Do I have to have an Extoller of Shyish in every unit? And how does it work with double or triple unit?
  5. Do the casting buff stack? Because with 4d3 mortal wounds and +4 to cast this is a scary castle.
  6. Ok then. I have no idea what the pic is referring to then.
  7. Is The Wraith Fleet new? ARE WE GETTING SPOOKY GHOST PIRATES?!?!?!
  8. Not really a rumor, but does anyone know a UK shop that ships to the US? I keep seeing their prices after conversion and it's much cheaper. (sorry to post it here, didnt wanna start a thread for it)
  9. I mean its not like he missed anything. He showed the pages LoG covered and read out loud all the things they had. As it stands, I feel Nighthaunt is stronger, which is very sad. As being a 2.0 army that is woefully underpowered feels bad. Hopefully the GHB helps out. Hopefully we get our terrain soon and it is on par with the others. The Penumbral engine is trash imo. Even if it were free it's bad. Random is bad, wholly within is bad, not blocking your opponents from the benefit is bad, and payign the points for all those combined is bad.
  10. I like a lot of what LoG got, but the restrictions are killing it for me. Can't use olynder or you miss out on -2 bravery. Skeletons are the best battleline for them as they give off the -1 bravery aura as well. While not being bad, thematically is lame as I wanna use all ghosts. Without Olynder we only have 1 spell wizards which makes getting Horrorghast and the -D3 bravery spell off next to impossible since the only buff would be Mortis Engine. I think I'm just gonna wait for the GHB and hope Nighthaunt gets some buffs/point drops.
  11. That Shattered Dominion pre-order is a joke right? If you buy the kits seperately it amounts to $350. You're telling me 6 flat tiles are worth almost $300?
  12. This is what I'm hoping for big time. I want everything sorted. Because there's a lot of good stuff in LoG but focing Olynder as general if you take her cuts off the best thing of -2 bravery command trait. Whereas NH has one usable command trait (Rules of the Spirit Hosts) and could benefit heavily from the -2 bravery one being sideloaded in. I would like to see Wave of Terror reworked in some way. I have no idea how, but it needs to be something we choose rather than something that happens randomly. Because I've had games where it spiked and I got 7 waves, but Ive also had games with zero. With all the new books getting extra combats for one command point I think ours needs to be more like that. Not to mention the points need a serious rework. If Warpseer and his like don't go up, Olynder and our heros need to go down.
  13. We get half of everything (3 spells, 3 command traits, 3 arefacts), but it's all better. I was hoping to get -5 bravery, but it's looking like we can completely remove bravery from even 10 bravery stuff like Seraphon or Chaos. This is gonna get good real fast. Super happy with all I heard.
  14. I would like this more if I could. Thats a lot of bravery debuff. Lordy those spell lores are all amazing. Only got 3, but they are all perfect. -1 to save is insane. -D3 bravery is insane. D3 mortals to every enemy within 6 on a 4+ is the weakest but can still be very good. This means Your General can be a walking -3 bravery and your caster can add D3. Excuse me while I go buy some more Tomb Banshees...
  15. The point I was making is Horrorghast takes the form of what things in the mortal realms fear, and players in AOS will fear the FEC Terrorgheist soon enough. So it's head is a good thing to convert into a Horrorghast.
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