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  1. Thanks! I looked it up, and they also have 40 heads in them, that's a nice amount! There are two sprues with 20 heads for £15 compared to 4 sprues with 10 for 20, though with 8 bodies instead of 20. Cheapest and most diverse head set (that also happens to have bodies, arms and lots of arms in it). On my list for near future purchases.
  2. I do not have an issue with any of the users, AoS is just not really making me happy. I'll just log out and keep it at that. Thanks for the help!
  3. The issue is that I like more that was lost or is unsure (CoS) than what has remained. Apart from Kharadron, there isn't a new army I like entirely, and I don't feel like committing any more than GW does. I like painting, and will be finishing somewhat of a Kharadron army, but I don't really want to follow whereever the rules are bringing me. But I can paint models from lots of different vendors, for less money, and better suited to my tastes. Maybe GW will make models that I cannot ignore in the future (finding out about that is rather easy), but I can do without quite well. I do like the core game of AoS, but it's additions and required knowledge of other faction's battletomes starts making it cumbersome.
  4. Humans won't stop existing, though I don't think the General and Warpriest existing in Soulbound ensures the survival of their models. It's a product made by a different company.
  5. Hi! I had a bit of an issue trying to remove or disable my account from any of my account settings, can someone help me achieve that?
  6. Yeah, perhaps it's best to take a new shot at leaving. TGA and the CoS WhatsApp are the only places with Warhammer stuff I didn't quit yet. AoS isn't a game that filled me with confidence of longevity. As for playability, somewhere deep in https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/29/breaking-news-sisters-psykers-and-skeletonsgw-homepage-post-4/ is a bit where they state that the 40K Legends bits are not for competetive play, and AoS will get the same treatment. So goodbye.
  7. It was stated they'd go to Legends (and no longer maintained from there), though the recently deceased haven't been enshrined there yet. Though technically in GA order you can field something like Freeguild Archers, there is nothing that supports them because keywords mismatch. If you have a Freeguild General that isn't on foot with a greatsword, it no longer has rules at all.
  8. I have not found dwarven female heads. One option would be to get the Frostgrave Soldiers 2 set, which has 40 female heads in it. That's cheaper per head than FW's female Stormcast or Escher heads, or Anvil's heads.
  9. Okay, I didn't know, I assumed the GA book had GA allegiance abilities. I've only been in the hobby for a bit more than a year. Last year saw over two warscrolls per month disappear. They can't keep that up, obviously, but if the "no models, goto compendium status" still holds up, we're looking at 18 FW warscrolls lost, Familiars, 6 Greenskins, Shard, and 33 (if I counted correctly) casualties of July. Excluding different options, like General with a sensible loadout, of course. That would bring it to 57, so just a bit less than 5 per month, and more than Bretonnia and Tomb kings combined. Excuse me if I am not convinced by GW's never spoken commitment to armies (or do you have a link where they state they do?).
  10. Sorry, I don't have the GA books, I thought that, since Siah and Shard never were in any other alliance than Order, they'd be in that book. I also haven't looked everywhere hunting for stuff that may have been discontinued recently. If the GA Order is no longer an option, it's still unplayable. GW is dropping stuff left and right (or relegating them to compendium, which is the same), and I don't feel the need to keep up with that.
  11. Mistweave Siah at least, I though Shard as well, but can't see it now, much of the other ones have been taken from production, I've done a cursory look, but much of the rest has been removed from sale, like Basilisk, Chaos Familiars (for sale until february), carmine dragon, magma dragon, merwyrm etc.
  12. Ah, then the Pitched Battle list 2019 is just wrong. If you scrap them as a whole, that's another set of warscrolls gone. Not all of these are even out of production. I do agree there's no reason for anyone to but GA books. GW has not yet dumped a faction with an AoS battletome, but they haven't had much time to do so yet. They also haven't stated (that I can find) that they won't ditch any armies with a battletome. I don't think they will scrap battletome armies until AoS 3, but there hasn't been a statement confirming that.
  13. Yes. 3 Skywardens, 3 Endrinriggers, Endrinrigger with balloon, Gunhauler. 110 points, and you can move 6" before the first round.
  14. If we take the GA Order book as a tome, see July 2019. And let's not kid ourselves about models made for AoS, see the Excelsior Warpriest and, to a lesser extent Saih and Shard (that I don't think were ever gainfully employed). I thought the FW warscroll points were printed in the same list as the regular points, but they are printed after things like Tomb Kings in 2019. Make of this what you will for matched play. Last year, it was stated that compendium points would no longer be adjusted, and I thought it would just be things they've discontinued from the regular line, but maybe it's also from the FW line. I must note Tamurkhan, Azorgh and the monsters already were not in any ally list before.
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