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  1. Because at the time of the modern wargame’s release, d6 were ‘ordinary’, and every other die was not.
  2. Off the top of my head, Burning Chariot: And it may take a bit of surgery, but the piece de resistance should be the Tome of Eyes:
  3. The prospect of what you’re doing here is titillating.
  4. And I thought I had a lot at 75,000 total points. That’s amazing. How built/painted is it? I’m nowhere close to having mine entirely done. For older models, I use either the last known point value that I had down, or what was listed in one of the older Legacy warscrolls, or one of the older GHBs. I also separate Legacy/Retired from the rest of the allegiance.
  5. I have had that one for a good five years ago when I was just starting this whole collecting thing. I thought it would be a good place to start for both Empire and Greenskins. But then I got an Empire army on the cheap, and the previously opened Fifth Ed Box I bought, (check the pictures before you buy), landed me a smattering of Orc Boy parts that kind of completed that army, so I’ve just been hanging on to it. And in 30 years, one of them will become the President of San Marcos. I could not have said it better myself. It’s also a great opportunity to get everything down on a spreadsheet for ease of tracking. On what I’ve done, I found that between last year’s inventory and recording my purchases through 2019, it has lined up exactly. I also know what armies I need to add to, or watch for new stuff from (Fyreslayers, IDK, OBR), what I don’t need to add to (SCE is pretty full minus a big thing, Cities is somewhere around 12K with all the ‘counts as’, Skaven and STD are among those above 3K, etc), what models/units I might be missing, what’s close to a core number (Maggotkin and DoK are both near the nice goal of 2000pts), and what I can fleece without creating an army hole (ex. There’s somewhere upward of 120 Clanrats). Happy Hobbying!
  6. I'm not exactly the greatest/fastest painter, elite tournament gamer/game breaking list-builder, or even have the biggest or largest hobby collection. I tend to minimize buying big models and almost never buy repeat models of the same unit. Hell, as of late, I've made it a habit of only buying Two-Player Boxes, then never proceeding to build them. There's still a sizable collection of models that haven't been built yet, including some that I bought as far back as the start of my collecting project (more on that another day). Every year, I take roughly one-two weeks to set out and take inventory of every model in my Age of Sigmar hobby collection, and re-evaluate where I want each army to go/stand. Here's all of it, sitting on a queen sized bed, in all it's poorly stored and unbuilt glory: Yes, it's a lot to cover. I may even share it on this here blog when it's finished. I say "When" because it was progressing smoothly until last Friday night, when my wife woke me at 1:30 in the morning to let me know that she was pretty certain that her water just broke. Eighteen hours later, our two beautiful "Hobby Ruiners*" were born, taken to the NICU, and we've been stuck here at the hospital since (helps to get a sleeping room, and then be snowed in during the biggest snowfall here in over three decades). We're hoping to take one home tomorrow and another a day later, and there's a part of me that's been both longing for hobby time again, and feels a pit of guilt that I could ever want to hobby instead of caring for their precious little souls. For now, au revoir Hobby Time! * I kid, I love them considerably more than 75,000 points of plastic army dudes.
  7. Congratulations! We’ve been in the hospital for the last fifteen hours undergoing the same process for our first two. Yes, twins. And yes, I am literally one upping you. Your painting goals are a lot loftier than mine though, I’m pledging just one model for February.
  8. Katakros strikes me as the kind of character to see the whole battlefield and make the sacrifice play to lose the battle, but win the war. Yes, he attacks the Allpoints to distract Archaon from Slaanesh (icing on the cake), and he will take and hold a key region (Allpoints). When Archaon inevitably returns to reclaim the parts that Katakros took, Katakros will probably die, closing the Endgate to shut Archaon's easy access to Shyish. Also, who wins, Katakros or Khorne? One is empowered primarily by bloodshed, while and the other has an army of bone, attacking the guy who has an entire throne made of bone.
  9. There's another big group: E: 40K players, either curious about the fantasy game with 90% less complication, or upset that their faction isn't good right now. The picture above is actually one of the things that keeps me from playing Infinity, and yes I am a newb. Why are we selecting units by little logos that mean nothing to me, instead of by their names or having an actual picture of the model(s) to reference? Also, nothing against having a heap of data to comb through. But unlike the Warhammers or Warmahordes, I always felt that a massive plus to Infinity was that pregame list-building didn't have near the impact on the game's result than in-game decisions did.
  10. A month ago, I would have been right with you. 19 players bringing OBR to LVO, all taking Petrifex Elite, being the largest represented faction makes me think some people do meta-chase. Makes you wonder how many of those guys are currently building a Tzeentch army.
  11. If you having Horror problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 wounds in my unit of 1.
  12. I fell behind and stopped posting for at least a week, probably longer. Basically, work finally got back into the swing of things after the Christmas and New Years Holidays, and my last week just saddled me with things to do (coming home late, having to grab something to-go for dinner, instead of doing home cooking and eating at 8, so we could get fed in a timely manner), and my hobby took a backseat to life. I'm now "over par" when it comes to the 400 painted models portion of my challenge. (I also realize that sports metaphors are usually wasted on the miniature gaming community.) The part that makes me feel bad isn't that I'm currently behind the curve, but that I don't know how far behind that curve I am. Here's what I got done since my last post: 1. Finished another 3 Blue Horrors, as far as I can tell. Probably the closest I got to finishing something. 2. Finished priming the rest of the Tzeentch Army. That's an accomplishment, considering the whole of my last weekend was swallowed whole by a visit by my mother staying with us. I don't regret it one bit, since it probably saved her close to $600 staying in a hotel, and I got to see her for the first time in a while. 3. Painted a Kairic Acolyte in the color scheme I initially thought of (and while not what I was going for initially, which matches closer to the box color scheme, I still like well enough) I've painted the flesh bits on a few more Kairic Acolytes, and hopefully I can get back in the hobbying saddle again. Happy Hobbying!!!!!
  13. As long as there isn’t the “Amazon Gift Card” spam/scam site redirect, you can advertise all you want.
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