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  1. If I look at the Escher Necromunda sets (2017 and 2020), they are both dynamic and give lots of build options. I believe other sets also have that. So there is precedence for a best of both worlds.
  2. I don't have a spider, but the Hurricanum is 10 cm wide (half as much under the globe) and about 15 cm long.
  3. Points are harder for modelst that have differing profiles, like Freeguild Guards' option for spears or Arkanaut's pikes. That'd require a rework of the warscroll. Overall, it'd be a nerf to the non-casting side of CoS. I'm not sure it will, but I haven't played much of GW games and will never play a 40k game. You're probably better equipped to know what's going on.
  4. How would you balance the units that now only work because of those smaller bases?
  5. There was a decidedly halloween themed Blood Bowl set revealed a while ago, not releasing that in October would be a wasted opportunity (I want it for D&D and Rangers purposes). I hope that that list is missing something big, and something spooky!
  6. Mine can also be quite dramatic, but prefer to jump on my lap, with their tails high up for better cat hairing of paint. My cats haven't destroyed any models (they are missing a lot of teeth due to inbreeding and a former owner being careless), but once my cat jumped on my lap while I was superglueing. I was startled a bit, and that Escher lady got a movement characteristic it'll never get in game. Your cat is nicer for your paintjobs, but mine has a tail from which the model could easily be clipped off. I also tried making them into models (cats and catacombs):
  7. Cats can pretend to be comfortable on lots of things. Especially if those things are boxes.
  8. Pictures are attention, and I prefer to take them in sunlight. It's not that obvious here, but a model I made for a friend was being intimidated earlier (dragon familiar from a high elves' helmet and body from a sister of the watch, the rest is Frostgrave and sculpting):
  9. I think not playing the game is fine as long as I don't have to worry about rulebooks. I exchanged my copy of the Necromunda rulebook for Snotlings and some paints. Snotlings make me happier than rules.
  10. Luckily the PDF's are priced fairly. Right? (plot twist, in Europe they are sometimes more expensive than physical books from online retailers, other times about 5-10% cheaper than the physical book )
  11. I do, however, reccommend people a few boxes like the Necromunda or Greatswords sets. The hands and faces on these are great and in great supply, and will improve other models greatly. Heads and arms are primary attention seekers I have purchased a few Kickstarter thing with lots of doubles, clipping off heads and arms and replacing them with better sculpts makes for better diversity and quality. If you start modeling your own models, it gets even better. I have made a few models that have no official models. With a few Escher heads, Sister front bodies and Greatsword parts, the difficult stuff could be detailed, and dress and hair were not too hard a sculpt. Now what's the first you notice? For many, it's the sword hands being oversized. That's an issue though, scale is wildly inconsistent.
  12. With all the news this summer, diluting attention with something far off isn't going to be tasty either.
  13. I can measure it tonight. Not constructed fully, but it'll do.
  14. @LuminethMage if anyone is fully warranted to go a bit overboard with Lumineth, it'd have to be someone with the faction title in the username. Now here's my wallet hoping they won't make a dark era mercenary faction/friendly shiny metal faction (zilberfrid either translating to friend of silver or silver friend, and yes, it uses components of different eras.)
  15. There is a community version at Yaktibe based on that ruleset, but the advantage of a Rangers (which itself is a Frostgrave game) adaption is both familiarity for my group and the option for cooperative play. I should have known better, AoS was expanding beyond my desire to keep up with it, and I think it's the best GW game together with Warcry. 40k and its things are downright hostile. Discussing the barrier of entry has left me with a sour taste of the community of Necromunda as well as the rules.
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