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  1. Cheers Gaz. Now we can contact the people who make it and let them know.
  2. Ben

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Out of interest, how many people want a Skullcracker??
  3. Thanks for sharing Darren. Great work on the placing.
  4. Ben

    Tournament Realm Rules

    I agree with most of what @Hot Peanut said. Realm rules them selves are not all that much of a leveller, but the unknown entity of facing anything in any realm in any battleplan is what does the levelling
  5. Great work on the lists Chris. If its any help, I use the genius scan iPhone app to do this sort of thing.
  6. Try here - https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/element-essentials/element-movement-trays?d=10151
  7. lots of great ideas here. I thing Grand Alliance + Realm is a good way to go. Lets not over complicate things, or forget that we are an international community! A 2 dayer a warhammer world would be great but is not very accessible.
  8. I'm not sure on GA vs Faction. lets have some discussions in here and decide. Does anyone have good ideas. My original thinking was to keep it to Grand Alliance and its a bit more of a leveller and lets everyone take part. If you have no idea about a faction then its difficult to make a constructive contribution.
  9. @Gaz Taylor can you set this up next to the Quest and Shadespire sections please.
  10. I have a really cool idea for something we can all get together and do as a community on these forums but I need everyones help to make it happen. Introducing the Battle of The Grand Alliance's Over the next few weeks we can all head over to our chosen subforum and crowdsource the best and most unbeatable army list imaginable for each of the 4 Grand Alliances. Chaos, Death, Destruction and Order. Once your chosen alliance has its champion, the lists can be played against each other by members of the community from all around the world and the battle reports posted back to these forums. After all the games have taken place, and the use has settled, one Alliance shall rule supreme and be rewarded with a make-over of that forum section. This will take a great effort and co-ordination but as we have lardy seen with the amazing process hosted on these forums so far, anything is possible when the community gets together. How Will It Work? I have some ideas, but essentially its up to the community. I want to take the next week to discuss and tweek how this will pan out and set up a set of rules of engagement. As a group we can post ideas in here and grow this to something that can be a lot of fun to be involved with. Building the lists What I'm hoping to see from this is some in-depth discussions around the pros and cons of various builds and why they should be selected as a champion. This will be a meaty topic for veterans to sink their teeth into and educational for newer players that want an insight into the intricacies of list building. All this will be open on the forums so spying and counter intelligence might take place! Your Alliance will have to build a list knowing that all your tactics and plans are known to all, and you will know all your opponents plans too. With a generous timeline we could even see lists being play tested and reported back on. Doing Battle. I don't yet know how to resolve a winner, 4 Armies. 6 Games. 3 points for a major win. But we could also look at having each match-up duplicated and taking the average result if it is played out multiple times around the world. The Winner The winner will be the hobby, and the community who get involved. But one Alliance will rise above and be crowned the champion. I will have a treat in store for that forum section on these boards. I have created the Alliance threads already and they are pinned and locked in each section. Next weekend we will unlock them all and kick things off. Until then lest work on the rules. thanks, Ben
  11. This is the thread to build the Destruction Contender
  12. Ben

    Death - Battle of TGA

    This is the thread to build the Death Contender
  13. Ben

    Chaos - Battle of TGA

    This is the thread to build the Chaos Contender
  14. Ben

    Order - Battle of TGA

    This is the thread to build the Order Contender