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  1. 27 5th ed Phoenix guard. 17 6th ed Phoenix guard
  2. Paperback Liber Chaotica collection including Loathsome Ratmen.
  3. I’m going digital! Saving space. Most of these have been bought, browsed once then but in the cupboard. Plenty are already old ones too.
  4. Sylvaneth dice. Gork and Mork Dice.
  5. Open to offers on everything. email bencurry@baddice.co.uk questions.
  6. List submitted. a whole 24 hours early!
  7. I saw some running the Slannesh Epitome. Seems like a good choice. 2 spells. resilient, fast. 200 points.
  8. Ben


    Nice job man!!!!
  9. Thanks for the update Chris! Looking forward to this one
  10. The reason is a financial one. This site still does not pay for itself. It's funded entirely by me, helped by donations and sponsors. Costs (From the software and hosting provider) and are based on the number of currently viewing members over a 24 hour period. i.e. currently, on average, at any one time we have between 300-400 users on the site, 24 hours a day. This is in addition to AWS Amazon media hosting and the email provider too. its roughly £350-400 per month As subforms are added, and they go behind a login I am hoping that the registered users will become more likely to be ongoing members of the community, and possibly help support the community rather than viewers from afar. Also, it's easier to show sponsors that we have xxx logged in and active members. If people are not interested in being members of our community then they will not visit as and the hosting costs may come down. I would prefer an amazing community with 100 active members that really support each other and love what we are all building here, over 60,000 casual readers (this is our unique monthly visitor figures) I will also be putting Google Adsense display ads all over the site that will be visible to only non-logging in users. I'm not a fan of this as it doesn't look great, but with more logged in users it will Its still free for members, its just going to need a log-in to access parts of the site.
  11. Morning all. Further to this trial I have changed the way the 'Order' forum is displayed. You now get: -Order - List of Sub forums -Order , Cities, so on.... I have also added a Stormcast Subforum as this is the next largest faction. At the moment I don't think we need a sub form for every faction (around 50 in total!) but the larger ones can be split off. I will continue to trial this in Order, but will roll it out to other Grand Alliances soon. I think Death might be next as they are distinct factions in FEC, NH, OBR and teh rest in Mixed Death forum. I have also restricted subforms to members. You can see the forum but need to be logged in to view.
  12. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended Blood and Glory this year. We had a cracking time and hope everyone else did too. The winners are:
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