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  1. My other ballista and I have new evocators and vanguard hunters. not sure how far I’ll get but I’ll try
  2. Although august this made it in in July 😺 castigators
  3. My last batch of liberators. With the lockdown, I couldn’t get hold of corax white so I had to substitute with another. still not @Chikrit’s level or finish but my castigaors will suffer the same fate. My evocators though, will have the corax. Also a flame canon to add to the Duardin guns.
  4. Gloomspite complete. Krasbog’s Gitz are ready for mayhem!
  5. Finished my Gloomspite. Krasbog’s Gitz hits the table top
  6. For July, I should be able to finish the transfer of 40 stabbas and 20 more shootas. my 5 castigators and 1 ballista mans finish my other 5 retributors Need to build my other 6 shadow warriors and 5 evocators. I thinks that’s all. 😺
  7. Only 1 group of shootas ready. the rest will have to go to July. Maldonado my evocators arrived after ordering them in March. No worries though, happy the floated the covid sea 😺
  8. With the arrival of new bases, I managed to transfer my old night goblins into my new battleline stabbas and shootas. just have to paint them now
  9. Still working on the liberators. Not ready yet and not exactly what I was looking for yet so no pic yet. Resurrected 3 old night gobbo’s and stamped them as ‘ Loonboss’s’
  10. Haven’t been able to text anything for a bit. Just a grey field but all is well now. Bases arrived so I was able to finish a few things and the whole army
  11. So the Duardin rounded up the upstart painters. Declared them heretical, had them drawn and quartered. The Knights Excelsior overlooked approvingly and decapitated them to underline their standards. New paint crew brought in with traditional tastes.
  12. Ha! Got feedback on the other site. Fort is off to be properly detailed. Will revisit with a new colour scheme. I can always refer back to this as something not to do 😺
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