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  1. Indeed.. Wonder if we will get a Wrath of the Everchosen kinda upgrade, when or if they do provide a new tome, though the last one probably won’t happend anytime soon. Love the Glaivewraith model, would be awesome if they made just a wee bit sense to paint up and play with.
  2. Actually our local WH store confirmed that just a few days ago.
  3. So Im almost done painting my kitbashed Mourngul and the Deathcastish ghost is supposed to look like a dark parody of a Celestant Prime or some other über stormcast in a Nagashfriendly version. However it caries a large sign on its breastplate thats supposed to show som Sigmar mocking symbol. But what?? Any inspiration will be much appreciated.
  4. So rumour inspectors. What’s next? Sereaphon being up for preorder kinda wraps up AOS for now I guess. Next thing will be Teclis’ Aelven boys n girls and at some point we probably should hear something official on SOB. But is that anytime soon? Or are we in for a couple of months without news for AOS? What’s your thoughts?
  5. Just the sword or the entire model?
  6. Just added Emarald Host, in case anyones still following😉
  7. Just finished my Emerald host, though I have another 10 Hexwraith making it a total of 20. Just qurious but how many Hexwraith for which general do you guys run?
  8. Congrats💪 Btw. I love how the Nighthaunt thread has become some kind of looses club, for all of us to meet and celebrate every time one of us achieve a victory. I wonder how things go over at Petrifex Inc😉. Do they have the same mentality or do you get shamed out for loosing a game?! Keep up the good fight and remember that it was people like us who stopped the Demogorgon🤪
  9. Im always listening in on new campaign og multiplayer missions. Be sure to post pics, rules and repport on how it goes. IMHO Warcry is a sandbox game perfect for creative shenanigans. In next month I too will run a campaign with 8-10 warbands, so all inspiration is welcome.
  10. Countdown till usual Rumour Thread moderation kicks in. Gaz in 10....9....8....7....
  11. Just trying to understand the rules of Wrath of the Everchosen in Order to forsee what might be coming our way too. So the Everchosen sub faction abilities means that you still get to keep Your original alligeance ability while adding rules to it. Correct? Say you play Maggotkin, you get to play with the wheel and also do whatever is added by the Wrath of.... book? Or is it more like adding extra hosts/chambers/skyports etc. for those factions that don’t already have them?
  12. Well depending on how you play the trees I think its by the rules to allow treeclimbing. I would even claim that tree branches and leafs are defined as platforms according to the core book. However if treeclimbing isn’t allowed, then I think it plays rather flat and pointless. Some victory conditions even require fighters to reach high ground, which would make no sense in the forrest.
  13. Well it’s not a bad way to tip the crazy scales of balancing without constantly having to make new battletomes. Don’t play chaos (anymore) but it seem that Nurgle got quite a hand from the Wrath of... book. But havn’t read it myself so its all based on what I heard.
  14. This is purely speculation right? Wouldn’t mind if it were true though.
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