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  1. I'm still digesting what little I have been able to find, but I think any rules rewrite can only help us, right? Confirmed AoS 3.0 stuff (as from the streams) -Double Turn still exists -If you go second in a game, you get more command points. -More command abilities that exist in different phases -Core battalions, not a lot of detail, but supposed to address how some armies can take a ton of battalions and others can't -Complete rules rewrite with clarity and separation in mind -Lore will focus on Ghur We tend to go second right now, so the extra CP will be nice. Suppose
  2. A couple of fresh faces turned up in my army the other day. They introduce themselves as Bud and Lou, but I'm a bit suspicious. Still, happy to have them along.
  3. You've got be beat by double. You're a mad person.
  4. What @dmorley21 said. If you use the Bladegheists/Spirit Torment as an assassination drop from Underworlds, that's a good tactic but rarely used due to how quickly an important hero can just be erased. Basically banking on the Wave of Terror roll or die trying. You could opt for those points to go into more Hexwraiths. Yes, a Dreadblade with the Pendant is a high IQ move. You select the unit he is next to move and they will get their +3", then you teleport the Dreadblade next another unit you want to move, and then select that unit. They then also get the +3" to move. Basically, as l
  5. I like this list a lot. Forgotten Scions gives the KoSoES his CA for free every battle round which is better than the Procession's once per game. Gets you the Pendant and extra CP. Lots of Chainrasps, lots of Reapers, so ready for most things. 3 spells/unbinds, the Stormcast don't usually bring a ton of spellcasting, but do have a few you'd want to try to shut down. Seems pretty good. A few questions: The Dreadblades, just for Forgotten Scions and objective captures, or do you plan on using them for any combat? Reaper blob might be too big to fit wholly within a hero's support bubble, tho
  6. I love me some Reapers! They are so versatile, and on the fly too. If anything, I think it's the cost that keeps them from showing up in lists right now. I include them in most of my lists. Good to hear you had an overall winning set! If you were to adjust anything from the list you brought, what would it be? Reapers are in a class all their own. In terms of fighting in ranks, keeping their overall footprint small and in all of our "wholly" ranges, and still being very fast makes them the best overall standard unit. I'd call them elites if it weren't for their wounds. I don't thin
  7. Just found out about a tool (Thanks AOSCoach) List Analyzer Bot (BETA) Ran your list through it and it's rated A-. My own lists rate B+! 😄 The tool isn't updated with anything from Be'lakor yet, though. And since I'm talking about tools, this is what I use before I comment about math or potential. AOS Statshammer Hopefully these can help you build a great list.
  8. Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a 3+, 5++, isn't he? Yeah, I would bypass as much as I could with the Spirit Hosts. But, are you trying to buy time to earn objective points, or trying to kill the guy? 6 SHs is 18 wounds, and it looks like this guy has no trouble putting out at least 6 wounds, 2 of which mortal, against a 4+ save each combat if you prevent him from charging. D3 more mortals if he does. That's one round (two combats) without healing or Deathless Spirit saves. That's how long you can tie him up, or how long you have to kill him. At 9 wounds you would need two combat phases yourself, a
  9. The only thing I'd consider is what your opponent tends to bring. From the sounds of it a lot of horde units? This list seems set up more to deal with, mostly, smaller unit sizes. You're asking your horde killers, the Reapers, to chew through a lot by themselves. One thing you could do about that is dropping the Chainghasts for an Endless Spell, like the Purple Sun or some other spell that does more damage the more models it touches. That will help thin the masses a bit. Where is the ST and the KoS going? Spirit Hosts benefit from rerolling 1's way more than they do extra attacks or
  10. You can plug in unit data here and visualize the data: https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ When comparing a unit of Bladegheists to the same size unit of Dreadscythes the warscroll change allows the Dreadscythes to now out damages, on average, the Bladegheist unit in two of the four scenarios that Bladegheists find themselves in. Those scenarios being fighting without a charge, fighting after a charge, fighting without a charge but with a Spirit Torment, and fighting after a charge with a Spirit Torment. The Dreadscythes win out in any scenario where a Spirit Torment is not with t
  11. I am really excited to run the Harridans right now. That whole battalion is amazing.
  12. Completed my math and strategy sessions for now and I've included a total of three potential Mortal Reign lists in the guide. None are proven, so I'd appreciate if anyone runs them to report back on how they fared. I plan on running all three as soon as I can and based on feedback narrow down to a single list to carry on the name. You can see them here. If Chrome's new selected text linking doesn't work, you can access my guide here, and see the lists at the bottom. Can't wait to hear more. I wants the details.
  13. Updated my Mortal Reign list to Mortal Reign mk. 3 - Dolorous Guard, which is valid if/until the White Dwarf battalions are FAQed out. I'll be making another version not dependent on White Dwarf, but it'll likely no longer be a mortal wounds centric list. I'm finding it pretty hard to get the same mix of units and regeneration without the battalion. Feedback welcome
  14. I'd give the Harridans a run. 10 for 180 and you're at 1980. They, with their update, can now outdamage Bladeybois if there's no ST for Fearful Frenzy.
  15. Welcome fellow Shepherds of the Damned I'm not going to stand here, beside you, and gesture to the war-torn battlefields after your conquest as though anything I have told you here today was why you won your battle. How you win with your processions of murderers, necromancers, and healers who drew the ire of Nagash is ultimately up to you. I will, however, tell you what I know and point you in a direction. And, hopefully, that direction is onward, ever forward, to inevitable victory. First, What the Nighthaunt Are and What They Are Not The Nighthaunt are not titans on the
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