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  1. Tried adding some colour instead. Not sure.
  2. Something not on the list but was in the way. Skull Pass gobbo t-pee / torture tent?
  3. Did a little bit more colouring to the Fort walls. I had in mind a dark look to it but this is kinda dark.
  4. Was able to finish the bases today. More Boingrots!
  5. Started base coat of Fort today. Hope to get a lot tomorrow
  6. Based units. Still need to receive my round bases but some paints came in today. yay!
  7. Things I would like to accomplish: 5 castigators, 5 liberators, 1 celestar Ballista - have the above, no corax base spray, 5 evocators - floating about in mail land (about 2 months now) 200 bases plus about 6 paints badly needed (also out in the world of mail and sitting in unopened GW stores 😹) for Duardin and gloomspite. what I can accomplish accomplish: 10 shadow warriors 😺
  8. I would love to grab one plus the organ gun just to have them. Will probably nite the bullet and eBay them
  9. Still the ever present basing to be done but the Boingrots have bounded. Plus the whole Boingrot cavalry. I took an old conversion (cold one/squig morph) and made him a Loonboss on a giant squig. Somehow that gnoblar just doesn’t look right but I don’t have another rider at the moment.
  10. @Chikrit those 8 hours were worth it! that sword is freakin awesome! the green eyes on green no less. Incredible another objective from a bygone age. Still need a base. 🤞
  11. This is one of my favourite units of all time. I have 2 of them in my wfb elf army.
  12. @NauticalSoup thanks very much! that bolt thrower actually had some parts missing when it showed up a few weeks ago so I had some fun putting it together. I also ordered a flame cannon at the same time at an awesome price. Only realizing later that I got a warmaster flame cannon lol. The army is an order army of 1720 points to fit in the war machines and I personally like the 2500 range sI I have room to grow with a proper flame and organ gun
  13. So this puts paid to my new Duardin army that will occupy Fort Stanley. I will be adding a runelord and cogsmith and whatever other cool units show up. This saga started maybe 12,13 years ago possibly longer with the starter sets and the dwarves that came with it. They all need new bases of course and maybe some day this year they will show up. I’ve got 5 evocators and 200 bases floating around the world for more than 2 months now. Hopefully they will show up.
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