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  1. Hunters are finally done. Time to bash some Gitz brain caps for some fun
  2. I got more done than I though last month. Still working on the van dusted hunters. will pledge them this month for sure.
  3. Up for painting. 5 evocators 10 vanguard hunters 10 shadow warriors I can only hope.
  4. Not as good as I hoped. Mostly built things but got a start on the shadow warriors and built the vanguards.
  5. Building is the part I hate. Yes hate. evocators built and based, shadow warriors same, started on the vanguard hunters. What’s depressing is that there are 9+ to go 😺
  6. Cellistar Ballista up! onward evocators I think
  7. My other ballista and I have new evocators and vanguard hunters. not sure how far I’ll get but I’ll try
  8. Although august this made it in in July 😺 castigators
  9. My last batch of liberators. With the lockdown, I couldn’t get hold of corax white so I had to substitute with another. still not @Chikrit’s level or finish but my castigaors will suffer the same fate. My evocators though, will have the corax. Also a flame canon to add to the Duardin guns.
  10. Gloomspite complete. Krasbog’s Gitz are ready for mayhem!
  11. Finished my Gloomspite. Krasbog’s Gitz hits the table top
  12. For July, I should be able to finish the transfer of 40 stabbas and 20 more shootas. my 5 castigators and 1 ballista mans finish my other 5 retributors Need to build my other 6 shadow warriors and 5 evocators. I thinks that’s all. 😺
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