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  1. I am actually making a diorama at the moment, that is an ossiarch fortress, and I am basing it on the descriptions in the bonereapers book, so I found some good supplies to make the bookshelves, and bottles for some workshops and laboratories, here. It also has all sorts of other things to make scenery out of. I know it is not ideal, but I too have been scouring the web for ossiarch terrain, and have realised that unless I spend many, many hours online, I have to take matters into my own hands and build some terrain. I too have been very disappointed that they didn't release some scenery with the bonereapers, they probably made those battlements out of green stuff or something, then made a mould to make the impression that because of the uniformity it was going to be a set. I hope other people have better suggestions than me.
  2. The fact that you painted all of that alone is remarkable, but the Ghost Ship is absolutely beautiful
  3. I think that Games Workshop have created unique architypes for the 4 grand alliances, and one of the main one for new AOS death, is that it is difficult to get range unless you invest a lot of points in weak missile weapons like the tomb banshee's shriek which isn't a great option anyway. However, I do think that in the future, when they expand armies like Ossiarch Bonereapers missile weapons will start to creep into. However, I may be mistaken. I'm only quite new to AOS, so maybe I am not quite attuned to the ebb and flow of how games workshop releases products.
  4. N@g@sh


  5. Wow, they look really nice, I love that cool blue effect on the ghostly parts, and the blades are very well done. I also went for that kind of look with the blades for my 20 bladegheists, But I failed my edge highlighting 😥, so it didn't look great.l Luckily, I was just getting them battle ready, and will at some point improve them.* *This is what I tell myself at least
  6. How do you do a footer in your posts?
  7. Is there a may one? Or is it somewhere else.
  8. Lol, I haven't finished 10 Chainrasps since last month, all you people are doing far too much painting. Although, despite Lockdown, I still have a busy life, and not that much time to paint.
  9. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I can take out all the weird fonts if you want, They are just to get an idea of spacing and also I think the finished product looks much better. Did you read all the way through?
  10. This one is going to be our last one, I'm afraid, or at least for a while, I am starting to make a new diorama for armies on parade at the moment, but it is at very early stages. I have not included the part about the tower yet, and stuff like that because I did not take any good pictures for it. I may do another little outro as my next piece with the completed thing, but anyway let's get on with making the water and the lava. Then I started to do my water feature which was a complete tale of woe. I started to pour the liquid into a pot then I mixed it with orange and yellow paint to make it look like lava and I poured it into the pool. Sadly the foam absorbed it and I wasted loads of the expensive water resin. I asked my friend and he said I should put PVA glue as a protective layer. Then I persevered, tried again and poured it in and guess what? It went wrong again, it cracked as it said in the bottle if I put it too thickly, WHICH I DIDN’T!!!! I asked my friend and he said it probably didn’t react well with the foam, but he also said it looked pretty cool and lava-like so I just continued with my fingers crossed. Luckily it worked! My friend said that I should add a water section to contrast the lava. Since then I added a pond and fountain coming out of a shell. I was thinking that if I let it just be clear water it wouldn’t get the effect of water so I created a milky blue colour by mixing dark blue with lots of white. When it was dry (it takes 24 hours between layers) I put a clear layer of the water resin to look like water. I also added a bit of paint around the shell and created a halo or glow coming from the shell. Then I created a fountain effect by putting some clear resin and wait until it dried. Then I cut a strip and put it onto the half-dried clear layer and then when it was dry I added some more water resin onto the top and bottom and it is finished as a sort of omni-flowing fountain. Above is the strip put into the half-dried fountain and to the left is the part which I cut to create this fountain. (I got this idea from the video of how to use “Vallejo water effect” on Youtube) And also you can see the glowing effect around the shell above. I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and as I said earlier, it's not over, just not happening for a while. I may start another blog though about my models, so if you're interested leave a comment about how it should be. Also check out my other blog where I am playing a solo campaign on this battlefield. You can find it here. I hope that you enjoyed this!
  11. Second entry on the blog, and it is going to be as I hinted in the comments and in the last one, very big! So let’s get on with it. My roll on the exploration table was: Yes this time, it actually was a 2!! And if you know what that means you’ll be as scared as I was for this time Nagash was giving his heroes a true challenge. The Boss Fight! In this post when I write in italics, it means that I am writing story text and by the end of the campaign I will copy all the relevant pieces of story and create a little short tale of my adventurers. Also a thing to note is that I am playing on my themed board that you can see me making here, so that's why I talk about a trench and a hill, and if this blog gets 10 likes overall, I will see that people are enjoying it and take some photos. So far I have received one comment saying that they want photos, so I count that as 3 like, because it was very nice. The three heroes were relaxing mainly because the first challenge was just searching in the rubble for a treasure, which Vasilisa Rickenbacker was now practising with, they were alert however, as all dead things are to an extent, expecting a battle. Nagash wouldn’t be so kind just to reward them, then leave them unchallenged, and then they started to feel a slight sense of dread, with the anticipation that you feel when you are about to sneeze. Then they came. A horde of Chainrasps coming from the East, and leading them was Aberran, the Bitter Gatekeeper, Guardian of Souls. They swooped in from the trench with a foul glee for the battle that awaited them. Crixius Shadowend and Fonasphef the Exalted rose to stand with Vasilisa, who was locked in a death stare with her old nemesis, Aberran. “This is how he balances my reward then, I suppose.” she said while looking at her Slaking Blade. She swung it around once and without further ado the battle began. If you didn’t understand that (or just want to skip it), basically there is a Chainrasp Horde led by a Guardian of souls, coming from the east. I was lucky to only get one minion unit to face! Roll to see who goes first, and I get a 4, so it is me first. Though it was a surprise that this number of foes was approaching them, they just got up in time to face their foe prepared. Here I have made an exception to the rules, where I am allowing Fonasphef the Exalted (my Wight King, to be able to use his command ability on himself. And that is what he does! So he adds one to his attacks. Instinctively, Fonasphef speaks words of encouragement to his troops to spur them on, when he realises that they are not here and he may not see his beloved skeletons for a very long time, however, just thinking of his troops is enough to motivate him. Vasilisa attempts to cast Arcane bolt on the Chainrasp Horde and gets a 10. The Guardian of Souls, attempts to unbind the spell, and gets a 9. So close, but the spell is cast. Getting a 10 on Arcane Bolt means that it does D3 mortal wounds and I got a 6 so 3 Chainrasps are dead. In the cold fury of the Vampire Lady, a bolt of powerful energy is cast and directed straight towards the Chainrasps, Aberran tries to intercept it, and for a moment, it looked like he succeeded but it was too powerful for him and it obliterated three of his minions. Aberran glared at Vasilisa in silent anger. Crixius Shadowend, my Necromancer, attempts to cast Mystic Shield on himself. He gets a 12! Obviously the spell is cast. Selfish as ever, Crixius Shadowend casts a strange shield on himself to protect him from any damage. Being a Black Disciple of Arkhan the Black himself, the spell is easily cast going as he had practiced many times. The movement phase is as always, quite boring. (I know that it is all about strategy, but it is the phase I enjoy the least (except missile phase because I never have any missiles unless I bring Nagash or my Gothizzar Harvester) Basically, Vasilisa moves into the trench, Fonasphef climbs the hill, and Crixius Follows Vasilisa, but does not actually enter the trench. Vasilisa advances towards her rival,entering the trench as she does so, followed by the cowardly Necromancer. Then, Fonasphef tactically advances up the hill, hoping to lure the lesser ghiests towards him. As I said earlier, I don’t have any missile weapons, so this will be the only time you will see this, and I’m doing it to tell you I’ll never do it again. Next time I’ll skip it. Vasilisa charges Aberran, Crixius also charges Aberran and Fonasphef charges the Chainrasps. The three heroes move in to catch their prey. Whoohoo, the best phase😃! Also the longest phase😥. First of all, Vasilisa is attacking Aberran. 1,2,2,4 3 6 Nothing happens. Next Aberran is attacking back at Vasilisa. 4,4,6 2,4,6 (8 oh wait, that isn’t possible) 2,6 Vasilisa takes a damage. Nooooooo😰! Oh well, hopefully she will heal that later on. Next, Fonasphef attacks the chainrasps that he is surrounded by. 1,1,2,6,6 1,6 Basically that means that the damage is D3 5 Nothing happens. Next, the Chainrasps pile in Fonasphef, and then they attack. 1,2,2,3,4,5,6 Wow, even though there are 3 dead, this still looks like a lot of hits 2,3,5 5 Nothing Happens. Crixius then tries to hit Aberran with his stick. 1 How pathetic. Nothing happens (yet again) Well, that was uneventful. Instantly, Vasilisa starts slashing at Aberran with her Slaking Blade, but she only hits him a few times. Some of the hits are powerful enough to wound the Guardian, but due to his Ethereal nature, the blade passes through him. However it is enough to anger him even more and he instantly retaliates, wounding Vasilisa with his chill blade. He laughs triumphantly. Then Fonasphef tries to attack the chainrasps and he is about to behead one of them with his blade, when they nimbly dodge out of the way. Then they attack back, but Fonasphef’s armour is too strong, and their puny weapons do nothing to him. Then Crixius, eager to join in the fray, attempts to hit Aberran with his staff but fails miserably. The reason for this, is that he has never hit anyone with it before, and he does not know how to use it effectively. (this is true, it is the first time I have attacked with him, and I have used him in battles about 20 times. Shows how useless I think his stick is.) Not enough people are dead to do battleshock. End of my first turn (see how long this is? Hopefully, I won't have to do one this long again for quite some time.) Now for the enemies. Rampage! Rampage means that they attack now, and they are going to attack their sworn enemy (why wouldn't they), Vasilisa. 1,4,5 5,5 4,5 Nothing happens. Aberran is filled with the fury of battle, and he slashes at Vasilisa, trying to achieve what he did before. However, Vasilisa expected this and she dodged out of the way, the blade just missing her. Then the Guardian of souls uses spectral lure which brings back 3 chainrasps. Hold. Hold means that they do nothing. The chainrasps stay put however, leering at Fonasphef. Yay, combat phase again. The time where nothing happens. The Guardian of Souls attacks Vasilisa as always. 1,3,4 2,5 4 As I said, nothing happens. Then Fonasphef attacks the Chainrasps. 2,3,4,4,6 1,2,3,4 No beheading strike this time. 1,2 What something actually happened! How is this allowed? 2 more Chainrasps dead. That leaves 4. Damned Guardian of souls. Why did you have to bring them back? Then the Chainrasps fight back. 1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,6 Wow that's a lot of numbers. 2,3,4,6,6 1,2,4 Nooooooooooooooooo! Fonasphef takes 2 damage!!!! Ugh I shouldn’t have said that nothing happened in the combat phase. Next Crixius attacks the Guardian of Souls (don’t get too excited) 6 So good so far 4 Oh Yeah 6 Damnations!!!! Nothing happens again. And last but definitely not least is my Vampire Lady Vasilisa Rickenbacker attacking Aberran. 4,5,6 1,3,3 3,4 Aberran takes 3 damage. Yes! And Vasilisa gets 3 Slaking Blade points (did I say that they were going to stay between battles like the wounds) Yay. First of all Aberran attacks Vasilisa but his strikes are not powerful enough so they did not quite wound Vasilisa, with her Vampire skin. Then Fonasphef strikes the Chainrasps, and with a blur of skeletal energy he slays two of the puny ghouls. Then the Chainrasps fight back in anger and their malignant weapons break through Fonasphef’s armour making him even weaker. Then Crixius, learning the mastery of battle strikes Aberran with his staff and he hits, but then at the last moment, Aberran fades into a different position, making the staff miss him entirely. Then Vasilisa strikes Aberran with her Slaking Blade and succeeds at wounding The Guardian of Souls severely. Then Vasilisa feels power returning to her slowly as her Slaking Blade drinks up the spoils of battle. Yet again not enough people have died for Battleshock. Wow all that just in one battleround? I rolled the dice again and it is me first again which is good because I might have taken some more serious damage. Nagash’s chosen ones are still ready for action and have not been deterred by the malignant spirits facing them. Again Fonasphef uses Lord of bones on himself. One more attack this round. Cool. Crixius casts Mystic Shield on Fonasphef because he has the most wounds. He gets a 7 and Aberran's unbinding roll is 4 so now Fonasphef rerolls 1s on his save roll. Crixius Shadowend analyses the battlefield and sees that Fonasphef is the most wounded so casts a Mystic Shield over them and he feels a little strange, because he normally casts it on himself, but knows that the survival of his ally is vital. Then, in an instant, Aberran notices his move and tries to counter it, knowing that the spell would be terrible if it succeeded, but his unbinding went astray and the spell was still cast. Then Vasilisa casts Arcane Bolt on the Chainrasps hoping for the same result as last time, but she only gets a 6 on her casting roll, still, one Chainrasp dead is quite good. The Vasilisa shoots a bolt of energy at the Chainrasps for a second time, however, this time it is less effective. However, one Chainrasp is still obliterated by the powerful energy. Nobody moves. Nobody charges. Yay the combat phase again. Just to say before we begin if you have read this far, a very big well done, I hope you are enjoying it. Ok first of all Fonasphef the Wight King is attacking the Chainrasps, so that I can fully eliminate them. 1,2,3,4,5 Wow that was nice! 2,3,6 4,6 D3 damage but I rolled a 2 so only one Chainrasp dead. Pity. Then the Chainrasps are fighting back. 2,3,3,3,5 Nice, only one hit. 6 1 But wait! 6 Yes!!!! Next the Vampire Lady is attacking the Guardian of Souls 2,3,3,5 4,5,5 1,4,5 The Guardian of Souls takes a damage. He is on 1 health! Yes! Then the Guardian of Souls strikes back. 1,3,3 1,6 2 Damn. Vasilisa takes a damage. Next is our all powerful hero of the realm that definitely always does stuff. That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce Crixius Shadowend, all powerful Necromancer who is attacking Aberran. 1 Yeah I always knew he was useless. And the battle rages on, the Wight King beheads a single Chainrasp, leaving only two of them left, the two who now attack Fonasphef himself, but he is protected by the Mystical shield that Crixius casted. Then Vasilisa attacks Aberran, wounding him again, so that he has not got a lot of life left in him (or should I say death), then Aberran retaliates dealing damage to Vasilisa, and the Crixius attack the Guardian (what has the newspaper ever done wrong, why are you attacking it Crixius, (Crixius could never do any damage to anything, not even the Guardian) Also please do not start a political discussion in the comments, it was a joke) and does nothing. And that explains the To and Fro of the battle, however, it is slowly drawing to a conclusion. Yet again not enough people have died for Battleshock. End of my turn. This time, it was a lot faster. Now for the enemies. Twilight Translocation. So the Guardian of Souls is Translocating in the twilight, how interesting. This basically means that he is teleporting. And he is teleporting to the bridge over the lava stream. Then he tries to do his Spectral Lure, but he fails to cast, so no more little Chainrasps. Sensing that he is losing, Aberran the Bitter Gatekeeper disappears then reappears on the bridge over the lava stream. He cackles evilly thinking that he is safe. Then when he attempts to bring back his minions, he fails to cast the spell. He doesn’t care all that much though, because in his eyes, he is still winning. Hold The minions are Holding again, how very boring of them. (not that I’m complaining) The Chainrasps stay strong, and glare at Fonasphef. Ooh, how exciting, we are nearing the end. Let’s get this over with. First of all the Chainrasps attack Fonasphef: 1,1,3,4,6 6,6 4,6 Nothing happens. (Phew) Then Fonasphef retaliates. 1,1,5,5,5 Interesting. 2,6,6 3,4 3 Damage, yes all of the Chainrasps are dead!😃 Then no-one else can attack because Aberran teleported away. The sway of battle has been corrupted by the Gatekeeper (Aberran) and so only the Wight King and the Chainrasps are locked in combat. The chainrasps attack Fonasphef but they fail to slay him and as their punishment, Fonasphef proceeds to behead all the remaining Chainrasps. Then all the heroes turn towards the lone Guardian of Souls, who is now fearing their power. I bet Aberran wishes he could run away, but his so-called “Bravery” forbids it. End of the round. So close to the end! I roll a 6 so it is my turn first for the third time in a row! You'd think that being this near to the end I would skip all of this, but no. Vasilisa casts a mystic shield on Fonasphef. She gets an 8 and then Aberran gets 4 to unbind so the spell is cast. The reason I did it this way round, is because I didn't want Vasilisa to get all the Trophies. Crixius Shadowend casts Arcane Bolt and gets a 5 So close!!!!! But the spell is cast, dealing 1 damage to the Guardian of souls. Vasilisa casts a Shield around Fonasphef protecting him from what might come, when Crixius shoots an Arcane Bolt of energy at the Guardian of Souls, killing it. The three heroes looked at each other in grim pride as they thought about how the battle had gone, and prepared for the next threat that Nagash might throw at them in this twisted test of his. So rewards: I decided to give Crixius Shadowend : so yeah that was cool, and on the loot table I got: Less exciting, I know, still it's cool. And so that's it I hope you enjoyed, a big well done for if you read all the way through, I hope you enjoyed it! Do let me know in the comments what you thought about it, whether it was too much detail, too little detail and whatever. I am not going to stick to the post a day thing that I set for myself most of the time, but anyway enough from me, I have written far too much already. I should mention that all the fancy text was done here, so check it out. Thanks again, Bye!!!!
  12. Yeah, thanks, I started working on my last one on Friday, and then yesterday all my work got deleted... Hopefully I can do it for today, if not maybe tomorrow.
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