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  1. If the Grudges are starting already, I will lay down my now traditional challenge to @ChippyRick
  2. Ticket brought and hotel booked, cant wait.
  3. Warhammer Bingo is the best way I've heard it described, Ive been to all of them so far and can defiantly recommend it.
  4. You get a point for that, so technically Dec is wining Warhammer Achievements 2019 with that!
  5. All paid up, looking forward to another great Slaughter.
  6. Destruction Derby Mini 3 Welcome to the third Destruction Derby Mini, a one night Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament. All for the low low price of £2, your normal club night subs. The night will be made up of three quick fire rounds of Age of Sigmar with awards at the end of the night. Armies Armies should be selected using the rules laid out in the Generals Handbook 2017, Pitched Battle section and house rule number 2 and 5. Armies should use the Vanguard restrictions and be no larger than 700 points. Allegiance Abilities should be picked or rolled for before that start of the first game and written on each player's army list, and cannot be changed in between games. Rounds Players will not roll for a Battleplan instead we will be using the Open War cards to determine the Battleplan each table will play. The TO will drew a Map, Objective and Twist card for each table, this means that not all games will be playing the same Battleplan during the round. Keep this in mind when writing your lists boys. Rounds will only last one hour and once the game is over players should record who has won, if it a major victory, minor victory, or a draw and the amount of kill points each player scored. Then hand them in to Ben Johnson. Once the hour is up players should stop the game and work out the score as quickly as possible so we can stay on track. The first round will be random draw based, made as people arrive, grudges are encouraged. After that we will use the 'Swiss' system and house rule number 5. Should you be drawn against someone you have already played, shout up and I will swap you. If you are drawn against your mate, remember it's all about the bragging rights afterwards. Game 1 7pm-8pm Game 2 8.15pm-9.15pm Game 3 9.30pm-10.30pm Awards 10.45pm-11pm Battlefield Games should be played on a 4'x4' table with the amount and placement of terrain agreed by the players. Players should roll for each terrain piece using the Mysterious Landscape rules. Scoring In each game there will be 3 points for a victory, plus 1 bonus point for a Major victory, 1 point for a draw. Players will receive 3 points for playing with a fully painted and based army. Please see house rule number 2 for more details on what counts as a painted army. The winners will be determined by totalling the points scored by each player, if there is a tie the first sort will be best sport votes then kill points. If it is still a tie after the first three sorts then the players will arm wrestle to determine the winner. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with best sports best painted along with last place. House rules. The following house rules will be used. 1 Measure base to base. 2 Don't be that guy. 3 Summon all the scenery you like. 4, Games Workshop FAQ's will be in use. 5, If you bring the filth, I reserve the right to mess with the draw ?
  7. Hi all, Don't worry, we will read every comment on the Facebook post and filter out the appropriate ones to add to the future FAQ list.
  8. Thanks to everyone who made it to this, twenty players made it an awesome little event. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the guys that brought terrain and mats for use to use, teh tables all looked great because of this. A special mention to Tom and Tony from making the trip from Stockport and to Moobs for getting beat in 11 minutes and becoming the first person in Age of Sigmar history to lose a Doomwheel to Battleshock! ? There will definitely be another Skirmish event later in the year for those that didn't make it this time.
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