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  1. Nighthaunt, as a faction and in a competitive sense, is not that bad. We're called "trash-tier" by, mainly, those that don't want to take the time to really learn the tricks and tactics needed for a legitimately "hard mode" faction. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you insist on playing Nighthaunt you're playing the Dark Souls of AoS (yes, truly, let's compare the two) and that should be a sense of pride. It is for me, for sure. I've learned so much sticking to Nighthaunt. But, if you give those who call us "trash tier" a listen, they sometimes come up with some pretty good points. One in particular is how we have no reliable answer for a hard-hitting shooting or magic phase. No single army in AoS is so perfectly balanced that they can take on every other army with the exact same chances of winning. That's not possible, nor should we lie to ourselves that it's a goal we should strive for. But, most armies have enough tricks or are centered around abilities that give them tools to answer as many potential outcomes as needed against most armies. An army with a hugely strong hero phase will also generally mean a strong unbinding ability. Armies with strong shooting phases usually mean enhanced potency if they stay and fight it out. Armies with strong combat phases usually mean they can reliably count on their combat effectiveness. And, lastly, armies with strong movement usually get their movement through actionable abilities. Any one of those strong phases usually means weaker other phases for balance, and that makes sense. We don't have this balance. This is why we're hard mode. I have a rant below. I wrote it, deleted it, and then wrote it out again. I'm going to hide it under the spoiler tag so you don't have to read it. And you probably shouldn't. But I'll make this point here even if you don't: I have tried to stay positive about NH for over a year now, doing my absolute best to get both community and GW feedback on how to excel with the faction only to be constantly ridiculed and literally laughed at for it. I have put together a guide so that others can benefit from the work I put in. And now? Now I think I need to take a break and step away from it all. This FAQ was just the last straw for me. Maybe I'll chime in again if they start talking about a new book or something, but after this I don't have a lot of faith. Tomb Kings became OBR, if we're being real. If we have to wait as long for NH to become something, I think I'm done with the game. I just can't keep fighting this brick wall. I need a break. See ya around.
  2. This complicates things for no communicated or foreseeable reason. House rules? In order to stand a competitive chance we have to convince our opponent we need the pity? We have to wait for some non-existent tournament to set the standard? Suppose that's not too hard to convince a friend we need help, right? I'm sure through all the snickering from the local tablemoths at the game store (that we can't gather at) they'll let the battalions though... This doesn't feel right. I want to be hopeful that something is coming for us so that all of this make sense, but I haven't seen anything from GW to get the hype up for anything new. This feels like a gut punch, and as we're reeling I'm wondering why they hit us. Let alone so hard.
  3. https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faqs-complete-version/ Page 9, left column, last entry.
  4. The second half of the answer covers pulling enemy units into combat.
  5. Another great thing about that list is how many options you have for Underworlds. I think you made a fine choice. I've dropped as little as just Olynder and her screen, and as much as a full half the army.
  6. That's really cool, too! That's a Ghyran Nighthaunt, there.
  7. Whenever I see these nice and ghosty themes I always wonder if I made a mistake with my theme... These are gorgeous!
  8. I never matched against Crematorians. They're the ones that have a chance to blow up on you when you kill a model? That's tough for us, having to try to heal back additional mortals in both when they attack and when we do. I wondered if we have enough model return to handle it. Was that much of a factor for you? Their ability is to remove cover from their targets, so I imagine that was a dead ability for them. How did their saves look? What's their output look like? In my games against Petrifex the key was generating mortals on them. Reducing them to a Deathless shrug takes all the bite out of their defence, and their additional rend is useless. Pretty easy once you take out any range if they bring any, but it makes doing that a higher priority than grabbing objectives.
  9. We really need a new book, if only for a rewrite on rules clarity that the newer books get. I am loving the lists people are coming up with changes they'd like to see. Some of these suggestions are pretty unique.
  10. That's how I'm interpreting it, which sucks. I also checked with Aiden Nicol almost a year ago on it and the TOs in New Zealand also ruled that way.
  11. It's not FAQed for Reiky himself, but in general a ways back: If you grab aosshorts.com's All-in-One FAQ it's on page 7. Combine that with Reiky's ability wordage: And it becomes "the wound must take in order for the casting bonus to occur."
  12. We should move on. "We’ll be previewing both Battletome: Stormcast Eternals and Battletome: Nighthaunt in more detail next week, but we can safely say these are some of the best battletomes EVER." - Warhammer Community post June 24th, 2018. Boy, time was not kind to these tomes, was it? The battletome was released June 30th, 2018. Various murmurs both on these forums and in a few Discords (AoS Coach's in particular) are suggesting that the meager release of points for GHB2020, the slowness to confirm if our December offerings are still legal, and passing the our 2nd birthday are all classic GW indicators that we might be having a new tome just over the horizon. What do you guys think? What would you like to see? What would make NH competitive in the current meta, and even better, what would make it a bit more future-proof than it currently is? Personally, I would love to see the following changes: Legion of Grief's ability for the general to spend a CP to bring back a destroyed unit. We won't be able to complain too much about being evaporated in a single shooting phase if we can bring that unit back. Wave of Terror changed to either be on a CP spent during the charge phase but can only be activated once per unit, OR, the first unit to make a successful charge move gets to immediately pile in and attack. Either would make WoT a tactical choice, and a reliable one that requires resource management or planning a couple moves ahead, instead of it being totally random and likely to shaft us. Ethereal, when applied to Nighthaunt, incurs a -1 to hit penalty from ranged attacks beyond 6". We're ghosts, fluttering in and out of phase with the plane. We should be harder to hit at a distance. More ways to get casting/unbind bonuses. Or just casting since we have Banshees (who should have a longer range on that ability). And perhaps most importantly remove "wholly" from our 12" Deathless save!
  13. Reikenor has low-key become one of my favorite heroes. Right after Spirit Torment and before Olynder. He's just so useful.
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