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  1. DG didn't do well for you? Why, exactly? How did you use them? They've got two roles, depending on how you want to use them. First is the obvious; extra health for your general. But the second is how it turns Hexwraiths into mobile lesser Spirit Hosts. +1 attacks for charging puts them at 5 each with the leader having 6. Pair them with a KoSoES or Vampire Lord and for a CP it's 7/6 attacks. I haven't seen the meta you're up against, but maybe it'll trickle in. But, in any case, just try to know your tricks.
  2. 3 per Spirit Torment, and only once each. Yes, that sounds brutal. You've got a few options, though. How large are the units you're running? Maybe going as many minimum-sized units you can might help. You will lose whole units left and right, but it's a bit harder to tie up half a dozen of them all at once, and that might be all you need to put pressure on. Bring a Knight of Shrouds (on foot). For a CP you can give everyone in a bubble + to hit. Down -2? 2 CP nets you back to zero. Spectral Summons works even when either the unit summoned or the general is in combat. If you're taking a Dreadblade Harrows then you could use his teleport to stay away from danger and then spend a CP to pull a unit out of combat. That unit can either charge back in, or heal up. Or, if you go maxed unit sizes, distract an enemy unit so they move off an objective enough to engage you, teleport your DH behind them, and then teleport a unit to that location, be it an objective (most models within 6" get it unless the battleplan says otherwise) or a hero. Consider Legion of Grief. Same models, better healing, better CP generation. Put most of the gravesites in the middle of the field, or near the biggest threat, and then heal from them every turn. Keep one back with a general on it to resurrect whole lost units to send back into battle. If they are your friends, ask them what about Nighthaunt scares them. Talk openly. If they're misunderstanding their rules they should be open to being corrected, and so should you. If they know of a weakness you could exploit, they may be happy to tell you in order to keep the game fun. I did this just recently because I'm the one everyone guns for at the table, and it was more fun for me to make sure my friends can compete with me.
  3. That's a no-nonsense list. You'll probably do really well with it. Sorry to see the Harridans go, but it makes sense. I suppose Bladegheists are a bit too expensive when you have a full unit of Reapers. Let's hear of your crushing victory!
  4. Since I'm always from Hysh, if I'm taking the Cairn Wraith I'll usually give him a NH artifact. Sometimes Midnight Tome so he can Shademist whatever unit he's with, but more often Slitter. Slitter has slain half of entire units for me. Just make sure he's in the middle of the front line and don't activate him to fight until the enemy unit you're targeting is exhausted for that round and, voila, half a unit gone.
  5. That's really the only correction needed for what I said. I wasn't confusing it with Feed on Terror, I just misstook when CSE triggers. I'll go correct that now. It does have a range, though. The trigger is battlefield-wide, but the heal or model return is within 6" of the ST. The whole unit has to fit or you can't deploy it. Nothing is slain unless you can't deploy it by the start of the 4th battleround, so you have 3 movement phases to find a spot.
  6. You could bring a Knight of Shrouds and lower that 4+, but that's not what they're for. They've got Frightful Touch, you want 6s, and you want a lot of them. Dolorous Guard gives +1 attack on a charge, and a Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed will give another. Vampire Lord, too, if you like. It's those mortal wounds you want. Oh, and the extra health for your general. Kurdoss is fun, but I don't play him a lot. He only has a chance to steal the first CP your opponent gets at the top of the turn, and not any of the others they might get through whatever shenanigans, so he basically becomes an expensive beat stick. But that box gives you some great other units that you might want to get more of. Tons of Chainrasps are a must, more Reapers until you net 30, as many Bladegheists as you can. The rest have their uses, like getting a second set of Hexwraiths to take advantage of any battalion they appear in like Dolorous Guard, which is really good. As for heroes there's a few you'll always see: -Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed: needed for the Forgotten Scions battalion, and one of the leader options for the Shroudguard battalion, both great battalions. He can spend CPs to grant units +1 attacks. -Knight of Shrouds (on foot): Also one of the leader options for Shroudguard. He can spend CPs to give every unit in a bubble around him +1 to hit, and it's stackable, so 2 CP is +2 to hit within that bubble. -Reikenor the Grimhailer: The last of the options for Shroudguard and one of the best casters in the game. We don't have great spells, but there are a few you'd want his ability to get either a +1 or +3 to cast on, like his Wraithstorm spell, Lifestealer, or the endless spell Chronomantic Cogs. -Guardian of Souls: Necessary for the Chainguard battalion (another great one) and is a caster that comes with the only model return spell we've got, Spectral Lure. Give him Spectral Tether and you've got a dedicated healer. Too bad there's unbinding likely and unless you give the GoS the Wychlight Lantern artefact there won't be much to ensure the cast. He's got a passive +1 to Wound bubble, though. That's... helpful. -Dreadblade Harrows: You get two of these in a box, which is great for the Forgotten Scions, but unless you run that battalion you'll only need one. He makes a great General thanks to his teleportation ability, so he can stay safe, show up to use a command trait like Ruler of the Spirit Host, cast a spell if he has the Midnight Tome artefact, or use the Command Ability Spectral Summons to teleport units to him. He breaks the game in terms of mobility and objective capture, especially combined with From the Underworlds They Come. Spirit Torment: This pretty much rounds out any of the "must have" heroes. Necessary, along with Chainghasts, for The Condemned battalion (gives 'rasps some damage potential), passive "reroll 1's" to any units within range of the bubble, Bladegheists get a reroll everything buff with him near by. But his real benefit is Captured Soul Energy, which is one of the few healing or model return abilities we have that can't be interrupted (the others being RotSH, the Black Coach, and Olynder). It triggers whenever at least 3 enemy models were killed in a round by the time a battleshock phase starts, and if so, heals either D3 (or 3 if those enemies were Stormcast) wounds or models to a unit within 6" inches of the Spirit Torment. Very versatile, as you get to choose if you want to heal or return models even if they're damaged, or you can opt to heal heroes, and the whole bit works whenever 3 enemies are killed, so even in your opponent's turn. -All the rest of the heroes, including Olynder, are situational at best and filler on the shelf at worst. Lord Executioner is hard to kill, Tomb Banshee can scream at low Bravery targets, and the Cairn Wraith is so cheap he can just be there to make sure your out-of-pocket units can have Command Abilities options and their Deathless Spirits save.
  7. WoT won me my game today. It was an even trade for three turns, we being petty equal in both points and wounds dealt. Each turn was a pretty good trade in terms of either of us pushing for ground and then losing it on the opponent turn. Pretty fun, actually, not knowing just who was really winning or who was in danger. If you were to look at it at any moment you'd be hard pressed to know the outcome. And then I landed 3 WoT charges in one turn. My opponent conceded. He had a clear chance at winning. It was his game to lose, really, I had overcommitted and had lost a hero, and was not going to take much more damage before I lost multiple complete units. But landing 3 WoTs meant I'd basically have a whole combat phase plus the start of my actual combat phase before he could answer any of it. He didn't think it was worth it. It really is that powerful, which is why it has to be rare. It just sucks that it's locked behind a totally random mechanic with no other way to hedge the chances other than multiple tiny units or command points. Oh, it is. Expensive, but really worth it. I honestly believe it's one of our best battalions and that, even though it's tough to fit it in under 2K, it should be most of our lists in some way. I'm really, really hoping it sees a lot of tournament play and we see it do extremely well.
  8. Nighthaunt likes a lot of smaller units so a player can get a lot of charge rolls each turn on the hopes that at least one will trigger Wave of Terror. That unanswered attack in the charge phase is just that powerful. I like to run them more medium-sized. Like, enough models to get everything into combat, plus one size up more as fodder to get chipped away at. It's not always optimal with how our points lie, though. I've found, by far, the best strategy is to misdirect a bit; a large group of something that you don't intend to support, but likely to still be useful enough to draw fire, and combine that with your real threat units running at small numbers. Something like 20 Reapers to be your sacrificial lamb and multiple 10-man Bladegheists with all the fixings being the actual damage dealers. Really, it's just our flavor of the tried-and-true hammer and anvil technique. Give your opponent a hard anvil to crash into and then slam them with your multiple hammers.
  9. Not a bad looking list at all. Lots of MSUs to try to nail WoT is good.
  10. Oh, no, Dolorous Guard absolutely can kill stuff. But it's not as one-sided as, say, Bladegheists. To use DG effectively you will want to charge with both units and whomever their general is. Likely best general for this is the Knight of Shrouds on Steed because of the +1 attacks he can give both units and himself. That alone will do decent damage against anything with a high save. Be sure to give the Knight an artifact that boosts his capability. Shadow's Edge with all those 6 chances averages about 2 MW and 2 savable wounds. Headman's Judgement will average about 4 savable wounds. Midnight Tome + Reaper's Scythe will average 5 savable wounds, but introduce a potential cast fail (not likely) and unbind (more likely). If you take Forgotten Scions you can basically add 1 MW/wound to all those values.
  11. You mean something like this? Skip to the summary at the end to get my rambling review on them.
  12. Absolutely. But that's January. Not all of 2020. Still have an entire year to see what develops.
  13. Want a glimmer of hope? "It’s just as well a lot of you have recently started new Chaos forces, as you are going to have lots of undead to kill in 2020." - GW New Year Open Day 2020 Discuss.
  14. I have to agree. We've sort of devolved into a whine thread instead of discussion. At the moment I hate anything that brings massive ranged attacks, and that's mostly Cities of Sigmar. It's not great to stare at 60 long range attacks at 2+/2+. And I never liked armies that look like you rummaged around in your old D&D model bag and turned it inside out. I mean, I get they are factions of the left over cities and tribes that banded together, but if large part of your army could be represented by a junk drawer, I just want to kill it dead and move on.
  15. Our wishes are cyclical, which is good. It means we're always wanting the same things to be changed. More healing - We're ghosts and feel like we should be able to come back easier than we currently can. More reach - We're ghosts, and so we feel like we should be able to leverage our etherealness in some way, like piling in more or swarming easier. More terror - No one likes Wave of Terror as it is, but we acknowledge we live or die by it, so we want it in a more reliable state than a random low chance. More magic - We have, at best, 50% cast chance spells that we seem to rely on when all of the above aren't in our favor, and when they aren't in our favor neither is our cast roll. We'd like something that makes casting feel more impactful, be it longer range, casting fail protection, or spells that could make up for our lack of raged attacks. This may be wishful thinking, but if we can stay on message about our wants and needs then there is a chance that someone who needs to see this will see it, and maybe they'll listen.
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