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  1. In both cases I think you're not fielding enough mortek guard. Maybe shift some of the investment in deathriders over to more morteks?
  2. There was early fluff pointing to Krell still being around too. But in both cases these threads seem to have been abandoned since then, and I doubt we'll here more from them. I could be wrong of course, if anything Sigvald proves that old world characters can still spontaneously reappear in Age of Sigmar. I wouldn't complain if any of the old undead characters came back - apart from maybe vlad. I just don't see it as at all likely.
  3. to be clear, even in large petrifex units, swords will still be more reliably useful in more situations against more opponents.
  4. Swords are best, for both guard and riders, the rend mattering more than the reach or charge bonuses. Spear armed units aren't worthless, in a casual context you're not throwing the game away by fielding some spears if you happen to prefer them aesthetically, but yeah, swords are better. The greatsword "upgrades" are optional in swords-armed units - being only fractionally better unbuffed, and not benefitting from the weapon buff spell. IMO not worth the time it takes to roll the attacks separately. However, if you do go with spears for aesthetic reasons, then always take the maximum number of great swords, so you can get at least some rending attacks in.
  5. Mortek Guard - medium to lots. Mortek Crawler - 1/thousand points is probably a good number. Either Katakros or a Liege Kavalos, maybe both, never neither imo. the Nexus. It's free, after all. Those are the best units / the essentials. At least, in my opinion, and from what I can tell from tourney lists I've seen. Other units worth considering include: Soulmason - an efficient multicast wizard with a decent signature spell. lack of casting & unbinding bonuses keeps them out of the list of essentials, but still perfectly playable. Boneshaper - some recursion, some casting, not too pricey. As with the mason, lack of casting & unbinding bonuses holds them back, but not so much as to stop them from seeing play. Harvester - if you can reasonably get opponents to target nearby morteks instead of going for the harvester first, it'll more than pay for itself in improved efficiency of the mortek unit. If the opponent has the ranged offense or other capability to target the harvester first, however, then you were better off just buying another ten morteks and pocketing the 70 point difference. So it's too situational to go on the staples list, but not bad enough to go on the 'don't run it' list. Deathriders - a faster unit to chase objectives or smaller support units or just gum up the path of . Reasonably tough, but not all that hitty. Not really efficient enough to make for the foundation of a functional cavalry army, or even a 'must have' unit otherwise, hence not in the staples, but with the mortek core of your army being so very slow, having at least something with some speed to it can be very helpful. Boarderline stuff that probably isn't good enough to consider 'competitive', but isn't so terrible that you're shooting yourself in the foot by even thinking about it: Nagash. He's no longer the undisputed top dog of magic, and there are a growing number of factions out there that can take him down without much trouble, especially after the petrifex nerf. But there are still enough armies that /can't/ easily deal with him that I wouldn't go so far as to call him unplayable, even if I wouldn't expect him to show up on tournament top tables any time soon. Arkhan. Much like his bone daddy, Arkhan was hurt by the petrifex changes and probably isn't efficient or, especially, durable enough to be considered properly competitive. Still, in a casual context he's not completely unplayable, and he is your best caster option outside of Nagash, so if you want to go magic heavy while still fielding something resembling an actual army, there's reason to at least consider him. Zandtos - with artefacts, a regular liege is probably better, but that depends on what your obligatory artefact is. Even so, Zandtos isn't far enough behind to call him outright bad, and in particular is a decent option for Praetorian lists in low point games where Katakros is a bit much. Necropolis Stalkers - like Nagash and Arkhan, Stalkers leaned hard on the petrifex armor bonus and without it are kind of hard to justify, on account of being just on the wrong side of too fragile for their points cost. Still, they do have respectable offensive inefficiency, and are very fast for an OBR unit, especially on the charge with their CA. But for their recent point decrease they'd be in garbage tier. They maybe still should be, but they're cool models and I'm not quite ready to tell you to give up on them altogether. Morghast Harbingers with Glaives - not very offensively or defensively efficient, particularly post petrifex nerf, but OBR is lacking in both speed and flying units, and harbingers can in theory help with that. I'm probably being too geneour putting them here, but I have a soft spot for them, so it's hard for me to say they're completely terrible. Endless Spells - none of them are awful, but you shouldn't go out of your way to deploy them. If you have some leftover points and took at least one wizard then they're worth considering - particularly the shrieker in any list that doesn't take katakros - but you also might just leave the points unfilled and hope for a triumph. Display Cabinet Tier. Vokmortian - such a shame that such a cool model is just kind of bad, but in the end there's really no denying that Vokmortian is a more expensive soulmason with worse signature spell and casting rules. He wants to be way up close to the enemy, but isn't tough enough to survive there and doesn't reward you enough for taking that risk. Soulreaper - as with vokmortian, the reaper is a fantastic model but a terrible unit due to being a wizard that wants to get in close but doesn't really reward you for doing that. You might field it as part of a trident, and it's bonus to cast scythe item is nice if you even have a spare artefact slot, but mostly it's just a dud entry on the table, which is too bad. Morghast Archai - the ward vs. mortals just isn't worth bothering with now that mortals don't stack. Flatly worse than harbingers who still probably aren't good enough to justify the 'borderline' position I put them in. Immortis Guard - too expensive for a few extra wounds on a hero. For non-named heroes, you're better off spending the same points on another hero. For the big expensive named heroes, well if you take nagash then you won't have room, and if you take anyone else then once you tack on immortis you get close to the point where you might as well be fielding Nagash for all the army you'll have left. As a unit unto themselves they're reasonably tough, but their offense just doesn't pack enough points to really threaten anything.
  6. If we do get a start collecting, there's a good chance it'll just be the OBR half of the feast of bones box. In which case, I'm not convinced it would be a particularly good way to 'start collecting' OBR, or even to expand on an existing force.
  7. There are some I'd still like to see return. Khalida, Isabella, Abhorash, etc. But only if, in the transition to the AoS setting, you can do something new and interesting with them that follows from and builds on but doesn't just repeat what came before. For example, maybe Abhorash as the first AoS ghoul king / FEC mortarch. Abhorash seems like the kind of guy to anger Nagash by refusing an order that clashed with his personal sense of honor, bringing down that kind of punishment, while the delusions of the FECs, seeing themselves as noble knights and honorable warriors, fits with Abhorash's disposition. Or bringing back isabella as a fully fledged vampire lord in her own right, living to honor vlad's sacrifice to save her, maybe doing a gender reversed version of classic vampire tropes with her thinking she sees an echo of her long lost lover in some young Cities or Stormcast hero. But for the most part old world characters are grounded in the old world's locations and peoples and stories and there's not a good narrative point to bringing them forward, especially for those who, like Vlad, already had a strong and satisfying conclusion to their personal story lines. Kemmler maybe didn't have that conclusion so much, but he was heavily grounded in the Empire and Brettonia, and imo there just doesn't seem to be much reason to lift him out of that context and bring him into AoS. Not that you couldn't come up with something, but imo that would be effort better spent on a new character tailor made for the modern setting, maybe expanding on Tamra or the like.
  8. There are still potential old world characters who might yet return, but kemmler isn't one of them, and Krell, despite some hints to the contrary early on in AoS, doesn't seem likely at this point, either.
  9. bonetithe shrieker is pretty good, but beyond that I'm not sure you're going to get much work out of endless spells. Unless you're running Arkhan, which you probably shouldn't be in a katakros list, you don't really have the kinds of big bonus to reliably force important expensive endless spells through. If you have leftover points and either don't want or already have the shrieker, I'd be more inclined to just leave the gap and hope it nets you a triumph.
  10. Easy to describe her that way in a small descriptive block. Much harder to actually write her that way in a full narrative.
  11. Eh. There hasn't been a long time to adjust, and they do note that katakros has not been an auto include. If lists without katakros remain viable, then praetoreans shouldm't be an automatic choice for those lists, and I woyld eventually expect some stalliarch & petrifex play to start happening. Maybe even some myriad with all the magic going around. it's the unit selection rather than the subfaction stuff that's discouraging. Even going from all petrifes to all praetoreans would be at worst a lateral shift, but losing the ac bonus from petrifex is a hard blow to nagash, atkhan, kavalos, and stalkers especially, which seems to be causing further consolidation around very similar builds of morteks & crawlers. In their defense, gw did drop the points on stalkers, immortis and morghasts by 20 points each, which is about the most that they typically shift something at a time, and is more than I expected given the lack of data they had to work with. I expect we'll see similar point drops next time around, and might see drops on kavalos & some of the less used heroes as well, though if we maintain any kind of regular top table placement we might also suffer increases to morteks, crawlers, and/or the shield wall formation.
  12. There's better new fluff than that. GW's writers didn't know how to write neferata most of the time even in the old days, that's not really a new problem.
  13. Ossiarchs are pretty great. As mentioned, they are 'free willed', but constructed in such a way that their only will is to do as Nagash wishes, so that freedom only extends to coming up with creative ways to better serve him. Their hybrid souls are also interesting. The lower ranking an ossiarch is, the more fragmented their soul, combined from the few useful bits and pieces that could be teased from dozens or hundreds of less worthy souls. Teams or regiments of lower ranked ossiarchs can also often share the same hybrid soul to allow them to work in synch more easily. Higher ranked ossiarchs are made from higher quality souls, which means fewer useless bits need to be removed and what is useful relies more on the rest. The soul of a great general's command ability, for instance, might rely on the interplay of early childhood experiences that made them stubborn and unrelenting AND combat training as a young adult AND years of experience as a soldier AND the personal attention of a skilled mentor AND time spent studying the great battles of old AND years of experience commanding armies so to transfer that souls command experience into the new ossiarch all of those pieces of what made them who they are in life have to be maintained largely intact, and great care must be made to excise the undesired bits (faith in other gods, a sense of honor and mercy, love for their homeland and family) and insert more desired traits (commitment for nagash, hatred for his enemies, disdain for all life, familiarity with the particular types of soldiers and war machines that will be placed under their command, understanding of the combat tactics and abilities of the enemies they will march against, etc), without disrupting the overall shape of the soul that made it worthy of being used in a high ranked ossiarch to begin with. In this way, the higher ranked an ossiarch is, the fewer souls were used to make its composit soul, and the more of its previous living identities show through. Basic line troops will have shards of souls from dozens or hundreds of warriors while the elite necropolis stalkers are made from the souls of exactly four legendary warriors each. Only the very pinnacle of the ossiarch hierarchy are made from individual souls with identities that carry over unbroken from their life to their new unlife, including the Likes of Katakros, Zandtos, and maybe Vokmortian - afaik his origins are somewhat unclear. ... FEC are a really interesting and compelling faction narratively. Unfortunately their model range is exceptionally narrow, and the core concept of their delusions really doesn't show up in the models themselves. FEC armies can be fun and effective as is, but they could really benefit from some new models and units to add a bit more character and variety. ... Neferata is a cool character, albeit one criminally underutilized in the lore. She has a signature subfaction in the Legions of Nagash book that isn't terrible, but I would hold off pending more news of the long rumored Soulblight book. Whatever form it eventually takes, Neferata is likely to feature heavily there. ... Nagash has suffered some pretty highly varied characterizations stemming from different authors with different takes and multiple retcons through the years. He can be a pretty compelling character when he's allowed to be clever and commanding, but as often as not he's kind of a silly cartoon villain. On a positive note, he has set the tone and driven the overall narrative for Age of Sigmar pretty much since the release of 2nd edition, so at the very least he's a very prominent character who keeps the undead overall at the forefront of the game's story.
  14. That infiltration and manipulation theme is also something I would like to see narratively, as it would give soulblight a unique and distinctive role within the grand alliance. It would also give Neferata some time in the spotlight, as IMO she's been rather criminally underutilized since, like, forever. Mechanically, it could take the form of turn order or deployment manipulation shenanigans like forcing an enemy unit into reserves, tied to units like neferata, the blood palanquin, and the coven throne, as well as alternate deployment options for vampire units within whatever bloodlines we end up seeing, debuff spells that force a unit to check bravery before it can move, shoot, assault, or fight, etc. place it within a broader subtheme of psychology, with the usual undead debuffs to bravery but add in attacks that target bravery, ways to stop the inspiring presence command ability, ways to force additional battleshock checks, but by other names so that immunity to battleshock checks doesn't help, forcing bravery checks when charged by soulblight units or else the enemy unit suffers a penalty to hit or even strikes last, and so on. Again, lots of options. I love the idea of supernatural dread and horror as an undead gimmick, and miss the oldhammer days when fear and terror were central pillars of the undead battle strategy. Sadly so far that concept hasn't been implemented very effectively in AoS, particularly as more and more factions are functionally or even literally immune to battleshock. A new soulblight book is a prime opportunity to make the undead scary again.
  15. I've been plenty motivated to paint, but have been slammed by work over the last month or two and haven't had time or energy for it.
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