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  1. I'd go for Slaanesh, Idoneth or Tzeench from those lists. Stripper dwarves are repetetive after the 5th and have a tiny range, and Skaven have some ancient sculpts in them. Kharadron are better than all of those though.
  2. Yes they have most of the entire faction diversity in those 4 models, with better sculpts. And at 5€ per model, they are about the cost of the next cheapest stripper dwarves that do not have a hero.
  3. 40k might shrink a bit compared to AoS. GW has increased barrier of entry quite a bit by removing some etb kits and increasing the starter set by 20%. Cheapest multibox marines are now at 25€ for 5 space marines scouts (old set), while comparatively good looking Stormcast are at 12€ (3-4 per model, with either the best looking Stormcast or a gryph hound among them). Even the "getting started" is half the cost. Cheap chaos cultists and imperial guard do still exist, and I don't dislike the cultists from those.
  4. I think the Escher Necromunda kits are really good at this, very dynamic poses and a ton of options. It's also useful if you want to extend the reach of your box, because while sculpting a body and legs is somewhat possible (especially robes) hands and heads are still beyond me.
  5. If you want good modularity, take a look at what Northstar is doing They are even compatible between multiple sets.
  6. Kharadron are also the best looking army in the whole of AoS. I only have them and Cities, together with a Necromunda set. To me, AoS is modular.
  7. Cities would work perfectly for a Dogs of War army.
  8. That depends on the army. Freeguild, Disposessed, Coven, Kharadron etc can easily be given other stuff. Some factions are built more with a single build option, but it isn't all armies.
  9. As someone who did quit over a few reasons, balance among them, I thought I might chime in, but those who do not return, obviously, won't have a voice. I think GW's rulebooks are just bad. And they are priced as if they are printing gold. I was back on the forums for a while because I still like some models, but I have purchased a 3d resin printer, and will be moving to STL designers from now on, where I can just fix any scale issues. It isn't just balance, but balance is a large part of the problem. Say the spell in a bottle. When I first read it, I thought "This would be a nightmare to balance". And they didn't. When I read Petrifex, I thought "That doesn't look like it's equal to other subfactions". And it wasn't. I have opinions about a few of Lumineth's abilities, but honestly haven't bothered with the game enough to watch battlereports. There hasn't been much thought about balancing subfactions, and these often can't be fixed by changing points. I have lots of rulebooks, most are better. All are priced better. GW constantly feels like late-edition d&d, where power creep runs rampant to keep selling books. Now points creep isn't that bad, but it's also what ultimately killed fantasy, as the barrier of entry is nudged up each time with it. Then, of course, we have dumping armies/units entirely. No sense in starting if you don't know something will stay. Models-wise, there are still lots of problems, but GW is at least good at designing those.
  10. It's running towards the key, of course. Not exactly sure what we're looking at. The front left paw is a bit weird fir a lizard resting on a stone, but a stone base seems like the most likely scenario.
  11. Well, 40k already has creepy babies, and a faction entirely made out of blood drinking and flesh eating babies would be... Quite a mood.
  12. Book depository als seems to stop shipping to continental Europe (my adress is no longer a valid destination). I hope they get an adress in the EU quickly, so they can resume sending from the EU proper.
  13. Sorry for typing half my post past the first click on the post button. I like the Sentinels and Chaos warriors as plodding blocks of infantry, but don't think it makes much sense for berserkers. Arm up the Blood Bowl team, and that image fits much better. On the other hand, Irondrakes/ironbreakers and Longbeards/hammerers do make sense in blocks.
  14. I don't use Warhammer models for wargaming, but here's my take: I like diversity. Cities gives lots of sculpts that may be harder to pull together, but when they do, it's brilliant. Monopose models or very similar models do not have the versatility that warrants GW prices, while something like Arkanauts and Escher gang does. Kharadron are a good example. There is about as much variety in the Arkanauts box as there is in all infantry Fyreslayers combined. But then we also have heavier Thunderers with 6 weapon options, Balloon boys with two, five distinct heroes, and of course, the ships. If you'd strip KO down to the Frigate and the Arkanauts, I think you have about as much model variety as the entire Fyreslayers range. As for the question: I would like a unit of melee marines in the Kharadron, as well as a melee ship. And make Skywardens useful. Also, a box of just a few female bodies and heads would be brilliant, we'd be able to put remaining weapons on them. Cities is about right in variety, though could use more dwarfs. If Cities does fall, thematically the Iron Drakes and Longbeards could fit in Fyreslayers, with the Ironweld, Hammerers and Ironbreakers going to Kharadron. Fyreslayers need a lot. Female characters, with a bonus of actual facial expressions is a start. More fire creatures. Heavily armoured dwarfs with an option of either big gouts of flame or harpoons for dangerous creatures, or even pikes. Flame cannons. Maybe even get some ideas from the previous firedwarfs. I'm not sure how to save that faction, but it'll need quite a bit. Oh, and GW can still sculpt expressive things with the Slayer theme:
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