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  1. Or faction terrain or Mortal Wound bombs. or powerfull heroes, reliable battletraits, functioning endless spells and units of different strenghts and weaknesses. Honestly, I love my ghosts and Legion of Grief did finally provide us with some serious bravery debuffs but fighting competively with Nighthaunts is an uphill struggle.
  2. Thanks this been most helpful. I get it now also.
  3. Hi all So does anyone ever use the Spine crushing blow ability? Every time I consider using it, it just makes more sense to pick the Onslaught universial ability instead. However this does make the Prefector and the Dominator a bit boring. What do you people do?
  4. Hi all Yesterday I got a bit unsure as to whether we are playing the jump/falling rules correct. After checking the book and watching a few online battlereports I found the rules very contradicting but maybe it’s just me who are missing something🤔 So far we have played that if you end a move action in mid air, you have made a jump and thus falls to the ground. As the rules explain, this means that your opponent gets to place your warrior within 2” of the falling point. In our example that means that it is almost impossible to jump into combat as your opponent would move your warrior out of range. It also means that jumping down close to the edge of deadly terrain is very bad idea as it probably sends you into the spikes. That is how I read it in the rules but is that correct?
  5. So many freakishly awesome bits for these kits. And also giving those new pics, I should think that the death fort/wall or whats not is confirmed by now. These wall pieces are way to similar to be custom made. I think it’s more like a single wall or gate piece that fits together with the next. Making a living wall of some sort.
  6. Damn it was hopping for the beastof nurgle to become a chaotic beast. Really just needed a good excuse to paint one up.
  7. I think we gonna houserule that a falling test is made when jumping. Just to make those jumps a wee bit scary.
  8. At the moment I’m thinking about buying both of the expansion terrain sets. Becasue they look good and add some more scenery for our AOS games as well. However both sets appear to be very plain and maybe even boringly flat. But are they? Which of the expansion sets have you people tried? How was it and how did it affect the game? Which expansion set is your favourite? Not adding new twists to each set is a missed opportunity imo. What do they bring to the game, that makes them worth the while?
  9. During the testgame of Warcry I had a week back we were taught one rule that I find it a shame isn’t in the rulebook. We were, by mistake, taught that players has to roll for falling (as after suffering a critical hit close to a ledge) whenever a model made a ‘dangerous’ jump. I wonder why that rule isn’t official as it would have made jumps just a wee bit scary. We can always just house rule it but still it would have been nice. That being said I am really looking forward to really get into this game. Btw. Does the extra terrain sets (Corpsewrack Mausoleum and Shattered Stormvault) come with anything interessting, ruleswise? Like new Twists or scenery rules etc. Course at first glance they strike me as rather open to long range and stripped off dangerous terrain and most things climeable. Or am I missing something here? Anyone tried the Corpsewrack out yet?
  10. I tried a game at my local GW store last week. Before I ramble on, Keep in mind that I am not much of an competitive player though I do enjoy Matched Play as well as narrative. I think the rule system is very simple and solid. Not much to memorize except for the warband abilities which I have no doubt will be easy after a few games. By the 2nd turn we knew the rules well enough for us to only ask the shop assistant for the stuff we did’t want look up. The rules seem like a mash up between, AOS, Meeting Engagement, Necromunda and Warhammer Quest. I really like the initiative system, which is simple and yet there were many things to consider before using wild dice. Like. Do you wanna spend wild dice to assure you get the first move? Or is it better to spend them on powerful abilities? Or maybe you should save them all for the right moment to take full control of the turn. The first thing that hit me when playing Warcry was that the game was so soaked in 80’s Heavy Metal theme that it felt like we had to listen to Iron Maiden or Metallica or something while playing. Im talking heeps of skulls, blood, fire and spikes. No time for armour save, Warcry is about dealing a ton of damage with your band of deranged killers. Like when my armoured Ogor faced off with some weird lion/goat on top of a building. Only for some other Conan looking wannabe to do a Scorpion (Mortal Kombat, not the band) move on him and gutted him with a hapoon and ripped him off the building. All the time we awaited the arrival of the Harpies, and lets be honest they look like something straight out of a Meatloaf album cover! So where am I getting at? We had a ton of cinematic moments with highfives and curses thrown over the table. Like others have said, do not take this foe a new Mordheim. It is not and if you are looking for that, Warcry will get you dissapointed. In our gaming group we usually meet to play for a whole day, about once a month. Warcry will come in very handy as the game played when we don’t have the time or energy for a full game of AOS. Or maybe it should be like that game we end the evening on after a particularly salty game, to assure that we all spend the last part of the session laughing. I spend lots of time painting, designing scenery and writing campaigns for AOS. For me Warcry will be the game that takes up a little space and time yet it provides a good experience.
  11. Arkhan has appeared in a ton of AOS novels. Even in the Soulwars. Nothing indicates he has been stuck in a Stormvault. I would find it really odd if it were Arkhan. Also, if Stormvaults are meant to lock away gods and beings of incredible unstoppeable power, then I gotta ask if Vlad, Krell and even Setra qualifies? I mean these guys have had their butt kicked more than a few times in the history of warhammer right?
  12. So tomorrow at this time could all just remember that this is only a game and should be fun for the sparetime. Im almost at the point where I feel like skipping the rumour thread for the next week due to all the negative energy that has been known to come out. Despite missing bits of info and news. Cheers everyone hopefully tomorrow will bring lots of excited stuff and even if it doesn’t I will keep enjoying AOS and the summer. 😉
  13. I suspect that it comes with some sort of new extra rules. Something related to it’s snowy theme.
  14. You know what I totally disagree with you on this. I think thats exactly what it means. Well clearly not always but so short after being released it’s seemed to me that it is more than fair to feel bummed out. Sure the game evolves fast and models and even armies become obsolete in time but that is not the case here. If I buy a product I would expect to use it as intended. Imagine buying a new phone and you find out that it’s incapable of making calls despite still being able to download apps, go on the net and such. The price is the difference here but the principle is the same.
  15. Well I honestly don’t. IMO there is something wrong with this world since lots of people believe that everyone is entitled to everything. This is a general problem way bigger than the banned mortality glass but I think that it is a shame that GW as yet another company don’t dare go out and say: “This is a limited model if you got it, good for you, if you don’t you have to get creative and build it by yourself. I can fully understand that GW will have all of their future anniversary models being nothing but reskinned old models but the mortality glass is already here, at least be fair and accept the choices you’ve made when someone designed that GOS. Look at CMON and the Zombicide series. That game has 80+ limited models/profiles and about 20-30 official ones. completionists nightmare I know but these models are not at all necessary to enjoy the game. Don’t think GW should go this way, just pointing out that leaving a few anniversarymodels and such in a limited stock isn’t the end of the world. Besides that, warscroll cards are kinda limited already and not having these is a serious pain.
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