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Found 43 results

  1. +++ Updated 1k List, Below +++ Hello everyone, This is my first post on TGA! I've chosen Maggotkin of Nurgle for my first AoS army. I would like some veterans to give me advice as I plan on having my first game soon. I currently own all the models for the 1,000 point list: HQ: Lord of Blights - 140 HQ: Poxbringer - 120 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 10x Plaguebarers - 120 Plague Drones: 3x - 200 Nurglings 3x - 100 Thank you in advance 🤮 ++ I removed the 2k list as I'd like to build a 1k list first ++
  2. Hi, guys, I have been playing Nighthaunt for about a year now, or, more accurately, have been collecting and painting them. I first started with the classical 1k list: Tormented Spirits+ Mourngul + banshee, etc. With all the new models and hype, I will be expanding my army to 2k, as my local scene is growing too. I have 2 (unfinished) lists in mind with things that I already have (those marked with an X), things that I will get for sure (Storm Strike, Black Coach, Reikenor) and others which I'm evaluating. The units marked in yellow are the ones that I haven't decide on yet, and thus the batallion. Points, wounds and price (an important factor for me, since I don't have stores in my continent and have to import from another) are pretty balanced. Obviously each one has it's pros and cons, even more if we add the Artefacts and traits into consideration. Can you help me weight them out? What do you think of these? Thanks! Allegiance: Nighthaunt Leaders [x]Tomb Banshee (80) [x]Cairn Wraith (60) [x]Lord Executioner (80) [ ]Reikenor the Grimhailer (180) []Dreadblade Harrow (100) []Dreadblade Harrow (100) Battleline [x]3 x Spirit Hosts (120) [x]5 x Hexwraiths (160) [ ]5 x Hexwraiths (160) Units []4 x Myrmourn Banshees (80) []4 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (60) Behemoths [x]Mourngul (300) [ ]Black Coach (280) Battalions Deathriders (130) +1 to charge rolls. On a unmodified charge roll of 9+ a batallion unit can fight immediately after you complete the charge move + fight in the combat phase. This ability replaces the Wave of Terror battle trait. Total: 1890 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 3 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 89 Not in the list but available: [x]Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) [x]Cairn Wraith (60) Allegiance: Nighthaunt Leaders [x]Tomb Banshee (80) [x]Cairn Wraith (60) [x]Cairn Wraith (60) [x]Lord Executioner (80) [ ]Reikenor the Grimhailer (180) Battleline [x]3 x Spirit Hosts (120) [x]5 x Hexwraiths (160) [ ]3 x Spirit Hosts (120) [ ]3 x Spirit Hosts (120) Units [ ]4 x Myrmourn Banshees (80) [ ]4 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (60) Behemoths [x]Mourngul (300) [ ]Black Coach (280) Battalions Execution Horde (100) -1 to hit for attacks that target LORD EXECUTIONER while a SPIRIT HOST unit from this battalion is within 6" of the attacker’s unit. +1 to hit rolls for attacks made by LORD EXECUTIONER while any SPIRIT HOST units from this battalion are within 6" of the target unit. Total: 1800 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 5 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 91 Not in the list (yet) but available: [x]Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)
  3. Black Blade

    Please write me an Army List

    So I'd like some help here, I'm a pretty inexperienced player having a very small number of games under my belt despite having the models for many years I've only played maybe 3 or 4 games of Warhammer Fantasy/AoS. I want to list models and units I currently have built and have you guys make up a functioning 1000 and or 1500 point army if you're interested. I have the GHB 2018 and the new Core Rule book and my local store just got a scene going so I'm anxious to finally play. My units are as follows: All Stormcast from first starter set. +2 more Retributors to complete squad 1x Castellent and Griffhound 4x Fulminators not yet built. 1x Knight Incantor. 1x Freeguild General on Griffon 1x FG General and on Horse 2x Battlemage 20x Greatswords 20x FG Guard with sword and board 10x Hangunners 6x Demigrypyh Knights 1x Hurricanum not yet built 5x sisters of the Thorn (I imagine these are going in no matter what) Basically how good of a list can you make out of the materials at hand? Thanks for reading I can't wait to hear some tips and tactics.
  4. Hello, i have known warhammer for a long time but just decided to start my first aos army, i have dark vengeance 40k but no more so i would like some advice. I chose chaos starting with undivided ("slaves" to darkness). I would like to branch out to each god eventually. I like having lots of variety and bringing something different each game. For now i have the start collecting, a hellcannon and 10 forsaken. In the attachment you can see my wishlist for chaos undivided (ignore the weapons). I'm not sure if this is ok though. I'm mostly worried about not having enough marauders or chaos warriors as meat of the army. Perhaps i should get more of those? another box marauders and another start collecting? More marauder horsemen too? I'm also worried that 5 furies are not enough to make an impact. Thank you for reading and helping. ChaoswarriorsUndividedMissmeermaraudersofwarriors_.pdf
  5. Juniper_Thornrose

    Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness 2000 points

    Greetings all, I was wondering if I could get some help and thoughts on this army list. I haven't picked my command trait and artefacts yet, but other wise, what does everyone think? Allegiance: Slaanesh- Host: SeekersLeadersChaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)- General- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh Lord Of Chaos (100)- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)- Runestaff- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshBattleline15 x Chaos Warriors (270)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshUnits5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Gorebeast Chariots (100)- War Flail- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Chariots (80)- War flails- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Chariots (80)- War flails- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 5 x Chaos Chosen (140)- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Spawn (50)BattalionsRuinbringer Warband (180)Total: 1980 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 155
  6. Sception

    2k First Cohort for Dread Solstice

    I've got a 2k game coming up on sunday against an opponent who wants to try their hand at taking on nagash. Is more exhibition for Nagash's new rules than serious competitive game. Opponent will be running Skaven, taking moldur or pestilens (yes the same peerson I played previously, yes there were some miscommunications & misconceptions in the previous games, yes they've been cleared up since, yes they'll be following normal pitched battle rules & restrictions.. theoretically. We'll see. I don't plan on making a big fuss if they don't). The opponent has the advantage of picking a scenario, and side if relevant, from the GH17 pitched battle scenarios, & will choose their list based on that, though they'll also be letting me know what they pick in advance. I don't plan on tailoring my list to scenario too much, if only because the first cohort doesn't leave much room to do so at 2,000 points. The game will also be using the full Malign Portents / Dread solstice campaign rules, including: realm of shyish, power of death, prophesy points, and this week's dread solstice rules: a -1 bravery debuff for the entire skaven army plus an extra bravery debuff aura around the knight of shrouds. First cohort doesn't really leave room to reasonably fit a terrorgheist, IMO, but I am bringing a Terrorgheist mantle. A banshee would probably also be a good call, though I don't exactly see what I'd drop for it. This is the list I'm currently looking at: Any advice greatly appreciated. I haven't decided on my guiding portent, and advice there is also appreciated. TBH, I expect an uphill climb, since my opponent is tailoring their list both to the presence of Nagash and to their chosen scenario, but then again pestilens and moldur are not skaven clans I particularly fear, leastwise not as much as skryre, and the campaign and scenario rules favor me, especially as I don't think my opponent owns or intends to bring their harbinger. Though they might surprise me on that front, and if they wanted to proxy a random skaven warlord as the war queen I wouldn't object.
  7. So, as you probably know from last post, I'm going to The Wonders of the Algoraxi, a tournament at Warhammer World, in March. Although it is mainly a narrative event, you need three different army lists: 750, 1000 and 2000. Here goes. 750 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Windthief Charm, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 1000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 2000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Arcane Suggestion, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Fold Reality Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Spiteful Shield, Shield of Fate Gaunt Summoner - Infusion Arcanum, Unchecked Mutation Units Tzaangors - 30, Pair of Savag Blades: 30 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch - Treason of Tzeentch Thanks for looking!
  8. Over the last year I have been putting together a tzeentch army (it took a while as I don't play with unpainted models, and I had a busy year). I wanted something competitive at mid-tables in events, that uses the units I like painting (many of which others feel are not viable). I liked the idea of a "super friends" list (based off the idea of magic the gathering lists that run lots of planeswalkers) that takes a group of powerful characters, and the rest of the army is just there to keep them safe. This is the list I have come up with: Tzeentch superfriends: 1x Lord of Change, Magical supremacy, wellspring of arcane might, bolt of tzeentch 1x Gaunt summoner, treacherous bond 1x Changeling, unchecked mutation 1x Tzaangor shaman , shield of fate 1x Ogroid Thaumaturge - Glipse the future 40x Kairic Acolytes 10x pink horrors 10x pink horrors 3x Tzaangor enlightened 360 reinforcement points The list is fairly simple mortal wound spam - protect the mages with the battle line units, splitting the pinks into blues and brimstones if required. The block of 40 acolytes offers a lot of board control, and can tag objectives if required while still acting as a screen. I have a number of options for using the reinforcement points: Blues/brimstones - either from split or from the ogroid's spell, great for holding back the enemy. Balewind vortex - very useful as a range extender. Particularly nice if I deploy the changeling in with all my mages, then summon a balewind for him. He can basically pick any spell my army knows and cast it at double range. Pink horrors - useful board control, can split them if needed for a real tarpit Lord of change with sword - mostly if my opponent has a behemoth and I need extra punch to kill it Herald of Tzeentch - adds another d6 mortal wounds spell Burning Chariot - if I need more speed to grab objectives, or a bit more "reach" I played one game with it so far, and the list performed very well winning total conquest 17-11 (it started out well with me rolling 6,6,6,6,6,6,2,2,1 as my destiny dice). My opponent had some bad rolls, but was a good player (played in the UK masters twice) with a competitive list so I am very happy with how it performed. Before: After: I have a back story for the list, it needs some fleshing out, but it is based around my lord of change Trojix Nine Schemes, who has assembled a cabal of agents who work to destabilise the status quo of any parts of the mortal realms they feel aren't changing fast enough. It was he, working with the changeling disguised as a weirdknob shaman, that convinced Zebgrok to start a civil war within the ironjawz (see my army from last year).
  9. Hey guys, I recently decided to pick up AoS due to finally having a moderate amount of money on hand and after looking through various factions I decided that Death seemed like the coolest faction to me. I own the General's handbook and the GA Book for Death and I'm looking to start creating an army, however I have no idea where to start. I'm definitely a "power-gamer" kind of person so I'm looking for something that would be at least moderately competetive. Do any of you guys have any suggestions for where to go looking for list suggestions or do you guys have any kinds of suggestions yourselves?
  10. Fellow members of the royal court, you are most cordially invited to attend the annual Gibblesreach ball. The Duke and Lady Gibblesreach request the pleasure of your company! So folks, working up a 2000 point list for an upcoming tournament and I've got to this stage, however I'm open to suggestions. Where possible I'm looking to stick with the FEC allegiance, with allies if needs be. Thoughts? Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts Delusion: Crusading Army Leaders: Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) - General - Command Trait : Dark Wizardry Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400) - Artefact : The Grim Garland Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400) Crypt Ghast Courtier (80) Units 30 x Crypt Ghouls (300) 20 x Crypt Ghouls (200) 9 x Crypt Horrors (480) Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400
  11. Skorp

    Deathrattle List Advise

    Hi All, New to the death grand alliance and wanted to get some advise on how to expand and build my army before I start gluing and priming things. Below I'll list the models i have/want, the 1000 point list I'm aiming to focus on first, and a high level list I'm aiming for at 2000 points. Looking for feedback on the following: 1. How do the 3 Montarch's compare, which should I build? Is it worth having more than one of them? I'm leaning toward Arkhan as that is what people seem to recommend. Should I be considering a different one for my list direction? 2. Right now I'm picking units based on what I feel I'd enjoy modeling and painting. I like to have variety as opposed to one million skeletons. I'm not so keen on the flesheater courts direction. But should I be looking at them more than I am ? Owned: Blade of the Blood Queen - 1 Montarch - 1 Wight King (want to build with skeletal steed and standard) - 2 Morghast (leaning toward harbingers for the summoned charge) - 10 grave guard - 20 skeletons Also picked up: - Another box of 10 skeletons - Necromancer - Vampire Lord with Wings (love this model) Shadespire: - Sepulcheral guard Planning to get: - More skeletons (aiming for 50 total at the moment, block of 40 with spears, unit of 10 with the other weapon option) - Spirit Hosts (love these models and really want some) - Black Knights (have read it is good to have a block of 10 or so) Thinking about the skeleton hoard SC, the malignants SC, or the nighthaunt tormented spirits box. Maybe a couple of these. 1000 Point List Goal - One Montarch (Arkhan cheapest) - Necromancer - 40 skeletons - 10 skeletons - 2 Morghast harbingers Feel like the wight king or vampire lord command ability would be good to fit in here, maybe the montarch is too much for 1000 points? Drop arkhan, add vampire lord/wight king and grave guard? 2000 Point List Goal - One Montarch (arkhan cheapest) - Necromancer - Vampire Lord with Wings - 10 Grave guard - 40 skeletons - 10 skeletons - 10 black knights - 6 spirit hosts - 2 Morghast harbingers - Mortis Engine Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!
  12. JShin

    Khorne bloodbound list query

    Hi there I'm new to these forums so apologies if this has been answered previously or has been placed in the wrong area. I'm looking at building a Khorne Bloodbound army list using Skullcrushers as the basis of a Brass Stampede warscroll battalion. However, I wanted to ask the best/most effective way to include another type of unit in order to bolster the Skullcrushers' weaknesses, and also to make the army a little more interesting to paint. 7 units of juggernaut cavalry might become fairly stale, I'm not sure. Any recommendations are welcome, along with a suggestion for a good general to compliment this list. Thanks for your time. Jak.
  13. Goosefoot

    Could an all-Gor list work?

    Could a Gor-only list like this work? Not in competitive or anything, just as a decent army. I had an idea, but I'm pretty new at this stuff so I doubt its any good. Any advice to improve it? Allegiance: ChaosBilespiller (80)Beastlord- Man-ripper Axe & Brayshield- Artefact: Favour of the GodsGreat Bray Shaman (90)- Artefact: Beguiling GemTzaangor Shaman (160)- General- Trait: Lord of War- Artefact: Chaos Talisman10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Gors (80)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Shortspears & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Shortspears & Half-Shields10 x Tzaangors (180)- 2x Pair of Savage Blade- 4x Savage Greatblade- 4x Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (400)3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (160)Wildstalker Brayherd (240)Tzaangor Coven (90)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400
  14. Hey there, I'm after some feedback on this army list for my Skaven. It's the first one I've written and is based on what I have access to currently. Points: 2000pts Allegiance: Chaos General: Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror Leaders Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror - 220 - Also Behemoth Warlock Engineer - 100 Battleline Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Other Stormvermin (40) - 500pts - Clanshields Stormfiends (3) - 300pts - Grinderfists - 2x Shock Gauntlets Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts I'm up for suggestions on what to substitute if some aspects seem weak or sub-optimal. I usually want to make lists that are both fun to play whilst able to hold up to other players that run competitive lists. Thanks for reading!
  15. Hello I want to share my army list for the tournament 1500p, hope you can give me your feedbacks Of course the Overtyrant is joined! Destruction allegiance, Overtyrant, general, ravager, battle brew - Ogre Kingdoms 160p Bruiser Standard Bearer - Ogre Kingdoms 140p Butcher w. cauldron - Gutbusters 140p Butcher w. cauldron - Gutbusters 140p 12x Ogors w. pairs clubs and blades, battleline - Gutbusters 400p 3x Ogors w. iron fists, battleline - Gutbusters 120p 10x Orruks w. bows, battleline - Greenskinz 90p 6x Yhetees - Beastclaw Raiders 240p Gorger - Gutbusters 60p Have you seen how Bruiser Standard Bearer's lastest update? His Banner of the Great Maw does great... choose a point on the battlefield within 18", roll a dice for each enemy units within 6" of that point, 4+ then that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.. FTW! Overtyrant?! Yeah he is badass since the warscroll has been updated! with ravager will make him a lot better, take a check on my previous topic "Overtyrant is better than Tyrant". The reason to bring two wizards with cauldron is: Cauldron's abilities do well, can cast his unqiue spell Great Maw and the other cast Arcane Bolt for the extra mortal wounds or Mystic Shield. An unit of 3 Ogors with iron fists, they are doing to be dead yeah but they can just run close to the enemy, stacked by Mystic Shield, maybe also in Cover so they have save 3+, Iron Fists increase by 2 so 4+ instead of 6 for doing mortal wounds! Six Yhetees can just run forward into the strong enemy and distrupt that, just don't forget to use Overtyrant's bribe to subract 1 hit on the enemy unit, that makes very hard to hit on Yhetees. 10x Orruks is the only option to defend for heroes or go for the objective. Later, there will come a big cheese - TWELVE Ogors, reroll 1s to hit, reroll to wound if models are more than 10, if Cauldron does the good job, they can increase to wound for Ogors OR heal them.. I mean 12 Ogors for 400p instead of 6 Ironguts for 400p is a good reason to pick up. Gorger with 60p can be wasted for point BUT that makes enemy gets more targets, less hit on Overtyrant, Butchers, Bruiser and Ogors! I love my army list, now one thing is how my dices will do.. a bad or miracle day Sorry for my grammar but hope you understand me!
  16. johnsmith57622

    Slaves to Darkness 2000 pt budget list

    Hey all, was hoping for some advice on this list: --Chaos Lord on Manticore, with Flail and Runeshield (250) --Chaos Sorcerer Lord, Runestaff (160) --20 Chaos Marauders, axes and shields (120) --10 Chaos Warriors, hand weapons (180) --5 Chaos Warriors, greatblades (90) --5 Chaos Knights, Ensorcelled weapons (160) --5 Chaos Knights, Ensorcelled weapons (160) --1 Gorebeast Chariot, Greatblade (100) --2 Chaos Chariots, Greatblades (160) --Chaos Gargant (170) --Chaos Gargant (170) --Chaos Gargant (170) Without hunting on ebay, this is about $225, for a total of 1,890 points. Not really sure what to do for artifacts or for the last 110 points. Thanks very much, j
  17. Primique

    Da Blaktoofs! Ironjawz 2k list.

    Leaders Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - Daubing of Mork Megaboss (140) - General - Bestial Charisma - The Boss Skewer Warchanter (80) Units 30 Ardboys (450) 10 Brutes (360) 5 Brutes (180) 3 Gore-Gruntas (140) Battalions Ironfist (160) So what do you guys think? How should I kit out my ardboys and brutes?
  18. robbobobo

    Skaven army building help

    Hey guys, I'm new to AoS and this forum, I was hoping I could get a hand with figuring out what builds I can do with the Skaven I have. I'll just list what I have to start things off. Also, if you guys know of any resources on how to get my head around army building I'd appreciate it. Reading through the books is confusing me. Anyways, here's what I have: 160 Clanrats 40 Stormvermin 6 Giant Rats 9 Rat Ogors 3 Stormfiends 4 Warpfire Throwers 3 Poison Wind Globadiers 5 Warlords (One is Queek Headtaker) 3 Warlock Engineers 1 Warlord on Brood Fiend Edit: Formatting
  19. EnDirty

    Khorne Mortals - Where to next?

    Hey guys, Pretty new to the game, trying to build my Khorne army up to 2000 points and I'm looking for some advice from more experienced players about what to add next. Currently I own: 1x Mighty Lord 1x Blood Secrator 1x Bloodstoker 1x Aspiring Deathbringer 2x Slaughtpriests 1x Khorgorath 40x Bloodreavers 15x Bloodwarriors This totals around 1300 points, I was wondering how to best fill out the remaining 700. Some of the options I was considering are below: a) The Khorne skirmish box (5x wrathmongers/skullreapers, exalted deathbringer) [I also heard it's quite easy to put the Wrathmonger torso's onto bloodwarrior legs to get both units for the price of one?) b) SC! Khorne Bloodbound c) Chaos Knights/Chariots to add some speed to the list (chaos knights with extra attacks from Khorne buffs seem like they'd be nasty on the charge) I'd prefer to avoid Bloodletters, as I'm not really keen on the models - which is a bit of a bummer because almost all of the strong lists I see are built around them. Cheers guys and thanks!
  20. Hey guys! I'd like to hear your opinions on my list. Tactic feedback also would be great. I admit - I mostly cobbled this list from the models I have and love. I'm considering dropping something for Vandus Hammerhand maybe combined with trait that gives my heroes ability to use 2 Command abilites (Lord-Celestant on Foot and Vandus then) but I'm unsure about that. What artifact(s) would you advise? I'll be mostly facing my friend's Khorne Bloodbound Gore Pilgrims but would like to take my army to some tourneys by the end of the summer. I was thinking about some battalions to reduce number of drops but I'm not sure how to fit any. Anyways - here's the list: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Heroes -Lord-Celestant (100) - General, Staunch Defender -Lord-Castellant (100) -Lord-Relictor (80) -Knight-Heraldor (120) Battleline -10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers -5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammers -5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows Other -10 x Paladin Retributors (440) -3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) Total: 1480/1500 Heroes: 4/6 Battlelines: 3 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4
  21. Hey all! I have a rather thematic list I was hoping to get some feedback on. Not looking to drive my opponents before me and hear the lamentations of their women, but also not interested in having a pillow fight if you catch my drift. Annointed on Frostheart 280 Bretonnian Lord on Pegasus 140 Bretonnian Lord on Pegasus 140 Damsel of the Lady on Pegasus 100 Damsel of the Lady on Pegasus 100 5 Reavers 5 Reavers 5 Reavers 3 Pegasus Knights 3 Pegasus Knights 3 Pegasus Knights 3 Aetherwings 3 Aetherwings 3 Aetherwings So theme is flying, but more specifically I'm going to be using hawk/eagle models to represent the pegasi, so it'll be very bird of prey heavy looking more like a wood elf army than anything? Thoughts? Comments? All is welcome!
  22. Hey Team, I'm coming back to Warhammer after an extended extended hiatus (like a decade). I'm kind of unfamiliar when it comes to actually playing with the rules but I have a basic understanding that pitched battles are now objective based. I'm keen to start collecting and building this list, but if you think there are any huge caveats in it then I'd love to hear your thoughts before I shell out the cash for these specific models. Ironclad 440 em. 10 Thunderers 200 em. Endrinmaster 140 em. Khemist 100 3 Endrinriggers 120 3 Endrinriggers 120 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 100 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 120 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 2000 The basic idea is that the army is split into three blocks. 2 blocks are made up of: 2 x 10 Arkanauts w 3 skypikes each, 5 Thunders w 5 fumigators, 1 Khemist. These are here to take objectives and hopefully hold them. There are enough wounds with the Arkanauts to soak up some damage. The thunderers provide close support and hopefully dissuade my opponent demolishing the Arkanauts. The Khemist buffs the most appropriate weapon. The third block is the Ironclad (w the self healing hull) with embarked: 10 Thunderers (all with Aethercannons (maybe 2 fumigators...i'm still deciding), Khemist (to buff the thunderers), Endrinmaster (with the hull healing artifact) and 2 units of 3 Endrinriggers to support the Ironclad and provide futher healing: Th idea being the thunderers are the shock unit to get dropped off somewhere useful and knock out the big nasties. The ironclad roams around with the endrinriggers/endrinmaster just soaking up damage (it has 5 opportunities to heal each round) and being a general nuisance/transporting units. I quite like the list in theory, but in practice I have no idea how it would handle. I also haven't decided on which sky-port to align to but having double buffs from the Khemists is currently pretty appealing. I think the biggest weakness here is battleshock, so trying to figure out how I can address that. Look forward to your thoughts. Cheers
  23. After a long time out of the hobby, I lost the motivation to build, paint, etc. I recently got back into the game with the help of my best friend and the AoS starter set. I was a dedicated Skaven and Tomb Kings player for a long time but the way the game played, especially in competitive play, was getting very cookie cutter with lists and I eventually lost the feeling of enjoyment I had and drifted out of the playing side of the hobby, which eventually impacted on my building and painting output until it ground down to nothing! After only playing the scenarios from the starter box I can say I've got the fever again and I'm now a converted Stormcast follower! So I went out and picked up the Stormcast book from my local GW, handily located across from my work, and started scouring the net for lists and inspiration on what to take, what do the top players take and what is winning at the moment?? Thanks to stumbling across Baddice I was able to find almost all the lists I could handle and eventually, with my head full of ideas, I wandered back in to ask my local GW manager "what are the power lists? What are the cheesy beard, but not my beard is made of cheese, lists?" And he, thankfully confirmed a lot of my mental theories. One thing I did notice during my reading, and was so happy about, was the lack of standard "take x amount of this, this and this and you win easy". So after a very late night I finally bashed together a list I felt comfortable with. Now by all means it doesn't mean I know how to field this list as it was made up of what I liked visually, what I felt would work well together and what I felt would put out good, consistent damage. Without further ado, my list Stormcast Eternals 2000pts Leaders Lord Celestant on Dracoth- General, Sigmarite Thundershield, Shielded by Faith, Fang of Dracothian, Keen Clawed and Tempestos Hammer Lord Castellant Lord Relictor Knight Azyros Knight Venator Battleline 5x Judicators- Prime, Shockbolt Bow and Skybolt Bows 5x Judicators- Prime, Shockbolt Bow and Skybolt Bows 5x Liberators- Prime, Grandhammer, Warhammers and Sigmarite Shields Other Units 2x Fulminators 3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins- Prime and Stormcall Trident 3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins- Prime and Stormcall Trident 5x Retributors- Prime and 2x Starsoul Mace 3x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows- Prime 3x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows- Prime Now by no means is this a list set in stone, the only Stormcast models I own are the contents of the starter box set and a box of Judicators. Also I was unable to decide what extra prayer for my Relictor. So the advice/responses I would be looking for are; What's good and bad about the list? How would you deploy/play this list if you had to? What prayer should I take for my Relictor and how should it be used? Is their a better size for any unit I've taken or any unit I should do without? I will be wanting to play this list at my local gaming club, where my name and face have passed into legend, so it would be nice to be able to rock up and play a strong army with strong tactics. Lot of the guys in my club play in a lot of tournaments at GW headquarters and place high, usually top 3, but that's usually in 30k and 40k so I'm waiting for the new edition before I dip my toe back in that pond. But best of all they are a great bunch who I miss and I'd like to show my face with a little confidence that I won't make a complete fool of myself, dice gods permitting. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading through the slab of text and I hope to hear back from as many of you as possible, I spent a week lurking before taking the plunge and signing up because this is honestly one of the most polite forums I've ever seen.
  24. My friends and I have only played AoS a few times and we're going at it again this week. We decided on 1500 points and I definitely want to try out Sylvaneth. The list I'm thinking of bringing is 1520 points (we've always allowed +/-25 as a house rule) and includes the following: - Treelord Ancient (General) - Branchwych - Loremaster - Tree Revenants x5 - Tree Revenants x5 - Dryads x10 - Dryads x20 - Kurnoth Hunters x3 - Kurnoth Hunters x3 - Household Battalion - Gnarlroot Battalion I know one of my opponents will be bringing a horde of Bonesplittaz infantry and I'll probably be looking at 3-4 units of 20+ orcs plus archers and some maniaks or big spears. That's a lot to deal with for such a small army. The plan is to put woods everywhere and funnel his big units through chokes to limit their effectiveness. The Revenants will likely stay together as a group. I just chose to have two fives instead of one ten for flexibility and in case one fails a charge or they need to split up. As for the hunters, I'm not sure if I should just go two with bows or one with scythes, as I don't know whether I have the melee power to compete with all those orcs without some more big hitters. I could also consider cutting one unit all together for more dryads or something. Loremaster is mainly there to buff the TLA. If there is a better 80-100 point order wizard I haven't considered, let me know! I haven't really decided what items/traits/spells to pick yet. Probably an acorn for sure, not clear on what else I need. Mainly I'm just concerned that I will be overwhelmed by numbers and won't be able to handle it adequately. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  25. Today, I'm very pleased to share that my army "The Wolf and the Rat" just hit their 2000pts of painted minis target and I can more or less draw a line under this army as "completed." This will undoubtedly prove to be a fabrication as the urge to add new guys will eventually hit me, though the limiting factor will now be how much space is left in my storage foam. More Bloodletters and Blood Warriors would be nice to mix things up, and theres no shortage of awesome models to paint that would fit this theme - Rat Ogors, Slaughterbrutes, Flesh Hounds, and hey, I hear Khorgoraths are getting a bit of a buff in the new Battletome! But enough about my screaming wallet, this is supposed to be about me finishing this damn army. Skritt's Hunting Pack (Wolf Rats) Awesome miniatures, and a lot bigger than I expected. In fact, I actually expected the Skin Wolves to turn out a little bigger and these guys to be a little smaller. I gave them the same two tone grass and animal bones/skulls/warpstone crystals as the Wolves, which I really like on these bigger base minis. For the paint job, I wanted them to have a cohesiveness with the Skin Wolves, but with a few distinctions. In the ended, I chose to paint them with the same sort of grey/brown fur as I gave the Skin Wolves, but with a ratty pink flesh instead of the blue/grey. One key distinction is their armour/adornments are red, like the Wrathmongers, as opposed to the bone white of the 'enlightened' - like the Wrathmongers, they're feral and vicious and useful in a fight, but not considered 'people' in the way the Skin Wolves (perhaps foolishly) are. Skaarakh, The Fang of Khorne I did a thing with this guy, which you might notice if you saw him in his primed-only state in the last photo, and that's that I hacked off his axe hand, twisted it and re-pinned it back in place. The reason for this was my 'dynamic pose' I was going for looked really weird, and the more I kind of pictured myself with my arm outstretched like that, the more it seemed unnatural. I had originally wanted him kind of pointing the axe in a challenge, but reposing white metal is difficult, and in the end I realised his arm would make a lot more sense if he was at the end of a big arcing swing of the axe, so that's sorta what I went for. If you didn't see my previous post, then what you're looking at is an old, white metal Bloodthirster. I have no real stylistic reason for using him, other than I had one lying around at my parents house from back when I played World Eaters in 3rd Ed 40K when I was 13, and using him over buying a new plastic kit saved me like £50. He was obviously pretty dated looking though, so I made a few adjustments. The key ones were giving him a new head from the plastic Bloodthirster kits (which just look a zillion times better), reposing his arms to look a little more dynamic and a little less like the old style where everyone stood in that same unnatural pose, and finally I decided to go nuts and give him a giant green stuff fur cloak, because the new style Bloodthirsters are a little more burly than the skinny, boney style of old and I wanted a thematic way of bulking him up a little. In order to make the cloak not look weird over the wings, I added some beaten brass spiked collar pauldron things, that I personally think turned out pretty good for my first major green stuff endevour. I'm particularly pleased with the bulging vein on his axe arm bicep that I used to cover up some of the fingerprinting and roughness. Oh, and I shaved off the little stars where his nipples would be, because I have no idea what they were thinking with that design choice. As with my Bloodletters, I went for a slimy albino look on this one as well, and I'm again pretty happy with how he turned out; I'm getting a little more confident in painting whites, which is something that I absolutely failed at 6 months ago when I was starting out again after my decade long hiatus. There's no point in painting bone armour on a white guy, but I wasn't really that keen on red armour either, so I decided to make his breastplate black, and just get a little dark red on the cloak lining and the whip (and the blood effects, obviously!), and I'm really happy with the overall result. Basewise, he's on the same Secret Weapon Miniatures sculpted resin lava base as my Lord of Khorne of Juggernaut, which I think looks great. I also added the one remaining huge rock and animal skull piece to it to tie him in a little with the Skin Wolves and Wolf Rats. I was originally planning on sticking a Fenrisian Wolf on the base with him, like I'm planning to do to my aforementioned Lord of Khorne, but I'm not 100% he really needs it anymore, what with everything else going on. I'm still working on the lore, but I'm starting to think that 'he' might actually be a 'she' considering the weirdly low cut and chesty armour and more slender build compared to the modern Bloodthirster design. Hopefully I'll have that figured out at some point, and I'll include it with a big full-army photo in a future blog post. Conclusion and Army List And that wraps up my 2000pts of The Wolf and the Rat! As I said before, I have no immediate plans to expand - it'd be nice to take a break once I finish my two 2000pts armies and work on something smaller scale like Blood Bowl or Malifaux for a while - but ****** if I'm not tempted to fill up the (limited) free space in my BattleFoam for these guys by rounding out my two units of Blood Warriors and Bloodletters. Beyond that pipe dream, I have plans to add some furry tabards and pelts to the Blood Warriors and Bloodletters that I already have, but I'll just edit them in my original post. Here's my final, 2000pts list that I'm planning on running these guys as. Note that this list isn't built to win any tournaments. I tend to build armies around what models I want, how I can tie a theme/narrative to them, and work from there. I don't know how many games I'll actually win with this list, but it looks cool and it's got a lot of fun things to play and a lot of weird mismashed synergies and that's what's important to me. If I ever consider what I include from a rules perspective, it's mostly to balance against my other armies so that I can fun games using only my models, should I want to demonstrate to friends, etc. Thanks for reading! The Wolf and the Rat - 1960/2000pts (pre new Battletome) Heroes: The White Wolf (Mighty Lord of Khorne OR Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut) - 140pts Skritt Ashenfang (Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror) - 200pts Skaarakh, Fang of Khorne (Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury) - 300pts Tanaris Redmaw (Bloodsecrator) - 120pts Battleline: The Red Hunt (Blood Warriors x 5) - 100pts The Enlightened (Blood Warriors x 5) - 100pts The Bloodhounds (Bloodreavers x 20) - 120pts The Bloodied Teeth of Skaarakh (Bloodletters x 20) - 200pts The Rabid (Wrathmongers x 5) - 180pts The Blessed (Skin Wolves x 3) - 120pts The Ashenfangs (Stormvermin x 20) - 280pts Skritt's Hunting Pack (Wolf Rats x 5) - 100pts