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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, 1) What do you think are the greatest, most competitive and durable hammers in a LoN army? (outside of Grimghast reaper?) 2) I fear the Grimghast reaper nerfbat that will strike soon the LoN army. Even at 400pts/30, I will still take them. But Let's say we are hit with a 100pts increase, how would you replace them? thanks for your strategic insights!
  2. The VLords upper body and upper arms came from the Abhorrant Ghoulking, his cape and the whole flesh/muscle/additional skin was done using Greenstuff. -- Detlaff, warden of the Queen's livestock, proconsul of the flayed fields.
  3. A small, 500 points (AoS second edition) army of Legions of Nagash. A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer lead a horde of Skeleton Warriors with a support of the former bodyguards of the Vampire, now serving him even in the undeath.

    © Assembled and painted by Axebringer

  4. " And then, i saw them. They were three and they brought shadows over the kingdoms of Sigmar. The Magi of Shysh they were called. They were three and the first one was named Melkior. His armos was black as jet and his shoulders were big enough to carry the weight of lives he had already taken in battle. He rode an ash grey stallion, his hooves dirtied with blood, and slaughter rode alongside him. They were three and the second one was named Balthasar. His armor was black as night and his fist grasped a thousand of tortured souls. He rode a ghostly dragon, the soul of a noble guardian of the past, and desperation rode alongside him. They were three and the last one was named Kaspar. His armor was black as the abyss and his shadows brought death to the living. He rode a spectral vulture, his wings burst into flames of scorching souls, and doom rode alongside him. They were three and they brought the weight of a name onto the lands of the Warrior God. Drachenfels was the name, and they killed in the name of the Great Enchanter" Somewhere in Shysh lies a ruined kingdom known as Drachenfelburg. Once ruled by wise king and a race of dragons called "Soul dragons", the kingdom dissapeared after a brutal civil war between the crown prince Hespek von Drachen and the former king Gregorius von Drachen. King Gregorius went mad when, by the words of a misterious adviser, he discovered that his kingdom was built around an artefact from an ancient past, from a world that didn't exist anymore. The artifact was a mask, one of a collection of items that once belonged to a superior being named Drachenfels the Great enchanter. Gregorius started to search for this artefact in order to use it's power for the good of the kingdom, but when the researches failed to bring the Mask to the light, the king went mad and decided to burn to the ground his reing in order to find it. His son Hespek, teamed with the soul dragon named Aldebaraan, fought against his father in order to stop his madness. The resulting war nearly destroyed the kingdom and put an end to the mad king's life. Or so they tought. While the remaining inhabitants of the kingdom scattered troughout Shysh and the Prince Hespek isoleted himself with Aldebaraan for the shame of failing in saving his own kingdom, the misterious advisor revealed himself as Kaspar von Tsarovich. Asking the dying king to join his family, he trasformed the mad king into vampire and thus Balthasar von Tsarovich was born. Alongside the third brother, Melkior the tree vampires searched the land of Shyhs for centuries for news and legends about the masks of the great enchanter. The recent necroquake stirred magic and damaged the land, thus opening a new entrance into the ruins of Drachenfelburg. An ancient power now emerges from this new unfold path and the Three Magi of Shysh ,as the vampires call themselves now, lead their army into conquest. But the past watches them and acts in order to stop them.... Hello everyone! I finally decided to open my plog for my Legion of Nagash army! some of you may have seen my works in the painting contract topics but i've decided to open a topic for this army. I'll use this to tell you the tales and the background behind the army, inspired by the work of one of the best plogs into this forum IHMO which is "The darkwood court". This army must be finished within the end of september, because I've to attend to a "full painted only" tournament and to the Armies on parade in my local GW. Pics will come in the following days but for now I'll give you the armylist I'll be using for the tournament: The Magi of Shyish Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament - Mortal Realm: Shyish LEADERS Balthasar von Tsarovich, Magi of burning despration (440) Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference Kaspar von Tsarovich, Magi of doomed shadows (320) Arkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament - Lore of the Dead : Overwhelming Dread (Deathmages) Melkior von Tsarovich, Magi of bloodletting slaughter (140) Vampire Lord - Nightmare - Lore of the Vampires : Amaranthine Orb UNITS Bathasar's fallen soldiers (80) 10 x Chainrasp Horde Drachenfelburg's citizens (80) 10 x Chainrasp Horde Ghastly Incubus (60) 5 x Dire Wolves Kasper's messangers (280) 20 x Grimghast Reapers BEHEMOTHS Beastwraith Gargoyle (300) Terrorgheist Grimghast gargant (300) Mourngul - Allies TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 104 LEADERS: 3/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 4/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 300/400 So, that's all for now! I'll post pics old and new in the coming days!
  5. Hi there! This is my first post, so I'd like to make it a (hopefully) good one For various reasons I am now returning to the hobby and attempting to resurrect my Vampire Counts army (now Death / Legions of Nagash of course) with a brand new theme and paint scheme. My knowledge of the Mortal Realms is quite slim at the moment, but the idea for this army is as follows, though it is still very much a work in progress: Based in Ghyran, there is a group of Vampires who have been punished by Nagash for past discretions by being eternally bound to particular cursed woodland. Of course this woodland has been the site of many prior atrocities and is generally given a wide-birth by those that know the area. However, these dreadful creatures have found a way to almost escape their prison by subverting the powers of the Sylvaneth. What this means is that they are able to freely travel between woodland by means of teleportation to haunt and terrorize other areas of the Mortal Realms. They are also desperately seeking a way to free themselves completely of being tethered to the woods.... Now, the paint scheme for the army should incorporate elements of woodland with a general 'overgrown' feel. I also wanted the bones of the infantry to look arcane and.... well.... not bone coloured! This is High Fantasy after all and Age of Sigmar seems to be shooting for 'bigger and crazier is actually better'. I have no idea how the pictures will turn out, or even where they will appear..... but here goes..... There should be so far: 1. Some Skellies painted up 2. Terrorgheist on scenic base (work in progress) 3. Vampire Lord conversion 4. Necromancer conversion (work in progress)
  6. Hi there! After having stop collecting/painting/playing Warhammer for a long, long time, I got back into the game, now Age of Sigmar, with a new project. I wanted to create a pirate themed death army. Since I started, GW has released LoN and Nighthaunt, so I think this amy is more alive than ever and I'm super excited. Also, I tend to follow the old saying: if your painting skills are not the best, convert the rest! (?) The army is led, most of the time, by Arkhan the 'Hook': Also, when I saw the new Nighthaunts, I inmediately wanted to create pirate versions of their heroes. I think Lady Olynder works pretty well as a grieving widow or something like that, but Kurdoss Valentian needed a bit of a change... Behold! Captain Valentian, the Pirate King! Next is a Morghast and part time Mourngul. Though, considering the theme, it needed to change a little bit... I'll try to upload more pics with some of my conversions I've made. P.S. The miniatures might look better on the pics than on real life!
  7. Hi all, Hope you’re well . Quick query - I have the kit mentioned in the title; I bought it back in 2013 as part of those Christmas boxes . As a LoN player, what are the benefits of either ? Kind regards,
  8. Hey folks, I've been going a little nuts on ebay etc and now have a fair wodge of stuff either waiting to be built or en route through the post. Due to pouncing on bargains and getting a bit distracted by all the chat about grimghast reapers, I've lost the focus I had on building a 2k deathmarch grand host or legion of night, and due to being selfishly peeved with battlescribe for them changing the LoN listing for AoS 2.0 (thus requiring effort to port my old lists across), I'm finding it hard to drum up much enthusiasm for creating a new list based on what I have. I know there's a good few folks on here who love a bit of list-crunching however, so to rekindle my enthusiasm and focus, I thought I'd throw it out there - how would you use the stuff I have? Specifically, what would you use at 1k from this range? And what would you suggest for a 2k? (other than more grimghast reapers of course!) So I have/will have: 3 vampire lords, 2 on foot 1 on nightmare, with some wings hopefully en route in the post for one of the foot dudes 2 necromancers 2 Wight Kings (both with blade not axe) 46 skellies - 10 with spears, 16 with blades, the rest unassembled 10 grave guard 10 Black knights 5 blood knights 6 spirit hosts 3 Vargheists 4 grimghast reapers As many dire wolves as I can be bothered to assemble. A bit messy I know ? how would you use them?
  9. Hey folks, I've got 6 spirit hosts and am yet to play a game. How do you find them in LoN? Looking for testimonials/tactical advice ?
  10. The Legion of Sacrament Command Trait "Dark Acolyte" makes the General into a WIZARD if they are already not a wizard and allows them to take a single spell from "Lores of the Dead" The Lores of the Dead spell lists are restricted to DEATHMAGES WIZARDS, VAMPIRE WIZARDS or DEATHLORD WIZARDS. If the General doesn't have any of the KEYWORDS, can they still take a spell from the lists? If so, which list? (both?) If the General has only DEATHMAGES or VAMPIRE keywords ... can they take a spell from either list? or can they only take a spell from their respective list?
  11. Anyone have any thought, hopes dreams, army builds ideas about Nagash and his unquiet minions? Im hoping that nighthaunt get a decent chance
  12. I'm starting a standard Legions of Nagash army- I was lured in by the new Death hype but I'm trying to keep things "old school" if you will. My current thought is to use two Vampire Lords (one on Zombie Dragon, one on Nightmare) and one Necromancer as heroes for a list with a bunch of Skeleton Warriors as battleline: - Vampire Lord on Nightmare w/ Spirit-Possessed Blades, Chalice of Blood [General, Mastery of Death] - Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w/ Lance, Shield, Chalice of Blood [Wristbands of Black Gold] - Necromancer - 40x Skeleton Warriors w/ Spears and Shields - 10x Black Knights w/ Lances and Shields All that would take up 1210 points, leaving me with 290 to go. This is the perfect number to buy 30 more Skeleton Warriors and 1 Command Point, 5 Blood Knights and 1 Command Point, or maybe something else? I feel like the Black Knights and Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon will be enough speed that I don't need Dire Wolves, but maybe I do? Also, I'm going with Legion of Sacrament for the +1 to casting (easier to cast spells and to trigger Locus of Shyish), +3" movement, and the excellent Wristbands of Black Gold. However, Grand Legion for extra healing and Lord of Nagashizzar for extra attacks sounds great too. I'm new to Death so I'd be happy to get anyone's feedback about this list!
  13. Looking to finally make the jump over to death with all these new nighthaughts. Love the options they add to the battlelines for LoN. A few of my mates are interested in some 1k games to start. I currently have the blades of the blood queen battleforce box and i am splitting the new soul wars box for those tasty nighthaught models. Im struggling to make a list with those models. Been a stormcast player so looking for magic heavy and some hordes. Also on a shoe string budget atm so not looking to buy too much outside of these two boxes. A few models is fine but nothing major. First idea was: Arkhan, Guardian of souls, 2 x morghast harbingers scythes, 20 x skeletons (spears), 20 x Chainrasp hordes I know the skeletons arent optimised but im building towards 2k points. What legion allegiance should i look to use and/or what tweaks to the list should i make. Miss having 2k to play with... sooon... Thanks guys and girls ?
  14. Hi, i started with warhammer AOS after christmas and love it. I would like some help with tactics, artifacts, commandtraits and maby wich spells i should choose. My list: Legion of Night Heroes: VLoZD, general, Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord, Vile Transference or Spirit Gale Necromancer, Overwhelming Dread Necromancer, Fading Vigur or Spectral Grasp Battleline: Skeleton wariors, 40, spears Dire wolf 2x5 Other: Grave Guard: great wight blades, 30(one group) Morghast Hardbringer, spirit halberd Vargeist My plan is to field the warriors on one side and the grave guard on the otherside and push forward to the limit off "The bait" battle traits effect, they will be supported by 2 necromancers. I think i will put one off my units off direwolfs on one of the edges with the vampire lord behind or maby put the vampire lord in the middle to support my skeletons. Vargheist and Morghast will be in ambush with one unit off direwolf and maby the VLoZD(if i use Above Suspicion). I can also use the command trait "Blade off dark summons" to summon the direwolf i want to have in ambush. Well that was some off my thoughts^ I don't know if they will work or are allowed, in my head it looks awsome! My opponents is a SCE, Khorne mixed with Slaves to darknes and Seraphon. Thanks for any tip, i have played 2 games so far with a Sacrament list but i did not like how sacrament works, i prefer more speed/ ambush!
  15. There is a topic discussing general concepts with LoN, combos and such, but I wanted to start a specific topic reporting on how people are doing with the new tome - an organization of battle reports. Lets share how the new lists are working out and report on things that seem to be working, or that aren't. In the pre-week with leaked rules I played 1000 point lists. First I bombed hard with Arkhan, doing nothing into a harsh double turn and failed all my 4+ for Ama. Orb. Then I played an aggressive Neferata list that was doing really well but we ran out of time. This week I had the opportunity to play my first cohesive 2000 point game. I played against a list that has been causing me a lot of trouble. Lots of Dracoth Calvary backed by Bow Judicators. This list melted Nagash a few weeks ago, and was the same list that crushed my Arkhan list last week. His list: Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, - Drake-Kin (5+ to reduce incoming damage to 1) - Staunch Defender (everyone is 2+, re-rolling 1s) 2 Fulminators x2 2 Tempestors x2 5 Judicators x3 3 Order Battlemages My list: Nagash - Dread, Transferrence, Orb Necromancer -Fading Vigor - Grave-Sand Timeglass Cairn Wraith -Tgheist Mantle 2 Archai 30 Skeletons 5 Grave Guard x2 6 Spirit Hosts We tried Malign Portents / Realm of Shyish. All it really amounted to was that terrain was causing -1 bravery if you are too close, and I prevented one mortal wound on some spirit hosts. He forgot to use his points to bring back a Dracoth, which would have been pretty crazy. With less drops I got to dictate the turn, which was immensely important (and a wonderful and rare occurrence for a Death player). I made him go first and taunted him into shooting Nagash (Archai were far in the back). He scored a few wounds on Nagash and through to the Archai as well. He had no choice, he had to move his Dracoth line forward. Even if he hadn't he would have simply delayed the game. He had to cover some ground and hope for the turn roll. On my turn I started with Dread on a Fulminator unit, into Hand of Dust to cause 2 wounds and heal Nagash to full. Then I cast Fading Vigor on the other Fulminator unit, did an Arcane bolt on the General for 1 wound plus another 2 for the Timeglass to put him at 4. Lastly I cast Mystic Shield on Nagash and Danse macabre on a useless Grave Guard Unit. After moving up about 8", I summoned 6 Spirit Hosts with Nagash and 30 Skeletons with the Necro. The Spirit hosts made a long charge into the Fading Vigor Fulminators and a Tempestor unit, causing about 9 mortals to kill a Tempestor and almost a Fulminator. They really struggled with their reduced attacks and my 4+ reroll 1 save, and I took only 5 wounds. I lost the turn roll, but i was planning on handing it over anyway to stagger the turns. Half his Dracoth were tied up and the other half had a wall of skeletons to get through. The mages tried to cast but were all shut down by Nagash. In shooting he hit me with mortals on the Hosts, on the skeletons, Nagash. He really went to town on the Skeletons, -I think he was afraid of the mass of bodies. He didn't charge them, but he took out nearly 20 of them in shooting. In combat he tried to pound on the Spirit Hosts but only got them down to 3 models. On my turn the same spells went off, Nagash fully healed. I rolled an 11 for Orb and caused 9 mortals which really hurt his Dracoths. First I used a gravesite to get a Host Fully Healed, then I put one back with Nagash, then the second gravesite, I rolled a 3 to get the unit back up to 5. I healed a lot of the skeletons, getting them back up to above 20. I realized that I can still use Transferrence even if I have no models to heal within 6" of my enemy just to do the wounds, and killed his general. His Tempestors were at -3 bravery and I rolled a 9 with a T-gheist shriek off my Wraith to kill one. Nagash shot off a couple Judicators then made a huge charge into his Judicator back line, and the Archai Charged a Tempestor to still stay within 3" to protect Nagash. My opponent called it before combat started. He was likely going to have 3 judicators and a Tempestor left (assuming they pass battleshock), and 3 cowering mages. I had only lost 8 skeletons and 1 spirit host.
  16. Lords of Sacrament comes to 790 pts, i.e. 10 less than Nagash. Collectively, LoS gives more wounds and two behemoths compared to the Supreme Lord of the Undead, but it gives less spells, is less mobile (if you want your necromancers to benefit from the mortis engine), and is arguably less durable, especially if Nagash is in his first cohort. So, I've been trying to think: is there a way LoS is worth taking over Nagash/first cohort? I'm admittedly new to AoS, but I'm a longtime 40k player (off and on since 3rd ed), and played Vampire Counts in WHFB back in the day. I've got a lot of old models I'd love to breathe new life into and want my Arkhan to kick ass. I figure: what are the major advantages of LoS? +1 spells per turn per caster in the battalion +1 to saves and +1 to cast in range of the ME So, maximizing those, and considering Arkhan's command ability, I'm wondering how viable a hero-heavy council of necromancers is. Something Like: Arkhan 4 Necros 1 Vamp Lord 40 Spear Skellies 2x5 Dire Wolves 10 Hexwraiths 3 Spirit Hosts 1 Mortis Engine Lords of Sacrament 1990 Either the Skellies or the Hosts start in the grave, while the other screens for all the necros. Everything with decent movement advances and pulls the other screen out of the grave for cover. Hit the enemy with 5 arcane bolts, 2 Vile Trans/Orbs and 5 Dread/Vigour/Van Hels. Plenty of Deathly Invocation to go around and big enough units to take the heat, except the wolves, who are for obj grabbing anyway. I feel like this is crazy, but I like it. What would you change? What am I missing?
  17. Hey guys! As i finished my own gravesite markers i thought i'd share them in a thread which should be dedicated to inspire those death players still looking for ideas. The parts i used are bitz from the skeleton warriors sprue (skulls, weapons etc.), the owl from some Sylvaneth sprue which i can't exactly recall, the torch/fire bowl thingy from the Citadel Wood, Renedra gravestones (and grave edge) and one of those pretty coffins from Tabletop-Art. Everything bashed together on 50mm bases. Hope you like it So, now let us see your pretty grave(sights)
  18. Hey all I’m mostly a painter but after the release of legions of nagash I am pushing myself to finish a death army for my own. Can people give me some advice as I’m not sure what type of army I want to go for. I like skeletons but I also like the look of fenrisian wolves as model proxies for dire wolves. I’m mostly a shooting and magic type player. I’m not so confident in facing in the enemy face-to-face. What do you guys suggest?
  19. Hi, I just form a new list for Grand Host of Nagash. Just wondering whether is it good enough for 2000 points? This is my first list for death army. General Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w Deathlance and Ancient Shield, Chalice of Blood x 1 Artefact: Terrorgheist Mantle Command Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar (+1 attacks to "DEATHRATTLE" units) Vampire Lord x 1 Battlelines Grave Guard w Great Wight Blades x 15 Grave Guard w Great Wight Blades x 10 Skeleton Warriors w Ancient Spears x 40 Morghast Harbingers w Spirit Halberds x 2 Morghast Harbingers w Spirit Halberds x 2 Black Knights x 5 (for holding objectives, if possible) Mortis Engine x 1 (for healing D3 for "DEATH" units once per hero phase and others to have D3 mortal wounds) Any suggestions or any mistakes in the list? Thanks in advance
  20. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  21. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  22. Just got the book yesterday and done up a list. Command trait: Unholy Impetus. Are there anything I done wrong or ideas to make it better? I want to try play ambush theme. Vargheists and Harbingers will be in ambush. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey guys, so it has been a busy weekend compiling my initial thoughts on Legions of Nagash. Over 3,100 words covering the new allegiance abilities, changes to scrolls and some potential builds. I'm sure I'll revisit it during the week but there is plenty to sink your teeth into. Let me know what you think and what I've missed. https://aosshorts.com/legions-of-nagash-review/
  24. So, I guess this is the quiet week before it all kicks off. I’ve got my pre-order in already for LoN, MP, a few of the card thingies and 2 Knights of Shrouds. I’m debating a colour scheme for both. During this quiet week, I’d be really grateful if an expert here could have a punt at my earlier Carrion question. Lastly and most interestingly, I was chatting to my local GW guy on Friday. He said definitely new death models later this year. The only other thing he said in that context was “constructs” That of course could be anything. New bone giant anyone?
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