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  1. AoS rumors of Skaven, Stormcast, Nighthaunt, and Gloomspite are pretty good choices. My prediction is that we probably get a Tzeentch vs Nurgle Box a la Wrath and Rapture and a Disciples release to start off the next year.
  2. 1. You don't need the book. The AoS App has your unit profiles, 1d4chan has most of your Allegiance Abilities and Battalion Contents listed out, and for those gaps missing, almost every other youtuber/podcaster will talk about the few that are worth using. 2. Buying used models on eBay is usually the quick/cheapest way to go. Take your time bidding on items, there will always be better deals in the future. Avoid models that have already been primed (some primers are absolute garbage and will damage your models). 3. Ask local players if they have armies they would offer. 4. Buying fresh?: Splitting a two player box like Soul Wars, Wrath and Rapture, Looncurse, or Carrion Empire (Whoops, those two don't exist anymore) provides one of the best points/price ratios you can get. You can usually find these on eBay for about 50% MSRP of the box. 5. If you are building fresh selecting an army that has high points/price ratio, such as Beastclaw Raiders, and avoiding others, like Daughters of Khaine will allow you to get a full army for your bucks. 6. Playing at the 500 points level until you can get enough to muster 1000 points, then staying at 1000 points until you have 2000. 7. Don't paint your models unless you have to. Paint is just something money gets spent on. If you do have to paint, choose an easy color scheme and don't sweat details, or go with an easy scheme, like Khorne with Red, Black, and Brass.
  3. Going back to WFB 8th, I remember a lot of people playing Swedish Comp, since it "fixed" a lot of the balance issues at tournaments at the time (ex. Banner of the World Dragon was an incredibly powerful item). It's not surprising that that team went on to make T9A. Balance will always be a topic of conversation and there isn't any changing that. The Time and Money that has to be invested into a new army to bring it to tabletop ready is significantly greater than the time/money invested into complaining online about how "easy" it would be to balance things. Contrast was such an amazing product for getting in new players, and then these price hikes just keep new/40K players from getting in. IMO, most of the Youtubers/Podcasters/Battle Reporters had a better feel for what was crazy/overpowered/underpowered/needs buffs/needs nerfs than what GW did in General's Handbook 2019. No, it did not help that the most broken armies (FEC/Skaven/Slaanesh) were released in a time-period between both books in which they could not be fixed in time, but those weren't the only armies.
  4. Hammerhal, Anvilgard, and Tempest’s Eye got boxes during the Firestorm campaign. Spikeybits Link
  5. He still head butted Archaon during The End Times, but it wasn’t effective and got killed for it.
  6. CoS and Orruks? I painted up a unit of State Troops and unit of Orcs back to back and didn’t have many issues as the paint schemes were completely different. But my usual issue cropped up of not staying focused on big projects and I was off painting Plague Monks (then stormcast, then building things, etc). If you are going to do both at the same time, I suggest slowgrowing them in tandem. Start at 300-500 points each, play a game, then add the same amount of points for both.
  7. I would prefer we keep orcs head-butting as far away from this new setting as possible.
  8. My Hopes: Skaven Bonereapers Ogors Gloomspite Sancrosanct Chamber
  9. Yes and Good Question. I don’t believe we’ve gotten the cards separate before either (we did get the models separate)
  10. I'm not going to complain about someone who is doing a community service. In fact, if he reads this, he has my gratitude. Personally, I'd like to have access to the info as he gets it for my own personal machinations.
  11. High Elves lost out because when AoS armies were segregated. Dark Elves kept most of their "Core" with Darkling Covens. High Elves lost Spearmen, Archers, and Silver Helms (Old Kits), the reprint of Island of Blood with Spire of Dawn was too short lived. Most everything else for HE was one-box/one-kit (Phoenix Guard, White Lions, and Dragon Princes) and these made up the core of their three armies. Nothing wrong with Dark Aelves, but there's a distinct Evil theme to their figures that I dislike because I want my "Good" Elves to look like "Good" guys (Even if they were wrong about Malekith the whole time).
  12. Honestly, this whole controversy could have been avoided if the Warhammer Community didn’t jump up additional OB info because someone leaked potato pics. Seriously, don't feed the Troggoths. They're fat enough as it is.
  13. Good article. My biggest hurdle to restarting a project usually comes at looking a half completed model (stopped midway for whatever reason) and trying to psyche myself up into cleaning up the spottiness of the single coat paint job.
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