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  1. I'd love for more gods in these factions. Monolithic stuff is boring to me. Also, bring back Valaya and Taal.
  2. Because warscroll writing is inconsistent.
  3. I think this is a reference to Asterix, where the leader was constantly carried around on a shield (which itself is a reference to a Merovingian practice, where the leader (at least Clovis) was shown around on a shield carried by his warriors after coronation).
  4. I haven't done much lately, but will be adding a chapel and watchtower. Small buildings that I can use here or in d&d.
  5. I'll refrain from reacting to keep the thread more about rumours.
  6. They could have made an Old World with toned down ridiculousness, because it's quite clear AoS goes off the charts the other way. Not quite keeping WHFB as a middle ground, because then you'd be limited to historical, but making the first reveal already high fantasy (close to the highest fantasy humans of WHFB) disappointed me. It makes the chances of them making a lineup that I like quite slim.
  7. Yeah, I didn't go into Warhammer earlier because I did not like the design. There is a lot of nonsense in the Old World as well, which is why I started with Freeguild last year when I was researching the Italian Wars for a LARP and was talked into starting Warhammer. I have a bit of Frostgrave, which seems about the right size and style for me.
  8. There were more words in the post. You seem to have missed them all.
  9. Yhetees simply use ice clubs. They are also not human. With the Old World, GW could have made the split between way over the top high fantasy (AoS), and low fantasy (Old World). They seem not to do that. And maybe GW simply won't make models that I like except for D&D monsters. All fair, but then I'll just bow out.
  10. And then, with the Warcraft/J-rpg style of ice weapons in the only design we have, the Old World seems to go the way of AoS as well.
  11. You are correct, of course, and with again jumping in the deep end of just making shapes instead of portraying something, their profit must come from other sources than my pockets. With every release, AoS feels less and less like the model line for me.
  12. I was mostly trying to cram two bovine puns in a sentence while criticising the impossibly awkward armour. I always try to know how something works. From taking apart electronics to learning how to brew beer and studying i:33 when roleplaying a fighter. The same with art. Everything I make, should portray something that can work. This simply doesn't. I am sold on the normal elfs, and even the wizard with horns. They look like they could walk around in that gear. These don't.
  13. Plus, to walk around with those helmets, the elves need some pretty beefy bullnecks themselves.
  14. The new talk about the Skitarii reads like it originally was an article describing a presale. Still want to use at least some of them for something.
  15. Cities has options. I don't have any of them ready at the moment, but they exist. I just don't like the forcing of a certain game mechanic this blatantly.
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