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  1. My theory for what Bel'akor might be up to with the Skaven is that hes going to try and destroy the Anvil of Apotheosis. To destroy the impossible,’ said the winged monstrosity, rising from its shadowy throne. ‘And in doing so, to bring about the end of the eternal.’ Bringing about the end of the Eternal in Stormcast. This also plays into my theory for 3rd edition which i think might be based on the fall of Azyr and Sigmar fleeing Azyr.
  2. The War of the Beard? I think you mean THE WAR OF VENGEANCE!!!!!
  3. I think "the sky shall eat the storm" might be referring to the red sky thing Archaon's forces used in BR Morathi that stopped the Stormcast from returning to Azyr when they died.
  4. Anyone else think that what Glavia Sinheart said to Getharyx at the end of the new story could be the last 2 chains holding Slaanesh. "When the mirror of men’s minds lies open to us, and the stolen banquet is offered once more. Then, my sweetling… then, all we desire will become ours."
  5. There is also something on a base just to the left of the 2 slaangor, and in one of the shots you can see 2 archers
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