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  1. This is an excellent idea. Easpecially close after a WHFB game where a bit of the rosy coloured glasses might have broken when confronted with the reality of the game system. AoS as a game system is much more approachable, and the base rules allow for a nice and quick game. With the armies still dusted off, get the old guard to meet the new system, just to see if they enjoy it. 1000 points games without bothering about bases not being round, and build the AoS armies to be at a similar level to their expected competetiveness. Use no books, just the core rules (because the new entrants do not have the books) but do assign points values. Err to the side of being less effective for the people knowing AoS better. If people complain about the rules being too simplistic, simply point to Malign Sorcery and battletomes, where a lot more can be found. I think the chances of the new game being built on AoS rules are quite good, so this will help them familiarise themselves with the system. There is a good chance you get a few new players out of it.
  2. For myself, there was a good chance of me leaving. I am not smitten by the Mortal Realms, my army has not received new models, and am not interested in most of the aesthetic of AoS. When I am ready painting my current models, am I going to invest in a new army (Kharadron or Tzeench)? Or, am I going to look at other miniature producers, because they are good enough for my skills, while being quite a bit cheaper. This may keep me within GW's clutches, because I know there is something beyond the horizon that can complement the things I have.
  3. I think practicing object sourced lighting would be a good passtime for anyone interested in Teclis elves.
  4. For me, the problem would not be the skill of the miniature maker, but the skill of the painter to make it look good. ie myself. That, and the compatibility of course.
  5. O, I don't know how these solve Keepers either, but those are translations of the abbreviations.
  6. I think BR would be Bonereapers BS are Bonesplitters BW I don't know at the moment.
  7. That's one side of the coin, the other is that you need the people that are complaining. They at least care enough to complain. If you discuss your goals with them, you can adress the things that make them complain, and while the solutions may not be what they originally describe, they are a very valid source of information. You can't discuss everything with everyone, and some people are very hard to get on board no matter what you do, but a few black hats from within the organisation are very useful. What you don't want is an organisation where noone is complaining. They are either too afraid to poke their head out and be fired, or they just do not care about the whole.
  8. Yes please! There are good things to both settings, and the game (whatever form it will take) is years away. There are still years for AoS to gather more players on its own, 3+. If it's 4, that's the entire lifespan of AoS again. By then the WHFB armies will be at least 8 years out of support, quite possibly 9. Tempers from both sides should have eased down by then, shoud they not? We don't know whether TOW will have to cater to LotR players, or that will still be its own line by then. We don't know whether it will be a full fledged miniature game. It is not certain it will be heroic scale. Even if it is in the same vein and in the same scale, having a game cater to two different intensities of fantasy could be beneficial, making the group as a whole bigger (I, for instance, was originally turned off AoS by Stormcast, but spurred on to look beyond and found it in Freeguild, someone else may find Bretonnia boring at a glance, before finding out about the Grail Relique and other more fantastical bits of the old world).
  9. Please don't react to things you don't want to see by doing the exact same thing. There has been enough antagonising in this thread.
  10. That depends. From a business point of view, it might have. Some may have suspected sets would not sell out if a one box per person wasn't implemented, and that bubble has popped. This makes it more likely for GW to do it again.
  11. I can't find it, but how many miniatures were made for WHFB in its last three years? Waiting another three years isn't worse than having the game active was for many factions.
  12. It's the word 'giant' in the old world news post, and wild speculation.
  13. Thanks! I'll try to look into it when I have the time. Yeah, I have played Planescape (tabletop and Torment), but it did not really connect back then either, even though the artwork was stunning.
  14. Yeah, I like the depiction. While they still suffer from ridiculous shoulder plates, this is something shared with others in the range. They are not trying to jump onto a sword in bikini armed with daggers (though the Repentia and Arco Flagellants try to make an effort, but these still look apropriately muscled, and fit Flagellants in their dress well enough).
  15. I have missed the maps for any other than Aqshy then. I shouldn't respond too much to lore things, it never grabbed me enough to spend money on it, so I am by no means an expert. I would say that, with the things that are described, life for normal mortals would be quite different that what we would expect. As someone who likes small stories, and know about how resources go from one place to another, the Mortal Realms has as much appeal to me as superhero comics. That is, very little.
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