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  1. Going to give the online retailer benefit of the doubt here. They don't have a massive warehouse full of the stuff where they can just go and get a replacement one. Then take into account that for every person who actually has an issue, there's another trying to rip them off, and the only thing they can really trust is that they did their job correctly. Also, GW isn't faultless in this. They've had stocking and distribution issues since the start of the year and it's fallen onto the non-company stores. Our LGS never received a copy of Looncurse from their distributor. Since we aren't the most populated area in the US, and considering how quickly that set sold out, I wouldn't be surprised if GW had to renege on some deliveries to LGS' in order to cater to sales to their online store. Something similar happened with the Contrast release too. The delivery was a week late, and a supplemental box of paints actually arrived on the Monday after launch, but before the original paints arrived. There was also a weird period of time when paints went out of stock hours after launch, but then you could get them again a few days later (its how I ended up with my Blood Angels Red), and now they're all sold out again. Customer Service-wise they haven't been perfect recently. There was an issue with the first go around of Azyrite Townscape that I feel they didn't handle well. If you bought the set when it originally came out, it was missing one of the newer sprue. Usually they are trusting and send out the sprue, but this time around they were giving the third-degree and asking for proof of purchase. I thought it odd, since, you know, they knew about the issue. But if you thought the store treated you salty, then they probably don't deserve your service.
  2. Since there's a big push for a Flying/ship battle game, and Order has Overlords, Chaos has Tzeentch skysharks and Discs, and Destruction has Gitz of some sort, there has to be a Death faction, and why not Flying Pirate Undead? Playstyle: Like to get in your face and cause damage, but are very weak and thus, have a suicidal playstyle. Lucky they're undead, so there's a chance they'll just pop up after death Ability Gimmick: Whenever a model dies on the board, gain 1 Dead Point. At the end of your turn, you may respawn a unit you have based on the number of DP earned. Since the captain will only respawn loyal crew, it has to be units that were previously a part of the battle (Dead Points generate in such a way that a unit has to kill it's worth in models before it has a chance to respawn) Units include: Dreadsoul Airship. The bread and butter of the army. Think ship lifted by souls like the Mortis Engine, but Piratey. It's designed not as a standalone vehicle, but to hold any number of crew, heroes, or Artillery pieces which can fire from inside it. Think less of a one big model that does X,Y,Z, but a open container of hitpoints who's damage is done by whatever is inside and offer it a good save (3+, vs a standard 6+ for the whole army). Since everything inside is dead, when it crashes, things just get out, reassemble themselves, and start fighting again. Undead Scavengers - A battleline troop with pirate swords, old fashioned flintlock pistols, and pirate style grenades. Designed to be mediocre in CC, but with dangerous shooting in the 8"-12" range. Grenadiers - A five man unit who specialize in taking down other airships and high armor targets. Snipers - Long Ranged shooters that set up on one end of the battle field and pick off a model at a time. Booty Haulers - A small collection of treasure carried by six to eight skeletons. It lures mercenaries and battleline toward it causing those units to squabble amongst themselves in trying to grab the treasure, while not realizing they're being stabbed by the crew hauling it. Medium sized Undead Vulture two-pack. One carries Zombies Plague Bombs, while the other is ridden by Skeletons throwing Fire Bombs. Artillery! A two pack kit that builds either a monster-downing cannon, or a volley of shotgun spray. The Zomblimp. What happens when things die? They start to expand with gasses? What happens if those gasses don't rupture? You tie a basket at the bottom and crew it with more zombies. Unlike something smaller, this one is designed to be a suicide bomb for big models and 40 man squads alike Duelist: A Combat fighter that can go toe to toe with most other foot heroes Gunnery Chief: Hero that buffs Artillery and Shooting. Captain: One who's experience helps rule the skies. Movement Buffs for self and other models. The Black Terror. A Large Skeletal Vulture ridden by Captain Nobeard, fiercest undead pirate in the mortal realms.
  3. I have two of these foldable tables for my own use, but because they aren't the exact same manufacturer, they don't really line up so there's a crack in between. I also had an issue with one not laying out too flat initially either, and had to apply books onto the center to get it to flatten. Ironic tidbit: These tabletops are so popular at LGS and for card games like Magic, this is probably why GW designed Kill Team to be played in a 22"x30" area. The way his table is set up where the board lays across a smaller table freaks me out. All it takes is someone putting their body weight down and the whole setup comes crashing down. If you have a queen sized bed, you can place your board on top of it. (P.S. People who sleep on the bed may not approve of you leaving your game out on it)
  4. Okay, you've inspired me to do something insane as well, and finish one of my many collected armies in a month. 2 Great Bray Shaman 60 Gor 20 Ungor 10 Ungor Raiders 20 Bestigors 1 Beastlord 6 Bullgors 1 Ghorgon 1 Razorgor 15 Chaos Warhounds 1 Chimera 1 Herdstone 140 models, 2060 Points. I've done my test models and found that I like most of the brown Contrast paints, so I will likely be using a combination of them to paint everything slightly different. Each paint is a little different, but I found that my mistakes while using the browns came more from my frenetic painting than from losing control of the paint. They definitely need experimentation before pressing into full use.
  5. Since @TheOtherJosh appears to be indisposed (or is just a little quitter like that gold-obsessed "God-King"), I'll make the thread this month.
  6. You can use the Summoner on his own. Only the Familiars can’t be used.
  7. My trivial questions: Are Liberators locked at 100 points for 5? Is this used as a metric for assigning any points? What happened to the Deathrunner?
  8. Kinda feeling a little disappointed that the “AoS Community” didn’t let me know that Tomb Kings, Brets, Chaos Dwarfs, the “dead” elves, and everything Forge World got points in the book. All y’all who got books ahead of time are utterly failures in my book, because I see a lot of AoS stuff and didn’t know about this until I picked up and saw the book myself. And to those who didn’t want to see any of them get points: Your tears are delicious.
  9. Something I noticed on the two paints I tried, Akhelian Green and Creed Camo. Both provide a glossy finish (on Vallejo Greys and Whites). Regular washes (I tried both Athonian Camoshade and Coelia Greenshade) don’t create this reflection after drying. It is particularly noticible in the shadows (see below photo, and note the whitish cross in the reflection of green’s chest vs tan’s. This shine isn’t as visible when you point the model slightly down).
  10. Last I heard, the Sylvaneth Battletome is somewhere in Customs Hell and should have been released already. I saw a few initial issues with Path to Glory: 1. There’s next to nothing stopping a WAAC player from busting his foot off in the format, and always rolling on the 400 point monster table. 2. Armies and Battletomes themselves don’t support being broken down in tables like this: a. The army has a handful of different models (Ironjawz, Fyreslayers, FEC), begging to ask why you are rolling on a table in the first place. b. The army has enough models that it would be broken into several groups of (a), and looks like a weird mismatch if it isn’t. Honestly, I feel doing an escalation campaign based on point increases is the better way to go.
  11. Most of my models that make it to the table have either black/white Primer, colored spray, or some basecoat. I'm very interested to see how Contrast paints change that.
  12. 1. After Carrion Empire and Looncurse sold out, you should know by now that GW was gonna run out of stock quickly. 2. After Carrion Empire and Looncurse sold out, GW should know by now that GW was gonna run out of stock quickly. I don't know what everyone is surprised about.
  13. Maybe a big mega box at the end of the year with all of them like they do for a few armies and Terrain sets. We tend to get cheap bundles about a year after release (see KO and Deepkin Start Collecting boxes).
  14. Makes me wish we had a dedicated Lore forum. Black Library (Sort by Publish Date) Pretty much everything after the Age of Sigmar Omnibus 1 (Fyreslayers, Pestilens, Sylvaneth) up to Soul Wars is Season of War. Also probably Callis and Toll and Neferata (I haven't read these, but the description doesn't make it appear so). If they mention the Necroquake, it's definitely after. While I don't believe any stories have been directly set in it, I think a lot of Stormcast characters probably have a backstory rooted in the Age of Chaos (or even further back, looking at you certain Soul Wars characters).
  15. Use a weak superglue to put it on the base to paint. Then when you need to get to the underside, you can pull it off relatively easy. Or start with a black primer to get everything and consider it shadowy and unseen (Writer's Note: I've heard many a contest painter mention that some judges will look for missed or shortcut details like that and use it as a reason to remove you from the running. When there are literally another 10 equally good looking models though, you gotta choose some reason, right?)
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