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  1. Hrm. Can't find it. Maybe you have to be logged into facebook to see the replies? If so, then that's not happening. Thanks, anyway.
  2. Eh, 10 hexwraiths isn't necessarily that huge. And you can string them out some. And large footprint can be used to your advantage in some circumstances.
  3. Every unit is weak to shooting, but Manni (and Nef, and Arkhan) are disproportionately so due to their low wound count relative to their points cost when compared to other similar large monsters, and their special character status which prevents them from selecting defensive artifacts that could otherwise mitigate that weakness. Since the very dawn of AoS, before there even were points, the rules for the end times mortarchs have been written in a way that suggests the writers greatly overvalue their ability to heal a couple wounds at the end of combat phases where they kill models. It seems like the designers expect you to get roughly six extra wounds out of the ability per game. The truth is, these models tend to skip straight from full health to dead with no time to heal in between, ~especially~ when you throw them into melee. Arkhan has even more healing than that now, as he can invocation himself in OBR, and other OBR healing can restore even more wounds, and it still doesn't matter much. Mortarchs could automatically go back to full health every hero phase and at 11 wounds with 4+ armor and no layered wards they'll could still be considered 'fragile'. There is a solid option to help with this right now. The White Dwarf from December 2019 had extra nighthaunt formations for 'the Emerald Host', including once formation consisting of just two units of hexwraiths that lets the ghostly cavalry tank wounds for death heroes. The formation's cheap enough to fit in your ally pool in standard 2000 point games, and lets you take a flying bodyguard fast enough to keep pace with your mortarch that can dramatically improve their survivability, which in turn makes their self healing abilities much better. The hexwraiths become allied units and thus don't benefit from faction abilities or death saves, but it's still worth it. Granted, it adds enough cost to your already expensive mortarchs that you might almost start eyeing Nagash instead at that point, but if you want to field a mortarch in Legions of Nagash and don't want them to drop in the first enemy shooting phase, then it's certainly an option to consider. Unfortunately, we're probably a matter of months away from 3rd edition AoS, and I don't personally expect 2nd edition White Dwarf battalions to carry forward, so it may be a very short lived solution.
  4. do you have a direct link to that comment?
  5. I think it'll end up being a smaller than the knight of shrouds. The 2e nighthaunt models in general, apart from the chainrasps, are all pretty big. The knight of shrouds in particular is on a 75mm oval base, and I think this Wight King might be on a 60mm. Even if they're on the same base size, the KoS is a lot taller, kind of squished in a bit horizontally in order to looms over that base more vertically, where as the wight king's steed is kind is sprawled out more yet still easily fits on it's base, whatever sized base that is. So yeah, I think this guy's going to be smaller than a mounted knight of shrouds, and significantly smaller than a liege kavalos. A fair bit in both respects, actually. That might just be wishful thinking on my part, as I don't want a wight king to be huge. They're not big powerful charismatic army leaders like the knight of shrouds or liege kavalos. In oldhammer parlance they're 'heroes', not 'lords'. The gravelord equivalent to those models should be a vampire lord, not a wight king. Between underworlds, warhammer quest, and the leaked gravelord release there will be a number of nice new infantry vampire lord models to choose from. Hopefully there will be a proper impressive cavalry vampire lord model as well. We'll see. As for the wight king, though, yeah I think he'll be pretty small, more or less in line with the black knights, but there's no telling for sure until it's in hand.
  6. I think it's just 'vampire angry face' and not deliberately ogerish, which tend to have larger mouths & jaws. But yeah, from the model alone I was willing to accept the comments from the presenters. But from the artwork, no the definitely got that detail wrong. Which happens, nbd.
  7. The leg armor on this guy also looks to be from the Red Duke, so that's pretty cool. A lot of nods to a model that formed the basis of more than a few mounted wight king conversions back in the day.
  8. I think he's on a 60mm oval base, which would make him just barely enough bigger than a black knight to stand out as a hero model without being so much bigger as to look like a different kind of creature. But that's pure guesswork & speculation.
  9. Shifting from grousing about potential price point concerns to a more positive note, the more time that passes from the preview, the more I absolutely adore the new mounted wight king. Part of why I'm so excited for this model is because I wasn't sure "wight king on skeletal steed" was going to continue to be an option going forward. In fact, I had kind of resigned myself to the idea that the option was probably going to be removed, so this confirmation that the option will continue into the new battle tome comes as something of a relief. But more than that is just the model itself, which is just fantastic model in its own right. In particular, it's very evocative of the classic Warhammer Armies: Undead artwork and aesthetic, just updated to take advantage of GW's improved model making abilities. There's distinct, recognizable elements brought forward not just from the old metal mounted wight king (the helmet, the shield emblem), but also from other classic undead models. The steed's barding takes queues from the old Red Duke model in particular (the barding on the steeds neck) while blending it with more modern design elements taken from the black knight models this wight king will most likely be fielded alongside (the layered plate/chain/cloth barding on the steed's body). This kind of faithful, almost reverential update of a classic model blending in modern design elements and elevating the result to spectacular new heights is a treatment that up till now had mostly been reserved for faction-defining special characters like Abaddon the Despoiler or Sigvald the Magnificent. Seeing that kind of effort and care lavished on a relatively minor character model like the Wight King makes me feel like the Soulblight Gravelords release could really be something special.
  10. A quick update note: During the presentation, the presenters said Radukar was a vampire ogre, and I've repeated that a few times. However, while he's a pretty beefy model, based on this art: Yeah, it's a bit nebulous on the model's features, but from the artwork that very clearly is not an ogre's face. Apparently the "Kosargi Nightguard" big zombies /are/ ogres, but Radukar definitely is not.
  11. Could go either way. BCR got folded into ogre mawtribes, but still maintains a distinct identity and play style. At the very least, FEC would be able to field hunting dogs (dire wolves), royal falcons (bat swarms), court wizards (necromancers) and banquet wagons (corpse carts), all of which feel like they'd be appropriate and thematic choices. But it would drop the chances of getting new FEC models expanding their line with thematic new units that better portray the new AOS fluff for the ghouls pretty dramatically, so that would be pretty disappointing.
  12. I'm also not convinced this would help much. If anything, Nighthaunts many various 'semi-elite melee ghost infantry' units in the faction have more useless redundancy than the 5 wound support heroes. battleline bladegheists and dreadsythes aren't really going to do anything significant that grimghasts aren't already doing. The existing units need to be changed in a way that makes them more mechanically distinct. Moving more of them to battleline does, if anything, the opposite. As for what would be a meaningful addition to the line... I don't know. Maybe another cavalry option? There's only one of those so far, and the models for it are pretty meh. Maybe a big guy unit, something in the morghast range? Maybe a big monster like a ghost dragon or the like? Maybe more dedicated ranged stuff, like a banshee unit that is actually about screaming? Iunno. Honestly, the nighthaunt model range feels a bit over-stuffed if anything. It's not models they need at all. Just rules. Rules to make Olynder actually good. Rules to make the coach actually good. Rules to give you actual reasons to field one of their many units over any of the others beyond liking the model or being in a particular formation.
  13. I still love the tomb kings, and am always excited to see someone's homebrew take on updating them. It's super disappointing that Mengel Miniatures never updated their own project for 2nd edition AoS. I'm headed to work now, but will look over your take when I have some time later.
  14. Yeesh, I've heard of bad luck, but that's something else. That your opponent was able to laugh it off and keep playing without getting bitter really says something about their character. 😛
  15. This is my go to 1,000 point starter list for new OBR players to aim for: It's written up as praetoreans, but it works fine for any Legion, just switch out the Liege's artefact and command ability as appropriate. If you switch to another legion you also might want to trade the boneshaper's spell for arcane command, though honestly I wouldn't expect to get spells off reliably enough for the choice to matter all that much one way or another.. It gives you all the OBR fundamentals - a liege, a crawler, some of both battleline to play around with, plus a boneshaper so you can try out OBR magic and one of the endless spells. The shaper also provides some healing for your morteks so it'll be at least somewhat useful even if you run up against opponents with stronger magic that can shut down your casting. It isn't the strongest 1k list possible - more morteks would generally be the way to go, but this list should be at least reasonably effective, and it lets you try out more of the faction fundamentals to give you an idea of what you'd want to expand into as you grow towards larger game sizes.
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