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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/age-of-sigmar-2000pt-painted-and-based-slaves-to-darkness-army/193457891451?hash=item2d0afd287b:g:sT4AAOSwfL9etw24 Reserve is at £105 can't see it going for much more happy to take the post down if you've got some unpainted troggs you want to trade for it Full 2000 post army, 1x forgeworld dp 1x 3rd party dp with bloodthirster axe, 2x gw sorcerer lord, 1x 3rd party (dr from carnevale, 5x5 knights with enscrolled weapons full command, chaos war shrine, I run it as plague touched battalion 2000pts on the dot, comes with battle tome, gw cards, and some homemade tokens to help play the army. Fun to play with and easy to setup just getting rid to raise funds for my troggs. Feel free to message or comment for more photos some photos on the link
  2. I completely agree with different points in different factions, for example nagash is far superior in OBR he knows all spells and plus 1 to save when petrifex yet the same points in LON, but then some factions don't need it like khorne (love my khorne) reapers, blood lords and gore tide are all on the same level whereas skull fiend no one takes it not ever. So I am firmly with the vote for individual points costs but thats just a dream, some units points or stats are outrageously bad and GW don't do anything to balance them battle tomes come out with glaring errors, so that needs to be sorted before anything else. But with no context or true insight into the rules process we have no idea how many people are working on it, feasibility and costs etc so having an opinion is great but could it actually be done and maintained is another question. (I just visualise 2 guys or girls grafting away at the rules with no company or managerial support expected to sort all the rules out)
  3. yeah, or i thought on step further, every table has a red and blue set sealed at the start of the tourney, with 2 sealed back gammon dice as the priority dice, then those dice stay on that table so no player ends up using the same set up dice twice. Though this probably for another thread but if people were serious about making t sports grow thats the way to do it. Though financial viability of good quality dice with painted sides may make it impossible, for example 2 competition level approved backgammon dice cost £11-15, I thought cheeses were pretty good but after some research they're not.
  4. Gaming the other day and actually discussed this winning by 1- VPs should definitely be a minor victory minor loss and would also then negate almost any need to track Kill points at a tourney and would also mean a tighter leaderboard across a 2day tournament as it is at the moment only certain battle plans are you likely to see major and minors knife to the heart, blood and glory, gift from the heavens.
  5. not knowing the process makes it difficult its easy to pass judgement, but each army must be an epic undertaking with a lot of effort put in and a lot of people only notice the mistakes, I could go on forever on how good the game is and each design and battle tome but heres my criticisms 1- Releasing start collecting boxes without the unit upgrade options- ie slaves to darkness and not having the models released so I can buy them, having silly long waiting periods for models and not having models available- I would suggest a back order system - an example of the process that would work 1- when sisters battle battle force was sold out have an order system that has the money pending for 30days if they manage to get 100 of these in the allotted time they would put in the order (numbers circumstantial would have to be what ever is cost efficient for them to still make a profit) this would stop individuals buying and then selling at higher prices. Also release the damn models it is first and foremost a game not being able to get a model because its out of stock or only available in said boxset is B/S its bad marketing and business, to begin with its great drives up hype and sales but eventually crashes because people get sick of it and move on to games where everything in it is available. at minimum a timeline of when already released models will be available should be provided. 2- Proof reading - 50 odd players in their play test group and not one person picked up things like the nurgle dp ability? but i don't know how the system works has it already gone to print before the test it? or do they get a pdf? so many questions but they need to proof read it have it read by several people that play the game to see how they interrupt it, 3- I'd love if I bought a book to at least get a discount code to use it on the azyr app, for me having the books important I love a physical copy nice to sit and read than stare at phone but for gaming app battle tome is much better. 4- With balance I'm not to bothered Ill just buy and play armies that I think are cool and it will never truly be a balanced game, though there is definitely a lack of communication between designers of battle tomes at minimum new armies need to be tested against each other, and be 50/50 even if they they are both stronger or weaker than the meta. I've got no problem with some armies being stronger it makes some games more challenging, but they do need to be fun and dynamic for the game, the only bad example I have of a release is the bone reapers they're are boring to play with and against. 5- I'd love to go to a tourney where each player is given a pack of sealed dice and they are the dice you use for the tournament. (just thought i'd throw it in) I'm not really into bashing GW but these should be easy fix, they have done an excellent job and models are so much better than when I played fantasy 17-18 years ago and I love how dynamic and vast AOS has become, the problems seem to be management errors and simple oversights that could easily be fixed.
  6. just follow the terrain rules, when running our tourneys I try to ensure there are at least 2 large LOS blocking pieces on each table along with 4 other large pieces and 4 small, making the 10 required pieces for a table. Also theres so many good manufacturers of terrain out their being listed to just GW terrain is silly. (warmill, dark fantastic mill etc) or for basic affordable full table £40 terrains4games. Ive got a couple of ophidian archways and although fantastic in design they are far from LOS or movement blocking pieces also 10 gw pieces 1 table would set you back £300-450 and no way near as good as stuff they used to produce witch fate tor, orc encampment, dwarf mountain, the absolutely massive tower that extended to building. Limiting you games to just AOS scenery seems mad, until they bring more affordable options and actual LOS blocking. Unless its a GW store, also my options might be a bit out as we have all games at our store and all the terrain is provided I just have 7 tables to help supplement them when running tourneys.
  7. Troll trader will be down this first day of the tourney if your looking for some bargains or have any old armies to trade in. https://www.facebook.com/TheTrollTrader/
  8. you just need some bigger terrain solves all problems most people are still playing with terrain from warhammer fantasy days where a hill blocked LOS or the tree is only twice the size of a blood warrior or to thinly packed or going off gw terrain with a billion holes in it just because it looks fancy a nice 6-8inch wide 8-10inch tall rocky outcrop, tower, building, column should do the trick bang a few of of those down and it really enhances the game.
  9. So you've ignored the FAQ, I'm not saying your wrong I'm looking for the correct ruling and unfortunately your hypothesis undermines itself therefore undermining your entire view. 1) FAQ reads every turn so it would not be an infinitive number, it would be per turn as per the FAQ 2) First Paragraph ends with a full stop not a colon or semi colon ending that paragraph which GW use frequently to list condition effect but not ending the sentence, had it been continued it would be an easy reader example you use a colon to make a list not a full stop. Thats to end a sentence though my grammar stops at GCSE grade C level 18 years ago which is basically forever. 3) Your never ending attacks makes no sense as you including every phase and Faq reads every turn. Phase is different to turn 2 player turns divided into phases per battle round which undermines your argument had you not put this sentence or section in I would readily accepted it and just say he's the most overpriced model n the game as battle round 2 coming he could not do the output as a 270 bt of insenate rage he'd need 9 attacks and still not be able to do the damage output in the time taken to accumulate them. 3) Why put every turn if its not intended for every turn? why not once per battle round or in stead of remains in reserve delete those words then it would only be in your turn, so many different ways to make it easier to read. You have remained in reserve in your opponents turn condition of remains in reserve in that turn met, if he has not remained in reserve wheres he gone? I'd be a bit peeved but also amazed if he's gone for a brew. 4) It's not split as an option just an effect of whether he comes down or not. So end of my movement phase I stay up fair enough who wouldn't plus 2, now your TURN end of your movement phase, he's remained in reserve condition met, add 2 to the attacks. Where has it broken the rules? The only thing I have to do is remain in reserve to gain attacks, but in my turn I have to declare whether or not he's coming down just like and unit in a stormiest army deployed in the sky you must declare it coming down. (I'm not even running him now found a worse army trying to make good till it gets FAQ in a week but a solid answer would be good)
  10. Unfortunately hence how the debate came up and then only getting 50?50 replies of people playing both ways through FB. The paragraph reads at the end of your movement phase you must declare whether or not this model is staying in reserve end of paragraph space new sentence. Now the next sentence in a new paragraph If this model remains in reserve add 2 to the attacks, now he remains in reserve both in your turn and mine with the faq referring to both, now ive played players who've played it both ways, and its never been a bother but running tourneys if this was asked id be inclined to go with RAW because if i can argue it and not really see a hole in the argument then Id have to give them the call. For me i'm an easy going player and when i use him its going to be with dispossessed so he's doing one turn in the sky then dropping anyway so makes no difference. I just want to make the right call if ever in the position and feel it was something missed in the FAQ.
  11. What is the correct ruling for the Celestant Prime and Ghal Maraz, does he gain plus 2 attacks when he is in the opponents as he is in reserve and the FAQ reads every turn that he is in reserve or is it only in the Primes turn that he recieves the attacks. At the moment we've only had split decisions so I thought I'd ask here, solid answers and explanation why would be much appreciated don't just say yes because you want it. I can see RAI should be once a battle round but RAW to me reads per turn as he is in reserve in opponents I can't see why he wouldn't.
  12. One day event held at entoyment poole. hope to see you all there get some banter going post a few picks of your army, or super sneaky post a pick of what your not bringing. Ticket link - https://entoyment.co.uk/event-tick/store-events/the-waaagh-warmup-aos-itc-gt.html Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/events/2324561604465840/ Generals Generals (paid)1- Simon Holdridge (Legio ix)2- Andy burgess (Legio ix)3- Andrew Mullan4- Carl Hewson5- Thomas Richardson (Legio ix)6- Henrik Reschreiter (Legio ix)7- Dave Cooper (Legio ix)8- War Mill (Legio ix)9- Matthew Byrne 10- Gabrielle Sosso11- Martin Clarke (Hampshire Hammerers)12- Richard Belfield (Legio ix)13- Hamidreza khabbazan (tunsgate tyrants)14- Eliot Haugh (South Wiltshire Wargamers)15- Jake Valten Harding (FBG)16- Simon Walker Bircham (South Wiltshire Wargamers)17- James Brown18- Piotr Włodarczyk (Eon Szczecin)19- Anthony Moylan (legio ix)20- Joe Hadfield (legio ix)21- James Wilson (legio ix)22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-
  13. TBH even without inflation it works out cheaper than when I was playing 6th edition fantasy roughly £7 for 3 troll slayers/metal miners/ironbreakers/longbeards = £56 for a unit of 20 plus extra for command so I am all for it also lets take into consideration that since then (15years ago there has been steep inflation) so for 4-units of my old dwarf army (when a punt could buy you a lot more) I could have 4 start collecting or 2 battle force boxes. Price is not the dictator for me personally but what I have done is knuckle down and finish my armies before buying new stuff unless I really want it, literally have a never endingkhorne army and want to finish my cities then I still have some seraphon, so this year will be cheaper than last maybe just a few models then about half way through next year probably be expensive
  14. until

    Pack will be updated to reflect that we will be running the tourney in the adjacent solent hall so we have more space to game and not overcrowded or interrupted by traders but ticket price still includes free entry to the trade show and there will still be a long lunch so you can have time to look round the stalls or go out for food?grab a nap at your hotel.
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