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  1. Just finished two more games of my escalation league series. These were up to 1,000 points. Here's my list. (We'll see if Battlescribe export works...) I played against Cities of Sigmar and Stormcast again, and I won both games. Some more takeaways: Going for the one-drop might just be overrated. I opted for the second artefact and command point battalion and the option to take on monsters I happen to face any. The artefact (Midnight Tome) was worth it's weight in gold. Just being able to cast a second spell and get another unbind this early in our league prevented so much potential damage it likely won me both games. Going second on purpose meant I had that planned, which meant I deployed and played accordingly. Harridans are amazing. I was rolling hot today, so I got a fair amount of exploding 6s. But, more than that, the Bravery threshold of 7 is so strong at shutting down incoming damage. Dracolions and other big baddies still did a ton of damage, but never a team wipe. Even when attacked by multiple units they stuck around and became the hands-down damage dealers in both games. They were also voted the most hated unit by both opponents. I still think Ruler of the Spirit Hosts is too valuable to lose. Especially at these unit sizes. 1-3 models is now a third of a unit. Speaking of which, Captured Soul Energy is still the MVP ability. Again, 1-3 models, another time. At these sizes... Krulghast Cruciator is seriously underrated. In an army with nearly no ranged a reliable 3+/3+ set of attacks was worth bringing him alone. Chip damage, sure, but it all adds up now. All scales are smaller, including wound pools, so that 1 or 2 he can bring out, at range, can cause pause. Plus the ward save (my opponents both ruled it all wounds at 5+, but never had to shrug mortals with it) helped in the mitigation game. Which leads me to my last takeaway: We're still not an army that should play at attrition, but it's not so stark anymore. As long as you keep pressure up I'm starting to think it's okay to put a lot of resources into bringing models back. This might change by the time I'm at 2k, but at this level each returned model was almost equal to about one wound dealt later, and that's huge. Next set of games will be 1250 points. What do I add? 20 Chainrasps and Emerald Lifeswarm? Black Coach? I'm open to suggestions.
  2. After nearly 400 games Nighthaunt placed 23rd (with @Ellarr), 30th, and 40th out of 71 reported finishes at the Mancunian Challenge event. Squarely the middle of the pack! That's actually a very good thing! Hey @Ellarr, what was the list you ran and how was your experience?
  3. I'm going to go with my general advice for both of you guys. I don't think we're an hammer-and-anvil style army. We want as many roaming threat units as possible. So you'll get more for your investment with units that can perform multiple roles: Reapers, Harridans, Spirit Hosts. Fill out whatever you don't already have.
  4. Is there specific advice you're looking for?
  5. The Mourngul might be officially retired soon if the rumors are true. Having a brand new, fully flavored in-theme monster ghost(s) would be amazing, and a good reason to hype a new book. I can only imagine what they'd be like. A shooting one would be a fever dream made real. But I'd never want the Black Coach to be one. There's too many armies and abilities out there that benefit when targeting monsters that without some sort of buff it would trivialize the Coach out of all usefulness. In the very least a hero keyword and accompanying ward save.
  6. Kind of hard when it's hard-targeted for deletion with extreme prejudice. You got yours destroyed after deployment. When I play the BC I give it some hero cover at least in the early game. None of our cheap heroes are fast enough to keep up with it at full speed, though, so it either accompanies another unit and hero as they walk up the board acting as a full support/fence piece, or I let it go ham by itself if the levels came on fast (or is otherwise not doing anything). I share your feels about the Coach. It's too damn pretty not to be used, but it's no Celestial Hurricanum. If those points are better spent elsewhere...
  7. Glad to see their experience was a lot like mine, though I didn't bring a Black Coach. Also glad to see us hold up to full 2k games, though the spread of opponents isn't comprehensive it was a nice selection. Overall, pretty good. I like the lists, too. But it highlights just how badly we need a better monster. Mannfred did all the heavy lifting. Ellarr's second list is 10 points over.
  8. I think that's true with any ally choice. If you're picking an ally to win the game with then you're not really playing the strengths of Nighthaunt. You're propping up your ally. At which point, play the ally's faction instead. Doing some research on Blood Knights, they used to be a popular ally choice a while back. They were usually taken as an anti-calvary or anti-ranged unit, intended to take a few hits until another NH unit came to clean up. They fell out of favor pretty quickly, though, right before we got LoG. And never came back. I imagine our Emerald Host helps with that. If anyone thinks they are worth a mention I'll add them to the guide, but it seems like they may be more of a red herring.
  9. What do we think of Blood Knights as allies? 195 points, 5 models, 3 wounds each, 3+ Save, 10" move, 10 Bravery. 6 attacks each, half of which are 3+/3+/-1 with the leader getting another attack. Can pass over non-mounted enemy models with 3 or less and if it does so roll a 2+ and deal D3 mortals. +1 damage to the lances if the unit charges. And, if they kill anything heal up to D3 wounds. Their Standard Bearer ability would have no use as allies, but everything else is super solid. Compared to our Hexwraiths the Blood Knights cost 45 more points, +1 wound per base, +1 save but no Ethereal, +2" move but no fly. +2 attacks, one for the lancer and one for the horse, but no Frightful Touch on the lancer, +1 to hit for the lancer, +1 to wound for the horse. Doesn't require a subfaction to get +1 attacks on a charge. Passing over models has a wound and mount limit compared to Spectral Hunters, but triggers on a 2+ instead of a 5+ and deals D3 instead of 1 mortal wound. And healing, which Hexwraiths don't get but get a ward save instead if a hero is near by.
  10. Changed both for accuracy. Also updated Belladamma per the FAQ: Pack Alpha lasts until your next hero phase. This opens up some additional uses of the 6" pile in.
  11. Ah, the FAQs... I'll review and update both your points here. I've gotten a few 3.0 games in, and seen a few battle reports. First thing to be aware of is that your opponent is going through the same thing. They have to reduce troop size, deal with coherency, and make reinforcement choices. So you're not alone even on the table. That being said, what you reinforce will come down to your goals and what you expect to face. Nothing's "dead" in terms of playability. 9 Spirit Hosts is still perfectly viable, as long as you don't expect to put them all in melee range. They can still camp an objective and take a few hits. Or they can form two lines baked up by a hero. Not all of them will swing, but even if you lose models your round-to-round amount of swings will relatively stay the same as you pile in to fill holes. Personally, I'm not reinforcing anything, yet. I'm finding it to feel a bit better with more units on the table than having a double-wide or two. Even if my opponent is reinforcing, I usually have two or more units available to pinch them with, which also means more chances at Wave of Terror. And if I had to bet on anything it'll be that getting WoT off is still the biggest priority to hit.
  12. Both Mortarchs added to the guide. As always, critiques and suggestions welcome. Edit: Just made some edits, refresh if you were already taking a look.
  13. Manny-fred? Okay, I'll get right on it. And, yeah, not included only because I am sourcing an allies list from you guys in the community. I think I've played one game with an ally ever and had a poor experience, so I'm sourcing that kind of info from you guys. Plus it helps narrow down the research time it takes. For example, now that he's been mentioned I'm going to look him up, his ability kit, point cost, and then build a battle profile on him. I'll then take that profile and test it in a few scenarios that I'd think we'd commonly meet, and then generalize the results. This is how I come up with the pros and cons for most of the units. It takes a bit of time.
  14. Updated guide with an allies list. Thanks to @Landohammer for their suggestions. Please let me know if there are any changes or additions that should be considered for that section. You will find it right after the Mourngul.
  15. It's also narrative. They've emphasized very heavily since 2.0 that armies currently featured in stories are the ones getting new models, rules, or books. Nighthaunt, via Olynder, was last featured in Be'lakor as being "tricked" by the titular character into helping razing a town. We'll have to wait until either she or some facet of the army rises to prominence again. The Necroquake being undone, Nagash healing, and the roaming bands of Nighthaunt are all things that have been resolved. Olynder and her agreement to stay her curse on Be'lakor for the time being, Reikenor and his search for secrets and targeting the new Stormcast at Olynder's beckoning, the Kulghast Cruciators and their coalescing power, and the Emerald Host itself are storylines that have not yet resolved that may be ways we gain enough momentum leading up to a book release. They could also start digging into what actually happens when you stop a Necroquake, I suppose, but since that was a main feature of Soul Wars I think that's dead and gone. If I were to speculate, I'd think we'd start seeing stories about Be'lakor's curse flaring up. Either the Emerald Host reaches him and results in a new battle to take Belly down a peg, perhaps led by Olynder herself, or he comes up with a new plan and new promises that further Olynder's involvement with him and Chaos and gives rise to new troops under her command. I would be lying if I said I would be disappointed with Olynder trading one master for another, but given that she could backstab him or simply enforce the curse at any time gives me hope on that potential storyline. Plus, kind of exciting to think that Nighthaunt might be the first Chaos-aligned Death faction if that kind of story were to pan out. At any rate, we won't get a new book until we see signs of Nighthaunt being important to a story again. They could use the Nighthaunt book itself to make that importance, but I think we'll see signs of it before that happens thanks to Be'lakor's curse.
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