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  1. I’ve finished the black dragon and the drakespawn chariot (will share photos in a near future). This month I will paint some executioners, shadow warriors and darkspears in any combination (and complete painting the quicksilver swords)
  2. I would be over the clouds if the sunday reveal would turn out to be a true release of Cursed City along the anouncement of one or two expansions!
  3. In my local AoS group the model is now a glorious meme, with his smoking pipe and all. Someone made a more fitting trailer (in spanish tho) 😂 IMG_2616.MP4
  4. I strongly hate the charge reaction rules. The game doesn’t need to give players more reasons to stand out of melee. They were supossed to nerf shooting, not close combat...
  5. Some Anvilgard Shadow Warriors done! Edit: it’s me or almost everything is aelf-ish around here? 😂
  6. The article: “The spirit of the wind is SO fast that it can even go out of the oposing edge of deployment and end in an adjacent board. If you can’t find it there, go out the building, maybe it has been ran over by a car”
  7. Last year I picked a finecast Varghulf and the experience was daunting. Apart from the bubbles, it had a huge chunk of resin in the back that destroyed all the detail. If you don’t mind paying a bit more i would advise picking a second hand metal one. Or even a chinese ripoff, which probably has more quality for less price (not that I picked one of such models of course, I wouldn’t think of doing such a thing, ever)
  8. I actually prefer this mini, at least they did well with the anatomy
  9. More shooting is precisely what the game doesn’t need...just my opinion
  10. I hope not, I would like to see the box models as something exclusive of the setting and not some ordinary battleline repurposed
  11. While throwing idoneth endless spells
  12. For this month’s goals: - Paint the drakespawn chariot crew, the dreadlord and a sorceress - Complete 6 executioners and 4 shadow warriors - Finish the Mangler Squig a few photos of wip:
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