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  1. Fairbanks

    Adepticon Predictions

    We’ve gotten as good a teaser of Warcry as we are gonna get, so it’s gonna be the full game there. Full detail drop for Forbidden Power Teaser for the next two armies (which will likely get a Carrion Empire style box) WU: KO contents, which will either get a drop with Sylvaneth, or another set of cards. Battletomes: Sylvaneth and KO. And then loads of stuff for 40K
  2. Fairbanks

    The Rumour Thread

    Dispossessed are the old world dwarfs without all the cool siege machines. Ironweld is all the siege with none of the combat troops. Fyreslayers have good rules and good design, but are quite lacking in different types of models (and all of them are pricey to collect en masse too). KO have a good aesthetic and variety in models, but the rule set needs a complete rework since an FAQ neutered it. While it would help for army building to combine all four into a book, none of them have really interacted with one another in the fluff. Then again, GW did just release FEC after adding one model that isn't available anywhere else, spells, and terrain, so I feel like it's very possible that Fyreslayers and Ironjawz don't get that much needed help.
  3. Fairbanks

    What if warhammer was real life?

    I’d train my Ironjawz to waaagh at six in the morning, then throw most of them across the room. Then I’d head to work after dropping my sweet little Warlord Titan off at school.
  4. It wasn’t mentioned, but the biggest Con for DoK is the real world price for GW models. Yes, this is an expensive hobby, but $60 for a box of 10 battleline infantry is nuts.
  5. So far, Death is maybe the only faction where Free Will isnt a given. Every other faction has some degree of “I better do what I say, or you’re dead.” And then there’s Tzeentch levels of “Free Will is an illusion”
  6. Fairbanks

    The Painting Contract - March 2019

    I got everything and more things primed last month. This month, All of the Nighthaunt from: Soul Wars Storm Strike Nightvault and a box each of Myrmourn Banshees and Hexwraiths Progress for the month so far below:
  7. Fairbanks

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    Or it’s a great product for two armies and they need to fire whoever in marketing undersold what the box would do. ETA: I’m just salty because I didn’t get to pick it up.
  8. Fairbanks

    Skavens... Old or new models?!

    I hate metal more than resin, but both are equally garbage because they require the use of what I call “The Devil’s ******”. I sincerely hope they intend to replace all of the metal, resin, and “Monkey Rat” models. Everything else is pretty damned good looking, especially in light of how old it is. Also, thrilled I got to post in a Skaven discussion thread before certain Skaven RP posters.
  9. Fairbanks

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    Negatives: I hate how when a new army comes out, I have to wait until the end of the year before a price-efficient product for the army comes out, and there's usually no SC box until a year later. I hate how overpriced everything is. Online retailers are giving a 15% discount and free shipping, multiple products show up later in larger sets at steep discounts, and the extra cost for non-GB people. Everything from FW is expensive and at this point they should have realized people would be into HH if it was cheaper. Speed of releases needs to be curtailed. I dread saying this because I fear they will read it as "We need to stop all AoS releases", and I just want it to slow a little. I've made this my hobby, I want to buy, build, and paint everything that comes out for this hobby, but I'm going to back out of this hobby if a budget of $200/month won't keep pace. I used to play GSC for 40K. It was a decent army, it deserves a month in the spotlight, it got rushed for a trifecta of Carrion Empire, Skaven, and FEC that didn't need a rush. Don't give me a new book just to add spells and a terrain piece when the last book was released last year. Give me a slick handout in the box and put it in the General's Handbook in June/July. Permanently sidelining old armies. Understand why, don't like to see it, rather a lot of the models be updated and brought into the AoS Universe. Wishlist: Fix or make progress on relieving the negatives Positives: All the new armies, and updated twists on old armies. That we have lore now. It took three years to start fleshing out the Mortal Realms, but they finally started putting this world together and I love it. We got the points when we needed them years ago, I like how we both get updates and they usually fix the biggest issues. The four page rules received the update to the rules and they're fantastic. I have so little to complain about.
  10. Fairbanks


    Coming from a Dwarf player; we can relate with the pain you are going through. On the other hand, don't be a filthy rat lover ***Loudly strikes out line in his Book of Grudges***
  11. Fairbanks

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    Think I came in middle of 8th Edition. I was aware of Vampire Counts/Empire release, as it drew me in to the hobby, but I didn’t really get into it until Dwarfs Book. Some if you don’t know how good we have it right now.
  12. I believe clanrats were confirmed: https://spikeybits.com/2019/02/pricing-lineup-for-15-new-40k-aos-releases-confirmed.html Sorry for giving you Spikey Bits Cancer.
  13. Fairbanks

    Las Vegas Open and Forbidden Power Revealed

    What are they saying in the Warcry video? Also teasers that don't tease anything but the title really suck eggs. ETA: I sound too negative. I really enjoy everything else that was spoiled, but these two have me yawning.
  14. Fairbanks

    Lore Chatter - the Logistics of War

    Orruks and Grots probably both scavenge what they can find and/or eat whatever is in front of them. As such, everyone in the army is probably in a scramble to get to the front for a chance at any scavenge. KO have their ships, so probably launch as fleets or individual vessels.