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  1. It's an auto-include because it costs no points and there's no reason not to take one, so you really might as well. Even if you have no archregents or infantry kings, it's still a bravery buff for nearby FEC units. That said, archregents are /so/ good that there's really no reason an FEC army wouldn't be running /at least/ one, if not more, and for every regent you run the throne is handing out essentially a free CP, which is a pretty big deal with feeding frenzy, to say nothing of GKoT summons, re-rolled charges, and inspiring presence - which will be pretty crucial if you like running big units of serfs & knights instead of going in for the new monster mash business. So yeah, the throne is an auto-include. Not as impressive or potentially game-changing as some of the other free faction terrain, certainly nothing as faction defining as gravesites are for the legions, maybe not the topest of top priorities for brand new FEC players to get on the table, but not something that any established FEC player should ever leave at home.
  2. Looks tough. With only one extra CP, though, I worry it would have trouble consistently getting hunger off on both monsters, let alone using their summons. And I'm not as convinced that 40 ghouls is enough chaff to keep everything safe from alpha rush lists. Definitely scary though.
  3. Again, though, can you really? The summoned ghouls cost a CP that could have been used on endless legions, and yeah, you can outflank them, but then they're likely out of range of the regents buff spell, and what else is the regent even going to try to cast, without access to faction spells? And neither get or grant death saves, the summoned ghouls can't benefit from endless legions, gravesites, or invocations, or vanhels, the regent doesnt get traits or items, loses the ravenous hunger CA, etc. I'm not saying they're bad or anything, but I really don't see legions being able to make even close to as good use of these guys as the native faction. Not like they do with grimghasts or chainrasps, and even then that's only because they can run them native, not as allies.
  4. Do people really see the archregent as a good ally choice for Legions? No items on him, no lore spells, no chair to make his summon free, neither his own death save nor the ability to project one? He has his own signature spell, but who's he gonna cast it on? Himself? A summoned unit of 20 ghouls? And those ghouls cost a command point that could have been used to revive a unit of 30 grims or 40 skittles. I mean, don't get me wrong, regent looks *stupidly* good in FEC, maybe good enough to prop up the whole faction, but outside of it I'm not so sure.
  5. If the main problems with what's there are points costs, that ghouls & hortors cost too much and archregents too little, then at least that's something that might see correction in future general's handbooks rather than having to wait for a 3rd edition update.
  6. Corpse cart casting bonus doesn't stack with itself.
  7. Oh, certainly there's decent potential for some casty business here. Arkhan plus a corpse cart fit in the ally restrictions for a 2k list, throw in an archregent, maybe a ghoul king or two, etc. Not sure what court or delusion would fit best w that. Still, would have liked the explicitly pro-nagash fluff that I had imagined might come with a casty court. I'll have to take a longer look at the fluff of the courts when the book comes out to see how they relate to the great necromancer.
  8. Yeah, the foundation of the courts is less their narrative character, which is what I had expected, and more the core units they're supposed to favor as their battleline - horrors, flayers, monsters, or ghouls - with any narrative concepting built around that battleline preference after the fact. Since ghouls are already battleline that last one doesn't unlock alternative battleline options. I say "supposed to" because there are arguements to be made that some units are better served by other units' courts. Blisterskin is the flayer court, emphasizing the flayers' speed with a faction-wide +2 to move. But since flayers are alreadu pretty fast, an argument could be made that that move speed bonus better serves slower units like ghouls and horrors. In the end none of the courts were reall6 designed around the heroes, so my preficted magic/nahash-worshipping court didn't pan out. Which leaves me 0 for 3 on predictions for FEC 2.0, after wrongly predicting we would see new courtier models and a new plastic varghulf.
  9. In text form? Cannot lisyen to video atm.
  10. This is kind of counting unhatched chickens, since we don't even know that the royal family is staying around yet, let alone in its current form.
  11. I like the grail more the more I look at it. The horses still seem to have too much risk of being thrown back in your face for me to get excited about them yet. I still like the wall, at least mechanically. Movement impairing abilities are fantastic, and the wall's effectiveness and long range in that regard seems quite viable to me. The terrain isn't bad - I mean, it's free, it *can't* be bad. I was just hoping for... I don't know. More somehow. An extra CP or two per game isn't bad at all, but isn't likely to significantly change the way your army plays, the way those warp tunnels might for skaven, or the way gravesites (which, while lacking discrete models, still fill more or less the same role) do for the Legions. I'm not sure what I was hoping for - casting bonuses? Increases to the range of spells or command abilities measured from an abhorrant sitting on the chair? fighty buffs or recursion for mordant units in a radius? I'm not sure. Again, the chair is good, especially for free. It just seems like something your reagent will deploy next to for a free turn 1 summon, and then your whole army will move away from it to chase objectives / enemy units and for the rest of the game you'll forget it's even there. All in all, the previewed content is growing on me, but still doesn't have a lot of *WOW* factor. I'm not underwhelmed by this stuff, but I'm not overwhelmed either. Just regular whelmed, which leaves my previously expressed griping about the apparent lack of expansion to the FEC's actual model/unit range (still time to make me eat my shoe on this GW!) as my primary emotional response here. I honestly kind of wish that, say, Seraphon had seen the update first. Like skaven, they've still got a robust enough oldhammer range to not be crying out for new models & units - an updated book, some spells, a terrain piece, & maybe a new hero choice really would do them pretty well for an update, and skaven vs. lizardmen is a classic enough feud to get people excited for a box set of mostly existing models. Then FEC's update could have been saved for when they were ready to actually expand the range, even if that took another year or two. But whatever. It is what it is. None of this stuff looks bad exactly, and the book still has time to turn my frown upside down.
  12. I'd be a lot more enthused about it if it worked for the summoning abilities of mounted ghoul kings as well. With the Regent being added, I just don't see a lot of place for infantry ghoul kings, which means you're only getting a single CP out of it unless the archregent's point cost comes in low enough to make doubling up on them a viable option. Though I suppose battalions might provide a reason to still run the infantry king. Fingers crossed, I guess.
  13. The barricade part of the spell/model is a pointless distraction. The selling point of this model is that it's a long range AOE movement debuff and roadblock (non-flying enemy units have to walk around it as it's an enemy model, they can't just climb over it like a normal barricade) that should, at the very least, force your opponent to burn a casting attempt to try to dispel it. If it's as cheap as, say, the shackles or pallisades, the nearest generic equivalents, then I could see it being a viable option. Maybe even something I'd consider in a Nagash list. Not as good as the skave warpstone triangle spell, but still something that might see play. Compared to the shackles it can't do damage, can't trap enemy models, and is less flexible in positioning, but it has 6" longer range and the movement debuff is automatic instead of having to roll for it and it's a lot harder for enemy units to walk around. @Requizen Good point on the chalice being decent support for a monster or monster-mounted hero. That does slightly improve my feelings about it.
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