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  1. Still have some work to do. I’m going to add her right arm, with reins leading to the Drakespawn. I also plan on a second crew; the Medusae will be the driver for the Bloodwrack Altar, but I have a sorcerer planned for the Hurricanum, possibly with a second crew member whipping the lizards to a frenzy. I’ll use rare earth magnets to allow for the switch, and I now have a unit that’ll fit both my armies. How’s that for efficiency? Stay tuned.
  2. Wow, my elves have been on hold for eight months now. I needed to sell my house to downsize, and that meant packing away all hobbies and distractions while I shifted my attention to house repairs and upgrades since the seller’s market has been brutal for the last five years. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could find a victim, er, buyer, to pay enough so I could afford the move, but here I am, finally, in my new home. So. The new Cities of Sigmar book was quite the pleasant surprise, giving me something to dream about while replacing flooring and painting bathrooms. I’ve been enamoured with the dark elves for over twenty five years, and as much as I like the Daughters of Khaine, I’m more excited by cold one knights and corsairs. The cold, efficient brutality and pokey heavy armour gets my imagination going, and I ended up with literally dozens of conversion ideas. With the house sale complete, I rushed out and picked up several kits to make these dreams a reality. First up; a Hurricanum/Bloodwrack Altar. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure I’d build the Altar for my girls. I’m never excited about duplicates when it comes to large kits, and this was no exception. But after reading through the CoS book and comments about the weaknesses of “pure” CoS elf lists online, I realized a Hurricanum would be a requirement for a competitive list. I’m an average player, and play for fun more than wins... but wins need to be an option, at least, if I’m going to keep playing. I saw the new Anvilguard Get Started box, and knew I wanted a Kharybdis and extra Corsairs... But what about the chariots? Never really been on my radar. Until now. I realized if I combined that with an altar, I could replicate a lot of the the aspects of the Hurricanum; two powerful mounts with a “balcony” looming above, all pulling a massive eldritch contraption. Perfect. So, here we go;
  3. 20 years ago I moved to a new city with my wife and two young’uns (4 y/o and 6 m/o) to start a new job. Money was tight, and I was needed at home evenings and weekends, and that’s when I returned to painting my little plastic soldiers after a five year hiatus. It was actually pretty productive, hobby-wise. I didn’t play at all, but got a lot of painting and conversion time in, and was always around my girls. Hobby-wise it was a blessing in disguise... I had enough time to practice painting, enter a GD and win a Slayer Sword. So... I agree with the people who say pick your favourite army or two and purge some stuff. Put the money away for your kids, maybe a bit towards a rainy day fund for growing your army. Have a dedicated painting table, even if it’s just a small fold-up TV tray, so you can hobby in those short breaks between baby naps and feedings. And do not feel guilt (unless you’re ignoring the wife and kids ). Humans need mental health breaks. Painting is a “zen” thing for me, helps me relax and tune out the challenges of being an adult for a while. As long as you’re not ignoring your family, it’s good for them too because you’ll be happier and calmer in the long run. I just moved into a smaller home last month, and even though I’ve got boxes to unpack still for some rooms, I desperately need painting time to de-stress after all the commotion. So I’m stealing it when I can, even just assembling models on the couch. Life’s too short to give up hobbies completely. Good luck!
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with GW naming. Hate, because they are ridiculous. Love, because they work well in a vacuum. Even without reading a single piece of fluff, I know that “Necroquake” is a disaster related to the undead faction. Silly, but effective. If someone said “midichlorians” to someone who had never seen a Star Wars movie, it would mean nothing. Call them “Jedi steroids”, or “Space Wizard Mana”, and people would have an instant opinion of what they might be. It’s easier to get new people involved in a vast, growing universe. I would prefer they used names like “Marienberg”... but I understand their logic. That name doesn’t tell me thing about the setting, compared to “Graverot”. I suspect the tourism board for the latter town has a much tougher struggle to get visitors.
  5. I think you’re right about tying the mount and rider together with pink eyes. I’ve built eight riders, just need two more. Thinking of making the leader a female with a Melusai snake mask like my hag queens, possibly mounted on a black stag (from wood elf kit) instead of a horse. Or or do you think a male warlock to lead them? Rereading that, the words “black stag” sounds way more interesting than “horse”. So that’s settled. Just gotta decide male or female.
  6. Not yet, building the rest of the unit. Thanks for the input... I’ll do a test and see how it turns out.
  7. Pink eyes and brand for the horse, or blue? Blue will match the mane and tail, but pink might stand out more. Suggestions?
  8. “Purple Overload” sounds like a Prince cover band.
  9. Ugh. I’m the worst. Thanks for triggering self-loathing! I normally wear glasses, but need to take them off to paint. I end up holding the model about 4” from my eyes, so I see EVERY little flaw. And I just cannot have that. How the hell can Trooper Jim shoot properly if one eye is bigger than the other, and slightly crossed!?!? So, yeah. Definitely persnickety here. That said, I love painting, have for over thirty years. It’s a “zen” thing for me, blocking out the world and trying to exert a level of complete control over a single model, that I rarely have in real life. It’s strangely calming. And I am improving, learning to “let go” and move on to the next model... but I still have a long ways to go.
  10. Much appreciated! I originally painted the manes purple, but realized it was purple overload. I like the blue better as well.
  11. I’ll be painting the horses like this, but probably won’t keep any of the original rider bodies. I despise their palsied left arms.
  12. Took a break from painting due to well, life. I’m now a grandfather! Lots of other stuff going on that’s not nearly as much fun, but I’ll save that for therapy. Anyways... warlocks. Love the concept, like the individual models... but I’ve been trying to get excited about painting them for years. My primary issue is that there is no real variety in their poses or gear. Individually they look dynamic, but as a group they’re a bit lacklustre, particularly when sitting next to models designed since rank n’ file was jettisoned. So I’d paint a couple, figure out the colours... then lose steam as I realized I’m painting the same model ten times. I got the bright idea to turn them into riding bowmen. I got the inspiration from Mongol riders, with special saddles that allowed them to sit higher when they shot their bows, similar to the dark elf saddles. I may be wrong about them being Mongol, could have been Chinese. I haven’t been able to find the reference, but it’s not important. My first attempt was frustrating. I used a bow and arms from a Melusai archer. The arms were a good proportion for the warlock body, but the bow was just far too tall to be fired from horseback. I ended up buying the wood elf stag riders to use their torsos, but that was a dead end as well. Enter... the Namarti. Elves bodies, good proportions, shortbows. They were perfect, and surprisingly easy to fit on the existing lower bodies. I liked the neck armour and belts as well, they added some colour to the riders, which helps tie them in visually to the rest of my army. Throw on Melusai quivers, and they looked like light, fast archers. Exactly what I wanted. Took me a while to figure out the heads. So many options, but in the end I decided to go with executioner heads. I like the sleekness of them, and decided that hair would look too busy with the quiver. I may add some very short hair, which won’t interfere with the quivers, but that’s a later problem. On that note... anyone have spare executioner heads? I should have ten, but managed to lose four. Ah well, I’ll figure something out. After all the time wasted on figuring out how to end up with a product I would be excited to paint, these ended up being surprisingly fast to assemble. Now, time to paint!
  13. It’s late and I have an idea that will look ridiculous in the morning, but I’mma subject everyone to it anyhow. What if witchbrew was a prayer? It would remove the certainty of applying it to a unit, limit how many you could use per turn, and also requires sacrificing a slot that could be used to cast another prayer. In fluff terms, the hag queen needs to “bless” the witchbrew before giving it to a unit. Would that work? It seems 60 pts would still be a reasonable cost, given the drop in reliability.
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