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  1. Lot to unpack here... I'll start of by saying I'm conceding the point about Arcane Tome, and doing so for a few reasons. One being that I looked into some top tournament lists where it's used and spell lores are being attached. This is true across most major events. So it won't matter if I'm right or wrong, it's been accepted to function the same as an allegiant artefact, and so unless a FAQ changes that my opinion doesn't matter. Still, it's not the artefact granting the spell lores, it's the allegiance enhancement step. Keywords still matter. If your battletome says you need a wizard keyword and another faction keyword, this only grants the first. Means nothing to us right now, but our future book might break down spells by additional keywords. When I said all enhancements are applied at the same time, I'm saying that the same section contains all the rules to apply these enhancements, section 27.3. We're not told anywhere in the book if army building follows the same phase rules as a game might, so there's nothing to say that the entirety of section 27.3 applies at once vs 27.3.1 having to apply before 27.3.2. We are told, however, that "Enhancements are picked after you have chosen the battalions for your army (see 26.0)," so that leads to the first interpretation, but we all know how RAW gets muddy and interpreted differently almost on a case by case basis. Either way, the extra Enhancements you get for battalions, like an additional artifact, are included. If what I said sounded like I didn't agree with this, that wasn't the intention. My intention was to highlight that spell lores are granted to the wizard keyword at this step. The last bit, though, about allies. We agree. Unless I missed something. I mentioned it in my examples because I've seen the argument be made "well, I added the ally to my list, it's in my army now, so it gets everything else my army does," and I wanted to get ahead of that. Keywords matter, but not as much as the line in the rules that just simply says allies get nothing. I'm not usually one to go back and edit posts after they sat for a while, but between tourneys allowing the lore and my admittedly poor writing in those posts, I'm going to edit them later. I don't want misinformation attributed to them. Thanks for the assist.
  2. Proxy it! That's what I'm doing. Haven't had a chance to actually play with it yet, but I've got a buddy with a 3D printer willing to make a tower that replicates the base size and height of the model. If my next game isn't the culmination of the escalation league it will be a game where I feature Big Drogg. Question is: Big Drogg and what else?
  3. CORRECTION: Consensus from tournament events is that Arcane Tome will allow Spell Lore selections for the hero its given to assuming all other keywords allow the Spell Lore to be chosen. This is not a concern for Nighthaunt, who only needs the faction keyword to select a Spell Lore in our current battletome.
  4. Ah, my home state (Washington, that is). I wish I would have attended. I would never have thought these kinds of lists would emerge for us, but I'm betting they are just counters to similar lists from the other factions.
  5. In other news: Look at image 3. A Nighthaunt army went 4-1! 3rd Place - Dirk Coe Nighthaunt: Reikenor's Condemned - Victorious Secret Wins: 4 RECORD: 55 / 55 / 5 / 55 / 55 Battle Points: 225 Here is the list: What do you guys think?
  6. You might be more right than you think. What if this is a deployable Spectral Lure emitter? Our answer to gravesites?
  7. @Btimmy Same to hear you didn't have fun with it. Same boat, different stream for me. I was losing steam and was actively refusing to play for a while. I rather not play at all if my favorite aesthetic isn't viable than force myself to play with a different army just to play the game. But AoS 3.0 revitalized things for me for a bit. Until my opponents figured their changes out and started whipping me again. Now it's the Death Star. It has been the new fun and actually gives me more options during a game than it looks like it should. But, it's a band-aid over a deeper problem and may dry up if it doesn't solve the other tactical challenges I need it to Hopefully we're up soon for our refresh.
  8. I'd start with a guide, maybe even my own (link in my sig or throughout my post history) and start with the basics. We're pretty neat in that we can have a few basic heroes and troops that can combine in different ways. So, I spent some time doing some research on this and I came across something interesting. When the FAQ first hit, "bodyguard" was specifically a word used in the example cited in the document. But, if you go look now, that word and the whole paragraph surrounding it is gone. I can find plenty of reprints, but the official FAQ downloads themselves just don't have it anymore. Without that paragraph a bodyguard wound reallocation is just moving the wound. Deathless still applies to the allocation. So Hexwaiths get a ward. But, and this is always the case, the TO has the final say on what the rules are going to be. They can even decide what FAQs and revisions apply. If @dmorley21's TO is ruling that bodyguard abilities count as the one ward roll, then that's the unfortunate reality of the rule mess. Maybe a petition can fix it, but beyond that our opinion won't matter.
  9. What do you want to do? Narrative? Casual? Competitive? Facing a certain meta?
  10. I hope that's true, because that's huge. I can't find a citation either for or against this other than some commentary on fan sites, though. That fixes one of the three problems with Emerald Host, at least.
  11. Ah, I concede the point. Interesting, though, that this is being abused at higher levels. It could be a rule I don't know about specific to those armies, though. Unfortunately, not a lot of Nighthaunt-specific tournament data to compare against. I'll revise if I do add this to the guide.
  12. Nah, it's legal. The rule states "If a friendly unit is not coherent at the end of a turn or after you set it up..." A turn doesn't end until after the battleshock phase. This is used all the time in tournaments. Orcs (forget which ones) use their 6" pile-in feature to abuse this rule to great effect.
  13. Let me temper that excitement a little; we have got a lot of problems that I hope a new battletome will address. We're probably one of the best armies for the "rule of cool," but we have some mechanical issues that really pinned us down in 2.0. In 3.0 those issues are less, but still present. We went from "trash tier" (though I never believed that) to "mid tier" with the new edition, and hopefully soon we'll have a book that puts us fully into the competitive space. I definitely would start with the Chainrasps and Spirit Hosts. A max unit of either is really nice to have as options. You can fix your odd numbers by going to your local GW and asking if they have any models on sprues you can have or buy. The missing Reaper should be pretty easy to find like that. I wouldn't worry about the Glaivewraiths (you can actually use those as conversion materials. The new battletome may change them completely, but for now you can't take more than 8 in a game.) Between the Processions the tournament community believes Reikenor's Condemned to be the more competitive option. It brings tools to a game that fit the current meta well and the only cost for those tools is a Corpse Candle, which is pretty good. Emerald Host, it's amazingly cool theming aside, is considered casual for a couple mechanical reasons; the Emerald Curse's permanent -1 to an enemy hero Save is worded in such a way that it's easily undone. The rule in 3.0 is that you can have a max of +1 to save over your warscroll value, so the curse is effectively removed by just stacking +Save sources up to +2, which is legal. The other is the FAQs on "bodyguard" mechanics. The rule currently is that if any ability would prevent a model from taking a wound by transferring it to another model, that transfer prevents any additional ward saves. So, if you had Olynder and Hexwaiths, and she gets targeted, if she fails her save and has to take a wound but passes it to the Hexwaith, the Hexwaith has to take the wound. No Deathless. New FAQ undid this change.
  14. Kurdoss is a beat stick with a hero tag. A Spirit Host and two Bladegheists in a compact package with their own ward save. Okay, so mechanically he has two uses. First, his ability to steal CP was patched in the FAQ to operate with the new 3.0 rules. If your opponent has a general on the field and receives a command point at the start of their hero phase for them being there, you can roll a dice and on a 5+ take it from them and add it to your pool. Yeah, not likely but also not so unlikely that it's impossible. This just has that "oh ******" value that tends to pop up at the wrong time for your opponent. Aside from that, he's a close-range bruiser. Super short. Everything is at 1", but it's 11 attacks across two profiles. Like any of our best abilities, his damage really relies on 6s. 6s to wound on his staff is D6 wounds at -2 rend. 6s to hit with the Heralds is a mortal wound. On his own it's not a lot, but with the other buffs in the death star his attacks are sure to hit. +1 to hit from the KoS, reroll 1s to hit from the ST, +1 to wound from the GoS, 5+ shrug from KC. It can easily make him deal a ton of damage with 2/2/-2/D3 and 3/3/-/1. If the target is a general then that RR1 becomes RRAll hits. In terms of usefulness, it depends on the buffs, luck, and the fact he can fill a hero spot. He's also not necessary, and can fill a much needed "pin cushion" spot. If he does well and your opponent yeets him, no big deal. If he does poorly he's still a mobile Deathless emitter. But, if you can buff him, he's a portable nuke. That sets him apart from other cheaper heroes.
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