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  1. Also release a new box of stormcast into retail everytime someone manage to save against those MWs. Naah im kidding I don’t even have anything against stormcast anymore. After 2.0 they got a bit of personality in their lore and sculpts as well. It also helped that shooting was nerfed and Death (anongst others) had a lot of upgrades and factions. So I got off the ‘stormcast sucks’ train and burned my Sigmar is a lying b.... t-shirt and now I don’t even get frustrated that they get a new chapter everytime a chaos player sneezes. See I have two sons and I trying to learn them that they do not get any presents on their brothers birthday. Cause they should learn to appreciate what they get and when they get it and also respect that this day is not theirs but instead help celebrate their brother. Surely they will both be stormcast players one day and I will know that I have failed😉
  2. Okay I had seen it all already was just unaware that the big shiny metal thingy was a scenery. However that piece has Stormcast written all over so badly Im pretty sure that if you look closely you will notice that someone has carved ‘Sigmar Was here’ into it. No way that ‘generic’ piece is coming near my ghosts. so do you recon we have seen all contents of forbidden powers by now? The 5 spells and the sigmar snowglobe? To be honest that knocked over pillar doesn’t look like much of an endless spell either. I mean whats it gonna do, summon the powers of poorly build achitecture?
  3. Generic scenery?! How do we know that? To be honest I find the amount of generic spells, bobs n bits somewhat 2D. As I feared some of these has become insta buy for many armies and as a result its usually a matter of who has the biggest chrono cog (pun intended). Have also faced quite a few yahoos on the field wielding the Ghurstrike. I love the idea about endless spells but I dislike when the lists devolve because of it. It reminds me of back in the old warhammer days were every general had the Black Amulet and all weak heroes was force fed a Heart of Woe and then sent on a suicide mission. But on forbidden powers, assuming its all about endless spells my guess would be for the half bridge spell to be some sort of transportation device. Like the umbrael spell portal for units. I wonder what the skeleton boat does, except help hopless romantic chainrasps finally take the Banshees on a date. Good fix for the Mortalis Terminexus but it could be even simpler. Just by removing the word ‘predatory’. Now you have a healing device that you may turn into a mine when danger is lurking. Or for the Vault of Souls. On top of my head I would say, remove the 6+ per model to give a MW and change it to units within 6” suffer D3 MW. Now it actually make sense to use it every now and then. So far I used it a few times, hust because I oove the model and NEVER have I been able to inflict more than 3-5 wounds tops. Neither have I been able to stop my opponent from advancing through it. Its simply too weak.
  4. I do agree on these points however reading the community article again it says repeadetly that the forbidden powers is a bunch of endless spells meant for all factions to use. Apperently even the floating head of Nagash (that will forever be known as the Lord of undeath emoji), is just as effective for Stormcast to bowl around as for Nighhaunt and LoN. While I hope that you are right, I suspect that the whole storyline about forbidden powers ends up being a way for Order and other foolish alliances to harvest some of that massive amathyst magic unleashed by Nagash. You know turning his super weapon against himself (oh the ironi!). On the Ghost end/pointless spells. Sure they suck and we could go for an update but it only takes for a few rules erratas to fix them. The idea about them atent to bad they are just to plain weak and expensive. All could be fixed in the app and we see warscrolls constantly changing if just by a few words. LoN never got a scenery piece but they are damn sure close to having one. I mean they have graves. Only counters but still functioning very well should I say. Once again would it take much more than a few lines of changed text to declare the sigmar mausoleum as the LoN scenery. Many people use these already I believe. So it still seem odd for me if Forbidden powers are meant to compensate for Things that could be fixed so very easily.
  5. On forbidden powers. Though I have seen the death looking spells or whatsnot I don’t get why death in general needs an update?
  6. Im slowly starting to think that maybe this year is about catching up on forgotten/late factions and updating old battletomes. So next year might be focused on adding models for existing factions. - That would explain why warscroll cards run out of print so fast. Also, it looks like a quite a few factions could use a few more unit options. Slaanesh mortals, Fyreslayers, FEC, Skavens (need new models), Ironjawz. Nighthaunt and Stormcast also seem to lack a scenery piece. So they could easily advance the story a bit while focussing on trimming recently updated factions in the year 2020. Just pure speculations though..
  7. Maybe I just forgot about this one, but that’s a mortal right?
  8. Also KO is THE worst faction for young players to start playing. A ton of different weapon options for most of their units. Lots of things to remember at the start of and end of phases and this is all before picking artycles, footnotes, amandments and sky ports. Also young people IMO often loose interest when loosing a lot . KO are easily defeated so they also loose a lot when facing real opponents and not just jolly narratives. at the moment on the job we had a wave og youngsters that instantly fell in love with AOS last year and in a shopping spree all bought lots of KO stuff. Yet its a mess everytime they play. They constantly forget stuff, weapons and havenabsolutely no idea that the big bad ass looking ships they are are picked to pieces on the first sight of combat. Its a full time job helping these guys and girls having a good time playing with KO these days.
  9. Ouch... did not know that.. oh I guess that settles it. We are noobs after all😉
  10. The only goes of on 6 is on units with wounds lower than 6. If Im reading the sun right it straught up does 2D6 wounds to units of 6+ wounds.
  11. Yup. Sometimes I have been lucky to get the double turn, but in case I didn’t I have always placed a small sheetshiel👻 right i front of him, just to be sure he would live to cast the spell.
  12. Sometimes I am wondering if our group are so noob that we might not even realize it or if the fact that we don’t really care for tournements just allows for some very alternative lists. Lately I have won 3+ games just by having Reikenor pop up behind enemy lines bowling a purple sun down my opponents monster or hero lane, dooing a ton of damage. However not once in all the many army lists shown here have I seen anyone including the Purple Sun. Last game I did the sunstrike vs. DOK and I managed (with a bit of luck) to take 3 wounds from Morathi, 7 wounds from his Cauldron, 6 wounds from his something snakemedussa wizard. All in one nasty spell, and to be honest I wasn’t really that lucky. Then came the reaper charge and at his turn 2 he conceeded. By then I have wiped out a unit of 30 slaughter sisters (I think) and my puny Hex Wraiths managed to finish a Hag Queen. All I have lost was 4 Myrmourn Banshees.
  13. That is so very clearly a Nighthaunt scenery piece. So knowing Rumor engines it probably turns out to be a new Spacemarine Rhino or an Ironjawz hat or something...
  14. Wait what now? How does they get to retreat before enemy fight back??
  15. For most parts I think your right however the Nighhaunt tome appears to be a rush job IMO. Not exactly a bad army but very weirdly written. Also some of the miniature boxes have very odd contents. To name but a few of the issues discussed in the Nighthaunt thread. - Our Mortach is really easy to kill and not very effective anyway. Isn’t she suppose to be our Arkhan/Manfred/Morathi/Allarielle? - Our alligence abilities are based around mobility and the wave of terror. However with almost no way to buff the WoT it really comes down to nothing but luck in the end. Not easy to plan around. - Banshee heroes are useless in almost every game since we can’t build an army on debuffing bravery. - We can’t have the mortis engine despite it being made of spirithosts and banshees and they even sell it in the Malignants box. - Our Endless spells sucks. As in A LOT - Three of our main units pretty much fill the same roll. - Why is the only way to get chainghasts, a named box with an unnamed spirit torment as well? - why does the dreadblade harrow hero come in a box of two? - why is the Lord executioner so useless at exexuting anything? They even made an artifact clearly for him yet it doesn’t buff his ability. Due to the wording ‘unmodified’ roll of 6. - Same issue but foe the Knight of Shroud on foot. That fresh new model from Malign Portents lost all credibility when th NH tome came out. - And the prize taker. How come our best unit Grimghast Reapers work better outside our army? Thats a real kick in the ghostly theeth. Not trying to whine here I think NH are a cool army capable of winning games on any given sunday, But how and why the designers made the choices they did is an enigma to me.
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