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  1. I think were probably always disagree on this. Go and try it with a circle of mates do at least 10-20 games you will find the stronger army always wins for also find that shooting is overly effective and some armies always go second, the game always becomes stagnant but thats only my opinion on my experience of playing without the risk of a double turn just having the risk means you screen double screen and place differently.
  2. It would be nice if a BT had at least a 50/50 chance of killing a keeper
  3. I do agree with that but having a 50/50 out is better than having no outs, alternating turns will always give shooting armies with cheap chaff the advantage.
  4. I have to disagree with getting rid of the double for a significantly weaker army it maybe the only chance they have, and also it would significantly increase the shooting meta always stay in range with a screen etc. Again I disagree with summoning with the exception of slaanesh where theres is way overboard. If you look at BOC,BOK, Seraphon, Nurgle, FEC theres is all pretty balanced and i think LON is pretty on point as well though rather irritating. I think with the new army books everything seems more balanced and creates better gameplay with the exception of skaven and slaanesh. Khorne, Orruks, COS, Sylvaneth are also nice and smooth pretty well balanced, O and S the streamlining without losing character I think is awesome I used to hate the old Ironjaws and sylvaneth with long as hero phase with the trees, the waaagh and free moves getting out of hand i'd go get a coffeee and still wait 10minutes before I'm doing anything (hallow heart maybe a bit op but early days) I've got to agree I don't think there are that many meta chasers most people who play build an army they think looks cool and will run pretty good, also I don't believe in meta chasing its a stupid idea most people who do it aren't the top players and only ever finish mid table anyway or they just win their local tourneys and think they're good. (low mid table player who's beat a few meta chasers) A top tier player will beat most of us with a slaves to darkness army end of story.
  5. Try what this guy says, just doing something. I know you don't feel like doing anything but whenever down for me its usually caused by stress so doing something about the problem helps but for others just pushing yourself to do something that takes your mind off it helps whenever painting I lose track of time because I'm absorbed in it.
  6. Check out these awesome Kill Point and Victory Point dials made up by War Mill Games for our tourney. We've also got something much better than a trophy for 1st place 2nd place and the winners of the painting categories.
  7. At the moment should I go with last years painting requirements? (this is where i always over think and worry about standard as not a great hobbyist I paint to play) I'm just touching up a display board (I assume this is a must) I am slightly concerned about the the converted model do I lose points if I don't have one (I have a few ready but none fit in my army list) as all of my army is already painted and being slow at the best of times (instead of snails pace) it will take me a while to make something.
  8. Its funny you should say that but I do have 6 tables worth of terrain and then the club can cover well over 50 tables worth, the biggest issue for me is if you are behind a terrain piece surely you should be in cover, if your in it surely you should be in cover but what does and doesn't count as cover is not clarified in any way in the rules.
  9. I have had the bristol weekend free up and so tempted to go and hope for random pairing with the tomb kings.
  10. Sword the horde is a great name. @Warmill I'm wondering whether or not to get the wooden spoon pre engraved with your name.
  11. Thats awesome literally just building up numbers with AOS at the club at the moment, but we will have at least one team at firestorm next year hopefully 2. There are 3 guys at face hammer but they've just come over from another club, hopefully get a good chunk going to scgt next year as well. literally there were 2 of us playing AOS in 2018 and managed to get quite a few guys pinging around small tourneys and just encouraging them to go to some bigger events.
  12. Yeah they are really overdue an update and a really cool army, would in your opinion though more clarification on what counts as cover and what doesn't be more helpful to the game. Maybe like the old way that 25% covered does not count as cover just because its on a terrain piece? and 50% or more counted as cover, but also including that a model is in cover if it is 50% blocked even if it is not within the terrain piece. I just feel there is not clear guidelines on what is and isn't cover.
  13. Saturday 19th October 2019 (9am - 5.30pm) Just pinging a group here for any questions, concerns or banter.Spear the Rear is an AOS event to take place at Entoyment this October.There are 30 places available. All details are in the attached rules pack. Tickets are £15.00. There will as always be trophies and prizes.We hope you can join us!https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl66wvuq2dp2v9t/SpearTheRear19%3A10%3A2019.pdf?dl=0 Runners 1) War Mill (paid)2) Piotr Włodarczyk (paid)3) John Wood (paid)4) Henrik Reschreiter (paid)5) Dave Cooper6) Anthony Moylan (paid)7) Mike Parker (paid) 😎 Mike Parker plus 1 (paid)9) Gary Fisher10) Tim Martin (Had to stand in as we had a last minute drop out) Final results in attached photos if you want a full breakdown on the split of your scores you can access it via the app if you don't have it drop me a message and i and send it to you especially the top 5 where you all had 3 wins.
  14. That looks awesome definitely up my street I'll put in my calendar for next year
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