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  1. Ben

    Warhammer Fest 2019

    I'm going. Deffo there for the friday evening and Saturday. Might make a full weekend of it. Would be good to have a TGA meet up.
  2. The draw going into the final round
  3. The first BAD DICE BASH is underway. 12 players are taking part in the event. @Tom Mawdsley Nighthaunt @Liam Nighthaunt @Anthtpoole Sylvaneth @Eldercaveman Legion of Nagash @SireScott Daughters of Khaine @Seraphon_specs Legion of Nagash @Lez Stormcast Eternals Andy Thornley @Karragon Stormcast Eternals @Joseph Webster Nighthaunt @Luke barwick Stormcast Eternals @SolomonHelsing Seraphon
  4. interesting scoring here. I went for focal points
  5. We can get a beer at Sheffield too!
  6. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    The much rumoured spawning pools???
  7. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    ..... feeling justified.... Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!!!
  8. Link to tickets here ++++GET TICKETS HERE ++++
  9. Awesome!!! Looking forwards to having you
  10. The Better Part of Valour. The Just Saying podcast @JustPlay-Ritchie talked about this battleplan on their recent episode. They think its the worst in the game. I think it's the best. Obviously a massive disconnect here so i'd like to see some discussion around it. Reasons I like it. 1. The great leveller. You have to be able to not lose at this. No ifs, no buts. If you can get beaten turn 1 then you list is wrong for the event. You need to bring bodies, chaff screens or have a plan to secure one objective all game while threatening others. 2. You need to be able to attack objectives. If you can't alpha strike an objective, even 1, then you run the risk of losing. I thing the hate comes from not adapting to this battle plan. I thing its great because it forces change Reasons to hate it.... Lay them on me.
  11. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    And GG. They were 2019 too.
  12. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    This is why I asked it to be stopped. It’s wasnt rumour mongering. It was baiting and trolling.
  13. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    Morning everyone. Ive spoken with NDABreaker and unfortunately it’s someone having his own little fun and wishlisting. I’m going to clear this up into its own thread. EDIT: I posted this before reading the thread. So let me be clear. I meassaged the poster and before he got back to me he came here to say he was being silenced. I then explained that the site software can track the devices used to make posts, showing 2 accounts posting from the same phone and his tune changed I know who the poster is but I’m not going to share his name so let’s leave it as that for the record, I love rumours, I also love wishlists but let’s not confuse the two