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  1. I wish they had given him something entirely different now rather than tacking on a conditional FNP. It's a cool model though so I'll be glad to have one. I'm actually surprised they gave him 6 wounds.
  2. I feel they intended for Deathless Spirits to simply work on 5+ rather than 6+. Guess we have to wait for the FAQ though. Damn confusing.
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    Sequitors - Anvils of the Heldenhammer
  5. I've been using a warband consisting of: Slasher Crone / Dreadwarden / Dreadscythe Harridan / Chainrasp x 6 (TOTAL: 995). I've been playing against a Stormcast Eternal Sacrosanct warband comprised of Sequitor Prime with Redemption Cache / Sequitor with Stormsmite Greatmace / Evocator with Grandstave / Castigator x 2 (TOTAL: 1000pts). Games that involve movement, objectives and treasure have always been won by the Nighthaunt (the majority in my case so far). The only loss was a game that required taking down half or more of the enemy warband. The Nighthaunt in this warband just l
  6. I'm just glad we are getting that new hero model. I know it's not much but it is something. We'll get a new tome this summer hopefully. I'm still building/painting my army and also in lockdown which won't lift for another month yet anyway : /
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