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  1. Ya, I didn't love that ash skin. I'll probably just paint a variety of skin tones.
  2. What colors are you planning to paint this warband? I was thinking of using one of the color shift paints for the armor.
  3. Any plans to release these STLs anytime soon?
  4. Perhaps the scenery we got is made up of two parts. One is the base portal with the gold underneath. The other, this slithering portal that could move around and maybe be killed?
  5. How are people feeling about the Deathmaster? As an assassin it feels pretty underwhelming. The Gnawbomb seems like it could lead to some nice tricks, but I feel like other artefacts and heros are better.
  6. I've finished my dead-things army and wish to eat-become the warpstone infused madness that is Skaventide. I have a second hand army of 40 clanrats, grey seer, doomwheel, 2 warplightning cannons, thanquol, 2 death runners, and a warlock engineer. I know it's eat but what would be some good purchases for a coherent and competitive-casual 1000 pts?
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone! I think I'll be running BoC. As @Pandamina pointed out, the tzaangor box gives tons of converstion opportunities for other beastmen units.
  8. I really love the tzaangor models and just picked up a batch of them. Both Tzeentch and BoC seem cool, but in which one would a primarialy tzaangor army work better in?
  9. The bloodwrack shrine is a Daughters of Khaine model that can not be built from the mortis engine. However, the mortis engine in the Start Collecting: malignets box can build both the coven throne and bloodseeker palanquin.
  10. Please let me know if I screwed up my math somewhere. I'm happy to correct it. Let's Mathhammer!! In melee the soulreach grasp causes a save 52% of the time with unholy vigour. (p(Hit) + p(roll 1)*p(Hit)) * p(Wound) = (4/6 + 1/6 * 4/6) * 4/6 = .518518... In the best scenario (no save, unholy vigour), this gives an average wounds per round of p(cause save) * average damage per hit = .518* 2 = 1.036 wounds. In shooting, the grasp doesn't get rerolls. It also happens about half the time. p(hit)*p(wound) * average damage / 2 = .4444 Total wounds = 1.036 + .44 = 1.476 Additionally you lose it's benefit of versitility in combat as you can only shoot what is in melee with you. The attacks get worse against ignore rend or many low save models. They get better with more attacks (from KoS command ability). On the other hand we have the Reaper Scythe (p(hit) - p(rolling 6)) = p(normal hit) = 3/6 - 1/6 = 2/6 p(normal hit) + p(roll 1)*p(normal hit) = p(normal hit with rerolls) = 2/6 + 1/6 * 2/6 = .38889 p(normal hit with rerolls) * p(wound) = p(cause a save) = .38889 * 4/6 * 3= .259259 Average damage by saves p(cause a save) * p(fail save -1 rend) * # of attacks * damage per attack 2+: .2593 * 2/6 *3 *2 = .5185 3+: .2593 * 3/6 * 3 = .7778 4+: .2593 * 4/6 * 3 = 1.037 5+ .2593 * 5/6 * 3 = 1.2963 6+ .2593 * 6/6 * 3 = 1.5556 Reaping Scythe will also cause mortals on a hit of six so let's calculate that and add it in. p(roll 6) + p(roll 1) * p(roll 6) = p(frightful touch) = 1/6 + 1/6 * 1/6 = .1944 p(frightful touch) * # attacks * damage = average mortal wounds = .1944 * 3 * 2 = 1.166 TL;DR The scythe will have higher average damage against all saves thanks to mortal wounds. Since there are more attacks and static damage. The variance is going to be less -- this attack should be more reliable and higher damage. Soulreach grasp is good against high save targets, but worse damage overall. It also benefits more from extra attack buffs. The attack is more versitile in target selection. However, some of the damage comes from shooting with doesn't happen every combat. It is also prone to common shooting debuffs. Lastly, it doesn't work when the coach runs. I'm going to run the Scythe in most cases, since it will probably cause more damage. If you like the freedom to choose backline tagets, take the grasp.
  11. So what are you all going to run on the black coach -- Soulreach grasp or Reaper scythe? The reaper scythe seems way better. I don't think the ranged attack is worth the loss of more rerolling attacks and mortal wounds. Thoughts?
  12. Sample size of 1, but I ran the chainguard at 1000 points. It was nice, though probably not worth it. It especially hurts when you're double turned and can't get back those units. More threats would have been a better point investment.
  13. It might be a realm specific spell. ?‍♂️
  14. Nactigal

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    @Nevar I wouldn't expect the Generals Handbook 2018 to differ from the Nighthaunt battletome. I expect the starter set models to be easy build variants. Though I suppose we won't know until they are released. On another topic, 11 leader options, and 4 battleline options seems like a ton! What are the stormcast at now?
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