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    And one free man defending his home is more powerful than ten hired soldiers. The Crusades taught me that.
  2. Sonnenspeer


    Yep, this brave man is defending his farmland and family against the raiding Idoneth.
  3. i like the colors of the fish
  4. Sonnenspeer


    Finally done with my first 1000p army (after the initial starter set stormcast army). It took about a year to complete because of job, family and killteam Not sure if I bring it to 2000p or buy looncurse
  5. Sonnenspeer


  6. I would like to see the whole fish :)
  7. Acid Nine, I know🙄what you mean wrathmongers are a pain. But wait untill a FEC dragon scares your king to death
  8. As I'm new to the hobby and very slow with little spare time, it took the whole year to paint a 1000p ID army. And during that period of time my painting skill evolved and so did my painting scheme for that army. So I have to paint and base all the models again - its hart to motivate yourself to do that ... Still the goal to one day field a fully painted army keeps me going! :)
  9. Thanks for not being rude - but I don't agree. You still have two different melee attack profiles for "high utility" . Sure the trade I did was not calculated well, but the point is still valid. Maybe add one to the bites damage and it works even better with the command ability. But anyway, thats GWs job...
  10. Just had my first test games with my 1000p ID army. I don’t understand why each ID mount must have two different attacks. It’s just unnecessary time consuming. For example the Allopex; I don’t care of Scythed Fins, I want its Bite to work and do damage. It would be much more fun if GW removes the Fin Attack but adds one attack to the bite when the shark uses the ability to charge a wounded pray. See attached
  11. So as July is over I'm right in time. What do you mean with September?
  12. Could a 3rd poll also make sense; "What is your biggest army?" So we could see where most of our money went.
  13. Thanks, Josh, worked with that. Foto does not show it, but I'm happy.l (left is the new one)
  14. Not Shure if I should stay to this paint scheme. In my mind it worked well, on the figure not so much. Any thoughts?
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