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  1. Sception

    Coven Throne or Mortis Engine?

    Mortis engine can do small amounts of damage to all non-death units around it (once per game automatically, while also doing small amounts of healing to death units, every turn with failed beavery tests). It also has a handful of spirit host attacks, has a short range buff to death spellcasting, and a short range debuff to non death spellcasting. It's generally not considered worth its points on its own, especially as its utility drops dramatically whenever you find hourself playing against another death army, which is much more common these days. However, it is part of a somewhat decent formation with arkhan and a couple nectomancers. Not as decent a formation as befkre the spellportal nerf though. The coven throne is like a midpoint between a vampire lord and a vampire lord on zombie dragon. Good when you want a somewhat tougher, somewhat faster, somewhat killier hero, but don't have points to spend on a dragon. It's also got a decent command ability and protective spell. It's as big a target as the zombie dragon, though, so if you use it definitely give it a protective artefact. The protective spell in particular is very nice when borrowed by nagash, though it's difficult to fit both the big guy and a coven throne in the sane army at normal points levels. It's generally considered an ok hero for the points, though it isn't part of any formations, good or otherwise. Aa of the Legions of Nagash book, there is also a third way to build this kit, a "bloodseeker palanquin", basically coven throne, minus the attendants, plus most of the tall mortis engine cage with the banshees about it. It's got a short ranged anti hero magic missile spell, a situational buff to nearby soulblight units triggered by nearby enemy heroes dying, and the coven thrones aura of small damage to all nearby enemy units based on failed bravery tests. It costs 60 points *more* than a coven throne even though it's generally considered to be the inferior option between the two even before you get into points cost considerations. That said, it is part of a somewhat decent formation with neferata and a couple vampire lords (regular or dragon style), so there is a case to be made for it in a monster mash type list, or if you happen to be a big neferata fan. So basically, if you're a big time arkhan fan, a dedicated legion of sacrament player, or just want to run a very magic heavy list with multiple necromancers, I'd build it as a mortis engine. If you're a big time neferata fan, a dedicated legion of blood player, or you just want to run a monster mash list with multiple dragon lords, then I'd build it as a bloodseeker palanquin. In all other cases, if you're looking for just an all round decent unit on its own that can be used equally well in multiple legions, game sizes, and army styles, and doesn't exist primarily as a formation tax, or especially if you run nagash and your local scene likes to play games in the 2500+ point range, then build the coven throne.
  2. So, with 2e's release, one of the best abilities of the Tomb King on Exalted Chariot, the one that allowed other mummy heroes to use their command abilities even though they were not your general, no longer does anything, since command ability use is no longer restricted to your general. GW isn't going to be fixing the situation themselves, so when and if this project gets updated, I would personally like to see some fix implemented here. For those who aggree with me, what sort of fix would you like to see? Some options I've been thinking about: Generate bonus CP, maybe 1 per hero phase, or d3 per game, which can only be used to activate the warscroll command abilities of embalmed heroes within range Change to a CP recovery mechanic. When you activate the warscroll CA of an embalmed hero within range, roll a die, and on a 4+ you get the CP back. Drop the ability entirely, and drop the exalted chariot's point cost all the way down to its original value. The ability isn't needed anymore, and 400 odd points is way too much for an 8 wound character anyway, so use the loss of this now redundant ability to return to something closer to a sane points value. Does anyone have other suggestions?
  3. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    Arkhan’s mostly converted up for the chariot. Cut down the cape a bit, repositioned the arms & head, & glued the upper torso to settra’s lower torso. The tassles on his helmet broke at some point in storage, so i removed them from his face. Haven’t decided if I’m goint to try to replace them yet. The scale is a bit off, settra’s lower body is a bit to small for arkhan’s upper body, but the chariot obscures the problem, and if he were any taller the chariot would be (more) noticeably too short for him, so this works about as well as could be asked for, I think.
  4. Sception

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    This may be technically accuratr, but I don't think it's practically viable. If the rules are available in a language, they have to be playable by players who only speak that language. It is on GW to ensure that all the different versions of they're rules say the same thing, not on the players to double check the technical implications of gramatical quirks in a language that they might not speak in the first place.
  5. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind. ..... Remember a few weeks back when GW put settra up for made to order? Well, mine finally arrived. And though it pains me to hack apart what is at this point an extremely hard to come by kit, I’m not building mine as settra. A couple spare vargheist wings tacked to the chassis, and some fancier, more gothic skeletal steeds to pull it from the black knight kit, and my popemobile conversion for an olden days style arkhan the black is well under way: The only real issue so far is that the charriot only barely kinda sorta just quite but not really fits on the oval base it comes with, so I might end up rebasing it on one of the larger circle bases before painting it. Not that painting it will come any time soon. Still gotta finish that dragon lord, the necromancer that’s been half done for like three years, a bunch of commission work, and enough skeletons & dire wolves to have a playable thousand points of legions of nagash before I even think about painting any tomb kings stuff.
  6. Sception

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    That makes more sense, though it would still make most sense to me that, since spellportal lets you measure range & line of sight from the further portal, that that would be the model that you 'measure around'. Again, though, spellportal is already pretty questionable in all but a very few cases now. It still seems unwarranted to look for readings to constrict its value even further.
  7. Sception

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    And other spells are "within 9" of the caster" or "within 18" of the caster" or what have you. Soul harvest has the exact same "of the caster" wording for range as every other spell, it just hits "each enemy unit" within the listed range instead of "one enemy unit". If soul harvest doesn't work through the portals because its spell text spevifies that range is measured from the caster, than there are no spells that can be cast through the portal. There is no reason why it wouldn't work through the portals like anything else, and the portals themselves are of such limited edge case utility post nerf that I'm not sure why your club would feel the need to neef them further by removing one of the very few spell interactions they're still almost worth running for. Now, limiting arkhan's CA so it doesn't stack with itself? That's a homebrew nerf I could get behind. Honestly, I think AoS 2e matched play could use a new official "rule of one" for command abilities in general.
  8. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    Thanks, Windstorm, I really appreciate the compliment. I worked really hard on it.
  9. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    No problem. Do understand that in practice I'm not super strict about mix ratios or orders of things. Mostly I just kind of feel my way through, alternating between drybrushes/highlights and heavily diluted washes & glazes until I get a result I like. Lahmian medium is definitely your friend in all this. I go through quite a bit. Kind of wish it came in a bigger bottle. Other mix mediums are probably as fine or better. Just water sort of works, but not nearly as well on its own, though you do want to water down your mixes a bit to get the right flow just like most paints.
  10. Sception

    Fitting a Zombie Dragon with Nagash

    it's strong, but there are a lot of sources of mortal wounds out there, as well as several units like skeletons who rely on sheer number of attacks rather than rend and thus will largely ignore the ethereal amulet anyway. I've been running a VLoZD with ethereal amulet, and while he's reasonably tough you still need to be reserved in terms of where and when you commit it, and keep screening units around to prevent enemy units from ganging up on it, and have some sort of distraction/disruption available to tie up ranged mortal throwers like warp lightning cannons & thundertusks.
  11. Sception

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    Yeah, I meant radius, not diameter. It is a sick combo, but very expensive between to portals, command points, and requiring 2 successful castings. Though even if the combo fails, the extra spell range can still be useful for other spells you try that turn.
  12. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    @spoon_fed05 All greens started with: White spray primer Undercoat ulthuan grey All over wash 2 parts lahmian medium to 1 parts nihilakh Wash focusing on recessed/textured areas 3 parts medium to 1 parts green wash Drybrush ulthuan grey again, heavier towards edge of cloak Thats pretty much done for ghosty bits. I might sneak in a bit of similarly diluted green glaze onto bits where I want the color to be a bit richer (see the sword on my knight of shrouds), either before or after the final ulthuan grey highlight. Overtop of that, the darker greens are painted with: A mix of around 2 parts medium to 1 parts incubi darkness, diluting the darkness enough for a bit of the ethereal tones & highlights to show through. In areas where you want a transition from the darker green to the lighter, such as the champion's cloak, stop about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up. You might need a second coat of this mix in some places if the result is splotchy from being a bit too diluted. But if its not diluted enough none of the previous stuff shows through. Wash of 2 to three parts medium to one parts nuln oil into areas of deep shadow or texture, and on the far end of the dark green on transition areas like the cloak. Might even do a second coat in especially dark areas and on the farthest part of the cloak. Optional, not used on my sepulchral guard: if you want the tramsition green to ho all the way to black, add about 1 part abaddon black to the previous mix, water it down a bit to be smooth again, and paint that into the far dark end of the transition part, then highlight the black and smooth the transition into the dark green with a drybrush of incubi darkness Highlight the dark green with a light drybrush of kabalite green focused on the edges. On the transitional parts, make the drybrush heavier towards the lighter ethereal area. Highlight again with an even lighter drybrush, or just straight up edge highlight, of sybarite green. Again, heavier brush towards the lighter green transition, blending into the nihilakh green. If needed (might not be), smooth the transition between the darker greens with one or more washes of 3 or more parts medium to 1 parts green wash. If needed (probably will be), smooth the transition of the sybarite into the lighter ethereals with one or more washes of 3 or more parts medium to 1 part nihilakh Optional (if you did the black earlier): if needed, smooth the transition from the darker green to the black with one or more washes of 3 or more parts medium to 1 part black wash. After these washes, you may want to pick out / lightly brush in some more highlights in incubi, kabalite, sybarite, gause blaster, or ulthuan grey, depending on where the highlight is on the blend. In particular, extending the ulthuan grey highlight on edges a bit into the transitional nihilakh application, or adding an exceptiinally light drybrush of ulthuan over particularly heavily textured areas of the darker green, like the fur. ..... Watch the warhammer youtube channel's how to paint videos for nagash and for the knights of shrouds (both foot and mounted), to see where I got my ideas and techniques. There are a lot of paint applications in my greens (part of why green is just about the only color in my army), but they're mostly washes and drybrushes, albeit targeted ones, so they paint on pretty quickly. One important tip: do not let the washes pool. You'll need to peek in on occassion while they're drying and remove any excess by soaking it into a clean brush. If you want a stronger effect in any particular area or recess, that requires multiple washes, not heavier ones. Also, make sure your washes are fully dry before the next application. This is not a wet blending technique. We're using the washes & drybrushes simultaneously for blending and shading/highlighting. You don't want those lighter colors getting drawn into the darker shadows.
  13. Sception

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    It's been a while since I've updated this project log, but some progress has been made, albeit at my usual glacial pace. The biggest thing (har har) is a zombie dragon I've been working on: That last one's a cool picture, but reveals a spot I missed in the neck. I'll have to make a point of going back to fix that. I painted this beast over the course of the last month or so. Finished It just this past weekend. The rider’s still only barely started, but the dragon is technically a legal unit on its own, and was thus good enough to enter in the local store’s monthly painting competition, this month’s theme being ‘something that flies’, whether that be a flying fantasy monster or some airborne 40k vehicle, where it eked out a slim victory over a very nice blood angel's storm raven. No prize, sadly, but I did get to pick next month’s theme. I chose "terrain". The rider's hardly even started, but I did raid my ever dwindling TK box to fancy him up with some minor conversions: It's not much, just a shield swap and some tomb king glaives in place of the hornes that normally adorn the model's back, but I think the result works pretty well. ..... The dragon isn't the only thing I've been working on. I also started a unit of sepulchral guard, in part to test out some new techniques with my greens, starting from a white primer, as a testing ground before using applying those methods to the zombie dragon: I'm pretty happy with how the greens turned out, though I'm not sure when I'll get around to finishing the unit, let alone the rest of my skeletal legions. I'm behind on commission work, so that'll be taking precedence over my own models for the next week or two.
  14. If you're not overly concerned with competitive play, it's a fantastic box with great minis at a solid discount. Maybe better for night or especially grand host than for blood, since they have more boosts for deathrattle and morghasts, but still not bad either way. Hou will want to grab some more vampires sooner rather than later, though.
  15. Sception

    Help starting tzeentch

    Assuming i could get my hands on the familiars, is there any reason not to run thw gaunt summoner with them? It seems to be the same unit for the same price, only with +4 wounds and +1 to cast as long as its not on its last wound. Am I understanding that correctly?