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  1. Up for sale is a full Nighthaunt 3k+ points army. $375 shipped in the US. It includes: 1x Lady Olynder (primed Corax White) 2x Dreadblade Harrows (primed Chaos Black) 2x Guardian of Souls (primed Chaos Black) 2x Spirit Torment (primed Chaos Black) 2x Lord Executioner (primed Chaos Black) 1x Cairn Wraith (primed Chaos Black) 1x Knight of Shrouds (primed Chaos Black) 18x Spirit Hosts (primed Corax White) 10x Hexwraiths (primed Chaos Black) 12x Myrmourn Banshees (primed Chaos Black) 1x Mourngul (recast, primed Corax White) 1x Black Coach (sub assembled for easy painting) 1x Balewind Vortex (In box) https://imgur.com/YN2Z7gg https://imgur.com/rOCSJBN
  2. I don't play Kill Team but Ive seen it. This combined with Apocalypse really feel like a dry run for 9th edition. And with GW's release schedule of 40k editions it would be right on track for next summer. EDIT: I've read all over that they were gonna just fix things with points updates, chapter approveds, and FAQ's but from what Ive seen most 40k stuff is already Tzeentch AOS levels of outdated. EDIT2: Not to mention the fact that they don't have a legit army builder. That is without a doubt one of the best aspects of AOS. Releasing one along with a new edition would go a long way to help newer players.
  3. All depends on how you use your clanrat. While hitting a gor with a shield is easier in terms of roleplay, a rusty spear will kill either of them if it hits the right place. Toughness is a terrible system and as far as I'm concerned is on the way out. Apocalypse does it far better with the Strength against personnel and Strength against tanks system. I wouldn't be surprised to see 40k 9th edition come out next summer as the big release and go with that system.
  4. Yes he kind of does. Statistics are not in his favor. 50% to hit, anything that goes through is then 50% to wound. Then anything that goes through that has 50% to actually hurt the dragon.
  5. The only reason I can figure is it would lead to less sales. If elite armies were as competitive as horde armies more people would choose them and end up giving GW less money. As for the toughness of huge things vs small things, this is a fantasy game. In fantasy a lowly clanrat CAN strike a deadly blow to a dragon if he gets lucky enough.
  6. On the subject of price increase, they are straight up gouging. Why is the Lord of Change going up $25? Is it solely because new Demons (Keeper of Secrets, GUO) are $140? That's an absolutely ludicrous reason considering those things coming out at $140 were already ludicrous. GW is playing a dangerous game with the pricing of their products. How long until the community as a whole say "Enough is enough, we are not just wallets for you to pillage".
  7. The easiest way to solve this, and most logical one, is to make wounds around the objective count. Some people have mentioned it for Beastclaw Raiders as an allegiance ability, but it would just make a lot more sense for people to count up their wounds on an objective and go off that.
  8. Simply no. Having tried 40k recently after AOS, could never go back. If anything 40k should ditch the strength and toughness system in 9th edition and go more like AOS or the Apocalypse rules.
  9. Increasing Nagash is a joke. Nighthaunt still need tons more drops. There's no way Mourngul should cost more (or even the same) as a Verminlord Warpseer. Spirit Hosts seems to have been forgotten by GW. They need to go down if Namarti Thralls are gonna be 130/360. I mean we're on 50mm bases for cryin out loud. Nighthaunt getting punished for Legions using Grimghasts is gonna sour a lot of people who bought into NH. I know it did for me. My army needs help and it's getting punished because someone else's army is using my units WAY more effectively than my book allows.
  10. Mounrgul is listed on the last page of the Pitched Battle Profiles. Its replacing the Monstrous Arcanum Forgeworld used to put out. Seeing as they stopped working on AOS rules. It's down to 280, which is a real joke.
  11. I have watched the gmg video and seen all the points changes. Either GW intends to go to 3 month updates, or they are wildly out of touch with how the game is played. New books aside (FEC, Skaven, Gitz, Khorne) they are changing things to adapt to a game over 6 months old. Nagash 100% did not need to go up, nor the necromancer. Longstrikes went down?!?!? Who thought that needed to happen? All the old army drops are basically meaningless considering no small units exist to fill in the gap. This game is quickly becoming the Standard format of MTG. You must buy a new deck (army) every year or be left in the dust. (DoK being the exclusion to that)
  12. So I saw the drops, we are in trouble. Based on the drops I will be able to fit a Tomb Banshee in. None of the battalions dropped, our named heros are still wildly overcosted. Dreadscythe Harridans are a good unit, but with no real way to debuff bravery they are basically unplayable. I guess we hope for drops to start happening sooner, and hope for 3 months updates. The book is just bad. (The endless spells could be free and I still wouldn't play them)
  13. I have to believe this is them shifting gears to 3 month points updates. To do so little for so many struggling armies is whack. Another year of being dominated by newer armies will sour the game for a lot of people.
  14. I'm asking for Nighthaunt not to be punished because our one good unit was taken in LoN. Just take Grimghasts out of the LoN roster and dont give them points increase. That would be the easiest solution. Or, conversely, lower the points of NH to be actually competitive as a NIGHTHAUNT army. I feel like everything we have is over costed because we "might" get 5 waves of terror a turn. As a NH player, I can assure you it goes off at best 3 times a game, and its random so you cant even plan for it.
  15. We got the shaft hard imo. Mourngul is a joke at 280. Shoulda been 220-240 when you compare it to stuff at those points. Black Coach should probably be 200-220. Guess the army will continue to haunt the lowest tiers as it has since day 1. Really sick of getting punished because LoN made our one unit look good. Could have easily just took it out of the LoN roster. My ONLY hope is that because points only changed 10-20 in most places they will hopefully be going to 3 month updates. With the points being a free download now it's easy to do and they can continually shift things to make better parity.
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