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  1. The Loonshrine at least!! I can’t even frame properly this monstruosity!
  2. I will finish the loonshrine this week (165 mushrooms sheesh!) For the rest of the month I will be painting the spider shrine for the araknarok, and also the grots. That’s all, as I will be doing some star wars legion minis in addition to aos. Optional goal: paint 5 spider riders
  3. Araknarok is done!(well, I have yet to paint the spider altar/howda and the goblins, but I couldn’t wait to share the progress)
  4. I was a bit worried too, seeing that nobody opened a new monthly threat, I also hope that everybody is doing alright... My plan for the next project was to finish the loonshrine, but got sidetracked (again!) by another model, this time an Arachnarok, which I’ve been painting for three weeks by now. Let’s see if I can end with it this month (is frikin huge!) and finally fulfill my promise of painting the shrine.
  5. @Xelotath and @Rizara explained perfectly what I was trying to say with my post 👌
  6. @Sttufe are you painting directly over the plastic? Some kind of imprimation is suggested before applying any other color. In the case of kharadron, you could prime it in leadbelcher or balthasar gold (but there are other options, lately I,ve been priming my minis with browns and greys). As for metallics, the citadel ones are known for being better than the other alternatives. In an army with so much metal, I would recommend them.
  7. Put them some Agrax Earthshade and they will improve a lot!
  8. Five new spider riders and a Scuttleboss done! Loonshrine I’m coming for ya!
  9. Last month I finished 3 crypt horrors, a Haunter and a Ghoul King on terrorgheist, also advanced a bit with some spiders and the loonshrine (and got a sidetracked by some kill team orks and star wars battle droids). So, this month: -Finish 5 spider riders and scuttleboss -Finish Loonshrine -Begin with the Grymwatch That’s it, cause this month I will have very little time and surely will get more sidetracked by Legion!
  10. Ghoul king on terrorgheist finished at least! Sorry for the photo quality, the luminosity was pretty bad
  11. Knights got two codexes with a single kit (maybe two if we count the warden variant)
  12. A lot of “finishing” this month! -Finish Loonshrine -Finish Terrorgheist -Finish 5 giant spider riders and a scuttleboss -Finish a dreadfleet boat -Paint The Grimwatch
  13. I think that Luminarchs will be a great success, just remember the initial reaction to OB, it was mostly negative until they revealed the full range.
  14. Beasts of Chaos would be thankful if they got a new battletome, even being inside the 2.0 they are doing poorly as Im concerned (they were the worst positioned army in a recent national spanish tournament in which participated 150 players or so)
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