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  1. Icegoat isn't all that clear on how a lot of things work. He's just here to sow negativity. Best to ignore him.
  2. Brokk could be considered one, as he locks you out of options.
  3. Guardsmen is one thing, try mid-90's Bretonnians, they are currently my basis for halflings. Eye level at about 25 mm, compared to 28 mm for guards, or 30 for greatswords (32 for the Excelsior Warpries iirc).
  4. Did you know that Kharadron are almost the exact size of the tiny old Space Marines? Quite the gigantism going on.
  5. Did you know that Kharadron are almost the exact size of the tiny old Space Marines? Quite the gigantism going on.
  6. There are blued metal paints, at least from Vallejo. I was set on doing a green and purple, but the green does not really work. I will now change it to a deep bronze and purple (instead of the green), for complementary colours, but maybe I'll try to mix a nice green metal myself, by combining the blued metal and gold. Still unsure, but interested to see where it goes.
  7. I have used a bit of contrasts, but an not too happy with it. They don't work for metals, and you can't prime them metallic as well. Certainly does work for the clothing though.
  8. Well, the best books would have a 50% win rate with all subfactions, and all warscrolls would have a function. They don't need to have a function in every subfaction though. Subfactions should give a different way to play the game, with abilities and warscroll choices that reflect their lore. Being able to make your own subfactions (like the Kharadron), is a very good bonus. The book ideally has a few short stories in them, to illustrate how the faction and subfactions works in-game.
  9. I don't think Bonereapers have a good internal balance, with the Petrifex the way they are. The book is also externally balanced a lot better if you disregard that. Similar to Hedonites, there really aren't too many different builds you see. Books that make a few lists that squash other lists are simply not good. They don't bring variety to the table, and make it disheartening to even try playing. I don't know that much about AoS rules, but as I would rate them: Good: Cities, many choices, not all balanced as well as they could be, but it has a quite a few viable options. Kharadron (at a glance), I don't know too much of, but it seems quite fun. Bad: Bonereapers: Petrifex are not balanced, within and without. They also simply have too many exceptions to general rules, and seem unfun to play against. Hedonites: The FAQ did not change internal balance, just external, there are not too many ways to play it.
  10. On a general note, I was building (pinning and glueing) a metal model for a friend last night, and I am never touching metal models again. They are a pain and a half to make. Also, plastic glue does not work on finecast, should have known, but still.
  11. My diminuative Hallowheart army is growing. Odd to put clothing on something to make it resemble a Sorceress. (For reference, eye level is at about 16-18 mm for all these, Greatswords are at 30 mm). Next up: building a full sized Celestial Hurricanum so I can make a small one.
  12. KO means Kharadron Overlords. Steampunk Dwarves. You seem to like Flesh Eater's Court, so I suggest you lisren to the guy that knows the army. Though you now have a start for Stormcast and Nighthaunt, choosing your army is the first step in a significant time and money sink. You'll be playing the army, so for a good advice, I'd need to know what type of gameplay and level of competetiveness you like. You'll be looking at them even more (painting, just having them in your house, as well as playing), so I would need to know what aesthetics you like as well.
  13. Yeah, I don't really play, but if someone is bothered that the lady wielding two pistols among men wielding two pistols did not start her life as a pistoleer, they are probably not fun to play against anyway. I do need to get "boosters" if I ever want to play my Halfling Hallowheart (converted mainly from Chaos Familiars at the moment) army though, as line of sight would be drastically different between a model with the eyes at 18 mm and the eyes at 30 mm.
  14. That is a bit inconvenient. Warscroll wise, Cities has a metric ton of choices. Many of these choices ask for models that I do not have, so there's a lot of converting going on. Luckily, that's my favourite part of the hobby. I actually really like having a few extra models. It allows me to take a few risks. As for heroes, does the Underworld warband help you make heroes with a bit less extra material?
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