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  1. Uvatha

    The morghast problem.

    I wanted to use 2 Morghast Archai in a Legion of Grief 1k points army against Skavens, in order to hide 4 Tomb Banshees behind (the Ghostly Howl at 10" does not require visibility) and for delivering the -1 Bravery within 6". And also just for the point of putting something on the table as tall as the Stormefiends However the Morghasts float in the air, so I am not sure they would hide anything I guess I am authorised to glue them on some mausoleums like in @Rob Hawkins' tutorial? πŸ€— ...but the -1 Bravery debuff could be brought by several other cheaper units (zombies, skeletons, black knights, ), and then their 210 points is also the same price as for 6 Chainghasts who would also: have 12 wounds in total, fly (but only 6" move), save at 4+ (even ethereal), shred things in same way at 2" in melee if 5 targets within 2", plus would create a range 'threat' at 15" and be healed by grave sites. I agree with you: I am first interesting in painting them because I like their style and their lore. I would not encourage GW to drop them in points (they deserve a key role) but rather to align them in term of profile with other models with the "Deathlords" keyword. They are the only ones non-leader models, sitting (floating?) beside not less than Nagash and 4 Mortarchs. For example, role-wise, their "spirit" weapons could feast on their victims' souls and heal them on killing something, maybe they could also have abilities triggered when in range of Deathlord heroes (encouraging playing them with the Mortarchs) maybe something the same way as a Nighthaunt General can now re-allocate wounds to Hexwraiths with the Dolorous Guard battalion, maybe they could have the ability to "stay in the sky", threatening the battlefield, until they decide to rush on their prey or to lift it in the air, etc...
  2. I share your interest and I have read so far: 1) https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/rise-of-nagash-ebook.html 2) https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/neferata-ebook.html First one is big, it covers entire Nagash ascension, so far more than just Neferata but it include many many chapters about Neferata story in Lahmia. If you are interested in understanding her personality and how she became what she is then you will probably like it as well
  3. ...aaah thank you! So, we are not even authorised to ally the factions part of our own allegiance. So many reasons to grief! Now I understand the name πŸ˜…
  4. Based on "Core rules' Designer's Commentary" from July 2019, Page 9: What would prevent a 2000 points Legion of Grief army to escort its Lady Olynder general with: - one "Nighthaunt Warscroll Battalion - The Dolorous Guard" (120 points) - the 2 required associated units of 5 Hexwraiths (2*140=280) = ...for a total of 400 Ally points? Would it be legit and would this army get as well 1 extra CP + 1 extra artifact? If yes then: new NH battalions, despite being not in Legion of Grief, would still offer an interesting way of shielding Lady Olynder and exploiting more her potential?
  5. Arkhan being a Monster (because of his mount I guess), he is excluded from the benefits of "Look Out Sir" rule?
  6. Uvatha

    Legion Of Grief Necromancers

    Thank you! I don't think I will play the 6 of them at the same time because they might lack of spell options (LoG lore only has 3). But roleplay-wise I like the idea that they can lead a Nighthaunt army they just have summoned. See picture attached 😊. Actually I bought the "Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards" box. I built the 4 models. I used the remaining bits from the box for assembling a 5th model. And took the opportunity to paint them together with the 'genuine' Necro (as a 6th model).
  7. Uvatha

    Legion Of Grief Necromancers

  8. Thank you for the topic! I love anything about Morghasts (the model design, the rules, the lore). I had been trying to build a 1k Legion of Grief list to play against a 1k Skaven list of 6 Stormfiends + 1 Warlock Bombardier + 1 Doomwheel + 1 Warp ligthning Cannon. After several attempts looking at a mix of Banshees, Chainrasp, Wolves, Spirit Hosts.... I wonder if maybe Lady Olynder + 6 Morghasts bodyguards and 2 battlelines could work as well. At last it would look cool ...what about the colours? 😊 A) Traditional: Bones & Soul with Shyish-purple armors (following Arkhan/Nagash style). B) or something different, maybe more gothic/dark (...but now I realised maybe too much close to Necrons....) See some WIP attached.
  9. The chaos horses (Chaos Knights or Varanguard) could fit the Mortarchs' style (and butt 😊) very well. Maybe scratch some symbols and add some skulls. Here is something I had in mind and tried some time ago ...but never finished:
  10. Maybe we could have a unnamed Dread Abyssal warscroll (i.e. without Arkhan)? Just like the Flesh Eaters have Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon warscroll in addition to the versions mounted by the hero. They could fit Behemot role as well. It would be nice for those who have magnetised their Mortarchs We already know three named Dread Abyssals but it is assumed that there could have existed hundreds or thousands: https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Dread_Abyssals
  11. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ ...my own interpretation of Fenrisian Wolves as Dire Wolves battle lines in a Legion of Grief army:
  12. Thank you! Yes they are normally for space marines and they look better than normal dire wolves model I believe, especially for Nighthaunt theme army
  13. https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1170802071718780929
  14. While I do not share the conclusion I thank you for the detailed and justified explanation. It shows that you have already invested a decent time into looking at these models If you wish to spend more, and to give a try at building one of them, then I would just say that the joints for gluing these legs you don't like are actually flexible for allowing you to adjust their pose. You do not have to glue them in a pose where they look like landing: you can just glue the legs more like sliding to the rear. And same for the heads: you can orient them the way you want (e.g. if you want to make them look like a Velociraptor trying to capt sounds ) For the wings I agree with you: the conversion from Rob Hawkins is great, especially with the mausoleum pieces he produces ! πŸ‘
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