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  1. FAQ of legacy warscroll with matched play points. Most importantly includes dwarf cannons https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/u8HUNVKydnPpvowA.pdf
  2. Invite links sent, welcome aboard @GT_Probably and @Frowny
  3. I can understand the Chaos Gods bringing their individual champions/recent sculpts back for AoS, but even Archaon would struggle to find a reason to want to bring Crom back. He was pretty unremarkable footnote in the 2500 year history of human Chaos champions under Storm of Chaos continuity, and was one of probably hundreds of Chaos champions Valten (an equally ignominious footnote by 2015) rode his horse over during the End Times. I'd call this suggested fan service... if Crom had ever had any fans. I'll take it, but only if CoS get the Speculum.
  4. Thanks! 😃 If the blog's inactive, it's been more of a gentle slide into inactivity than a conscious thing. I've been very busy with work, and haven't had as much time/interest in AoS as previously. I've got adding Settler's Gain and Excelsis to the Cities of Sigmar quiz and updating the discontinued unit proxy articles with Lumineth and 3.0 stuff on the to list, but can't find the time or enthusiasm for them atm. The blog may well transition into a Warmaster blog for a little while, as that's what my friends and I are currently painting and getting excited about. 🙂
  5. Dogs of War Kislev Chaos Dwarfs Large chunks of my big 'ol Dwarf and Empire armies The small collection of Swifthawk Agents I painted up when Spire of Dawn came out Actual Squats These are pretty much the only armies I've ever owned/painted. I should really collect Space Marines, just so GW stop making them
  6. I read it as Muster - what kind of super powered eyes do you guys have?
  7. Don't you go forgetting dwarfs with puffy clothes and feather hats there beardlet!
  8. Thanks, I'm already factoring them in, as well as the Cursed City heroes and the upcoming Broken Realms Witch Hunter duo as obvious replacements for some discontinued Empire models...
  9. I really need to update this with High Elf>Lumineth stuff, but it should still be good for Wood Elves: https://www.doublemisfire.com/2019/09/no-substitute-discontinued-units-in_26.html?m=1
  10. Here are the points values included with the game. Unfortunately they're all Leaders... https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/5361
  11. The Settler's Gain artefacts list has a preface saying they can only be taken by SG Collegiate Arcane heroes. Quite why you'd have to ask the author 🤷‍♂️
  12. I'm legit not sure what's going on with this model, and I freaking love it.
  13. +2 attacks on a Hurricanum mounted wizard's staff isn't gonna be teeeerrrrible for x3 3+/3+/-1/D3, but yeah totally agree that Settler's Gain artefacts should be for Collegiate and Freeguild.
  14. The reroll 1s to hit Hysh sword (at least I'm guessing that's the magic sword he's getting as he can't take any Settler's Gain artefacts) on a Freeguild General with Raging Outburst hidden behind bodyguard saves looks like a really good combo. Are you taking an Errant-Questor using the warscroll from the Warhammer World only box, or a regular Knight Questor? The Errant-Questor gives an extra bodyguard save, so guessing him. 👍 The Loreseeker's objective shenanigans sure look like they have potential, but remember he can only hold onto the objective he starts the game next to regardless of enemy numbers. The rules for the Hurricanum pretty clearly state that you can't stack +1 to hit and +1 to cast buffs from multiple Hurricanums.
  15. I hope whatever happens Arkhan's trip to the Realm's edge fixes his teeth. Gotta feel for the guy, bought back a gazillion times by Nagah with the same canonically awful teeth, and no lips to hide them behind.
  16. Thanks! Teclis was one of the few elf mages (he reckons about one in ten) skilled enough to see through the subtle glamours cast on the Everqueen compelling other elves to be nice to her. Really should get round to finishing that series. Work got in the way and I was sort of dreading having to politely make sense of Teclis and Lileath's motivations during the End Times.
  17. Just finished reading this, overall pretty good. Couple of observations: Some fairly niche details WFB about Teclis show up in his profile page - Teclis having walked the Paths of the Old Ones in the Gotrek and Felix novel Giantslayer (the only place they're named as that or Teclis is mentioned as having travelled them); and the Sword of Teclis having been described in Teclis' first 4th edition appearances (and never since) as being 'charged with celestial power', something I speculated in my really quite sad blog series on Teclis could be linked to Azyr, and is confirmed here, which is neat. Teclis' AoS 'Lunar Staff' is also confirmed to be the Moon Staff of Lileath by Alarielle, and while cba to check I'm fairly sure it ran out of juice around the time Lileath herself did during the End Times. The Lumineth show Teclis is nothing if not sentimental, so maybe he repaired/charged it back up himself. Nagash's whole Soul Wars storyline buildup getting unceremoniously smacked down by elves out of nowhere does feel a bit like if Craftworld Ulthwe had pulled up unprompted during the Siege of Terra and shot the Vengeful Spirit with Horus and all the traitor primarchs on it out of orbit, and feels like a big missed opportunity, but maybe it'll give the mortarchs a chance to shine without Nagash. WFB's undead characters were super compelling without Nagash around and chasing their own petty ambitions in his shadow, so bring it on I guess.
  18. I think you're forgetting Mr. Totally-not-a-Bloodthirster from OG Heroquest 😜
  19. Quite like the idea of Glaurio (the duellist guy) as general made pretty survivable with -1 to hit and a 4+ bodyguard ward daring stuff to allocate attacks to to him and suffer mortal wounds in return, but he's not exactly worth the payoff of giving up a command trait for. Like you said, the wizard's not complete butt, but the rest really aren't worth sneezing at. If they didn't have the leader role like the Grimwrath Berzerker and other non buffy combat heroes I'd probably take all of them as I hate painting models like to run a lot of characters, but yeah, sad.
  20. You can always give a Freeguild hero the one Hysh artefact from the GHB 2020
  21. She's called a Kurnothi here, and her WHQ card has the Sylvaneth keyword on it here, so I wouldn't hold your breath. 😬
  22. Going by the previous Kurnothi warband released for Underworlds, I reckon she'll be Sylvaneth instead, so CoS if you play Living City, which face it, you probably already do if you're in it for the Wood Elf types... 🤷‍♂️
  23. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/Eng_Ellania_Ellathor.pdf These two can be taken as allies in any Order army, and are basically an extra adjutant command point farm, which is neat.
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