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An amateur blog from an amateur player who just loves those ghosty ghosts.

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As the Nighthaunt Taketh: A beginner's guide

Welcome, fellow shepherds of the damned. Are you looking for a Nighthaunt beginner's guide? It's moved! Just click the banner to come see it! I promise you won't be disappointed. (click the banner!) Current version: Age of Sigmar 3.0 – General’s Handbook 2021 – Nighthaunt 3.0 2022 Battlepack: Pitched Battles 2021/Seasons of War: Thondia


EnixLHQ in Nighthaunt

Christmas Day Massacre - Round Two

If you haven't read round one, The Christmas Day Massacre, over here, give it a gander. It has videos! Unfortunately round two will not. Sorry! For the rematch we used the exact same lists as we did on Christmas day, no alterations or substitutions were allowed. The only changes were the battle plan, the terrain placement, and however we decided to deploy and play.  Battleplan: The Relocation Orb Terrain: Open War Terrain 35-36, no terrain with warscrolls Deployme



Battle Report: LoG vs Cities of Sigmar - Phoenix Guard

Battleplan: Places of Arcane Power Total Points Played: 1520 Terrain: Random per GHB, no terrain with warscroll cards Armies Legion of Grief Heroes Dreadblade Harrow General - Command Trait: Vassal of the Craven King Necromancer Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch Spell Lore: Dread Withering Guardian of Souls Spell Lore: Dread Witheri



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