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  1. Greasygeek

    Blasted Hallowhearts and the big question

    This is really good to know. I honestly don’t have anything against downsizing the board a bit if it actually works however won’t horde armies feel disadvantaged? For some armies and games of 2500pt every inch seem to count.
  2. In order to try to understand the enigma that is Games Workshop I want to ask if anyone can shed some light on the descision about the size of the Blasted Hallow hearts boardtiles (and also the same for the speedfreeks board tiles)? I really cannot wrap my head around why these tiles don’t fit the standard 72”x 48” as even GHB 19 clearly wants us to keep playing AOS on. They are pretty close to the standard size but placing objectives is unnessesary complicated and for what? To me it seem simple that if GW released up to 8 sets of Mortal realms double sided tiles at 4’x6’. It would be an insta buy and a way for them to get in on the battlemat market that they are so very obviously missing out on. Sure I would prefer the same mortal realm tiles as mats but that might be more complicated than pronting cardboard tiles. What better way to help you shape your realms than already have the ground laid out for you. How come this is not already happening since AOS wants us to use the realm rules and got next to nothing to show for it when it comes to scenery? I have been looking to buy the blasted hallowhearts box only for the Aqshy friendly lava table side, but since the size is off I will probably buy another lave mat from another company instead.
  3. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    So yeah.. ehm Stormvaults is out and ehm.. its not quite what was hoped for. #onceagainthehypetrainscrashes
  4. Greasygeek

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Well it’s always a matter of opinion but ehm WHAT?! How can you not like the model? I think its one of the coolest models in the range.
  5. Greasygeek

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Eh.. what is new about this? Looks unchanged from the tome? Or am I missin something here?
  6. Greasygeek

    Nighthaunt Subfactions

    Exactly! Correcting my self though I can see that we can reach -3 BUT it require enemy target unit to: 1. be within 6” of a nighthaunt. 2. Target enemy unit has bern hit by the suffercating gravetide. 3. Target unit is within 6” of a Purple Sun. This is very unstable and highly unlikely sitation so banshees remain benched. I would have thought that ghosts was suppose to be scary. You know things that go bump in the night. Even Nurgle can easily build a -4 bravery debuff not counting the extra debuffs for the mentioned endless spells.
  7. Greasygeek

    Nighthaunt Subfactions

    Out of curiosity how much of a bravery bomb can Nighthaunts become? After a quick look I found that I could obly get a -2 bravery which really isn’t enough if hero choices are to go on banshees.
  8. Greasygeek

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Im really hoping for some more boardtiles set in the mortal realms. Would honestly buy one of each realm if they existed.
  9. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah that horsy is a big meanie, really jaloux that my nighthaunt endless spells sucks so bad when the models look so nice.
  10. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    Was hoping to see a bit more models but I like the news what so ever. - Updated battletomes for the 1st ed. Is a great news(though we kinda suspected it due to the FEC tome). - warscry: hopefully this is the Skirmish game that we have wished for. It at least explains why the Skirmish 2.0 didn’t adress half of the stuff that was lacking from the first skirmish. If this release is to be similar(ish) to kill team, then I guess we might see a lot of scenery and board tiles too. Really hoping so. - Love that Soulwars isn’t done yet. To cool a storyline to end it already. I also believe that this is the reason Slaanesh remains locked up. The great pink escape is one major plotline meant for its own and not to steal Nagash’s 15minuttes of fame. - Stormvaults.. so eh.. don’t know what this is but I think Gw has used up all of their ‘Storm’ words for SCE and Also the words: ‘Blood’ and ‘skull’ when it comes to khorne stuff😉 BLOODreavers BLOODletters, BLOODwarriors, BLOODcrushers, BLOODsecreator, BLOODthirster etc.. - All in all it looks like 2019 is the year that actually allows for some elbowspace as I was hoping for, yet still we will see lots of new stuff, but the badics remain the same. Looking forward to that.
  11. Greasygeek

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Thanks mate, much appreciated. One last question. How difficult is the deepkins to control compared to other armies if you a bit new to the game. Examples: kharadron: having lots of weapon options in each unit and sky port stuff too. tzeentch: lots of spells and summoning points to keep control of. khorne/stormcast: move forward slash/shoot opponents. not trying to step on anyones toes here, this just my humble opinion based on experience learning teenagers to play.
  12. Greasygeek

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Hi all This young fellow(age 14) I know is about to start a 1000pt deepkin army. Usually I would be his go to guy to help build a list that looks cool and plays pretty smooth. A list that can win games despite not being tournement worthy. But thing is, I have never faced the Deepkins on the battlefield so I know nothing about them except for some vague rumours. So what should he build and why? Please you experienced fishhandlers, lend me your assistance. Info we play in a community where matched play and narratives go hand in hand. We go competitive too but the rule of cool seem to prevail for the most of times, which of course IMO also puts tournements out of the question.
  13. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    You know what? To my that doesn’t sound to bad if 2019 isn’t yet another year that turns everything upside down. Having only a few tomes and maybe some endless spells gives some time for those of us who get to play 10-20 games a year tops to actually settle on the game for while. Not too bad I should think. If we do need a little spice, we can always pick up Firestorm or Malign Portents or some of the other yet to be tried add ons.
  14. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    Thats very fair Ben, however all I hear is a guy who is afraid to express his feelings towards the colour Beige! So whats it gonna be o mighty one. Are you on team beige or not🙂
  15. Greasygeek

    The Rumour Thread

    So ehm if NDA is silenced for bringing rumours to the rumour thread I guess subjects are pretty open now... So whats it gonna be Pats or Rams? Ever think Trump will get his wall? Btw. Whos your favourite Jersey Shore character? Never liked the color beige how do you guys feel about it?