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  1. Lets start with WFB I loved it but at the end of the day it was just fancy chess, the only way my dwarfs were fighting first was if i got a charge off which mostly never happened (mostly played against elves and their higher initiative). Ive had my love and hate for the double turn but it is what is and it's a core mechanic learn to play it and screen to negate it it waffling and whining won't change it. They only true fix would be to play AOS like necromunda complete it all activations with a unit then opponent does a unit etc yet this would still have problems so you would have to break it down more. So you would have alternating hero activations, then alternating movement, then alternating shooting, then alternating charges then alternating combat. Now this would be awesome but it would take forever, entry into the game would be lengthy therefore putting off newbies, (just spent a day doing intro aos and looked at some of the other games going on and thought not a chance i have enough a tokens as it is and they've got 10x that in a game with 4 models each) though it would mean that the game would then be just 5 turns not 10 as the whole battle round would be rolled into one. Its the most balance way I can think up and just stole it from necro and broke it down. Give it a go. Simply roll off first activation hero phase- alternate then the person who finishes their activations first gos first in the movement phase M phase- same drill Shoot- Same drill Charges - Same Drill Combat - Same drill Should be more balanced for you and should balance it out. (i have no intention in doing this unless unless it becomes core rules)
  2. Seems like you have a decent base you actually have a decent 1000pt army just split the dire wolves into 2x5, they will be able to feed you better info on allegiance traits and artefact the only limiting factor is you need your necromancer as general to receive a command trait and he also has to take the artefact.
  3. Yeah thats the point of the thread, even playing casual you still need a decent base, running my wanderers is like playing on hard mode, almost the same with khorne though they are mid tier. I find the painter/collector doesn't really need advice unless their goal is to play. Most don't want super competitive but also don't want to get smashed all the time. Also it's to save people unnecessary purchases, every khorne player will own at least 1 bt 1blood secretor and 1 slaughter priest they will also have some flesh hounds and letters for summoning. Khorne is almost a secret horde army to be playable. If you have purchase advice initial 1000points for your faction it would be really helpful in the comments. If you have
  4. Sorry it's more a question where are ITC missions? What are they? Why are they bad/boring? Still going to just run GW ones rolled for or pre announced before the day but should really do some research on this a point in where I can find them would be appreciated and the reasons why they are boring/bad/etc would also be appreciated
  5. Yes and no. Sometimes the cheapest is not always going to give the player a good load out and give them anything to expand on SCs are great value but only if your going to need those models. In the khorne example theres no start collecting except the daemons, the proper box of blood warriors includes the gore glaive standard and musician and reavers get meat ripper axes, vs SC reaver blades and no command option for BWs. The old wrath monger skull reaper box was an awesome option. And as placed in the fyreslayer comment included 1 SC and loaded out with other models. Its also about me expanding my knowledge so recommending to newbs so they don't end up with loads of stuff they won't use as I put i'm limited to khorne diss and wanderers knowledge and with khorne SC Mortals buy 1 max if at all.. In my example the secretor the priests and the BTs SC Daemons and half WandR will all see use no matter which way they go with their army yes they might not use them all all the time but the majority fit in most battalions.
  6. I've been running ITC tourneys and I don't even know what ITC missions are we just run GW missions, either rolled for or announced in the rule packs, and for a local tourney I placed in one of my own design.
  7. Like it Love it Hate it, Double turned by skaven or Ironjaws you might as well just pack up, but I kind of like the fight back to try and get the objectives and pull of a win
  8. I creating this thread a useful tool to help newbs and old hands. What would you advise for someone starting in your faction. The purpose of the post is to post 1000 and 2000 point lists (aretfacts not really necessary can include battalions) that won't get smashed up straight away and will stop them just buying random models that cost them in the end and just sit in the box of shame hoping to save people money in the long run. Why- Best value for money is not always best value for your wallet, when coming back into the hobby it was this new rule of cool buy it it looks cool it will be fine on the tabletop, NOPE,(when I first started out 16 years ago the guys in the gw store would build a solid foundation around a faction you like I want to replicate this advice in my local independent retailer) in fact only 5 blood warriors and a bloodsecrator see the tabletop out of my first 150 quid back into the hobby. Now I'm stubborn play more get better buy some decent unit's but if someone new had spent 150 quid or more on an army to find out its rubbish once they've built and painted they may put off. I want to be able to give good advice to our local gaming group and Newbie AOS players and what will be the best value in the long run for the player for the army they want. For example a Khorne player Bloodsecrator 2x slaughter priest 2x10 blood warriors gorefists 2x 10 blood reavers with meat ripper axes gorepilgrims skull altar 1000 pts now its not amazing but its a solid foundation and easily expanded to larger games and even smaller games you will still use bits from this cost 168.50 I've avoided the start collecting as you only get reaver blades, no gore glaive, no standard musician etc, expand to 2000pts 3xBloodthirsters advice magentise best preference or 1 of each 255gbp again not ground breaking but they then have a solid 2000pt list which is easy to add and remove models they won't get smashed off the table every game, I'd advise them on trying to get half wrath and rapture and a start collecting daemons box. so another 100quid. obviously if they expressed an interest more in the mortal side I'd give them different advice wrath mongers, skull reapers, crushers, and still advise the half of wrath and a start collecting daemon and 1 bt for summoning. Now my knowledge is pretty limited to khorne, dispossessed and wanderers so asking your ideas your solid foundations for your faction. NOTE: this is not a who has the better list post its a post about helping others build a solid foundation so they can play a decent game while they workout whats best for them without buying 4 start collecting using 10 percent of it and that 10 percent need converting. Many thanks Guys and Girls all list suggestions with reasons are much appreciated.
  9. Hi mike as put in the original post, realm rules, spells and artefacts support the non battle tome and really dated battle tome armies, and battle tome armies still have access to them, but I can see how having no realm realm rules would make for a very smooth event and actually may attract more players especially the casual ones so it has a plus side there, downside is sometimes casuals don't even know the rules to their own army (I'm not saying all) maybe advertising an all comers event minimal painting restrictions no realm rules is a really good idea. Combating the realm rules is either having multiple realms so you may one get one bad match or using 1 realm and several of features. But no realm rules is a disadvantage for all old and non existent battle tome armies so well over half. Definitely going to run a simpler format day though its a good point.
  10. Fully painted painted in most respects is usually, just some base colours and textured paint on the bases, so that in the future you can keep painting, a couple of different base layers (3) is the usual min, I think many mis understand this part of the rule. Obviously we all want more but for avid painter it might take a long time to be satisfied, in our last tourney one of the players is an amazing painter but so slow he might finish in 2099 I think to his standard he had only finished his blood reavers 140 and a wrath axe 60pts out of 1500 points, but what he did was the base layer of each mach component so that when he picks the up again to paint he can just crack on. And based all his models
  11. It's all good stuff, to take into consideration, maybe run some relaxed events without painting requirements and other events with them.
  12. Ahh skaven I see, nah only joking, hard for me to sympathise with this as I run my own business, early to late, and still get it done, but theres lots of easy ways to do stuff especially with the new contrast, lets take a block of 40 clan rats, Spray Brown, then stand above them spray black lightly and slightly further away, apply agar earth shade, metallic silver or bronze on the tip of each weapon, texture paint the base, black or brown the rim. 3 colour minimum met even got a shade with light highlight look, and also if you choose you can go back at any point and keep painting the models as they only have base colours on them. Though scoring someone lower for unpainted could be done at more relaxed events I don't know how many you would get if they knew they had no chance of winning.
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