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  1. That's better than the book! So jealous!
  2. It's a Mortis Engine that I wanted to convert into The Black Coach (like a ship name, like The Black Pearl). I ended up getting the real Black Coach as a gift later, but that just means I have two now ⚰️
  3. You did great! These look excellent. Can't wait to see how these turn out.
  4. Behold the Grand Procession of the Enixian Nighthaunt Gathered en masse in numbers untold. Well, actually, the number is 258 models and is worth over 8,000 points (as of GHB'19/WD'19) with battalions. ☠️
  5. Ever wondered how serious I am about Nighthaunt? Well, I just finished the last of my painting and I can finally say I have zero models left to be built or finished. Over 8,000 points of Nighthaunt/LoG and friends.
  6. Updated again! Added Lens of Refraction (Hysh) to Relics Primed for Corruption Added Talisman of the Watcher (Ulgu) to Relics Primed for Corruption Clarified Know your Tricks under General Tactica to reinforce knowing a battleplan's objective capture rules. Updated Vicious Spell Eaters under Architectures of Torture to better reflect Myrmourn Banshee's self-buff in regards to taking damage and shrugging/returning models.
  7. Updated! Added a breakdown of three tactical styles: Hammer and Anvil, Envelop, and Pincer under Writs of the Mortarch Added a new sample list Pressing on the Pain Added a blip about how Lady Olynder can still shoot after running (it's an ability) Added a blip about Chainghasts and their flails Clarified some wordage here and there
  8. Guide update: Writs of the Mortarch - Tactical Structures has been added. It details what Hammer and Anvil, Envelop, and Pincer tactics are and how they relate to Nighthaunt. Pressing on the Pain, a new sample list and its goals has been added.
  9. If you guys aren't playing AoS on Tabletop Simulator, you really should. Once my friends and I figured it out we haven't skipped a weekend yet. I've got a new winning list against a very shooty Cities that I wanted to share with you guys. I don't have a fancy name for it yet, but the feedback was something along the lines of "f*cking Olynder" and "devastating combo." Sorry for the following wall of text, but I'm posting this on mobile... It plays by putting Lady Olynder and the Dolorous Guard (represented by Death Stalkers in the PDF) in Underworlds for the now classic Olynderbomb. Everything else starts on the table, though you can opt to put the Chainrasps into the Underworlds if that's a better play for an objective. Since range will enjoy some nice comfortable distance and target choice, you are going to force their hand. Your "throw away" units are actually Olynder and her guard, and the Black Coach, both acting as distractions and cover. The Olynderbomb should be dropped as soon as possible as close to their ranged as you can. If they properly screened then you're doing to eat through their defence since her movement is limited (relatively quickly, though, it's Lady O after all) and she's going to take some hits, but if they didn't then she can feast on some of the biggest threat very early. Her goal is to draw fire. A quick aside: I don't subscribe to Nighthaunt being a "hammer and anvil" kind of army. This has never worked for me. In terms of tactics, Envelopment works best for me. It's a military and police tactic developed to make use of elite training with less bodies, making a distraction seem like the real purpose while specialized reinforcement goes in for the capture or kill. In this case, Olynder and her guard are the distraction; she'll kill them if left unchecked so she must be answered, but in doing so you're opening them up for the kill. The Black Coach, Spirit Torment, and Bladegheists are your SWAT team. They aren't in any particular hurry, and should stay back and out of firing range, moving up the board slowly, and maybe taking objectives, until Lady O has the ranged's undivided attention. Then, this trio charges in. Lead with the Black Coach. It's your second distraction, and is also your screen. Use it to keep the following ST and Bladegheists from getting wrapped around when they finally make contact. Clearly, the Chainrasps are meant to camp if they need to, but if the battleplan allows it they should roam a bit if only to allow the GoS that's with them to cast useful support or healing spells. Let me know what you guys think. I used this list to win in turn 2, and I went last both turns. W - OB+Black Coach.PDF
  10. Charneral Spectralists 😉 Considering base sizes and the amount of units you'd have as NH, let's see: Looks like most units have a direct equivalent. The biggest issues would be the total lack of a Katakros or Shrieker proxy. Bringing both a Soulmason and Vokmortian in a list would be hard since we only have one model that fits for both. And, you have to measure both Kavaloses from their longest side +5.
  11. *grumble* All these new events this month, and not a list among them to pick at... If The Honest Wargamer's stats are accurate, then Nighthaunt has been hovering around 42.9% with no top 3 placements. This is from a slight jump to 48.1% right after our WD update, but then a decline back to baseline as players are just choosing to play other factions instead of NH. This coincides with a representation of about 2.97% of all games played to less than 1.91%. LoG had one 3rd place win in the Netherlands, but that's about it. Right now, if anyone's playing Death, they're playing OBR or FEC... I wonder which army is easier to play with NH proxy models? 🤔
  12. Quoted for truth. MSUs usually mean support threat units, Bladegheists for example. Or Reapers if they weren't your main threat force. And even then if you are building your list around getting Wave of Terror off, you are balancing that over losing the units you send in on the eventual counter attack. Moreso if you never land WoT. Personally, I run both. If I have an enemy with a lot of units I'll lean more on MSU. If they are more elite-ish, big blobs. And no matter what I go with my workhorse units are usually full.
  13. Exactly that. Why not? Olynder and her Guard, with the Never-King in tow. It would be quite scary seeing that murderball coming my way. I would try to focus down Kurdoss just to stop the bleeding, though, but I think you'd accomplish your goal.
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