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  1. Before a game, I will chat with my opponent so we both know what our armies are capable of and clear up any rules discrepancy we might have regarding our forces, battalions, magic or the battleplan itself. I still do this during the match, but in a competitive setting, like a GT, both players are responsible for knowing the ins-and-outs of the game. It's an interesting topic because courtesy in this hobby is what makes it awesome. However, when it comes to competition, is the onus on the experienced or beneficiary player to tell their opponent everything that's happening? Possibly, especially if the opponent has never faced that kind of army before, or the player is a warhammer rookie. These create positive gaming environments and open more friendly discussions. Hell, I always remind my opponent during combat about removing models for unit coherency so they don't lose additional models. However, I wouldn't blame someone at a tournament if they remained silent as their opponent made a mistake they weren't aware of because it benefits their chances of winning. I'm starting to head in a narrative direction with my gaming, but I am still competitive at heart. I will admit I have done this before, as I'm sure some people reading this discussion have as well. It really depends on your opponent I feel. If it's a relative newcomer or someone you don't often play against, I think its more important for both parties to have fun, so discussing rules openly and showing what the army does should be encouraged. But if myself or someone draws an experienced or stronger opponent at an event, then I feel the onus is on the opponent for knowing the rules of the game and avoiding the "sneakiness", unless they ask for a refresher or advice, to which me or anyone else should answer honestly.
  2. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Expectations -all pre-GHB armies (Ironjawz, FEC, Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Skaven Pestillants and Everchosen) will get at the minimum a battletome update -Ironjawz and Everchosen will be combined with other factions in their respective alliances and receive new models (Ironjawz with Greenskins and Bonesplittas and Everchosen with Slaves to Darkness and new Darkoath) -We will receive a brand new faction this year for AOS that we've never seen before (would Darkoath count lol) -AOSRPG will be released in Q4 Hopes -Destruction finally does something in the lore -Greenskins will finally be legitimized with their own batttletome, get combined with Ironjawz and Bonesplittaz, or two pages in GH19 -Ironjawz get a new unit that's just a Brute in a giant spikey ball that runs over everything on the battlefield -Whenever Slaanesh gets their own AOS army, they receive two units of unique mortal units like Blood Warriors or Kairic Acolytes -Dispossessed gets a surprise battletome with new terrain and a war golem -A new skirmish game or system arrives this year that takes off like Kill Team did for 40k
  3. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm hoping we get a big orruk release this year and it includes a new plastic wyvern, along with a new warboss and chariot
  4. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    Eight Lamentations: War Claw

    I had the same issue as well with the Black Library app. I eventually decided to get it on Apple iBooks, but the CD/MP3 is only available on the BL website
  5. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    Eight Lamentations: War Claw

    No narrator. The characters detail what's going on. Usually I prefer a narrator setting the tone to help flesh out the story in my mind, but Josh's writing for the audio drama does a good enough job of it
  6. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    Eight Lamentations: War Claw

    Just finished listening to Josh Reynolds latest chapter in his Eight Lamentations series. Really enjoyed how he formatted the tale as a radio drama. What's interesting is that it is a sequel to Spear of Shadows, but Josh admitted in the epilogue that he's hoping to make more of these short to medium length stories because they stretch the plot of the series in ways he can't do in full-length novels. While I like the full-length novels and the grand tale they weave, I am a fan of the shorter-but-more-focused stories that Black Library has been publishing. Despite only being 120 minutes, there is a ton of action and horror crammed into the War Claw and the plot itself is engaging, especially the character moments between Voelker, Zana, and the duardin characters. I would recommend this for anyone interested in the next chapter of Eight Lamentations, or those who enjoy a nice horror story
  7. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    The Rumour Thread

    Greenskins aren't gone. They're still on the GW page and their Start Collecting is still being sold. GW even said they're not Squatting any other factions. There's no question, however, that GW seems to be purposely ignoring them. There's just nothing special about them. However, that's the issue with the generic fantasy factions (Freeguild, Dispossessed and Wanderers included) that were left over from WH Fantasy: how do you make them unique and IP friendly since that's the way AOS is heading? They could get the BoC treatment, get roped in with normal grots, and most people (myself included) would be happy they got something, At the bare minimum, GW could also just increase orruks to 2 wounds (3 to boar riders), give them a place in the Generals Handbook with Allegiance ability(s) and everything else. Same could also be said for Gutbusters
  8. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    Da Bloodbreaka Clan

    Oi lads I'm back with tales from the battlefield as my Ironjawz marched onto Philadelphia to compete in PAX Unplugged 2018! I haven't had a lot of practice over the past two months, but I was eager to defend my title from last year's competition. I brought my no-Maw Krusha list to the event, as seen below: DA IMMORTALFIST Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal (140) - General Command Trait : Brutish Cunning Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm Jazood Warchanter (80) - Artefact : The Boss Skewer Jazood Warchanter (80) Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120) Orruk Warboss Zofka Redfang (140) (Allies) - Great Waaagh Banner Moonclan Grot Shaman Keeb/Geeb (80) (Allies) 10 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180) 5 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360) 5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (18) 3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140) 20 x Da Boyz (Ardboyz) (320) Ironfist (180) This year's tournament was a three-game event that featured realm rules from Chamon, which didn't have a major effect on the outcome of my matches, but the spell lore was not allowed MATCH ONE vs LEGIONS OF NAGASH - STARSTRIKE (MINOR LOSS) Playing Starstrike is always tricky. It's a luck-based scenario, so starting conservative was my plan. Considering Grimgasts can outmaneuver my orruks, I didn't want to rush into combat with the threat of being double-turned. So both of us just inched up and positioned out forces for the upcoming central comet. With Nagash bubble-wrapped, it was going to be difficult to break through my opponent's chaff without Nagash reaching over and smashing my boyz. On Turn 2, the comet falls on the right side and she wins the roll-off. Her green reapers charge my ardboyz and Nagash gets dance-makob off to let them attack twice. I ended up burning a command point to keep them in the fight, but it wasn't good. When it was my turn, I threw everything forward. I used double waaagh! to smash aside the dire wolves and deal a good number of wounds to her blue reapers. Meanwhile, my Brutes on the right got too close to nagash and were smashed off the table. Also, only one Ardboy survivs combat, but holds up the Reapers. However, my Gore Gruntas seized the right-center objective and gives me the lead. Turn 3 came and I won the roll. My objective fell on my left side, but my opponents fell on the right side, giving her a significant advantage with positioning. I decide to try to send my left Gruntas and Brutes into her backfield to try to reach her comet. Meanwhile, my 10-Brutes and megaboss start whittling down more Reapers and my Gruntas finish off the wolves on the right. I make a tactical error, however, in not sacrificing my Warchanter to keep the Reapers locked for one more turn. On her turn, Nagash the spell portal is re-summoned and placed next to my megaboss, which he then succeeds in Hand-of-Dusting. She then moves Nagash onto the right objective where the soon-to-be-dead Gore Gruntas are just chilling. The Reapers move back, while her last Dire Wolves claim her rear objective. My Brutes then finish off the blue reapers In Turn 4, she resummons the blue reapers and places them behind the building to block me. My Bruts and Gore Gruntas are quite far from her rear objective, but somehow, my 5-Brutes make an 11 inch charge and destroy the wolves, claiming that objective to give me 8 points total for the turn. I then engage my remaining troops to fight and destroy the Blue Reapers just for movement sake. When she goes again, her Green reapers destroy the rest of my Brutes and she scores the same to tie me entering Turn 5. That's how the game ended due to time. We drew 16-16, but she easily won on kill points. Considering the player and list I faced, I think I did quite well against the 5th best list at NOVA. MATCH TWO vs WANDERERS & ALLIES - BORDER WAR (MAJOR VICTORY) An interesting match-up against the speedy, shooting Wanderers in my favorite AOS scenario. Usually the player who goes first has a huge advantage if they score first on three objectives, but Ironjawz can simply kill the enemy off the objectives and outscore them the rest of the game. I gave my opponent the first turn to mitigate his shooting. All he did was claim the left objective with his Kurnoth Hunters to act as a buffer. On my turn, I charged my 20 Ardboyz and 5 Brutes into his line to secure the objective and killed 2/3 of the Hunters, while pulling in his Wildwood Rangers. I decided to move my megaboss and 10 Brutes up the middle to threaten his rear objective, while my Gore Gruntas charged down the right to secure those points and destroy his 10 archers. Strategically, I decided to leave 5 Brutes to babysit my rear objective so my opponent wouldn't get the idea of shifting 20 Glade/Eternal Guard into my board edge. Unlike my first match, my opponents magic was non-existent due to poor dice rolling. He failed to cast most of his spells, even with the boost from the Vortex. Mine, however, was not much better. My Moonclan Grot Shaman drugged out for two consecutive turns, while my Weirdnob didn't do much better. From turn two on, I felt I had the game in hand since my boyz were already in his line and handling his speedy units. By turn 3, much of his army was depleted, but 10 Wild Riders did teleport onto my table edge to threaten my objective. However, he put them on the left near my Gore Gruntas, rather than the right where just my Moonclan shaman was guarding. I then engaged them, and while my Gore Gruntas eventually died (WW are not bad in combat), they held the WW for two turns. My rear Brutes eventually came over and bashed them good. Funny part about the game were the insane rolls he made for his heroes. Both his Nomad Prince and Waystrider shrugged off kill shots from my GG's and Brutes on 6+armour saves, then proceeded to kill said units single-handily. He did nab one or two of the central objectives with his Waystrider and Sisters of the Watch around turns 3 or 4, but it was too late by then. Once my Ardboyz slayed his Nomad Prince and Megaboss smashed his Waystrider, the match was over. Gorfang now gets to add another skull to his pointy-stick! I also managed to score my secondary object by killing 2/3 of his army, which put me in decent position in the standings MATCH THREE vs NIGHTHAUNT - PLACES OF ARCANE POWER (MAJOR VICTORY) For my final match, I was paired against a skilled player in our community named Travis. He's a good general and was using a Nighthaunt list he's testing out for Adepticon. He had 30 Reapers, 40 Chianrasps, Mortarch of Grief, Guardian of Souls, Mounted KoS, Reikenor, Kurdos, along with 3 Spirit Hosts, 8 Banshees and a Spirit Torment waiting to deepstrike. I played this one conservatively like my first match, but tried to overload my left so I could overwhelm his Reapers. I gave him first turn and he shifted left towards the uncontested side. I moved up enough in my turn to pose a threat but present a long charge if he moved up. On Turn 2, I won the double turn, got some good rolls on my movement, and realized I could charge his entire line thanks to my positioning. With my orruk warboss tailing behind, I popped off a Triple WAAAGH! and erased his Reapers from the board with my 10 Brutes, GG's, and Ardboyz. However, the Brutes and Gruntas on the right did not receive the bonus and were left to deal with Kurnoss and Chainrasps by themselves. I scored the middle and bottom objectives and was in good shape. With a chunk of his army gone, Travis regrouped towards the top objective and would eventually finish off the Gruntas and Brutes that were isolated. This is where he deployed his deepstrike units to threaten my characters. While the Spirit Hosts managed to hit my Grot Shaman and kill him on the bottom, I was fortuitous that his Banshees and Spirit Torment failed their charges, even with rerolls. (Quick note: either the command trait or Kurdoss' ability to regain Command Points and steal your opponents is a great ability. He stole mine on Turn Three and he constantly had a supply of them to get him back in the match) Recognizing the threat, I immediately sent my Gore Gruntas to tie down his Banshees and Torment, while my Megaboss and Brutes scored the bottom and took care of the spirit hosts. Meanwhile, my 10 Brutes weren't afraid of no ghost and took care of the Mortarch of Grief In a final attempt to steal a result, he charged his KoS and Reikenor at my support heroes in the center, hoping to pick-off my Warchanter and Shaman so he could steal the objective. Unfortunately for him, both heroes whiffed and failed to kill either character, only giving him one point on Turn 4 and trailing 4-2. When I won the roll for Turn 5, we called the game. I also scored my secondary here where one of my heroes with an item survived. Credit to Travis for never giving up and almost snatching the game away. Overall, my boyz performed very well and earned themselves a 4th place finish. Very respectable considering the Top 3 were Chaos Nurgle, the LoN army I faced in the first match, and a DoK army. Thanks again to Martin Orlando for organizing the event. His tournaments are well run and he shows great knowledge of the game and respect for everyone participating. After speaking to a few players, we agree that Ironjawz have a hard time right now competing in the current meta, especially with armies like DoK, Death, and certain Chaos lists that outclass us. I believe we are competitive, but Ironjawz are in need of an update in order to contend for top spots at GTs. Da Bloodbreaka Clan moves on to the AoS Civil War 2: East Coast Brawl next weekend at Mythicos Studios in NJ. I am competing with Team New York (NYC/Long Island) as we face the best from Northern NY, North NJ, Central NJ and Southern NJ. The event will be streamed if anyone wants to follow. Until next time lads Cheers
  9. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    The Rumour Thread

    I'll be at PAX this Saturday. If I see it on display, I'll try to snap some photos
  10. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Oi lads I have a tournament coming up this weekend at PAX Unplugged. The one-day event will see all three games played with Chamon's Realm of Battle rules, but its realm spells are not allowed. Realm Artefacts, however, are ok. The event is also adhering to WYSWYG Because of this, I have two lists I am pondering LIST #1 LEADERS Gorfang da Immortal (140) Orruk Megaboss - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm Jazood (80) Orruk Warchanter - Artefact : The Boss Skewer Jazood (80) Orruk Warchanter Nogoog (120) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman Zofka Redfang (140) Orruk Warboss - Great Waaagh Banner - Allies Sculpa the Cowardly Menace (80) Moonclan Grot Shaman - Allies UNITS 20 x Orruk Ardboys (320) 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) - Pair of Brute Choppas 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - Pair of Brute Choppas 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - Pair of Brute Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas BATTALIONS Ironfist (180) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 150 LIST #2 LEADERS Gorfang da Immortal (140) Orruk Megaboss - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm Jazood (80) Orruk Warchanter - Artefact : The Boss Skewer Jazood (80) Orruk Warchanter Nogoog (120) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman Zofka Redfang (140) Orruk Warboss - Great Waaagh Banner - Allies Keeb (or Geeb) (80) Fungoid Cave Shaman - Allies UNITS 20 x Orruk Ardboys (320) 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) - Pair of Brute Choppas 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - Pair of Brute Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas BATTALIONS Ironfist (180) ENDLESS SPELLS Quicksilver Swords (20) Soulsnare Shackles (20) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 150 I have found success with my non-Maw Krusha list so I am running it again. I use the list for board control and combat efficiency with all the re-rolls. However, with all the games being set in Chamon, and the decent potential of playing chaos armies, I figured the Quicksilver Swords would be a cunning spell to use for my casters who are restricted to their own spells. Throw in some Soulsnare Shackles, and it could prove to be a more tactical list. It also becomes a bit faster with a units of Brutes out and add another unit of Gore Gruntas. Granted, I've never used Endless Spells and know that the QSS could just as easily be used against me What would you megabosses suggest?
  11. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Right on! I played against Idoneth with a Maw Krusha for the first time in forever. He got rampaging destoyers off and charged turn one into the enemies front rank, did 3 MW with destructive bulk to a caster, then obliterated 10 Thralls with his fists. However, the megaboss whiffed his attacks on the weakened support heroes. This has happened so many times. Maw Krusha then got killed by a counter charge of eels after Brutish Cunning failed to pop for him. I ended up winning the game, but my unit of 10 Brutes did much more work, including killing all his eels and voltrunas. I have some tournaments coming up soon and I may go back to my balanced list without the maw krusha. 10 Brutes at 360 points with Jagged Gore Hakkas will erase anything it goes against (so long as they're supported). Bravery is a concern, but The Boss Skewer can help alleviate some of that @Mayple completely agree with your assessment on the Maw Krusha's base-size deterring his movement advantage. On boards with lots of terrain, there isn't much space for him to go, especially if you're trying to get a crucial charge off in a tightly packed area. For my non-MK list, I give my Megaboss the Gryff Feather from Realm of Ghur. It gives +1M and -1 to hit with all attacks. Stuff him in with Brutes and get helped by Look Out Sir! and shooting attacks will rarely hit him. For WAAAGH!, I also bring the Orruk Warboss with War Banner. I can't stress enough how useful this has been for pushing all those Megaboss, Brute and Ardboyz attacks through and ensuring the target dies.
  12. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    Same here. I lost it on the train home from work, then couldn't stop laughing during the Slaanesh Conspiracy discussion. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Also agree with @Yoshiya regarding GW marketing Slaanesh. There's so much to pleasure, excess and decadence. It can take any form like art, eating, money, success, not just drugs and sex. I hope for both AoS and 40k they really hammer that home Still, I will never look at daemonettes crab hands the same way ever again ?
  13. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    The Faction Focus about the Flesh-Eater Courts might be the best one they've done so far. It was hilarious!
  14. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    The Tale of your Army!

    I've developed plenty of lore for my Ironjawz army, Da Bloodbreaka Clan, as well as my Dispossessed force, the Throng of the Ankor Volghar. I keep a growing history book of my armies that I usually give out to my opponents at tournaments. For my Ironjawz, I update a post on the Destruction boards with their deeds and how battles on the tabletop influence their story, which features lore on every model, as well as a growing space timeline. I've attached the booklets below, as well as an intro and a link to my army's blog for those interested DA BLOODBREAKA CLAN Long ago, the Skullthumpas were a prominent orruk clan that terrorized the mortal realms. Led by their brutal but cunning Warboss, Gorfang, the tribe claimed victories against all they came across. While Archaon’s forces spread their presence across the realms, the Skullthumpas continued to persevere against the legions of the Dark Gods. With so many enemies to fight, it was an orruk paradise. Alas, the Skullthumpas would eventually meet a grisly end at from combined host of Khorne and the Legion of Azgorh. Gorfang survived, but his army was destroyed. The lucky ones fled into the wilds, while the rest were either sacrificed to the Blood God, or taken as prisoners by the Chaos Dwarfs, including Gorfang. For years, the former warboss and his orruks labored away in the slave pits beneath Zharr Haraz in Aqshy. Beaten, whipped, and killed, the orruks took up arms, but their rebellion failed. As punishment, the Dawi Zharr began using the slaves as cannon fodder for their armies as they marched across the mortal realms. The orrruks were supposed to die in these battles, but somehow, Gorfang helped them persevere. Despite several seemingly fatal blows, Gorfang always found a way to survive, earning him the distinction as “Da Immortal.” Between those battles and dark hours slaving away in the pits, the greenskins devised new plans to escape. Fate would intervene as a mighty throng of duardin from the Ankor Volghar besieged the fort city. While the Chaos Dwarfs attempted to defend their hold on the surface, duardin Rangers and miners infiltrated the slave pits to free their kin. With reinforcements preventing them from escaping, the Ranger Captain was left with no choice, and freed Gorfang and his orruks. Using crude tools and smuggled weapons, the greenskins gleefully sought revenge and slaughtered their former masters, breaking their chains and earning their freedom. Since that day, Da Bloodbreaka Clan has grown into a mighty force. After a quick adventure through Ulgu, they made their way back to Ghur and established a living in the Frattura Mountains in Zarcocia. Guided by the prophecies of Gorkamorka, they constructed a mighty city, Mount Kraktoof, in the ruins of an old duardin hold. It is here where orruks, grots, ogors and others rally to the banner of the broken chain. From this location, there is plenty of fighting to be had. The humans in the north and west, the remaining chaos forces scattered in the north and east, the enigmatic Stormcasts, Aelfs and Seraphon who happen to show up unannounced, and the duardin of the Ankor Volghar to the south. With enemies all around, the Ironjawz never have to travel far to find a good fight. Victories and successes have come aplenty for Da Bloodbreaka Clan, but Gorfang’s mission continues. Throughout the mortal realms, clans of orruks, grots and ogors continue to be pushed around, enslaved, beaten or aimless. He has sworn to rescue those from the same chains he once adorned, vowing to destroy Chaos, Death or anyone that dares mess with the Greenskins. Gork and Mork are coming, and Gorfang has sworn to serve Da Godz, for the fight of fights is coming, and every lad will be needed when the WAAAGH! finally erupts! DA BLOODBREAKA CLAN ARMY PACK.doc The Throng of the Ankor Volghar Army Packet.docx
  15. Gorks Pokin' Finger

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    I couldn't breath during the bit about Citadel Sand. It's so true ?