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  1. I don’t want a new warhammer quest, just because there is a real possibility that I might buy it, and I’m already quite busy with my current grey tide!
  2. On the contrary, I think that new armies sell better than established ones, as people get hyped by the novelty. By being a small range the consumer is forced to spend money in the same units multiple times until they reach the 2000 points mark (or whatever they play in their groups). Then GW release the rest of the range and the people´s armies are now over the 2000 points (if they released all the models in one go, the armies probably wouldn´t surpassed that amount of points). That´s my view, at least when buying my initial goal is to plan purchases until I reach 2000.
  3. I think that we can assume at this point that a critter army is coming
  4. Happy new year fellas! Didn´t update last month, so I have plenty of things to speak of! Firstly, I spent most of the time painting a Lord Kroak as a birthday gift for a friend, here it is! Also finished the cursed scuttletide, and done a test shadow warrior and a base for a cold one chariot. The rest is still WIP (executioners, sneaky snufflers, skragrott, loonboss and now a sub assembled Mangler Squig). So many projects!
  5. I’m pretty sure that these vampires are some dope endless spells. Jokes aside, they can also be for an Underworlds warband
  6. I’m betting on some sort of Warhammer Quest: vampires
  7. Thank you very much! A good part of the recipes I use are in fact inspired by yours! As a matter of example, here is my Anvilgard army, which uses the scheme for the bases from your witch aelves tutorial 👌
  8. I voted for Illuminor Szeras (Althouh Aos got fine models this year, none of them was a lot of my thing). Also think that they should have divided the vote...
  9. Can you share the new spiderfang rules please??
  10. Have you ever heard about the tragedy of the Idoneth Endless Spells?
  11. This month: Finish something. I’m not even jocking 😂
  12. I have the feeling that the only thing that vampires are going to get is the underworld warband and that they will be kurnothed for the moment
  13. There’s advent calendars here in Spain too, and they tend to disappear from the shelves fairly quickly lol
  14. They feel very dinamic, taking into account that they were thought to be rank and file. The only problem with them is that I shot myself in the foot, wanting to use the shattered realms bases, as it is a nightmare to adapt the miniatures to it (they are metal minis made to be used on bases with slots)
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