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  1. I would say March 31st, but I may be off by a day.
  2. You mean the Lumineth Underground temple where furry Lumineth achieve enlightenment with warpst... Twystcrystals to power the greatest technology the realms have ever seen as well as muta... Reimagining fellow ska... Aelfs into monstro... abomina... Walking dream forms?
  3. They literally told that, if you believe it, they have a bridge to sell you...
  4. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised by another Lumineth release nor that they'd make those beasts.
  5. A model is slain when taking as many wounds as its wound characteristic, which does not prevent reaching the slain status in other ways. So he doesn't get to save for that.
  6. Opinions time again: The double turn hides faction imbalance by introducing a random boost that scrambles win rates. I believe this is the main reason it was made. I even think the turn 1 problems are because that's the one turn that isn't random. Warscrolls like Sentinels and Cathaller are a bad idea for a game that's meant to be friendly. Likewise with factions like Ossiarch and their messing with your CP while being immune to it themselves. All units should have a second save characteristic for mortal wounds. It should be high for all Order dwarves. GW vastly overvalues rend and undervalues mortal wounds, especially in this edition. Now for a spicy take: In AoS 1 and 2, all mortal wounds could just have been high rend damage. I would still prefer that in this edition. Language in combat is atrocious. Wound characteristic, to wound, mortal wounds, wounds taken as well as damage characteristic, damage taken and damage dealt are confusing because they sound the same but do something different and as such need more different words the English language is perfectly capable of providing. Chaos warriors inspired early Stormcast (as well as space marines) so calls for corrupted Stormcast forget that Stormcast are already pressure washed Chaos Warriors. Keywording within factions that are souped should be more generous to actually add spice to the soup. Things like buffing Orruks instead of Bonesplitter. Stormcast players should be allowed to kitbash their battleline to the new shiny to combat power inflation. This should also apply if GW decides to iterate on the same concept (like armoured tall person with hammer) for other factions. At the advent of the second decade of age of the box, kitbashing should be explicitly allowed. Sprues that are of drinking/voting age should be refreshed with new technology in mind. Space marine mold space is mostly wasted, because it iterates in small changes that work perfectly with an upgrade sprue. All the freed up mold and design space should be filled with dwarves of every grand faction, Silent People, Ghost pirates, Grotbag scuttlers and other things that cater specifically to me. The Snotling Blood Bowl team should be included in AoS in some fashion. In one box, there's as much variety as the whole of Fyreslayers. Spell in a bottle is a nice idea but needs to be curtailed. The Old World was a bad setting that got bandaided through a few good stories. Outside of "Europe" GW didn't even try and just went for straight up racism.
  7. I think that Space Marines and early Stormcast are just Chaos Warrior/Chosen knockoffs, so in a sense we already have them.
  8. For someone with swamp orcs, these goblins would fit right in!
  9. Yeah, I was adding that for people who seem to misunderstand licencing structures of 3d STLs and think everyone printing STLs commercially is a fraud (which I see too often).
  10. Like reptiles that don't include birds. I'd say arthropods would be the best common word for bugs (spiders, scorpions, centipedes and insects, but also crustacians like barnacles).
  11. I print mine at home, but those are very good prints. No layer lines, and the bit of texture will disappear quickly! As for people who might wonder, quite a few Patreons allow for commercial printing at a certain tier, so it'll be above board.
  12. R/hardcoreaww r/tuckedinkitties r/larp r/howtobeamindreaver r/printedminis r/terrainbuilding and r/minipainting are quite wholesome, but I have drastically decreased the amount of reddits I frequent, and only Underworlds remained from the Warhammer related stuff.
  13. We had a non-elven release since the last high elves, so some might think it was time to get more pointy ears.
  14. Not every character gets a mini, still waiting for the female Kharadron protagenists.
  15. So pay more, use shorter. That's going to make the game more popular, surely. I think my teams all aged the better part of a year before I painted them.
  16. Nope, mount is as much of a mess as the others and the cloak looks silly. Lady Olynder is the only one that looks in place outside of Ossiarch.
  17. I'm expecting Nurgle to double down on plagues, Slaanesh to mess up the game through corruption and get auto ambush, and Tzeench gets undercity-like cultists and the changer of ways mess. I use a map editor to halve skaven starting locations already. I'll have to see if there is any fun to be had if chaos doubles down on the annoyance before I consider buying (and rats will still be there).
  18. They are giving them skaven mechanics. I really don't like them adding more of those to the game.
  19. @Greybeard86 sorry for starting that. I get what you mean with Soulblight, a subtle reveal that something is wrong entices me more than screaming it in your face. Kritza, Annika and Volga are subtly wrong, and I would have loved Lauka Vai to have a normal shape like Morathi and transform in game, and I plan to give her a dress and transform her (or something quite like her, local shop didn't have her and I can kitbash) in a showdown for my hapless d&d players. I do like that new zombies and skellies are armed with stuff they could have died with, instead of somehow getting all death branded stuff from seemingly nowhere, like the Grave Guard. Too bad I already purchased both boxes of Oathmark undead (30 each), and it'll be a while until I need more. I don't agree about the blood knights though, they look like vampirified Dragon Princes (except for a few skulls) which isn't all that strange to me. Maybe unpopular opinion: Nagash and the Mortachs look out of place in any death faction other than Ossiarch.
  20. It was 20 euros vs 25 now, did they finally get the conversion rates to euros right? I might get the DoK or Kurnothi one after all, the rest still isn't tasty from a price per model I actually want point of view.
  21. Together with one of the three or four functional relationships in the entirety of the Old World with Isabella.
  22. My three ways to play with AoS minis: Cooperative : D&D/Pathfinder 2 or Rangers of Shadowdeep Skirmish: Frostgrave Unit based: Oathmark, though we've only done that once, because Frostgrave and Stargrave are as fun, and require less setup.
  23. It is in this gem of a thread, from someone of African descent that wanted better representation than the Pygmies. https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwarhammer/comments/pulyh6/thoughts_is_this_unreasonable/ I'm not going to copy paste.
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