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  1. SuperHappyTime

    New. Need help on what to get.

    Many a player buy Dragon Blades and convert/paint them to look more like Vampires. Also, I will suggest Nighthaunt as an army alternative to Deathrattle, but if you go that route, you won’t be able to bring in Black Knights.
  2. SuperHappyTime

    Azyrite Townscape

    Looks like it’s only half of the Azyrite Ruins Set. Did anyone else’s LGS not have the Azyrite Townscape available?
  3. Okay, humor me for a minute (or if you are British, humour): What if the next story event involves Destruction doing something akin to the End of the Realms that Nagash tried to pull? Maybe the Moonclan decide to embrace the moon a la Majora’s Mask and pull it into the Nine Realms. The stupid absurdity that can only be answered with “Where in the nine ****** is a moon in the nine realms?” Its stopped again by the rats, who are now introduced to the setting as a different menace to the Realms. Slaanesh comes next of course, but the Horned Rat is sly indeed.
  4. Some outside the box ideas of Destruction and Slaanesh: 1. The next Elves. Malekith/Malerion has not had his force revealed, and Teclis and Tyrion still have a few other elf races brewing too. 2. Something more on Allarielle’s band of wandering elves. 3. Another race that had hid (see IDK and KO) revealed to us 4. Another mortarch on the move for the Death GA 5. Humies finally get some love 6. Skaven Shenanigans (yes yes)
  5. SuperHappyTime

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    Not being able to criticize is a problem. GW isn’t perfect. The Soul Wars Box didn’t fit together in a similar fashion to most kits and the product deserves some criticism for being user friendly in a different manner. But if GW are going to penalize those who criticize, that’s propoganda.
  6. SuperHappyTime

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    I was burned badly by the KO Start Collecting coming out earlier this year (Literally everything I had bought), I held off on buying most anything. It took eight months, but my patience will finally be rewarded. Food for thought for next year.
  7. SuperHappyTime

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    I knew one of them were on foot Also, yes, the Start Collecting Box May be a better starting point for newer/budget players.
  8. SuperHappyTime

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    King is more likely. But it’s funny you brought up Fyreslayers SC, because there is a Magmadroth in it, which was originally $110.
  9. SuperHappyTime

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    Based on ¥23,000, boxes will be priced at the same $170/£100/€130 as last year. A few other notes: Cauldron/Bloodwrack Shrine comes with a Medusa/Avatar of , whichever you don’t build on the behemoth. Carnosaur Box has an option for a Scar Vet on foot (he’s the big pink thing on the left) I predict we will also see a Start Collecting with a Leviadon in it sometime next year.
  10. SuperHappyTime

    Ideas for a new AoS gamign store name.

    There’s a Gauntlet Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. You could also consider naming it after a location you’d find in a fantasy setting, like “Hobgoblin’s Hideaway” or “Cave of Dweebs”
  11. SuperHappyTime

    Wrath and Rapture

    From the vid it looks like: 10 Bloodletters, 5 Flesh Hounds, 3 Bloodcrushers, 10 Daemonettes, 5 Seekers, 3 Fiends I assume also a Slannesh Hero (Harpyst) and Karanak (Based on rumors, and that we didn’t see any heroes)
  12. SuperHappyTime

    Wrath and Rapture

    The new vid for those who hadn't seen it:
  13. Legalese ruins everything. That statement just sums up why I think The 9th Age isn’t a good product (great game, just a strange bunch of nerds running it behind the scenes)
  14. Ollie, are you fearful that if we combine factions that they can’t be split off again later down the road? The way I see it now, AoS has multiple armies that can’t compete for time with others because they are too small, not as fluffed out, not competitive, and won’t be any of those until they receive the book focus that the others have received. Warmahordes has done a great job of taking their 9+ factions and developing multiple (3-5) different themes for each. There’s no reason they can’t make a Thunderscorn faction next year, or a full Firebellies faction at a later date if it is recombined with Gutbusters to make both armies more likely to be played short term. Those army themes still exist.