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  1. That would be awesome, it would fit the Destruction theme quite well!
  2. There are three "vices": Stripping paint over and over again because you don't like the paintjob. Comparing yourself to people that are more skilled than you. Starting a build and never even finishing the plastic. That's my take on them, anyway.
  3. The only Golden Demon contestants are Freeguild. This pleases me. I think the second picture is about stripping paint?
  4. I actually wasn't cynical, that does happen sometimes. Beastgrave gives a few new rules, and I was thinking GW might want SCE to get a warband made for these rules. But your idea for a mixed race adventuring party is way better! I would even get that as GW quality D&D minis. If it's reminiscent of the Huntsmaster and the Beast hunters (Waystalker, Dwarven engineer, Witch hunter, Knight and Hunter), it would be even better, get the synergy up both ways (you can get Gotrek and Felix as a DLC with this month's White Dwarf).
  5. For infantry, that's not really possible. You'd have to get new ones. Easily done by a contest.
  6. I guess Order will be SCE, they are the posterboys. I would love it to be CoS, but that's an idle hope.
  7. He also got a few other things, but yeah, I came out ahead in that exchange. Now for CoS to see what I actually have... He said 150 for a few things less, and then found the Luminarch and Woods and tossed them in.
  8. Oh, that's interesting/ I hope things that are not pictured with rounds are not on their way out, though that would be weird for the Battlemage on Griffin or Rocket battery. I really want the greatswords, pistoleers and outriders to stay (those were boxed with rounds/ovals, by the way). Some elves are done as well, but not all. I noticed there are now 19 sets, but I think that's just the dedoubling of General on Griffin pictures.
  9. I paid 150 euro for an old collection that would send me over 5k points. 2 battalions of the Empire (20*guard, 10 crossbows, Cannon, 8 empire knights) 2 extra units guard Demis Luminarch General Wizards Volley gun 2 citadel woods A couple of terain pieces I don't recognise Gaming table This was exactly what he asked for it, but it does feel like I ripped him off. He is moving, so just wanted it gone.
  10. I am currently playing "the Huntsman and the Beast" Warmmer Total War DLC, and it captures that spirit somewhat. Edited to add, it has odd heroes, a dwarven engineer, wood elven huntress, bretonnian noble and imperial witch hunter for which you can do missions and help you in your quest, mostly against lizardmen. They also fight in your army or do missions for you.
  11. I think using the reaves as dark riders, and dragonblades as cold one knights should work quite well. This distinguishes between light and heavy cav. I actually sort of grinded to a halt in building and painting. Really need to start again. I have one dwarf, I will either make that a more dwarfy cogsmith with bits of my gunmasters, or make it one of my Guard. He's going to be in the army either way. I have two other dubious ones, a guard with a bull head (from the Knights of the Realm helmet ornaments) and an archer with a deer head. I thought of these angering the beast wizard that lurks about them.
  12. Sorry, I did not mean to be beligerent. I have human archers, for instance, and they don't exist anymore. I could throw them all away, or, and that is what I'll do, I can say they are elven archers (which do still exist) and continue to use them. As long as the function of the unit is clear so there will not be confusion (and of course height and base sizes match), I'm confident that my opponent will not mind.
  13. I am certainly not going to be racist when converting for CoS. Since I don't know of any ability targeting Aelf or Human, I can freely change those about, but it does matter whether the unit is plated or barechested.
  14. The Excelsior Warpriest I have not seen recently, I ebayed one to get my hands on the gryph puppy (and the dude, though less important). The Battlewizards were removed last week or the week before.
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