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Found 14 results

  1. Here is the new thread for discussing Maggotkin of Nurgle. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Maggotkin of Nurgle in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/9323-lets-chat-maggotkin-of-nurgle/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  2. Hi everyone, I will be having my first tournament in January and I'm looking for some feedback on how i could improve my Mortal Nurgle list. Everything in the list below is fully painted and ready to go but suggestions for improvement would be really great: ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Nurgle) [1,940pts] ++ + Leader + Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle [200pts] Festus The Leechlord [140pts]: 1. Blades of Putrefaction Gutrot Spume [140pts] Harbinger of Decay [160pts]: 1. Grandfather's Blessing, 4. The Witherstave, General Lord of Blights [140pts]: 1. Rustfang + Battleline + Putrid Blightkings [320pts]: 2x 5 Putrid Blightknigs Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightknigs Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightknigs Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightknigs Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightknigs + Battalion + Battalion: Blight Cyst [200pts]: Blight Cyst + Allegiance + Allegiance: Nurgle + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Command Points + Purchased Command Points (50) ++ Total: [1,990pts] ++ Any help would b ed really great! I am still pretty novice but I'm getting alot more games in now the army I have so far is all done. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I want to make a list of army of beasts of chaos with some of the formations that come out in the battletome dedicated to the gods of chaos. My question is: which of these 2 battletome of chaos (Blades of khorne, maggothkin of nurgle) makes more synergy with the beasts of chaos? I am open to debate, I really like maggothkin models but they are very outdated in rules. Also if you want to leave lists of guides, I would be very grateful. Thanks for your opinions.
  4. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 1

    My first ever hero painted
  5. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 2

    My first ever hero painted
  6. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 3

    My first ever hero painted
  7. Gazing across snot lake
  8. Dreadmund

    Nurgling Bases

    My first attempt at these Nurgle Cheerleaders
  9. +++ Updated 1k List, Below +++ Hello everyone, This is my first post on TGA! I've chosen Maggotkin of Nurgle for my first AoS army. I would like some veterans to give me advice as I plan on having my first game soon. I currently own all the models for the 1,000 point list: HQ: Lord of Blights - 140 HQ: Poxbringer - 120 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 10x Plaguebarers - 120 Plague Drones: 3x - 200 Nurglings 3x - 100 Thank you in advance ? ++ I removed the 2k list as I'd like to build a 1k list first ++
  10. Hey gang, I'm building my Maggotkin army and am considering investing in 40x marauders. Unfortunately the models aren't the freshest of the bunch. I'm thinking about kitbashing a few units together (all within the Nurgle theme). Most likely using marauders, zombie & beastmen. - it seems fluffy to have decrepit mortals in various stages of decay (Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds is my source of inspiration). My question is; will other players, especially tournament players be cool if the models aren't their generic build? I don't want to dish out the dosh only to be told that I'm not allowed to use "proxies." Thank you! Imperi-um.
  11. Hi! In the Maggotkin of Nurgle battletome the artifact "Tome of Thousend Poxes" say that you have a +1 to cast a spell of the "Lore of Nurgle". Are the specific Warscroll Spell like "Plague Wind" of the Great Unclean One or "Eruptive Infestation" of the Poxbringer excluded by this bonus or they're implicit in the "Lores of Nurgle". And what about "Foul Regenesis"? It count as part of the Lore of Nurgle?
  12. Dear all, always wanted to have a Nurgle army, really enjoy Nurgle fluff. I don't like Nurgle demons and demons as a whole just from the looks perspective. But when I saw Putrid Blightkinds in the End Times I fell in love. Then when I saw them paindted by Third Eye Studio - I decided I want to get back into Warhammer. Havent painted anything for a very long time and in the days didnt have a lot of practice actually. So my questions are: I love new Nurgle Mortals looks as a whole and pusgoyle knights too, but standard dark-green color scheme is kinde boring, on the other side, I'm just a newbie painter who also wants to play at some point with beutiful army, so paint by numbers (or youtube videos in this case) could be something I want to, because i dont know how to pick colors on my own yet. Plus, just a little point, I want open wounds of Blightkings not to look too disgusting. At some points I event wanted to go Khorne as Nurgle's armies nowadays are just too much in terms of blobs and open wounds, I just prefer full armor Chaos warriors with a slight mutations, like back in the days.. So maby you have a tip how can I make all those blobs and cuts lesss disgusting? My perfect scenario would be something realistic looking and not too boring (dark green + rust gw theme), like on picture attached, I guess most of you saw them. Maybe someone can breakdown how to paint in such a way with Citadel paints and no Airbursh? Do I even want to start painting with Blightkinds, maby pick something else to pget more practice ?
  13. Hi guys and fans of Nurgle, Link to printable PDF (regular playing card size): https://www.docdroid.net/551d1X1/maggotkin-of-nurgle-cards.pdf @RotCleaver send me a PM yesterday and was wondering about the Nurgle cards. While the book isn't out and we have no news on Command Traits, Artefacts or Spell Lores I do think it might be usefull to have these cards for Blightwar games and others who allready do play the Nurgle Allegiance. Note to all, this obviously isn't all. Once more is out I will continue creating more cards, specifically for the Command Traits and Artefacts. So for now, hope you guys like it. The moment more is out I'll put it all in a printable PDF, for now I think a true fan can do with this what they want As soon as Ive got the Maggotkin Battletome more will be added! Cheers,
  14. Hey guys, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to record a short Maggotkin of Nurgle review show. In AoS Shorts style it is hopefully "just what you need to know" in 20 minutes or so. In the show I cover the overall playstyle for the army, allegiance abilities and propose some likely army builds. Now, as this is all early days, I don't pretend this is authoritative, but instead is more some initial impressions on the release. The show is on iTunes, Podbean, and the full show transcript, links and further resources can be found here: https://aosshorts.com/maggotkin-of-nurgle/ I'd be really interested to hear what you guys think.
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