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  1. A good read Aiden, very fair given what I've heard and been aware of. Looking at a standard Masters pack going forward.
  2. Broken Wasteland, painted roughly the same as the sample ones at the bottom of the page. Yep the range has all the sizes.
  3. Really? Jeff is a one man show, and spends all day making and designing bases. Real good ones, too - been buying off him for almost a decade. Can't help but be rubbed up the wrong way by that comment.
  4. I've been using Dragon Forge Design for my entire Death Collection so far (Broken Wasteland set). I have an order in place for everything in the OB range.
  5. Got shared this nifty bit of math-hammer about what it take to get rid of Morket Guard with Harvesters nearby. That healing being able to stack makes things pretty crazy. Particularly if you have multiple Mortek units conga-lined within range and just bounce models between units. Apologies for not being able to give credit for the below - if it was you, thanks!
  6. Morghast aren't monsters, so they and other units can get cover saves for one way.
  7. Great read, and you've inspired me to restart my blog also. I'm also starting a new army and the process is a lot of fun! Only one game down with them so far but I put the beat on one of NZ's top players (and would also have won if he hadn't won 4 out of 4 priority rolls). Grief looks really cool, looking forward to seeing your battle reports!
  8. The Carrion only heals the caster who is soul-linked with it, and Arkhan was the one getting into the thick of it. The shrieker I didn't get to cast because the Soulmason was doing the Relentless Discipline spell and the Soul Guide Spell as his two castings each turn. Next time around I would not give him the RD cast (which is so crucial) so that he can do a soul-linked spell. @Gwendar You may of course, sharing is caring! Mark 2 of the list would bump up the size of the Guard, and maybe swap 1 unit for some Deathriders for the objective grab. I'm not sure Morghast are best use of points, or that you would need all those endless spells, but that is the fun of trying things out. Ah, new army releases are such magical times.
  9. Units of 10 were almost enough for the job actually, they tanked quite well. But more bodies would be better. Morghast were so-so, not heloed by getting caught on the backfoot by Hand of Gork. The extra attacks and reroll 1s to hit were cool. Had I got the double turn I would have had them around longer thanks to heals. 2 Archai withstood a charge from 10+ Boar Boyz without losing a model. I only got to use the Carrion, and that worked a treat in the right place. Very good for 20 points. Arkhan heals so much between this, his own ability and his 3 heals. He went from 7 wounds taken back to full health in no time. I combo'd it with the Protection of Nagash, which meant he could still heal regardless of where he is on the battlefield. And you get to place Carrion anywhere on the battlefield! I imagine it is a must for Nagash too. The minus to hit from soul linked is tricky, need to remember to cast it last. And having cast it, means he can't cast any more soul linked spells.
  10. Had a game last night against Da Big WAAAGH. List I ran was: Arkhan 360 Liege 200 Soul Mason 140 Mortek Guard x 10 130 Mortek Guard x 10 130 Mortek Guard x 10 130 Mortek Crawler 200 Mortek Crawler 200 Morghast Harbingers 210 Morghast Archai 210 Shrieker 30 Carrion 20 Predator 40 2000 Big take-aways: Mortek Crawlers should almost always make their points back. Opponent gave me first turn and I took 360 points worth of models off. Cauldron shot into arrow orruks killed 10, and the normal shot removed a unit of Gore Gruntas. Later in the game I got a Cursed Stele off having taken 10 wounds and killed the general. I will be taking at least 2 in every game going forward. If anything gets nerfed, it will be these things. I did a big mis-play by allowing Hand of Gork to teleport big threats into my backline, so wont make that mistake again. Took the Crawlers offline early. Next time I would take the Ballisteri. The durability as Petrifex is insane. The Liege in particular was a total tank., but he did end up going down once his Gore Gruntas got the extra damage buff. The Carrion is a really cool spell! I kept forgetting all the buffs I had available, you really need to manage it. My opponent won by just, having won 4 out of 4 priority rolls. We played Penumbral Domain out of Forbidden Power. Cannot wait to play the army more, it was a LOT of fun and was absolutely stoked with how they withstood the green bois.
  11. Anyone know the area footprint of the Bone-tithe nexus?
  12. Yes. Scroll back a few pages for details. EDIT: To about here.
  13. Maybe they will do the Crypt Flayer thing one day and make a new unit out of mix and matching the two kits
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