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Found 39 results

  1. I was a little disappointed by the updated skirmish rules and I've been enjoying Warcry but wish I could use more models. So, I threw together this and was hoping to get some CaC on it to improve it later on. Also, which allegiances would you want me to work on first? Age of Sigmar_ Frontiers_V1.pdf
  2. I've been working on some naval battles rules for an upcoming event I'm running and figured folks on here might get some enjoyment out of them. Also, I'm curious as to what sorts of rules other folks use (or would use) for naval battles. Mine revolve around keeping it simple, and have worked well in my test battles so far, but I'm sure there are a lot of different ideas out there. Bonus: My mini-armada of scratch-built ships making a beach landing!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The armies of Efengie have been drawn into a war between the neighboring nation-states of Kytos and Lamellia; a war fought on both land and sea! This book includes a 2-player Narrative Linked-battles Campaign, 3 custom Allegiance abilities to represent the nation-states of Kytos, Lamellia, and Efengie, 5 Narrative Battleplans, 6 Legendary Artefacts of Efengie, and 1 rules expansion to add naval warfare to your Age of Sigmar battles. Plus, lots of fiction and pictures chronicling five months of narrative events! This is the fifth book in this series, you don't need the others (in fact, there's a fluff recap page at the beginning of this one), but if you enjoy this one, you may also enjoy the rest. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
  4. I decided as a thought experiment to design better rules for Daemon Princes. These guys should be awesome, I mean they proved themselves to be the BEST mortal champions ever and are given one of the rarest blessings from the gods. Yet as many point out (and I had a topic on this a month ago) Princes are "meh"-tier distraction carnifex outside of making a budget bloodthirster with artifacts or something. So I changed that by a few ways. Main points are All Daemon Princes are separate warscrolls. This allows matched play point differentiation rather than try to balance 5 versions with one point level. I haven't pinned down though where a good point level would be for them. Probably hovering around Dragon Ogor Shaggoth territory give or take 10pts. They lose Monster and Behemoth. This removes a few Monster interactions, allows for Look Out Sir, and lets more behemoths be taken (though thats usually pretty rare for chaos anyways). Up to wounds to 10 and gained a "6" ward save. Cursed Soul Eater becomes Standard. All attacks hit on a 3+. Weapon Choices are now based on damage. Risk a D3 roll or do a flat 2. All are wizards except for Khorne. Their unique spell Chaos Warp Blast gives them some mortal wound punch. Is the double 6 roll too much? I made it mostly for fluff purposes (8 pointed star of chaos). If you do not opt for Wings, you have a 3+ Save instead. Undivided helps with Battleshock. Probably too basic? But he can be the cheapest. Nurgle is tougher with better "ward save" as standard for nurgle daemons and heals more. Tzeentch casts and unbinds 2 spells and can access Lore of Fate (but I didn't want it to access mortal/arcanite items/traits). Slaanesh can pile in farther and is faster when running/charging. Maybe I should keep the "always strikes first" thing? I dunno how Hosts of Slaanesh will change stuff. Maybe he's too fast? Khorne hits more accurately, can dish out mortals wounds, and can flat out ignore spell effects (not just damage). What do you think?
  5. With Greenskinz most likely getting squatted (or somehow getting a hidden rebox....yea probably not likely) I just thought of some (probably) imbalanced ways to give them a proper orcy allegiance (well it's more like IJ revamp with normal greenskinz being the cheap chaff, but chaff that can pack a punch!). Basically boils down to massive point cuts, buffed bravery, revamped artefacts and traits, magic and prayers. It's not too well thought out, I basically replaced IRONJAW keywords with ORRUK for example. It is probably way more OP than I think it is but this was more of a thought experiment. In memorium of the OG Orcs, I mean come on how can you look at this art and not feel bad the old orcs are going the way of the old gobbos! The Orruk Waaagh’s of Gorkamorka (Faction Keyword: Orruk Waaagh) Made up of Greenskinz and Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities Command Traits Orruk Traits (so both greenskinz and ironjawz) Ironjaw Traits Orruk Artefacts Shaman Artefacts (Wizards only) Ironjaw Artefacts Lore of the Big Waaagh! Prayers of the Waaagh! (All Prayers last until the start of your next HERO Phase) Points Misc Rules Terrain Haven't really thought of endless spells yet. I guess the Foot of Gork can become a proper ES.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a one-stop-shop Narrative battleplan. It is designed using storytelling game concepts to play into the idea of gaming as conversation. I designed it for narrative/open play pickup games for when players don't have some great idea for a story; they can instead let the story flow over them with this battleplan. It uses a system of Objectives and Motivations to create thematic scenarios. It includes generic Objectives and Motivations along with Objectives and Motivations to accompany most battletomes.
  7. Just a heads-up, nothing in this list had been statted out; it's more of a list of concepts. I want to do this with Spiderfang Grots, as I think they have untapped potential. I also wanted to make up a few Endless Spells for the Bonesplitterz, but I've remembered this a bit too late. Aim: Increase the Bonesplitterz’ overall magical potential and what they can do with it. New Units: Great Beast Skull: Some massive monster’s skull being held aloft by a troop of 6 boys wielding simple choppas. They attack with their choppas in melee. As a natural effect, they are a super-banner; battleshock tests rolled for units close to them get -3. In addition, during your hero phase, you can say that one of the Bonesplitterz’ unmounted heroes may climb aboard the Great Beast Skull (which is molded to have enough space to actually let you do this!). If the model is your general and has an innate command ability, they can use that command ability without paying a command point. If the model is a wizard, then you give him +1 to all casting and unbinding rolls as he soaks up the great beast’s power. As a trade-off, the model on-board gets this units’ move characteristic, and they count as the same unit for purposes of running and charging. Weirdhedz: Elite Troops: Big orruks crackling and shifting with too much Waagh energy; they’re actually former Warbosses who’ve survived long enough to become these things. They attack with slams and headbutts, which is just one weapon profile, with their leader, a Weirdboss, gaining one more attack. If a friendly Orruk wizard is close to them when that wizard attempts to cast a spell, the unit can take d3 mortal wounds to give +1 to the spell’s casting attempt. Avatar of Gork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Smashy One. Attacks with Mighy Slams and an echoing ‘Eadbutt. When the ‘Eadbutt hits, energy arcs to the closest enemy unit and deals d3 mortal wounds to them. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, while the other spell makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. Avatar of Mork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Cunnin’ One. Attacks with mighty slams and Waagh! Lightning. Waagh! Lightning has a better chance to hit against Heroes. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Mork, while the other spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Avatar of GorkaMorka: Behemoth Monster: A giant two-headed orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy that gets summoned if you blow past the Casting Roll while attempting to summon an Avatar of Gork or Mork. In addition to more Hitpoints, can Slam many times in melee and ‘Eadbutts like the Avatar of Gork AND shoots Waagh! Lightning like the Avatar of Mork. Can’t begin the game normally, like the weaker avatars. Either you can try and go really high, higher than possible on two dice, on the casting roll for the weaker avatars, which does not need for you to have the Avatar of GorkaMorka as points spent in your army, or you can try to summon him like the weaker avatars, albeit with a higher casting roll. This second option requires that you have spent points on the Avatar of Gorkamorka. In addition, he gives all Bonesplitterz Orruk Wizards in the battle access to 3 spells while he’s in the battle: One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, the second makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase, the third spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Bonus Battle Trait: A new battle trait that you gain in addition to your old ones: Morpaint: At the start of battle, choose 1 unit for every wizard in your army to gain the effects of a type of Morpaint (More warpaint) below: Red: Da speedy paint: When this unit runs, it always counts as 6 inches, and when it charges, you only roll 1 die and add 6 to it. Blue: Da luckiest paint: Any unit with this warpaint gets to reroll any 1 die once per turn for any reason, but must accept the new roll. Yellow: Da richest paint: Any hero unit with this warpaint gets to choose an additional Artefacts of Power item from the list. Any non-hero unit with this warpaint gets +1 to hit from unusually high-quality weapons. Purple: Da sneakiest paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint can start the game off the board. During your first hero phase (an orruk can’t stay quiet for longer), you must set them up wholly more than 9 inches away from an enemy unit. Black: Da goffest paint: Any unit with this warpaint always passes their battleshock tests Green: Da best paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint adds 1 to the attack characteristics of all their weapons.
  8. Hello all! If you've been paying attention to total war news like I have, then you know about the vampire coast dlc coming out. The lore for the faction was amazing, and I figured that they would fit into AOS pretty well with some changes, So thats what I plan on doing!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    The sages of Efengie have interpreted malign portents ahead. Follow the Efengie campaign through Malign Portents, Coalescence: the Desolation of Eristrat, and the rise of a horrible new daemonic queen! This book contains 5 narrative battleplans with a linked battles campaign framework, Regions of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie, and lots of pictures and stories from the past year of Age of Sigmar Game Days. This is book 4. Books 1-3 aren't necessary to enjoy the battleplans or storyline, but if you like this, you might like these others too! Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  10. Hey! Home - brew rules folks, Is there some sort of formula you are using when converting new adversaries or heroes into your games of Warhammer Quest? I know there is something for converting units into single units for Skirmish is there some thing similar out there for Quest? Thanks for any help.
  11. So, I've heard some grumbling that the Beastclaw Raiders aren't exactly in the best of spots right now, is that right? Well, I'm here to 'fix' the issue, and when I say fix, I mean post up some concepts I've had to expand the Beastclaw Raiders faction and make it more playable. This isn't actually complete, mind you. It introduces a wizard for the faction, but it doesn't have a 'Lore of the Everwinter' for even more spells, nor does it have new battalion concepts. So have at, and maybe I'll work on it more (unlike my gargants faction...) New Units Everwinter Witch: Everwinter Witches are those women of the Beastclaw Raiders who have communed with the Everwinter itself, learning the deepest secrets of the accursed storm and also learning about magic. Theirs is a simplistic, shamanistic type of magic, reliant on the fickle and wild winds of the Everwinter and barely controlling it at the best of times, but their powers are undeniable. They can read the future by interpreting how dead leaves dance on the wind, or lend their own shrieking cry to drive the Everwinter harder. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor on foot equipped with a stone knife and staff, both of which she uses in combat. She is a hero, a leader and a wizard. All attacks, be they shooting or melee, targeting her must contend with the winter winds, and suffer -1 To-Hit. Being a wizard, she can cast and unbind one spell a turn, and knows Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt, in addition to her own innate spell. Her innate spell targets a friendly unit, and for the rest of the turn, when that unit charges, it rolls 3 dice and drops the lowest. If that charge is rerolled, all 3 dice are still rolled for that reroll. Everwinter Witch on Stonehorn: An Everwinter Witch is a figure of immense respect in a Beastclaw Raider tribe. While the Frostlord commands a tribe to the last Ogor, he would be a fool to ignore an Everwinter Witch, particularly one who has tamed a Stonehorn. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Stonehorn equipped with a stone knife and a staff. She is a hero, leader, moster, behemoth, and wizard. The Stonehorn keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks. In addition, the Everwinter Witch gives a free command point during your hero phase so long as your general is a Frostlord on Stonehorn. Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell. She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell. Her innate spell lets a unit immediately retreat and lets that unit charge again later in the turn. Everwinter Witch on Thundertusk: An Everwinter Witch is connected to everything that the Beastclaw Raiders embody, particularly their creatures and animals. Riding atop a mighty Thundertusk, an Everwinter Witch can tap into the power over ice and cold that the Thundertusk has and use it for her own ends. An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Thundertusk equipped with a stone knife and a staff. She is a hero, leader, monster, behemoth, and wizard. The Thundertusk keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks. Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell. However, she gains +1 to her casting and unbinding for every other Thundertusk close by. She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell. Her innate spell targets an enemy unit and, upon a successful cast, deals d3 Mortal wounds to them, plus an addition d3 for every 10 models in that unit as hail comes down upon them. D3 if 5 models, 2d3 if 11, for example. Ogor Scouts: In the harsh Beastclaw Raider society, it is a right to ride a creature into battle, and that right must be earned. Ogor Scouts, young and untested, hope to prove their worth through battle and providing the rest of the tribe with food. Ogor Scouts are a battleline unit of tribal Ogors equipped with Spears. They can throw those spears for shooting, and use them in melee. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Scouts ran during movement. They have no other special abilities. Ogor Trackers: When a Beastclaw Ogor proves themselves worthy of a mount, a few choose otherwise. Oftentimes lonesome figures who are called by the wild, Ogor Trackers instead take upon themselves the path of the Hunter. Dedicating themselves to tracking both monsters and armies on the march, Ogor Trackers are part of the vanguard of a Beastclaw army and live the hardest life. Those who survive will become full-fledged Hunters. Ogor Trackers are a unit of tribal ogors equipped with Spears and a Club. They throw the Spears in shooting and attack with the Club in combat. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Trackers ran during movement. In addition, a unit of Ogor Trackers doesn’t need to be within 1 inch of each other to be in formation, instead being within 3 inches instead. They also have the ability to Track; allied units attacking an enemy unit that an Ogor Tracker is within 6 inches of can rerolled failed to-hit rolls on a charge attack. Great Yhetee: Though the Yhetee are the most loyal of the Beastclaw Raiders’ allies, that isn’t to say they are without mystery. Strange Yhetee driven off by the rest of the pack disappear into the Everwinter, assumed to be lost to the cold chiller than death. Some of them return, but changed into towering, howling behemoths that leap incredible distances. Such terrible monsters are fearsome to have as either enemies or allies, and few Beastclaw Raiders willing work with them. A Great Yhetee is a single model. It is a monster, but not a behemoth and has no Damage Grid. It is a much larger Yhetee covered in frost and ice, and attacks with its claws and teeth. In addition to the Yhetee’s Combat Debuff, 6-inch Pile-in Range and ‘Invigorated By The Blizzard, the Great Yhetee heals d3 wounds in a round that it killed an enemy model and has a universal -1 Bravery radius that affects even its allies. Kits: Everwinter Witch is 1 kit. Contains adaption pieces to let her sit upon a Stonehorn or Thundertusk. Ogor Scouts and Ogor Trackers are 1 kit that lets you build 3 of them. The Great Yhetee is 1 kit, but it’s just 1 model.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This campaign book includes 5 battleplans, Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, and more to help bring your Warhammer Skirmish battles into the Dark Age of Sigmar. Explore a ruined city with Rewards of Battle tables that tell the story of warbands exploring a ruined city. Follow the Shepherds of Rot as they traverse the Ruins of Hammerstadt in Ghyran. Also, the book includes three Quests for your warband to pursue as they battle and explore.
  13. Here are my ideas for rules to a Krell/Mortarch Kit conversion I'm thinking of. What do you guys think? OP? or Okay?
  14. I always liked the modeling versatility of the Empire/Collegiate Arcane wizards and was thinking of all the fancy stuff they carry other than their staff, like the flaming sword or that deathly potion. Why not give that a game effect! Note: Yea I know these ideas are half baked and probably not at all balanced with each other, nor do I have any idea how Matched Play point values fit in with this "free" wargear. And yea WYSIWYG can be a pain, especially if you like one thing look wise but want another game wise.☠️ Anywho this is what I came up with, which can all be represented with the various bitz from the battle mage kit...except the Familiar (which is an animal/creature of some variety). What do you think? Battle Mage Wargear In addition to their Wizard Staff, a Battlemage may be equipped with one of the following personal items. · Elemental Weapon: The Battle Mage gains the following additional weapon Melee Weapons Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Elemental Weapon 1” 2 4+ 4+ -1 2 · Volatile Potion: Once per game in your Shooting Phase, the Battle Mage may choose to throw a volatile potion of alchemy and magic at the enemy. Pick an enemy unit within 6” and in Line of Sight of the Battle Mage, then roll a dice. On a 2+, that unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. On a 1, the Battle Mage missed and the potion is wasted. · Item of Power: The Battle Mage may declare to use the Item of Power at the beginning of your HERO phase. If they do, the Battle Mage may reroll casting results of 1, but they lose 2” to their movement for the rest of the turn. · Item of Warding: The Battle Mage may declare to use the Item of Warding at the beginning of the enemy's HERO phase. If they do, the Battle Mage may reroll unbinding results of 1, but they lose 2” to their movement for the rest of the next turn. · Magical Familiar: Enemy shooting attacks made against the Battle Mage suffer an additional -1 To Hit. (Maybe each time the wizard is wounded, he may also lose the Familiar on a 4+ or something)
  15. Edit: Now there are complete allegiance abilities for all things green. Check out this post further down. That being said, the original Greenskinz allegiance abilities are also around for those who want to peruse those. Hi fellas, So I enjoy coming up with rules in my free time, and have particular love for the old world factions that have wallowed a bit in the muck for a while. I wrote some Free Peoples allegiance abilities a while ago that I never quite fully got out to the public (Apart from the battle trait part), in large part due to the work involved in 'prettyfying' them up. So I've taken a different approach, in a more mundane and boring document without all the prettiness that comes with official GW documents. So anyway, my most recent finished work is on the Greenskinz! I think it's a super shame that Destruction didn't get more allegiance abilities in the GHB2017, I think there are certainly a few candidate factions that easily have enough depth to have their own allegiance abilities. Hopefully that means they're coming soon! But for now, I've tackled the Greenskinz. This mainly is because I have an old 8th edition army that never really saw much play, and I loved the old 'Orcs and Goblins' look. Not Savage Orruks and Moonclan Grots, or Spiderfang Grots, but plain old Orruks and Grots. They never really took off for me, and certainly, I have thought about selling the army, but for some reason... every week I open up Warscroll Builder and write up some Greenskinz lists. Anyway, enough fluff. In the link below you'll find completely untested and 100% fanmade allegiance abilities and warscroll battalions for the Greenskinz. You'll find battle traits for clobbering your enemies, command traits to bulk up your Warboss, magical artefacts to help slay your foes, spells to make your enemies brains burst open with the power of the waaagh, and some warscroll battalions to make the greenskinz even tougher and meaner than before. Overall, please use them if you enjoy them. Feedback is 100% appreciated. Most numbers are pulled out of thin air (or similar warscrolls if I found them). The descriptions will likely be ******, English and creative writing were certainly not my favourite subjects at school. It is unlikely that I'll get to playtest them anytime soon, but who knows, maybe Greenskinz are on my painting horizon. Enough prattling, here's the link, go check it out and look forward to more homemade allegiance rules in future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NFxA98rO0g2xPS08y1f1BCHcWwGAj-a5HvlBeDo-gkY/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Hi guys, 3 months into the year, and kinda failing at my attempts to make more blog posts. So I've decided to perhaps, focus my efforts on a new blog. I'm kinda passionate about a lot of the older races, and what can be done to make them more playable in the Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop gives plenty of love of course for those armies that have battletomes and the like, but there's a lot of armies out there that don't get that attention. So that's where I come in! I dabble a bit in creating my own rules, especially when bored at work or something (Shhhhh). I've posted some stuff in the past around the place, but I feel a blog is a good spot to write down my I guess 'designer thoughts' behind the custom rules I've made. To get started, I thought I'd do a nice an easy one, extra terrain rules! MysteriousLandscapes.pdf I made these rules a while back (and by made, I basically just borrowed terrain rules common across existing types). I feel that in Age of Sigmar, there's something missing with terrain. Lots of people complain about the shooting phase and how oppressive it can be (Thanks Skyfires!), and I think part of that is that the core rules only really work of Area terrain. If you've got a building, or some kind of defensible obstacles on the field, well... if they can see you, they can shoot you and without any penalties either! And that's kinda lame! If I'm behind a wall, I should be able to use that wall for defense. Now this is where you go "Well, there are rules for Walls, go pull out that warscroll and use them" and my answer to that is "I shouldn't have to". The warscroll approach is great for units, but I feel it's not so great for Terrain. It's a struggle remembering your own warscrolls, what your enemies does, all the fancy allegiance abilities, and all that stuff, without having to remember 10~ additional warscrolls for the terrain on the battlefield at the time. Additionally, Games Workshop do not produce terrain warscrolls for terrain they haven't produce(d). A lot of clubs have their own custom selection of scenery they've built up over the years, ranging from forests, to swamps, to various building and more. What do I do if I have a swamp? Well, luckily the default rules are probably good enough, but then it feels like you're not interacting with the board in a more meaningful manner. So that's where the Mysterious Landscapes document I've tried to create comes in. You can basically boil down terrain to 4 types, area terrain, buildings, defensible terrain and rough terrain. Some pieces like Realmgates and the like I categorize as other, and you just use the regular terrain rules as best as you can. It's a 1 page document that details all the rules of the above as well as the Mysterious Terrain rules from the Age of Sigmar core rules. The intent was, that it can be difficult to remember all the custom rules for the 10 or so different terrain pieces on the board, but if you just need to remember 1 page of details, then it's not quite so daunting. Being a 1 pager, it's easy to print off and have available for you in game. So that's the hope, let me know what you guys think, and hopefully more blog posts to follow on more rules I'm developing.
  17. I've finished the third Efengie Campaign book. These books are put together from the battleplans I use for the Age of Sigmar Game Days that I run more-or-less monthly at my FLGS. In this one (as with the other two below) we've got five battleplans, a campaign system, and some fun little stories about what went down. In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. In this book, I made some changes to the Clash of Empires battleplan framework. The biggest change for anyone playing through the campaign book is that each battleplan now has two different battlefields with different secondary objectives. This fits in really nicely with the campaign system since now the winner of each battle gets to choose the battlefield for the next one. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the book! Also, here are links to the first two books if you want to get the whole story so far.
  18. Version 2.0


    The first book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework. It also includes Time of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie. But that's not all, each battleplan includes a fluff piece storying the event at which it was originally run, and there are also 2-player narrative campaign rules, and a map campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules! There are now 3 Efengie Campaign books! Book 2 - Through the Deathgate Book 3 - Coalescence Aftermath
  19. Version 1.0.0


    In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. Play through the action in a five battleplan two player narrative campaign. Book 1 Book 2
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