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  1. It's been a while since a dawi has posted here. I keep an eye on this topic, but I have been off the hobby since CoS launch. I think many of us leaved AOS or moved on another army, sadly. I gave a look to your article, but I can't give a honest opinion. I don't find CoS to my taste and even consider it frankly weak when playing Dispossessed compared to other armies. The only viable option to me is Hammerhall and I don't like playing it. I've started to work on an homemade BT as I said sometimes ago. It needs a lot of testing and some tinkering, but it's on its way. Maybe I'll post it here once I consider it done. And I don't think their will be any Valaya centered update, or perhaps I don't want to believe in it anymore. That being said, nice reading anyway, I hope it will help some newcomers to get it right !
  2. Oï mate ! I made some testing with Gyrobombers*3 and Tempest Eye allegiance, and I must say, that's pretty neat ! With the bonus movement turn 1, bombing get scary, especially if you manage to get 2 or more units in a carpet-bombing. Nothing broken, but interesting. Just keep on running with those gyro-flapflap. On Gyrocopters, I'm eager to test it against big units with Greywater allegiance. I think there is something to do on it and +3" range. ;)
  3. Back from testing ! My feelings are : Gotrek is INSANE ! 2 units of Gors and Bestigors disappeared as soon as his axe was drawn. Seriously, I almost felt bad for using him. Hammerers are OP too. Once buffed by WK and Longbeards, they're really impressive. Nothing can stop them. And while shieldwall is no more, our dawis are still quite tanky. The Warden King with plate mail is a massive wall agains't small rend attacks. That's a lot of options and a lot of change, I must admit... Really more melee offensive oriented as I reckon. On the other hand, that's a MEH for what I thought as the main damage of this list, the artillery. My Irondrakes got decimated turn I because of some bad positionning, but the Launchers... With battalions, buff and double shot turn one, I managed to deal around only 30 wound in two shooting phase against small save targets. I'm a bit disappointed. They do the job, but nothing sky-level. Thing I'll try some Tempest Eye list or Tank division in replacement. Maybe it was my cast, or some luck, but I need some more testing.
  4. Forgot to say, I'll be against BoC. Hellblaster Volleygun is a big meh IMHO. Lack of range, poor-1 Rend (we already got Irondrakes or Handgunner on the job), VERY poor ability... I really miss the Organ Gun and Cannon here. But the Rocket Launcher, once buffed if Greywater, Cogsmith, Battalion ect... gets really frightening "en masse" theoretically. You get a HUGE 40" -2 Rend threat. In 2v2 it's almost the entire board, at least in our gaming group. You just need to relax, sit tight, and watch things going Bang from the back of the board. Still need some testing though.
  5. @Grunaldi Sorry mate, nothing here... :/ Okay, I'm going full 2k5pts tomorrow. Take the previous list and just add a tiny weeny Gotrek, and we're all set (2520pts). :D On artefacts, that'll be : Warden King - General - trait :Drillmaster - artefact : Steam-piston plate mail Cogsmith - artefact : Maestro Vivetti macroscope I don't know yet if it will be efficient, but I fear it's going to be murder... An explosive one.
  6. Aha ! A dwarf never forget, eyh ? Still somme grudges to set, but I have some scheduled play this week end in 2K - 2K5pts. I'm not set yet, still thinking, but here is the core of the thingy : Allegiance : Cities of Sigmar - Greywater Heroes : Cogsmith Runelords *2 Warden King Units : Ironbreakers *20 - BATTLELINE Hammerers *30 - BATTLELINE Irondrakes *10 - BATTLELINE Irondrakes *10 - BATTLELINE Longbeards *10 -BATTELINE Longbeards *10 - BATTLELINE Warmachine : Helstorm Rocket Battery *3 Battalion: Greywater Artillery Company That's 2000 points flat of pure gunline. Maybe we'll set to 2.5k, and I'll probably improve it a bit. Dunno yet. And their will be some proxy too.
  7. Wow... Nice one. I really want to play this list now while listening to Wagner...
  8. *mumble and grumbling* Okay, I'm getting CoS this evening to look closely what it has to give. MAYBE, I said MAYBE, there is something to do do with our dawis, and I may enjoy it... A bit. I'll tell you later what comes to my mind. *rants in the distance* Or maybe I'll get disappointed... Again...
  9. @Arkhanist Insert "Thank you" GIF.
  10. But you loose reroll of failed save AND ignore Rend -1. Sure they got 3+ Save now, but to me 4+ / 4+ ignore -1 is more efficient. That's where I strongly disagree and as I said, that's what made me play Dispossessed. Sure we're slow, but sturdy, and that's what I loved. Put a massive shieldwall facing my opponent, and tear him apart from afar with Irondrakes, artillery or Quarrelers while my ironbreakers were holding the line. If my opponent sit on an objective, rip it with heavy gunline and swipe the remains with axe-work from IB or Hammerers. Quarrelers and dorf artillery are gone, Shieldwalls are gone and Ironbreakers resilience are gone, Irondrakes needs to be statics to be efficient (so no repositionning on the go), Runic Icons are gone... That's my opinion as I said, and why I take it so "personnaly". I'm not saying there's nothing left and Dispossessed are gone, I'm saying that's not what got me in the game and how I love to play it. Ergo, I'll probably go my own way. That doesn't mean I won't try CoS and the new rules, just... That's not my beloved army any more, and how I like to play it. Greywater Fastness seems fun for big guns afficionados. I'll maybe give it a try. But my core army, I'll create it on my own. With Blackjack and hookers grumbling and grudges.
  11. That's... A huge blow. First axed units, now THIS ! Okay, we get some minors cool stuff, but heck ! No shieldwall and ignore Rend -1 on ironbreakers ?! That's all my army composition that's gone. Irondrakes need to stand still once more ? How ?! Warden King grudge now give +1A in melee, no more +1 to wound for all my gunline... Generally we'll probably hit harder, especially with Hammerers (nice perk by the way...), but we loose our resilience with Shieldwall accross the board. I can't remember how many time I heard from my friends how sturdy they were. Everything that made me choose and play Dispossessed just... gone. It's been two years and half of waiting, patiently, to get this. Frankly, I'll probably set my own way...
  12. Don't worry, I have not forgotten, and I think we're quite a few, seeing how the Dispossessed section has been deserted since the axe-session. I personnaly have stopped to buy, paint and even play my short-legged tincan since, waiting to see what will happen to them and if I'll set my way away from GW for them. It's not anger (not anymore), just common sense as to see if GW can satisfy my dwarven needs or not and what their lack of communications means. And I'm probably not the only one thinking that way.
  13. I too try to be optimistic. Warriors and Quarellers/Thunderers probably needed to be squatted, they were pretty old kits. On the other hand, if there is nothing to fill the gap... And Cannon, Unforged and Gunmaster were a really nasty surprise. What hurt me most is the lack of communication and how quickly things got done. I'm still waiting for CoS Battletome, maybe something good will come from it, and some sacrifice were to be made. But I'm no fool, we'll probably be blended to CoS soup, and Dispossessed and "Duardins of old" may disappear to just be "Duardins of free cities" without grudges, grumbling, lore and so on... That being said, it's just what I'm thinking with the recent events. Who knows ? We'll probably get something to shine upon... Or maybe not.
  14. Were and how did you get this info ?
  15. Probably because there is a lot of love, time and money spent for our plastics minis. Things can get personnal in that case. But that's true, let's wait a little bit more and see what might happen...
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