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  1. Just finished my first Lumineth What a beautyfull model and a joy to paint!
  2. But when the time of the idk comes, you are already into pointy aelfs
  3. If it is Pointy Elves vs Idoneth Deepkin I will let them fight about who will be my main army
  4. Welcome to the hobby, Lori! The Nighthaunt models are super sweet. And you can do a lot with the new technical colors. Have fun!
  5. So wrapping it all up, if you have 300 something point slot in your army and you want to dish out some damage, you can go with 6 eels of whatever flavour or 3 sharks and nothing is wrong with that. Some say, also a turtle is nice (the batallion with turtle, shark and eels sounds like a good idea). But I dont know about the eidolons. You cant compare the damage output easily as they are full of abilities and spells. So maybe someone with a lot of experience can tell us when and why to take which eidolon. I know some was explained here and there on this forum (tricks with steed of tide etc.), but till now I dont get the whole picture. I realy would like to build and paint one over the holidays, but only if he is useable. I even dont know which one to take.
  6. As a geantleman you should enjoy this childish joy in silence 😉
  7. True, changed my post above as Allopexes are monsters
  8. I do like the shark, too. But could you please explaine why the shark do more damage after the charge? And how can it get a 3+ armor save, as 8 Wound MONSTERs dont benefit from cover?
  9. Thanks, man! That motivated me to finish this beast
  10. So a brand new Dice Cup from GW is the latest rumor. Instand buy!
  11. okay, I painted the turtle, but all the stuff that sits on it takes so much time, have to shift it to december.
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