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  1. I thought these had an unchanged brokk, but am not sure.
  2. So the leaked document wasn't wrong. It's nonsense, but apparently all that happened (at least for CoS).
  3. I've done this with Teams in D&D, my phone suspended over the map, and me moving pieces before I went to Roll20.
  4. Partly, its ablative, there's a layer on top of the other paint that will wear off first, and when damaged, it's a lot easier to touch up. But some vernishes also dry harder than paints, making them more durable than what they are protecting.
  5. Maybe that's why there were more helmets in the early Stormcast. Secretly, they were green under the armour.
  6. zilberfrid


    Well, the wording is really a mess. You have the damage characteristic and damage inflicted, which are loosely related, and wound rolls, wound characteristic, wounds allocated, mortal wounds are also very different things using the same keyword.
  7. It's quite an Ork way of thinking that the colour of the model determines it stats.
  8. Yeah, the wording should have been "Endless spells controlled by enemy wizards or spells cast by enemy wizards", won't fix the spell in a bottle, and I don't know how to word it elegantly with that in mind. Note to self, prepare to shoot more Cathallers (though I really like the model), and bring Iron Sky Command. Back to skydwarves: wip flight stand of my Bugman's skywarden:
  9. zilberfrid


    Resolve until you're in the last step, take total of unsaved damage and mortal wounds per attack, if two or higher, reduce by 1. The confusions stems from the same wording as the "Gotrek and Mortal Wounds" thread.
  10. Yeah, there are more soul powered golems on the cover than living people. But there's a reason these cities were chosen: they don't do interesting gods. It's nice there is a BT at all though. Maybe in AoS 7 or 15 GW will do something worthwhile for Order humans, but first they'll kill off the remaining subfaction and a half.
  11. I doubt the realm based humans will escape lore pieces and not be shackled to Sigmar. GW is really into monotheistic stuff, so I doubt they'll let humans hit the table with religeous freedom. As you may have noticed, I don't really like Sigmar.
  12. I'd give it a bit longer. First move a few thousand boxes.
  13. I'd rather have the memory of Bretonnia than this. Sigmar only chains the souls that were pledged to him to his war machines, so it would be a massive departure from lore to reanimate Bretonnians in Sigmarite. Dracoths, Star drakes and dracolines are stumpy things, and butt-ugly, the Tauraline looks like a mutated or chimeric beast in the Chaos roster, not too offensive itself, but add a few spikes and you have your chaos lord on manticore. If you do want this, go full on with the Gryph chargers. Stormcast are similarely offensive to the eyes. They use 40k bolters, bolt pistols and the like with a few crossbow bits glued on, and have the aesthetics of something that has the realistic-heroic slider cut out, and glued back on a mile to the right. You could be charitable, and say they are Sigmar's Chaos warriors because he thought the power of those came from the pauldrons. Bretonnians have a distinctly historical feel, while Stormcast are designed to look like a cross between warcraft or mobile games' interpretation of knights with dr Who's cybermen. It would not add anything to the existing Stormcast line they do not already have. Though you could do this as a conversion project, of course. Just disgrace a few good looking helmets with Stormcast bodies.
  14. People, just get a chatroom. This is far beyind the original scope of the thread for quite a while now.
  15. Midwinter Minis has a tutorial on sparkly bits for Eldar wraith things using glitter. Quite shiny. Well, we can't truly know until we see it. GW has done a few creative interpretations. Apart from the obvious two reasons why not*, it wouldn't be too outlandish for them. We have skeletons with bulges in their pants and muscles, for instance. * A) IP concerns * B) Just enough knowledge of their customers not to do this.
  16. You're all about sparkles, dubious relations with teenage girls and 100 year high school careers then?
  17. Well, I'd hazard to guess, it bleaches them.
  18. If you don't like the smell of bleach, paint thinner could also work, or white spirit. (don't actually do the latter, it will warp GW plastic) (EDIT: Don't do the former either, but especially not the latter)
  19. Teclis puts out a 5+ fnp bubble, and can, assuming the warscroll means what it states, drop some 20d3 mortal wounds on average per round in very specific builds. Up to 40-ish mw's on average if you really go for it. If I assemble an army, it is either TE or KO. Both of which can take him out if the L player isn't really careful, or at least make the mw output a lot smaller by shrinking the aura.
  20. No idea, but the game gets a lot harder if Teclis can't be removed before he bubbles everything and starts blasting mortal wounds simply by casting cogs or similar. Lumineth is not a vs new player friendly army.
  21. And something like insectoid eyes, lizard-like crest (the metal bits at the ears also fit there), beastman-like horns, kurnothi like antlers, a crescent moon, and even a tattoo onto the bone. No idea what the symbol behind it means. There's a lot in there.
  22. I usually don't look at the site and start painting, and not a lot of my stuff came in boxes with art on them.
  23. If you have friends you're seeing regularely anyway, that might be a good start. I started playing Frostgrave and Rangers with some people quite close to me and I don't see a reason why AoS could not work the same way, setting up a table isn't that much work (depending on your sense of disbelief), and you'll get a few games in.
  24. The solution, of course, is not to touch each other's models, and playing outside. Preferably when it's windy and rainy, so it's well ventilated and to clean everything you only need to spray soap over the battlefield. Scotland seems perfect for this.
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