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  1. Could be, on the other hand every spiderfang player tends to buy at least 4 lol
  2. As a Spuderfang player: I guess I truly never had faith to begin with but still… it hurts. I guess that the spider iconography means Chaos now, let’s retcon the Spider-god and be done with it… Bone-splitter fellas, wanna share a battletome? Any other forgotten tribe is welcome!
  3. It would be really cool if the praetors ability worked on cities of sigmar models… I would be tempted to give the general +adjuntant a try, and as a CoS player I love to have an excuse to use stormcast models
  4. I suposse that they are imitating the kill team roadmap with more frequent big boxes (people love core and vs boxed sets right?)Let’s hope that these core boxes are not limited edition at the very least… I don’t know, this new system of releases somewhat pisses me off a bit… is true that these products tend to sell better, but you cannot expect people to be continously buying them…
  5. I was also planing about using darkshards around her, but in a unit of 20 or 30. about the bravery debuff another option could be engaging the unit near the sorceress with a karhibidiss, which can give a -1 bravery and also follow the pace of the dragon with 3d6 roll to charge. Now that warscroll batallions are dead we cannot get more than 1 drakeblood curse unless you use blackfang crimelord right?
  6. If you give her the warlord trait of master of magic she will be rerolling cast dice, so is not so unreliable… The other question is what would be better if getting her second spell with the book at the cost of survival (amulet or Anvilgard cloak) or getting the 5+ ward and getting the second cast with cogs… Anvilgard gets you two dragons with 5+ ward save, sometimes it tempts me to drop tempest eye lol
  7. That’s the Hammerhal paint scheme, nothing new, sorry pals
  8. The city of Misthavn have a command ability which can be used to move a flanking unit which deploys near a hero.
  9. I would totally love a Warcry expansion centered in the chaos warbands at the style of necromunda, that would be nuts! edit: In that case, let´s see a chaos dwarf vs spiderfang! I´m in for the hype! If everyone wants the chorfs there will be a lot of nice spare spooders waiting for love!
  10. Sounds like they are releasing chaos spiders and giving spiderfang the middle finger (sorry for the sudden negativity, I think that I´m still recovering from the fact that they gave a better venom rule for the kruleboyz)
  11. 3:30am Spain time yay… (at least is Friday night I guess, let’s prepare some black ulgishian coffee)
  12. Don’t worry, you will eventually have the oportunity to buy the board separately as cheap as half the price of the dominion box!
  13. It’s me or the new underworlds board has a foil effect on it??
  14. The game is nice, the main problem is that nobody is playing it, so you are stuck with a pretty lackluster AI…
  15. I was building a CoS list and I want to include 3 stormcast units, but my army has 10 units so I can’t take the three as coalition because I’m not fullfiling the 1 out of 4 condition. Can I take one of the SC units as an ally instead of a coalition unit? (1 ally, 2 coalition) The ally counts as the minimum of a batallion?
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