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  1. I gave a sad face, because there was no 'All' option.
  2. I would guess 1000 points of AoS would play most similarly to 1000 points of 40K.
  3. I’m a little unsure. Is it designed to be a perfect coat like the gold on a Stormcast or Blue on Ultramarines, and then you fix everything else the old fashioned way? Or is it like a crayon for a coloring book, and you can do the whole thing?
  4. I loved the synergy with Carrion Empire that this brought. Also, I loved noticing how well the Sylvaneth side doesn't overlap with the Start Collecting Box, so new players would be able to buy both and get a good collection/selection of everything to try out.
  5. A better preview for the Sylvaneth vs Gloomspite Gitz that was teased during Adepticon can be found here. Or you can proceed to the Warhammer Community page here. You can then proceed to squee and get giddy about it by posting a reply in this thread Contents: 12-man Squig Herd, 10-man Squig Hoppers, *Plastic* Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig 2 5-man Tree-Revenants, 3-man Kurnoth Hunters, *New* Arch-Revenant hero. And to start conversation, is this box going to be as limited as Carrion Empire?
  6. Daughters and Idoneth were post-Herald, but pre-2.0. The Slaanesh release was foretold by the great prophecy of each Chaos God getting its “year” for releases. Blessed be GW for not squatting the great Prince. As for the rest: Skaven and Beasts needed reunification (all of these factions were horde armies that were too small as individual factions to be on their own), FEC have pretty much everything they needed (according to FEC players), and probably so do Fyreslayers (Personally, I would have liked one more unit for the Leader heavy army with an awesome model range, but that’s me). And then there’s Khorne, who has had more releases than any army not named Stormcast. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it because it builds online speculation (much like the Nightvault release does), and gives us all something else to gossip about.
  7. This thread probably should have been locked faster than a cheetah on a crotchrocket, but there’s a lot of sides to the story that got T9A off the ground. 8th Ed played competitively was a horribly broken game played straight out of the rulebooks. To sum up an example in five words: Banner of the World Dragon. A group of players built a balancing points set called Swedish Comp to help achieve some semblance of balance between factions. That was how bad GW was at balancing in those days. AoS was known as early as December of the year before launch that it was going to be a significantly different game from 8th Edition. Not rank and flank and fluff (woe betide the Bubblehammer and Sigmarine) were contributing factors, sure. When “No Points” was rumored (and later confirmed), most everybody called the game Dead on Arrival. While most of the Internet collectively melted, the Swedish Comp people were busy rewriting the 8th Ed rulebook into T9A. By rewriting I mean “It’s not plagiarism if it doesn’t say the same thing word for word” and there’s an entire legal debate that could be had about that aspect of that game. We could also talk about AoS and it’s early player’s literal moving of the internet to breathe life into a stillborn game. Without Ben making this site for people who actually enjoyed playing for fun and not for competition, the three or four people who made Points Systems, and maybe a few other commentators who were either smart enough to read the tea leaves (Vince Venturella on youtube), or too stubborn to change (from my recollection, I’d probably say Garagehammer’s Dave Wytek), we’re probably playing other games.
  8. This whole blog is fantastic. Two questions: 1. Do you have a more recent picture of everything in one shot? I think the last one I saw was on page 3 2. Have you written custom rules for your collection?
  9. I’ve got 30 minutes left, but I knew I wasn’t going to make it since Thursday But I got a lot more done than I thought I would. Here is what I finished for the month (minus the bases, because I wasn’t sold on what I wanted to do for them): I’ve decided to move on to non-painting projects for April, so finishing the ghosties is what I think will be my commitment for April.
  10. A) The accuracy of medival weapons has been greatly exaggerated. Bows worked because they were used en masse and blanketed the sky/area with death. B) I never imagine each model as an individual model, but as several hundred dudes that were the same dude.
  11. What if it's a rule that says that grey is okay for tournaments?
  12. Just rewatched the video, and I know I didn’t see any Hellstriders, but, and I’m hoping I was just blind, but I don’t recall seeing any Seeker Chariots either. Yes, there were seekers, they were just there for a second or so.
  13. It’s Happening!!! YouTube Trailer Hedonites Trailer Drop ETA: Two trailers in one day seems a little excessive.
  14. We’ve gotten as good a teaser of Warcry as we are gonna get, so it’s gonna be the full game there. Full detail drop for Forbidden Power Teaser for the next army. Since we just had moon goblins, it’s gotta be sun elves as it’s opposite. WU: KO contents, which will either get a drop with Sylvaneth, or another set of cards. Battletomes: Sylvaneth and KO. And then loads of stuff for 40K
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