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  1. Nice job mate! Love the mix of old and new models.
  2. My goal is to finish painting my Forge World Gloomspite units. So that means: - Base the Night Goblin Shaman (finished highlighting him last night!) - Paint the Squig Gobba - Paint the Colossal Squig Wish me luck!!
  3. I'm really stoked for all these new and improved battle plans. Out of all GW's games, I think AoS has the most well designed battle plans. Adeptus Titanicus gets a close second.
  4. Look at all those alliances for Destruction armies. I guess an insatiable hunger for flesh makes one quite diplomatic.
  5. Am I the only one who saw the Unmade and thought "Tzeentch"?
  6. Am I the only one who saw the Unmade and thought "Tzeentch"?
  7. Awesome! I'm very curious to see what these eerie reflections will be.
  8. Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the feedback. The Glymmsforge hero tracking stuff sounds really cool. The friend I'm playing with did that campaign, so I'll run that idea by him to see what he thinks. We altered our plan just a little bit, so Phase 2 is going to be done using Path to Glory rules. As you suggest, I think this is going to unlock even more narrative potential. As for battleplans, the Design studio folks should definitely feel appreciated! AoS has some really amazing battleplans. I've played several of them multiple times, and always have a really unique experience. I'm pretty bad at posting battle reports, but I'll try to remember to do so just in case you (or anyone else) is interested in how this experiment progresses.
  9. Holy moly, I'm so mad I missed this!! What a steal.
  10. Hi All, This is my first time posting, so please forgive any mistakes I make. A friend and I are planning a narrative campaign for the summer. The campaign will be loosely based off the plot of the AoS novel Gloomspite. I will be playing the gitz, and my friend has a Cities of Sigmar army from Phoenicium in the realm of Ghyran. We are thinking that the campaign will have three phases: Infiltration, Infestation, and Open War. Each phase will consist of three battles, plus one culminating conflict. We thought it might be fun to award bonuses or penalties based on the outcome of each battle. We want these rewards and penalties to enhance the game, not throw it out of balance or make things unduly complicated. I've pasted our rough draft for the campaign below (warning: contains mild plot spoilers for Gloomspite). I'd love to hear anyone's feedback, both on the campaign as a whole, and on ways we can keep it balanced. Oh, and let me know if you have any battleplan recommendations. We are still figuring those out. Thanks in advance!! Phase 1: Infiltration (All battles except Culmination fought using Warcry rules) 1. Basement under the Fire and Ice Tavern (The goblins have tunneled into here. A unit of city watch have been sent to investigate.) - If goblins lose, they do not get to recruit any squig units for the first battle of Phase 2. (Their fungus tunnels collapse!) - If Cities lose, they cannot use faction abilities for the first battle of Phase 2. (They lost fellowship!) 2. Alchemists workshop (The goblins are after bottles.) - If goblins win (They get the bottles!): One of their wizards knows one additional spell from the Moonclan lore list. - If Cities win (They take a hostage!): One of their wizards gains +1 to unbind Goblin spells. 3. Sewers (The goblins are growing mushrooms) - If gobins lose, they cannot recruit any Fanatics (no looncap shrooms!) during Phase 2 - If Cities lose, they cannot recruit any Fyreslayers (No fyreslayer brew!) during Phase 2 Culmination: The Guvner's Mansion (Goblins crash the party) - Goblins win: Gobs get to use Light of the Bad Moon faction ability during every round of one non-Culmination battle during Phase 2. Must decide the battle beforehand. (Gork and Mork are pleased with the spread of moon-induced madness!) - Cities win: Get a free cast of Everblaze Comet Endless Spell during one non-Culmination battle of Phase 2. (Sigmar smiles upon you, for your ability to stop the vomit lunacy from spreading) Phase 2: Infestation 1. The Barracks - 1000 point battle. Battleplan: The Relief Force from AOS core book (Phoenicium must rouse its forces!) Battleplan: ?? - Cities win: During Culmination battle, but before first battle round, the Cities general gets to decide where 300 points worth of Goblin units deploy (This is OUR city!!) - Goblins win: During the Culmination battle, but before the first round, the goblins get to remove one Cities unit from the game. (We ate a unit!) 2. The Eyrie - 1000 point battle. (The forces of Phoenicium desperately rush to save their city's mascot from becoming squigmeal!) Battleplan: ?? - Cities win: Allowed to recruit Phoenix (They saved the Phoenix!) for Culmination battle - Goblins win: Goblins are allowed to recruit Manglers (They ate the Phoenix!) for Culmination battle 3. The Gates - 1000 point battle to take control of the gates. Battleplan: The Great Wall from AOS core book (Phoenicium's leaders must Hammerhal of the gobbo invasion!) - Cities win: Allowed to recruit a bonus unit of Stormcast for Culmination (They got a message to Hammerhal!) - Goblins win: Grot units do not have to take Bravery tests during Culmination (Choppin off stuntie beards makes a gobbo fearless!) Culmination: Town Square. 1500 point battle. Battleplan: Night March (The city is shrouded in a thick haze of spores. Amid the confusion, the grots launch a chaotic assault to capture the Town Square!) - Goblins win: Get to construct Loonshrine during Phase 3 - Goblins lose: Do not get to construct Loonshrine during Phase 3 Phase 3: Open War 1. The Battle of the Fire and Ice Tavern - 2000 points battle. Battleplan: An Unfortunate Location, from Gloomspite battletome (The Goblins try to infiltrate the Fire and Ice tavern!) - Winning faction gains +1 bravery during Culmination (Liquid courage!) 2. Town Square, Round 2 - 2000 point battle. Battleplan: Shifting Priorities, from AOS Core book (A chaotic second attempt to retake the town square!) - Cities win: Cavalry units may deploy up to 8" outside deployment zone for Culmination battle (Vanguard deployment!) - Goblins win: Infantry units may deploy anywhere on battlefield outside 9" of enemy models (We own da sewers!!) 3. Battle for Smithy's Hill - 2500 point battle. Battleplan: ??? - Winning faction receives a bonus artifact for Culmination (Ghal Maraz!!) Culmination: The Castle Siege - 3000 point, winner takes all battle. Battle Plan: The Shrouded Sanctum, from White Dwarf 452
  11. However it turns out, I can't wait to see it!
  12. Bone and stone walls with Nadirite gates.
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