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  1. No not necessarily
  2. I wondering what the most useful setup people use for ungors is as i cant decide. Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. Another model nearly bar face and some blood on the axe and claw as it is Khorne after all.
  4. You could do the highlights like you did but shade after thereby toning it all down. Could dilute the shade so its not as strong over the hightlights but brings it closer to the other parts. Nuln oil would be good as well.
  5. The bestigor unit so far. still need to do bases but thinking astrogranite debris with dead grass.
  6. Grynwatch looking great too. Seems your a painting machine.
  7. I think its not so much whites you want but cream working up from a light brown to cream/beige colour and white being the last hightlight colour Contrast paint would help you doing the stones etc set on the armour. Wraithbone and snakebite leather/Contrast medium around the edges to shae armour may work but would be very fiddly and may need lots of touch ups where the armour has been stained by the Snakebite..
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