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Found 17 results

  1. Wondering how to run a Grand Alliance of Death Army with FEC, LoN, NH, and OBR. Is there anything out there that has rules for that? I'm mainly asking because most death factions have their own mechanics and rules that they need to be able to run, and those are highly dependent on their allegiance abilities. Like OBR relentless discipline points. So I'm trying to figure out how to run an army made up of all death. I mean they have similar mechanics for the most part but just called different abilities. Also what would be used for battleline? Just the LoN battleline? Or battle line from any of them? If anyone has any suggestions or can direct me where to find rules for this it would be much appreciated.
  2. First game playing bonereapers any advice? My list is Arkhan the black Vokmortain, master of the tithe Soulreaper Soulmason Boneshaper Harvester 1 unit of 3 stalkers 3 units of 20 mortek guard 1 mortek shield corps 1 mortisan trident Any advice about who to be my general or what artifacts, command traits, spells and legion I should do?
  3. Hello everyone. I have a question that's been causing some heavy discussion between some friends of mine. Does the ability "Bludgeon" from the Petrifex Elite faction have any specific restrictions on when it can be used in a combat phase? It only seems to specify that it used "in a combat phase" unlike most that state a specific time or trigger within a phase. Can this be used mid attack roll? After saves? I've seen different people use this ability differently and it would be good to know exactly how it is used with something hard in the rules somewhere to reference. Thanks if you can help me out on this matter!
  4. I have a question regarding Aviarch Spymaster ability available for Katakros. It says: Once per turn you can roll a dice when your opponent receives a command point. If you do so, on a 4+ that command point is lost. I’m struggling to understand the meaning of „once per turn”. Does this mean I can make a roll for just one command point my opponent receives (e.g. at the beginning of their turn/hero phase) and if they get more in the same phase, I can’t make any rolls or I can make rolls for all command points they receive in a single phase (e.g. they get 1 command point at the beginning of their turn/hero phase and then in the same hero phase they use a special ability to generate additional CPs)?
  5. ~ I got that Old Black Magic, rolling in ~ More Pics: Work in Progress: After a year of mostly not working on it, I've finally finished painting my old school Arkhan on flying chariot conversion. I'm honestly really quite happy with it. Now I just need an army for him to lead. I'm not lacking the models for it, I’ve got like 20,000 points of warhammer undead in varying states of assembly & painting, but shamefully I only have exactly 5 fully painted models. ~ behold, the entirety of my collection, if you only count the stuff I've finished painting ~ Every couple years I’d throw together a ‘manageable starter army’ from the shame pile and pretend like I’m going to get it painted. And I'll make some progress, but never actually finish anything, and that’s probably how things are going to go this time too, after all it’s not like I don’t have four or five other projects waiting on hold, but w/e, finishing my Arkhan conversion has me feeling motivated, so I’m ready to try again. This blog seems a good enough way to track my progress.
  6. So I want to paint up a 1,000 point starter army for Arkhan to lead, but Arkhan can be used in a lot of armies - Bonereapers, Legions, and Grand Alliance Death. Plus in Tomb Kings armies 'Arkhan on a Chariot' has officially been run as Settra or 'Tomb King on Exalted Chariot' since the Compendium days, so there's yet another way to run him. And my shame pile is sufficiently massive that I could easily put together any of these lists, and honestly I like all of them, and hope one day to paint all this junk, so the question is less 'which will I try to paint' and more 'which will I try to paint first', which I guess I'll throw up a pole for here and see if anyone has suggestions for me. Here are the options I'm looking at right now: ... Null Myriad ... Legion of Sacrament ... Tomb Kings ... So those are the three options I'm looking at, and really I do like all of them equally, I think, and if I can sustain the effort I'd probably try to get all three done before expanding any one army out towards the standard 2k range. But that's putting the cart way before the horse, I have to get at least one of these three done before I worry about what I'll do after, so which one do you think I should start with?
  7. So, my latest diorama, is going to be an Ossiarch Bonereapers Necropolis by the stormy ghoulish sea. The only thing is, I don't know what to make the walls look like. In the battletome, it says that all the Necropolises are meant to be very similar looking, and the walls in the art are made of stone and bone. This makes me feel like I should do them like this, but I don't really know, because I think they look cool, but aren't that interesting. Another option is to make them solely out of bone, which was my original plan, but would be very difficult to construct. The last is to make them out of Nadirite, or at least plated in nadirite. For those of you who don't know, nadirite is the material that Ossiarch Bonereapers' shields, armour and swords. This could look really cool, and I could do some reflections of things outside, and it would be fairly simple to make. The problem is that it would be incredibly difficult to paint well. The thing is that I can justify it not being stone and bone, so I am torn about which one to do. So the answer is up to you. Please tell me what you think, and whichever gets the most votes, will be completed. Thanks!
  8. Welcome to my first blog post. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at this game. Most games I play I'm just an average player. But I love this game and will continue to play. A little bit about myself. I started around 2014 playing Warhammer 40K with Grey Knights. With a lot of people Dawn of War was my first real introduction into the universe. Fast forward a couple years later and a friend of mine pulled out some dwarves. My first thought was "These are small and what are those bases". He then offered to show me how to play using some old Empire models and I was hooked. After playing years of the "good guys" in 40K I wanted something very different. Thus began my journey into Death. My first models were Skeletons and Vlad von Carstein. I quickly got a 500 point army and played verse another friend who was beginning with Skaven. I swear he had 100 or so rats and I was panicking at my small force of (from terrible memory): Vampire Skeleton Blob Horrors Hexwraiths What I remember was I managed to mow down most of his army with the Hexwraiths and Skeletons and that he was shocked that mass bodies didn't work well. Sadly I never played another game of Fantasy after that. Fast forward to 2018 and Nighthaunt were just released. The inner Death armies in my were screaming to get back into the game. So I did. Started with the box collection and split it with someone at the LGS. I quickly assembled a 1000 point list and played my very first game verses my old roommate who had Sylvaneth (fun fact I play him regularly on weekends). Oddly enough I can't remember what I took other than Chainwrasps, Reapers, and "Vlad" as a generic vampire. Fast forward to 2019 and I sold my Nighthaunt because their play style didn't fit what I wanted. So next logical step? Flesh Eaters Court. Because over the years of painting and playing I always said I was terrible at painting flesh, so why not get an army that was basically flesh and bone? I ended getting a decent force for them and played in a couple tournaments and generally took top 3. But they again weren't my play style... Fast forward to April of 2020. I say "hey why not give this one last shot?" and picked up Ossiarch Bonereapers. I picked up the essentials and started reading about them and planning a paint scheme. I had no knowledge of what they were or how they performed I just new I wanted to stick with a Death army and their models are some of my favorites (Nighthaunt still win on being the coolest to me). So here we are today sitting at roughly 2500 points of Ossiarch Bonereapers. About a dozen or so games I played I am very much enjoying how they play. A nice brick wall of "elite" units that can act independently. The painting is very different than what I normally do for 40K and it's part of the challenge with the army. That's it folks. A little intro into me and the hobby that I very much enjoy. I am really hoping that I will stick with OBR, but only time will tell!
  9. Channel debuted for the Ossiarch Bonereapers Video link
  10. Hello, Looking to move on the Ossiarch Bone Reapers army I started before christmas. Full list of models in picture provided, with what state of built/undercoated/painted they are, and the weapon load outs. Each mortek guard unit has Hekatos, Banner Guy and Dual Handed Sword Guy. Ideally looking for Collection from Nottingham, and for the lot rather than splitting it up. If I get a definite offer not far under my asking price I will find a way to post safely and securely but UK only still. Looking for £350 or close offers. Reason for sale is that the Seraphon update finally arrived, and I have no desire to carry on with this army after that.
  11. OBR has allies in the story of Wrath of the Everchosen -Only a minor spoiler for WotE ahead, nothing about the conclusion. People who comment please avoid spoilers as well- So in the story of the book, one of the first things Katakros does in his plan to seize the Eightpoints is realize his units will hard pressed to push through the defenses of Chaos’ Dreadholds. In a move a smart general would make, he sends word to Lady Olynder to lead her procession as a vanguard for his forces as they can pass through the walls and gates with ease, and open the way for his soldiers. In the first battle, the death alliance even raises the bodies of the dead chaos defenders as zombies as send them through the Endgate as chaff to cover the OBR advance. This happens several times, showing narratively, that Katakros is not above using other types of undead when he rightly realizes that they would be better tools for the job than his elite troops. He willingly initiates alliances with Nighthaunt and Deathmages (who made zombies for him). Let OBR use, and be, allies on the tabletop. It would only take one sentence to solve the “relentless discipline for command abilities” problem, by not letting RDP be used for command abilities of non OBR units. It remains one of the more disappointing choices in my eyes that Nagash’s view of a united undead-topia are spearheaded by a force unable to take or be allied in other forces, solely because of poor design choices.
  12. Hi folks, this is my 1st post actually I was just wondering who do you think is going to win the battle for the eight points? I think that since the Ossiarch just got introduced with Katakros depicted as a one of the greatest generals who has ever lived, they need to make him suceed to establish how threatening he can be. On the other end Chaos has been on the defensive since sigmarines got into the fight and they could also use a victory.. What do you think? Is this going to turn into another stalemate or a decisive victory?? Can't wait to read your opinion!
  13. So, with a potential storming of the allpoints by Katakros, who do you think would win in a Katakros/Archaon showdown? The (n)Everchosen vs. the (mostly) Undefeated? Who's the better tactitian? How far will Katakros get? I mean, he probably won't conquer the Allpoints, but will he be able to establish a foothold in what could be the single most tactically important location in the realms? Find out next on...hang on, wait a minute, what? Anyway-Katakros or Archaon?
  14. Hi Guys. With the new Legions of Nagash tome i thought it was a good time to put some effort into the old army as vampire counts was always my first love ever since i started fantasy in 7th edition. So as a first step with the process into getting them all on rounds and give them the TLC required to be my pride and joy again, I decided to spend the time and make some game aid spell, ability and artifact cards similar to what Killax and others have done for the chaos factions. This not only got the undead juices flowing but gave me an excuse to read all the book properly Images are either from GW books or just plain old google images and i cant take any credit for any of the art so hope thats not an issue... (mostly MTG I think) Hope you guys find then usable/enjoyable. C&C or suggestions on art are always appreciated. Regards Dracan Edit * Added the latest version of LoN and Night haunt cards Edit * Added some card back options Edit * Added Artifacts of the realms cards Edit * Added FeC cards Edit * Added OBR cards Legion of Nagash Spell Artifact and Command cards.pdf Night Haunt Spell Artifact and Command cards.pdf Nighthaunt backs.pdf Legion of nagash backs.pdf Realm artifacts.pdf Flesh Eater Courts cards.pdf Ossiarch Bonereapers Cards.pdf
  15. The full pdf is in the link. Same deal as my Ogor Mawtribes and Kharadron Overlords – but no background table, campaign, or allies this time, just the raw warband. Enjoy, and please give me any feedback you might have! Warcry–OssiarchBonereapers.pdf
  16. toaae

    OBR Test Model 2

    Painted in the Petrifex Elite scheme, using recipes for all colors from the battletome, except the gold in the middle of the shield (weathered bronze in the Citadel Colour app).
  17. toaae

    OBR Test Model 1

    Painted in the Petrifex Elite scheme, using recipes for all colors from the battletome, except the gold in the middle of the shield (weathered bronze in the Citadel Colour app).
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