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  1. Dolorous Guard is very clearly on life support. I've you're trying to prep an army for the long or even mid term there's no point. Even if they don't ban book tomes, the emerald host subfaction is pretty clearly intended to replace the emerald host battalions.
  2. I mean, I've been in quarantine for a while. 220 is a fair bit cheaper. I guess I could see throwing that in on a whim. Points seem kind of tight in the gravelords, though, so I'm still skeptical.
  3. Everyone loves that model. "The black coach really is an amazing model, it's such a shame that GW didn't bother to give it rules" is a commonly heard lament... meme... lamement? But in the meme time, it does make for a nice counts-as coven throne.
  4. their rule adding zombies to their unit when they kill things doesn't return slain models, it adds new ones. So they can go over their starting deployment size. Whether they can go over their maximum unit size depends on how the rule for maximum unit size is worded in the 3rd edition matched play rules.
  5. I mean, it's considered pretty terrible in nighthaunt lists, who do get some amount of synergy with it. Even if it were a native army choice and its healing worked on SG units, it would still be a bad choice better left on the display shelf. We're expecting a new nighthaunt battletome in the not-too-distant future. Since the coach is kind of universally acknowledged as bad in its current form, one would hope for it to see some significant improvements which might make it more viable as an ally choice as well. Until then, I would instead recommend asking your opponents if they'd let you
  6. I'm still tinkering with a LoN list with Manny, more casual/narrative, but would still like to be reasonably functional. Current versions: Any advice on which is better between the two, or how to improve either? Core elements that need to stay include Manny, Necro, Cart, Zombies, and Terrorgheist. Would prefer to include at lest 3 vargheists for flavor, but could be talked out of it.
  7. She is pretty dang solid for her points cost, yeah.
  8. he has lots of special abilities, and full lore access in the factions that can take him, and an amazing CA. IMO Nagash's rules are fine. Points are debatable, and the kinda bad vamp lore isn't doing him any favors, but yeah, the warscroll is good.
  9. Copy-Paste of OBR's war scroll, except that he loses the Priest Keyword. In sblight glords armies he gains the sblight glords keywords, prevents you from taking mercenaries, and has full access to their spell lores, like in OBR. In theory 2 full lores is better than one, but in practice it's not actually. The glords do have cheaper chaff to screen and camp objectives for him though. Hard to say whether he's better here or in OBR. It's worth noting that a unit cannot benefit from his invocation and another hero's invocation in the same turn, unlike in OBR where nagash, arkhan, katakros
  10. I just wish they had any synergy at all with LoNight. If only they had 3d6 charge instead of deep strike.... Oh, well. Kind of annoyed/confused that they don't have the hunger, too. Still, not a bad unit by any stretch. Very fragile, though. I'm inclined to say the 40 points more for blood knights is always worth the upgrade if you the points available. At least, it is so long riders of ruin works how we want it to / like how warcom thinks it does.
  11. I mean, you can take 2 corpse carts so the enemy at least has to take out more than one to kill the bonus, and it can take the pressure off vampire lords who offer the same bonus with their CA. 2x 40 zombies, cart, vampire, necromancer, & 10 dire wolves with the battalion is over 1500 points, but it also looks like a pretty solid battle line in the traditional sense, with 480 points left over for... I don't know. Something. Prince Vhordrai? Venga lord & Belladamma Volga? 10 blood knights? Probably not enough, regardless. It may not matter anyway since book battalions are rum
  12. we don't have separate subfaction threads for any of the other armies. SG discussion seems overwhelming right now, but I personally expect it to die down to a more manageable speed pretty quickly after the book's out. Single thread also makes sense because "this list would work better in Y subfaction, here's an example" is potentially relevant list feedback.
  13. Zombies pile in 6", and can do so from 6" away. Zombies can move 4", run d6", and if that brings them within 6" they can pile in without charging. And even without charging, that's still d6" more reliable threat range than dooting grave guard have.
  14. This is fair, but with the low speed of grave guard it's going to be difficult to get that damage where you want it, while their lower durability point for point is easier for the enemy to exploit.
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