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  1. Arkhan has appeared in a ton of AOS novels. Even in the Soulwars. Nothing indicates he has been stuck in a Stormvault. I would find it really odd if it were Arkhan. Also, if Stormvaults are meant to lock away gods and beings of incredible unstoppeable power, then I gotta ask if Vlad, Krell and even Setra qualifies? I mean these guys have had their butt kicked more than a few times in the history of warhammer right?
  2. So tomorrow at this time could all just remember that this is only a game and should be fun for the sparetime. Im almost at the point where I feel like skipping the rumour thread for the next week due to all the negative energy that has been known to come out. Despite missing bits of info and news. Cheers everyone hopefully tomorrow will bring lots of excited stuff and even if it doesn’t I will keep enjoying AOS and the summer. 😉
  3. I suspect that it comes with some sort of new extra rules. Something related to it’s snowy theme.
  4. You know what I totally disagree with you on this. I think thats exactly what it means. Well clearly not always but so short after being released it’s seemed to me that it is more than fair to feel bummed out. Sure the game evolves fast and models and even armies become obsolete in time but that is not the case here. If I buy a product I would expect to use it as intended. Imagine buying a new phone and you find out that it’s incapable of making calls despite still being able to download apps, go on the net and such. The price is the difference here but the principle is the same.
  5. Well I honestly don’t. IMO there is something wrong with this world since lots of people believe that everyone is entitled to everything. This is a general problem way bigger than the banned mortality glass but I think that it is a shame that GW as yet another company don’t dare go out and say: “This is a limited model if you got it, good for you, if you don’t you have to get creative and build it by yourself. I can fully understand that GW will have all of their future anniversary models being nothing but reskinned old models but the mortality glass is already here, at least be fair and accept the choices you’ve made when someone designed that GOS. Look at CMON and the Zombicide series. That game has 80+ limited models/profiles and about 20-30 official ones. completionists nightmare I know but these models are not at all necessary to enjoy the game. Don’t think GW should go this way, just pointing out that leaving a few anniversarymodels and such in a limited stock isn’t the end of the world. Besides that, warscroll cards are kinda limited already and not having these is a serious pain.
  6. Yeah I find that easier to believe too. It’s not like NH have that many strong units anyway. Taking away the Mortality Glass and increasing the price of Grimghast Reapers appear to me like no one official is watching over the NH faction.
  7. And it is less than one year old! Anyway since I do not care for tournements I guess that I will be fine, but still it seem like a singleminded descision. Sure its a bit hard to come by the model, but instead of banning it they should just put its warscroll in the app and people who can’t get it, will convert it themself. Hourglass bits in the Nighthaunt range are plentyfull.
  8. This is so very strange. It has got to be some mistake meant to exclude old outdated models and named heroes from the old world. Why on earth would anyone want to ban mortality glass from us!?
  9. Hmm just realized that from the looks of the new wyldwood models they won’t work without the foilage. Since Citadel woods are slowly dissapering off the market, creepy naked trees and woods will soon be a thing of the past. That is quite a shame I think. That being said, the citadel wood foilage was a pain to keep on but still no more spooky trees is a bad buisness move should I think.
  10. Very much waiting foe the Shyisian warband. This summer is all about building my Shyish battlefield really hope that the warband will fit right in.
  11. Remember this all wishlisting but I think it makes sense. 1. Endless spells: a few tweaks should do it. making them harvest mortal wound way more easier than now. Also something for the Mortalis Terminexus. 2. Glaivewraith Stalkers. A whole rewrite 3. Lady Olynder: just a change of command ability. Something that makes it easier to deny your general the Ruler of the Spirit hosts.
  12. Well I kinda agree with you if it wasn’t for ghb 2017 which had a changed warscroll for Grunstuk Thunderes. Beside the GHB community preview we got a few days back vaguely mentioned that the matched play booklet that comes with ghb19 contain points and changes for terrain, endless spells and certain warscrolls. To be honest I can’t remember the exact words but I read it like warscroll changes isn’t out of the question. I honestly do not think that we need a new book. Warscrolls get small tweaks all the time in the app. That would be fine for us. After all were are talking about minor changes for 3 endless spells and 2 warscrolls.
  13. So this looks interesting. Sad about the reapers but as people said it was kinda expected and I always run only a single unit of 20 so its only another 40pt I have to find somewhere. However the coach sounds good so does dreadscythe, knights, and Olynder. Even our useless spells got cheap. A bit odd there is no mention of changed warscrolls. Was really hoping for a changed scrolls for stalkers and endless spells and another command ability for Olynder. Love the stalker model so sad there is absolutely no use for it.
  14. I must say that I am kinda glad that it has a high cost. I already think that AOS has way to many insta buy effects/endless spells that is suffering from being overused. Besides, Im all for terrain but if the engine was that good we would see too many games including 3-4 pieces of tactical scenery on the table. At that point I think it would get outright silly. As it is now I will try it out once in a while in matched play and else just keep it for the Forbidden Campaign and other narrative shenanigans. Not everything is for matched play and Im very fine by that.
  15. Oh.. I guess that there is still a fighting chance that Lady O, Stalkers and our puny Endless Spells might get updated after all!
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