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  1. Fairbanks

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Open Play and Narrative Sections; do something big with them (my suggestions below) or cut them from the GHB and just make it the Competitive Play Compendium. The big things I would add for Open Play is a “Build Your Own Unit” guidelines, and a “How to Change a unit to another Grand Alliance”, like Death Stormcast or Slaanesh worshiping Daughters, or Destruction Beastmen. Really get away from the “You have to keep the story to follow the Mortal Realms.” For Narrative, they need to share more fantastic stories. Those space bubble timelines in the Battletomes are a small prompt can lead to a fun battle, so give us rules that we can incorporate for each battle. Give us rules for taking a hero model and upgrading it slowly. In addition, I’d add another section: The Campaigns, and include rules for how to setup and run Campaigns, including for Narrative games, competitive you vs me, Path to Glory (provided in more detail here), and Skirmish (Also more detail/expansion). On both PtG and Skrimish, these should become new ways to play.
  2. This is the secret to getting the big pile done. I should have put my blog post out earlier, because that is exactly what I did for 2018: Certified Hobby Hero - I Hobbied Every Day for 2018
  3. Fairbanks

    I Hobbied Every Day for 2018

    Honestly, the worst days were those in which I was reaching the end of the day and hadn't done anything, and had to go searching for a project. The second best days were those in which I finished something. It wasn't usually at the end of the evening and I could either build/paint more, or do whatever I wanted, the world was wide and full of possibilities. The best days were those in which I had spent wanting to do something, and had been busy all night and waiting for the opportunity to go do it.
  4. Fairbanks

    The Scattering of AoS's Ruleset

    Yes sir, this one right here! I saw him practicing threadomancy! To bite on the premise of the question, here's my question: Tell me what books and other information I need to bring to the table, for a game against a random stranger, who could bring any models, spells, and rules, but won't share any of his books except for his Army's Battletome (because nobody would tell you it's sane to bring every army's battletome). From my recollection, I have to bring: My Army's Battletome, Core Rules Book, Malign Sorcery, Malign Portents, General's Handbook 2018, and the FAQ (Don't we have several?). That's an awful lot of books to bring.
  5. Fairbanks

    Your five year plan for AoS

    I'll be a party pooper: 1. Because of the development cycle, nothing you suggest will be out for at least another year-year and a half. 2. At least half to 66% of the year will be split with 40K and other GW games (Titanicus, Kill Team, etc)
  6. From Naftka. Looks like a 5 lb increase across the board, with a few getting to 60 lb range. Probably puts us in the US at $90-100 range. And I believe that's an Idoneth and a Maggotkin box.
  7. 1. Glad they told us. 2. Not happy that an expensive hobby on a give/get ratio is becoming more so. But this is compared to guns and cars as a hobby 3. The rest of the world already pays more than the UK on every item. If they correct this in the meantime, sounds great. 4. Most of the SC Boxes are great savings. So if that trend stands, fine by me. 5. If these were a little cheaper, considering a few of these I'd take in amounts greater than 10, I'd probably buy more. 6. I stopped buying everything but SC boxes and Starter/Two Player Boxes a long time ago because of the value saved. I may be a year behind on collecting, but I can buy more. 7. We need more SC boxes. I would probably buy into a new army if it came with a SC box on release.
  8. Fairbanks

    Carrion Empire

    On the one hand, I'm a little mad I picked up the FEC skirmish box my local had the other day. On the other, the only thing I don't have are the heroes and Stormfiends. Soooooooo yea, wish there was a bit more.
  9. Considering the uniqueness of the Assassin’s rules (hides in a unit, deals d3 damage to a hero) and that the model is already a plastic kit leans me to wager it not getting scrapped.
  10. I’m also a person who collects all of the armies, so here’s my opinion. Gitmob brings three things to the table: 1. Grots 2. Wolf Cavalry 3. Artillery The normal Grots are not as appealing compared to Moonclan. The Wolf Cavalry are nice, but wolves are completely out of place in the Mortal Realms. The Artillery was what normal Grots brought to the O&G Table. But that table is gone and every one of these models are old and made of the wrong material. AoS as a whole has a “We don’t know what to do with Artillery” issue. They don’t make it strong enough for the points they place it at for fear of a gun line, so I usually skip the section, which is a shame. Ive ruled out all three, but here is the saddest fact of all; If you bought a lot of Grots recently, you probably bought the O&G half of Skull Pass , which means that you ended up with Moonclan and Spiderfang Grots. Thus, I’m betting that unless you are a really old fan, you probably never bought a box of plain ole Grots, and GW’s research shows it.
  11. Greenskins are a yes for squatting, even if they have a Start Collecting when many other armies don’t (Daughters, Idoneth). Shadowblades gets folded into whatever becomes of Darkling Covens. It’s a Dark Rider (part of the Doomfire Warlock box) and an Assassin (1 model). Lion Rangers... depends on if High Aelves get a legion faction or not. On the one hand, the kits they have are plastic and nice. On the other, they aren’t adding anything to those kits, and there isn’t much to build the Lion Rangers into the “Souls stolen from Slaanesh” narrative. So logically, they are gone too.
  12. Fairbanks

    Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    I collect everything, so 500-1000 points is where I collect, build, and play to.
  13. Fairbanks

    The Rumour Thread

    I had the feeling they were flushing an idea away by merging Spiderfang into Gloomspite.
  14. Fairbanks

    The Rumour Thread

    It dropped two names, Scuttleboss and Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider. I'm surprised we've seen no sign Scuttlings.