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  1. Impressive!! I love the bases! Remember me of the Ice Crown Tile Set from Warcraft III!! Can you share the recipe??
  2. Call me pessimistic, but I think that making the things monopose will not diminish its price. People were hoping the same during the transition from metal to plastic and turns out that things are even more expensive after the change. The Slaves SC is not cheaper than other non easy to build ones and I’m not sure if nighthaunt are the best example of cheap easy to build, as chainrasp are expensive as hell.
  3. So they can force people to buy the multicomponent boxes if they want all the options. Make perfect sense.
  4. Chaos gods are rivals not because they are opposed, but because they have similar aspects, so they must compete for that niche. Tzeentch and Nurgle are about hope and change (long term issues) Khorne and Slaannesh are all about feelings and emotions (short term issues) They fight for the same fields.
  5. Fantastic! I would add a bit of oxide to the bronze, maybe using Nihilath
  6. For this month: -Finish Gargant -Finish Arab ship from Dreadfleet (and some wreckage) -Finish 3 Crypt Horrors and Haunter Courtier -Paint Terrorgheist
  7. I think that by giant release they mean that a lot of kits are going to be anounced, a large number, not large in size.
  8. I hope that they don’t develop the artillery aspect of Aos. I think that the most prominent thing about fantasy settings is the concept of two armys clashing together. I fear that by giving all the armys artillery we will get into the arms race and turtling that 40k is nowadays. As it is, I think that artillery is too precise (lacks the random component of old fantasy) and it could be too effective agaisnt characters (and is a shame to punish the inclusion of heroes in an epic fantasy setting)
  9. Aw ******... So there it goes my Tamurkhan project, I guess that even if I can get my hands on the Maggot Lord model it will be unusable in one or two years... Sigh...
  10. Hello putrid folks, I have a couple of tricky Tamurkhan related doubts. The first one is that I saw the plague frogs profile that gw updated as a faq to make them battleline, and in that warscroll they can ignore both wounds and mortal wounds on a 4+, while the previous version only ignores mortal wounds. The rest of the units saves (kazyk and pox riders) works only with mortal wounds. Maybe one version is a misprint? Anyone knows if FW made any claim? Maybe I shouls post this on FB... The other doubt is regarding the infamous misprint of the Tamurkhan Allegiance keyword, which states that sll the maggotkin of nurgle units replace its keyword with Tamurkhan horde. Since maggotkin of nurgle keyword/allegiance doesn’t exists, is asumed that it refers to Nurgle. If I include beastsman from the Pestilent Throng batallion which gives them the Nurgle keyword, can they benefit from the Command shout from the Tamurkhan army which affects Tamurkhan horde units? Also, are ungors/gors from that batallion considered battleline in a Tamurkhan Horde army?
  11. I have an excel document listing all my grey pile of shame, but for some reason it doesn’t stop me from buying more, I guess that I would have to make it public so I can embarrass myself enough
  12. Thank you very much!! Guess I will replace the app, don’t trust this one anymore lol Planning a visit to Warhammer World next year, so I want to save some money to get my hands on some FW putrid goodies as souvenir!
  13. Hi folks, I was doing a Tamurkhan Horde list using BattleScribe and Tamurkhan himself features there as costing 460 points, but in the pdf from Forge World it says that the cost is 420. Apparently the General’s handbook 2019 didn’t introduced any changes, so I’m a bit confused about its point cost. Would be much appreciated if someone could shed a bit of light into this!
  14. I guess that the only way to create your own named characters and ignore the time factor is to make them inmortal somehow (or using a race that already is) In fact, I highly doubt that we will see any mortal independent character in AOS in the future
  15. I was tempted by the Tamurkhan Horde as I like Nurgle, hideous things in general, and Tamurkhan himself. I also tend to get attracted by unpopular things (without taking into account why they are unpopular in the first place lol).In this case is the fact that the range is FW and utterly expensive which throws the project out of the heckin window. My other temptation/idea is to make a mobile artillery force for Cities of Sigmar, with some Steam Tanks, Outriders and Pistoleers!
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