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  1. I said 4000 points, because my favorite selection of 10,000 wasn’t available.
  2. I regret clamoring for the combining of armies into "Legions", because I thought Spiderfang and Moonclan both had enough going for them to be their own factions.
  3. Stormcast Chamber opens. Something on the semi small side like Extremis. Slaanesh and Moonclan have already been pretty much confirmed. Shot in the Dark: Collegiate Arcane. Look again at the Moonclan poster, it’s signed by a member of the order.
  4. 1. Regularity with posting. The YouTube Algorithm will destroy you if you aren’t posting regularly. 2. improvement of the end product when things are clearly off. There is so much that can be done with a basic software editor. 3. You can edit your audio in post if your face isn’t on camera. This lets you speak your mind and take out the uhhs later. 4. Background music at a low volume will distract from the jumps in sound. Things people like: Strategy/Battle Reports Painting Tutorials Honest Opinion/Insight Comedy Things People Don’t Like: Dull Monotone/Personality Personal Projects
  5. 2018: I'm 15 days away from completing last year's resolution of doing something hobby related every day for the full year. Pros: I got a lot of models built and painted, including ~3500 point army of Stormcast. Cons: Bringing painting supplies on vacation, those days where it became 11:45 and I still hadn't done anything because I wasn't feeling it. Neutrals: Nobody watched my awkward VLog. I don't recommend sticking to the must do something every day regiment. I do recommend painting and modeling as often as you feel it though. 2019: Take a day off from the hobby, get into exercise, learn something new (the guitar?), and finish some armies (Shooting for 6 1,000 point armies).
  6. Are GW squeamish about the Enrapturess? A 360 view isn't available to get painting help.
  7. The hardest part is explaining the amount of the purchases. Where I’m lucky is that my job alone covers all of our expenses and I still have some leftover for some gaming purchases, and she still has her savings to do as she pleases. But in all seriousness, if you are on a budget and trying to get out of debt, please don’t be buying models.
  8. Am I reading too much into how we have a Skaven section, but not a Clans Pestilens? R.I.P. Greenskins. May your last words be quoted on your tombstone, "Waaaagh!"
  9. My only complaint is that they released during Christmas No Mans Land. I've already spent my money and made my gift-list, this isn't getting bought.
  10. 1. I’ve never heard anyone use the word “dearth” in conversation in my thirty years of life, and yet this is the third time I’ve read it in a week. 2. I think too often newcomers (myself included in this group) are too overwhelmed by the number of rules we are trying to keep straight, that we miss a lot of the theory portion. Ex: we have put out an army with 3xfreeguild Guard, only to realize at the start of the battle that they are effective en made. 3. List making is Step One to playing well. Playing with a better list than a better player with a weaker list may give me a game early, building my confidence in playing. Playing a bad list will lose me games because while I make bad matchups, i may be misappropriating my loss to bad memories models instead of becaus of our poor play. 4. Often I could use two things: -A quick synopsis on how to get the most out of a unit (ex, Bestigors are supposed to charge the enemy) -A list of counters for my army against others -Knowing which unit will be most effective against certain enemy unist
  11. It has not been tried here on TGA, because all we have ever had on TGA is this thread. Honestly, it would look a lot like this: Dakka . Currently there’d be a few active threads in the forum: Wrath and Rapture, Moonclan, etc, and threads for previous rumors (Nightvault, AoSv2, Beasts of Chaos, etc). You'd may also lower a few of the speculation threads on the main forum (the Wrath and Rapture one for example). That whole thread would be great discussion that could have taken place in this thread, but it would currently be buried under a ton of comments.
  12. No. Missing product is never a “deal with it situation”. Imagine buying a car from a dealership, but they forgot to put in the engine. This is also still up on their website without any sort of notification or disclaimer, with the same picture that shows everything. Then there is the fact that they appear to be going against their usual Customer Service and not issuing any replacement parts. They can ask for proof of purchase, which is either the receipt, or if they are to be trusted, the barcode ripped off the box.
  13. IMO, I think we need a rumor forum, just to separate the rumors and discussion from one another.
  14. My account of things, I recall on launch day that it wasn’t listed among the preorder terrain button, but that you had to dig through pre-orders to find it. My local FLGS did not receive one on launch day (States) and I had to order it separately through them (Which I didn’t receive until today). So I have this funny idea that they may have known there was an issue with the box.
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