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  1. Great job, the texture in the planks adds so much personality.
  2. Perfect, thanks for sharing all the photos! It’s projects like this that keep me motivated; it’s clearly a labour of love, and I enjoy seeing all the creativity. Even without words, this army tells a story. I love the unifying theme of storms and lightning, the unique red and blue heraldry, the conversions that enforce the wild nature of this army... really amazing work. This is the type of project that keeps Warhammer alive and vital after all these years. I’d pick the dwarves as my favourite units, which is odd since I’m always partial to dark elves. But the LOTR dwarves were an inspired choice, so dynamic compared to the WHFB models.
  3. Wonderful! Do you have photos of the individual models? I’d love to see the conversions. Even at this size they look amazing.
  4. I use mine as Stormcast celestar ballistae. I love the models too much to stop using them. Not sure I’ll be able to use them with the new faction though... 😕
  5. You don’t like them, and GW shouldn’t make stuff that isn’t intended for you. They made them for high elf players, who finally have a viable replacement after years of banishment from the game. Just be happy for someone else’s win, and move on.
  6. I have the physical City of Sigmar book, and the online copy of the 2020 Generals Handbook... do I still need an Errata/FAQ to get the current cost of my dark elf units? I haven’t touched the game this year, so I don’t know what’s up to date. I do recall that the lists I bought were made redundant almost immediately. (Which definitely contributed to my abandoning the game over the summer)
  7. Getting back to painting as the weather cools off. I’m hoping to complete this before 2021 😂
  8. Wow, that is a very expensive Phoenix! Beautifully done I have been thinking about making a manticore using the Tauren as a base, but would need to sculpt the paws. This is the new Lumineth kitty, with the Warcry kitty head isn’t it? That’s perfect. (I have no idea what the actual names are)
  9. I just purchased the electronic copy; Scourgerunner Chariots appear unchanged. Hunh.
  10. Fantastic! Really great to see a lighter looking flying vehicle, instead of the flying bathtubs.
  11. Love the manacle, great idea even if you didn’t need it to hide the joint.
  12. What about adding an old school dwarf flame cannon to the base? That could rep your storm shooting attack.
  13. Absolutely beautiful work, full of personality. I especially love the names you’ve given them.
  14. Update: I finished building my bolter crews. I wanted them to look heavily armoured since they do get Stormcast armour saves, and also make a visual connection to both the corsairs and darkling coven troops. Here’s my old base and crew. I’m a mini-snob, so I’ve been wanting to replace the metal crew for quite some time, but just didn’t know what to use for parts:
  15. 1. I’m modifying a Tauralon for my manticore, and plan on using the black dragon rules since my army is all dark elves. 2. If you scroll up this page you’ll see my cold-one driven dark elf Hurricanum. I’m going to have an elf sorceress in place of the Medusa, who’s a temporary placeholder.
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