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About Me

  1. A friendly space to share hobby progress and narrative stories for anything Soulblight Gravelord related. I'll start it off with some new skeletons from Ulfenkarn.
  2. So I was trolling around YouTube when I stumbled across a video detailing the construction of a rotting leviathan from total war warhammer 2. I don't have that dlc but I was struck by inspiration! Unfortunately I'm in the middle of working on my stormcast eternals army and I don't like to leave things half finished. 3/4 finished maybe, but not half. So while I continue painting and basing the stormcast I'll keep this as a little project log. I wanted to have a sort of road map so I asked the soulblight forum for some list ideas. The current list will need 2 rotting leviathans, 1 with count (not)Noctilus on it, 40 deck crew zombies, 20 grave guard (I still am not sure of an analogue I want to use for them), 6 deck droppers, a wight king, a necromancer, and 5 mounted depth guard. The problem with the grave guard is that the total war equivalent are the depth guard, but they're vampires, not skeletons. The only lesser vampires are blood knights and depth guard are not mounted (why would you be on a ship?) The idoneth fortunately came to my rescue with an answer. The dread fleet uses the aethersea. So they ride large armored sharks/crabs or something into cites/villages. Perhaps even in boarding actions against other ships. For this reason, as well as the dangers of having someone who could actually threaten their cities, this dread fleet's arch enemy are the idoneth. Many an undersea bloodbath do I see occurring between the two. I'll get more into it when I get around to the lore posts. I'll be using the actual blood knight models instead of ishealan guard for the conversion as I don't fancy sculpting that much armor onto the fish/elves. So I'll have to wait for them to come back into stock. 😛 The rotting leviathans will follow the video that started it all as araknarok spiders with parts from the gloomtide shipwreck (plus some other odds and ends). Count (not)Noctilus I'm thinking will start life as the free stormcast that GW stores are handing out right now. Failing that (our store is currently without a manager), I'll probably troll around bits bins for a suitably tall and armored individual. Not sure if I'll put a lesser vampire onto the second leviathan. Well see what strikes my fancy. The new fell bats, while pretty, only offer 2 that could reasonably be carrying deck hands. I'm trying to keep as much of the stuff GW as I can for the sake of vanity (I like the idea of one day being featured on warhammer community. Silly, I know). I don't want to get 3 boxes of them, so I might have to look elsewhere or get creative. The deck hands will be pretty easy unless I want to get fancy, which of course, I do. Most of the fights are going to be against the idoneth and black arc corsairs (along with standard humans). That means a fair number of the crew are going to be from these individuals. That means, a box of zombies + corsairs + nemarti (maybe some frostgrave crew, though those can be a touch hard to find). I could also use those lovely cloaks for the grave guard. Maybe armed with nemarti great weapons? We'll see. I plan to make my way down from the top. Start with the heroes who will be influencing their minion's design. Not sure on the wight king. I'm currently thinking a vampire that lost their unlife that the count didn't wish to be parted from. Or an old first mate who refused to take the curse with his captain and served as a mortal until his passing. The old gunnery wight from the game can't have a 3+ save with just his shirt, so I'll work with something else. I'm playing around with the aristocracy side of things in my head currently. (also looking at medieval ship combat) I'm drawing a blank on who/what the necromancer should be on the ship. A doctor? The one who introduced the count to the curse? That creepy guy no one likes? A deep diving suit because necromancers are still alive and must breath? Who knows? Not me. I'm worrying about it after (not) Noctilus is built with his angry hermit crabs. Thank you for checking out this mad idea of mine and actually reading through this mess of ideas. As for the video that started it all:
  3. AoS 3.0 Game #12 August 17th, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Soulblight Gravelords (Vyrkos) vs. Ogor Mawtribes Battleplan: Savage Gains (2000pts) Soulblight Gravelords Army List I got to play a new opponent today who was rocking another Ogor Mawtribes list, which seems to be a particularly popular faction here in Korea (in fact, it seems like the Korean players favor big monster lists/armies in general). We rolled Savage Gains as the battleplan for the game and I chose the role of attacker. With ten drops I was definitely the loser in deployment but he selected me to go first anyway. Here's the board all set up at the start of the game: I had a group of 20 Zombies and 20 Grave Guard set up in reserves and he had a little ogor hero with some pigs set up in his reserve as well. Top of Turn 1: Soulblight Not much to say about this turn as I just ran my units up the board to grab the objectives, brought in all my reserves, and summoned in my wolves from Radukar's CA. My opponent had a single spell caster but he wasn't able to stop my lengthy list of spells which buffed up all my units. I don't usually place the GG in reserve, but I wanted to screen them with the Zombies and still make it onto the objective, however this has one major drawback: I can't cast any buffs on them in the first hero phase (namely the Killing Moon by Bella) so I'll have to consider that next time I play. I took Ferocious Advance as my battle tactic (2pts) and had 3 objectives (2+2+1) for a total of 7 points this turn. SBG 7 - 0 OGR Bottom of Turn 1: Ogors I denied what little spell casting he had and then watched as he charged into my units. I was a little worried after losing Mannfred the last time I play Ogors, but was fairly confident that he could survive one big charger. I took a decent amount of impact damage across the table but the real damage came in the combat phase. My zombies got wiped out, as I sort of expected, but I wasn't expecting him to be able to pile in so many attackers into my Grave Guard. This was my fault as I got kind of greedy in pulling my dead zombies from the right side (planning to charge in next turn) but his three ogors with a bunch of buffs from charging completely destroyed my whole unit of Zombies and Grave Guard! I was pretty worried that this might be the end of the game right here and now, especially if I got double turned. Mannfred ran away to the back of my deployment where he could still buff the skeletons. The skeletons did a fair bit of damage on their own, buffed with Vanhel's and the Crimson Feast (+1 Attacks). My fell bats died valiantly holding up his other big guy on the left side who looked like he was trying to swing into my back objective. Fortunately, I was able to hold onto the right side objective thanks to my skeletons slaying a model so my opponent only got 3 points in total after failing his attempt to Conquer (who selected the objective on the right side. SBG 7 - 3 OGR Top of Turn 2: Soulblight Winning the roll-off via tie breaker was huge for me. A double turn at this point would have been game over for sure. My dire wolves had been ignored last turn which meant they had a straight path into his juicy primary objective worth 4 points. Radukar charged into his foot ogors and my zombies moved within pile-in range of them as well. I knew that my skeletons would not survive a hefty impact charge from his big guy so I threw Mannfred into the fray and hoped he could survive a turn of combat. Overall I didn't do a ton of actual damage in combat, but I didn't lose much either. This also meant that I had most of the objectives and his units were mostly tied up in combat as well. I got my Conquer battle tactic (2pts) and had 3 objectives (4+2+1) for a total of 9 points this round. SBG 16 - 3 OGR Bottom of Round 2: Ogors My opponent took Bring It Down! as his battle tactic, selecting Mannfred as he was my only monster. At the start of this turn Mannfred had exactly 1 wound left, though he healed up a couple during the Heroic Action phase. His plan was to kill Mannfred by using his D6 Mortal Wounds ability that can target units with high armor. Luckily for me he rolled a 3 and I saved 1 and ignored another, allowing him to run away. I teleported Mannfred into my opponents zone, far from any shooting or charging units and setting him up for my next turn's battle tactic. With Vanhel's Dance and the +1 attacks the skeletons slowly started to chip away at the big dude, though the lack of rend meant that even after 70+ attacks I was only getting through 2-3 wounds. Radukar held up extraordinarily well against the foot ogors, I think his -1 to hit ability really cut down on their damage. He was able to snag my primary objective while still holding the one on the left so he scored 6 points this turn after failing his battle tactic for a second time. SBG 16 - 9 OGR Top of Turn 3: Ogors Ogors got the double turn here, which they probably needed at this stage since I was starting to pull away on victory points. Unfortunately for him this was when I started rolling well on my Endless Legions rolls and at the end of last turn I had brought back half a unit of Grave Guard that had a clear line towards his big guy engaged with my skeletons. The grave guard and zombies at the bottom of the board are dead models that I hadn't cleared from the table yet due to lack of space. Belladamma got rolled in combat this turn and my skeletons and his big guy both managed to do very little to each other. Radukar continued to work on the foot ogors and otherwise not much happened. He scored his battle tactic (2pts) and had two objectives (2+4) for a total of 8 points bringing him back into the game. SBG 16 - 17 OGR Bottom of Round 3: Soulblight I won another Endless Legions roll letting me bring back some zombies at the bottom of the board and work towards reclaiming my primary objective. My grave guard were able to move forward 4" and then get a guaranteed 6" charge with their musician while a much healed Mannfred charged into the small group of mounted ogors on his primary objective. 10 Grave Guard with +1 attacks and a +1/+1 aura from Mannfred put out a ridiculous amount of wounds and finally destroyed his general. I think a lot of people new to playing against Soulblight greatly underestimate their strength, though there wasn't much he could do anyway. Mannfred also cleared out the raiders he was fighting with and I scored my tactic (2pts) and held 3 objectives (4+2+1) and killed a monster (1pt) for a total of 9. I also managed to bring back another group of zombies at my primary objective down at the bottom of the board with Endless Legions. SBG 26 - 17 OGR Top of Round 4: Soulblight I won the roll off here which more or less sealed the fate of the game. I reconsolidated my forces and the only combat was Mannfred wiping out my opponent's reserve guy. I scored another 9 points this turn and my opponent decided to concede. SBG 35 - 17 OGR Final Score Post Game This was a pretty strong game for me and was the first time I've really had an overwhelming victory against someone with Soulblight. My opponent hasn't played many games of 3.0 yet so he wasn't as familiar with the battle tactics which are such a huge part of the game now. I've been running this style of list for quite a while now too, around 6 games I think, and this is my third time using the Radukar variation. I really like this list and I think swapping out the Vengorian and 10x skeletons for Radukar and bats (and then splitting the zombies into 2 units of 20) has been really effective. If I were to tune this list further I think my next stop would be to maybe replace the zombies... but I'm not sure yet. I hope my opponent didn't feel too bad about the loss and I did speak to him afterwards. I think Soulblight can feel a little bad to play against when you get a bunch of endless legions rolls and just bring back half your army. He seems up for another game (potentially against his Gits army!) so I think he enjoyed it as well!
  4. AoS 3.0 Game #11 August 17th, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Soulblight Gravelords (Vyrkos) vs. Sons of Behemat Battleplan: Tectonic Interference(1500) Soulblight Gravelords Army List Deployment Top of Round 1: Soulblight I had a one drop deployment list for this small 1500 point game and I decided to go first. On my turn I just moved onto all the objectives and chose Aggressive Expansion as my battle tactic. I had zombies and skeletons on the left flank facing off against his Mancrushers and Mannfred, Bella, and 30 x Grave Guard on the other side pairing off against his Mega Gargants. SBG 6 - 0 SOB Bottom of Round 1: Sons of Behemat The giants charges into my units as best they could, but had trouble fitting in around the terrain pieces. Mannfred blocked out the right objective and my skeletons and zombies held the left flank with overwhelming numbers, even against the mancrushers. He decided to charge Belladamma, which was a little surprising for me, and she was killed off this turn. That meant that I didn't have to run away Mannfred and he did a decent job of denting his first Mega. SBG 6 - 4 SOB Top of Round 2: Soulblight I won the important roll off preventing the double turn, which meant that my 30 Grave Guard were in clear charging distance of his wounded Mega. 16 Grave Guard with 3 attacks each and within Mannfred's +1/+1 bubble made quick work of the first Mega, once again pumping out some insane damage. My units on the left hand side were taking a beating but hadn't crumpled yet, holding back the smaller giants for at least another turn. I took Slay the Warlord this turn, which I completed, though I only scored 4 points total since the giants were all now within objective range. SBG 10 - 4 SOB Bottom of Round 2: Sons of Behemat My grave guard took a pounding with a combination of fall damage and a follow up shooting phase. He charged into my weakened group of GG and tried to take them out, but unfortunately was not able to clear out enough models to prevent me from swinging back pretty hard on the following combat activation and severely wounding his second Mega who took the full brunt of damage from around 18 GG, Mannfred, and a number of offensive spells from Mannfred and the Vampire Lord. I did lose quite a few grave guard in the process though. My left flank had fallen at this point but I was lucky enough to bring back half a unit of zombies, ready to charge back in. SBG 10 - 6 SOB Top of Round 3: Sons of Behemat In the combat phase he came close to wiping out my grave guard, but around 6 survived and combined with Mannfred they were able to take down his second Mega. With only two mancrushers left my opponent decided to concede the game. Post Game My opponent is still quite new to AoS and is still working on completing his first 2k point army and this was really mostly just a learning match. My opponent had a friend (one of my opponents from an earlier game) help him out with rules and English translation. I think he had fun and learned a lot and I look forward to playing him again in the future, especially with a full 2k point army. This was my first time playing SoB and was a pretty gentle introduction. They are probably a very scary matchup in a full points game against an experienced opponent, but at least now I feel like I have a little bit of understanding on what to expect.
  5. AoS 3.0 Game #10 August 15th, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Soulblight Gravelords (Vyrkos) vs. Seraphon (Thunderlizards) Battleplan: Tooth and Nail (2000pts) Soulblight Gravelords Army List Deployment It looks like we made a mistake in deployment, we should be 9" away from each other's territory, so we're both a bit closer than we should be to each other, though I don't think it made much of an impact on the game since we both deployed with this misunderstanding. Top of Turn 1: Soulblight I out dropped my opponent this game and decided to take the first turn. My opponent didn't have much in the form of spellcasting so I was able to get a full range of buffs out on my units this hero phase. This battleplan doesn't allow reserve units, so I didn't have anything in the gravesites. It's hard to see in the picture but I did cast spectral grasp on the the Wyldwood near the center of the board (half movement for anything that starts within 3"). I summoned Radukar's wolves as an extra wall of chaff and otherwise cautiously moved up the left side of the board. I decided not to push far into the right side and instead used those units to complete my ferocious advance battle tactic. I didn't try for any charges and ended my turn with 4 points. SBG 4 - 0 SER Bottom of Turn 1: Seraphon In my turn I had moved Mannfred up front to screen out his Carnosaur and other big units, but I greatly underestimated the amount of damage his shooting could get off on a single turn. Mannfred was shot down with wounds to spare in the first shooting phase of the game. My direwolves were taken out in the combat phase, but left his own units open for a counter charge next turn. With 4 points scored, we were both tied at this point. SBG 4 - 5 SER Top of Turn 2: Soulblight Avoiding the double turn here was pretty big, especially with Mannfred no longer screening the Carnosaur and my dire wolf screen eliminated. Once again I went unchallenged in the hero phase and Belladamma was able to summon a wolf via Lycancurse, allowing me to thin out his Kroxigors. I charged in Radukar, tying up his Bastiladon. I also moved forward on the right side, realizing that I would also need to tie up his other ranged dinosaurs to prevent myself from losing other heroes. My fell bats went deep, hoping to tie up his unit of Salamander Hunting Pack. I managed to take out another Kroxigor with my zombies and eliminate his small unit of skinks with my skeletons, allowing them to pile in a second time with Vanhel's Dance and tie up his other Bastiladons. With three objectives and a completed Savage Spearhead tactic, I scored 5 points this turn. SBG 9 - 5 SER Bottom of Turn 2: Seraphon My opponent's shooting was much less effective this turn as his units were all tied up in combat and he couldn't focus fire down any single unit. He got his Oldblood on Carnosaur into my Grave Guard by charging through the forest. All but three of my Grave Guard survived, but they fled in the battleshock phase, removing the unit from play. On the other side of the board his dinos finally wiped out my skeletons. At this point I had lost Mannfred, 20x Grave Guard, 10 Dire Wolves, and 30x Skeletons.. but I did make a very fortunate Endless Legions roll at the end of the turn, bringing back 10 Grave Guard. Perhaps even more importantly I won the turn roll off again. My opponent scored 4 points this turn, keeping us close on the scorecard. As a side note, my opponent was mixing the battle pack battle tactics, I think because he didn't own the GHB. I decided not to argue the point since we were playing for fun here. The battle tactic he chose was "repel". SBG 9 - 9 SER Top of Turn 3: Soulblight I took my new unit of Grave Guard and made the guaranteed charge (deployed 9" away, 4" movement, and 6" musician charge). In the hero phase I had given them Under the Killing Moon (exploding 6's on hits) and in the combat phase I used the Vampire Lord to give them +1 attacks. All 10 GG made it into attacking range, and the 30 attacks rolled well, with a number of exploding hits. 3 mortals and 25 wound rolls at -1 rend / 2 damage went through, a potential of over 50 damage. The Oldblood did not survive. On the otherside of the board I retreated my zombies back towards my own primary objective. In the battleshock phase I won another endless legions roll and brought back 15 skeletons to reinforce my corner objective. What had once looked like an unwinnable position now looked quite good, though there were still a lot of scary dinosaurs on the board. I managed to scrape 4 points this turn despite only having a single objective under my control. SBG 13 - 9 SER Bottom of Turn 3: Seraphon My opponent took Broken Ranks this turn and targeted my fresh group of skeletons who took the brunt of the shooting damage and leaving only 4-5 models left by the start of combat. He also charged in his dino on the left side of the board and engaged Radukar who had finally dispatched the bastiladon he was fighting for several turns. He succeeded in removing my remaining skeletons in the combat phase, but I was able to bring back some Dire Wolves and steal his own primary objective and stopping him from scoring more than 3 points this turn. SBG 13 - 12 SER Top of Turn 4: Seraphon My opponent crushed my remaining unit of zombies on my back objective and did a decent amount of damage to my grave guard as well. At the end of the battleshock phase I was able to revive the zombies that had just been killed and this time brought them in at the back of the board where he was holding an objective with just a bastiladon. He did score a strong 5 points this turn however, and I was running out of units to bring back. SBG 13 - 17 SER Bottom of Turn 4: Soulblight Radukar put in a lot of work this game, just grinding through everything put in his way. When fed by low wound count models that trigger his vampiric healing and healed with the heroic actions he is very hard to put down. I moved my zombies forward but didn't charge, looking to take advantage of the pile in shenanigans to basically give me a double activation. Unfortunately, I lost too many zombies and therefore control of the objective, but I did take down his dino on the left, giving me broken ranks and a monster kill point for a total of 4 this turn. SBG 17 - 17 SER Top of Turn 5: Seraphon My opponent chose "seize the middle" as his tactic, which shouldn't normally be allowed because that is part of the core rules pack and not GHB but I decided not to challenge it since it was near the end of the game anyway. There wasn't a lot of combat this turn other than him taking out my my Necromancer at the back corner and he moved some of his units into the middle to score his tactic and a total of 3 points. SBG 17 - 20 SER Bottom of Turn 5: Soulblight I decided to take the same battle tactic he had and moved most of units into the middle of the board but didn't charge, giving me a total of 5 points this turn from controlling two objectives and scoring a battle tactic. SBG 22 - 20 SER Final Score SBG 25 - 23 SER Post Game Overall a very tight game! From a unit point of view I was losing the entire game, but being able to reliably complete battle tactics and control objectives at important moments allowed me to just barely get a victory here. The endless legions ability to bring back half units definitely saved me this game and I was lucky to win so many rolls. Games like this really feel like "Soulblight" to me, constantly bringing back units, swarming the board, and trying to be sneaky by popping up everywhere. I lost Mannfred in the first turn again.. it seems to be happening more often than not these days, but there's not a whole lot I can do against focused fire ranged lists like these, though I now have a better idea of what their turn one damage can look like and I should be able to prepare better in the future. Mixing the battle tactics was a little unfortunate, and afterwards it was explained how you need to choose a single battle pack. In his next game they were able to play with the proper rules.
  6. AoS 3.0 Game #6 July 31st, 2021 @ Old Dice Wargaming Club Soulblight Gravelords (Vyrkos) vs. Ogor Mawtribes (Blood Gullet) Battleplan: Tectonic Interference (2000pts) Soulblight Gravelords Army List Deployment Top of Round 1: Soulblight Gravelords The ogor army outdropped me and decided to give me the first turn. My first turn was fairly un-eventful as I pretty much just cast my spells and moved slightly forwards, just enough to get onto the objectives. My spell casting went un-interrupted as the Vyrkos re-rolling ability and Belladamma’s +1 to casting gave me a strong magic advantage this game. I took ferocious advance as my opening battle tactic which I completed by running the Necromancer, Vampire Lord, and small group of skeletons. I also deployed my reserve zombies on the right side objective. SBG 5 - 0 OGR Bottom of Round 1: Ogor Mawtribes Ogors had a pretty powerful magic phase this turn as I failed my dispel roll for Voracious Maw and he rolled quite well, taking a total of 7 wounds off my Vengorian Lord. I took a little bit of damage in the shooting phase but nothing too devastating. In the charge phase I got a bit lucky as his unit of Man-eaters failed their charge roll and his hero (proxied as the Orruk in the picture) whiffed on his attacks. Unfortunately I made a (possibly game ending) error right in the first combat phase. I had a complete brainfart and activated my skeletons first… even though the hero they were in combat with had already attacked. This meant that on the next activation he got to wipe out all of my grave guard. My large block of zombies also took a big hit on the right side of the board as they tried to hold the objective there. Fortunately I was able to kill the hero who had made his lone charge, while also somehow managing to keep my battle line unit alive to deny his battle tactic. SBG 5 - 2 OGR Top of Round 2: Ogor Mawtribes The ogors were able to push me off all the objectives this turn in a pretty powerful move forward. I took a little bit of damage in the shooting and hero phase, but nothing quite as bad as before. Fortunately, while I did lose all of the objectives, I was able to hold him off his battle tactic as my Vengorian Lord managed to hold on with a single wound thanks to some timely ward saves. Mannfred did a ton of damage to the ogor unit who attacked him and my Necromancer valiantly killed an ogor himself (praise be to swingy D3 damage?). Despite doing quite well in combat, this turn put me in a pretty tough place in regards to objective control. SBG 5 - 6 OGR Bottom of Round 2: Soulblight Gravelords This was a fairly uneventful turn for me, but relatively successful. At the end of last turn I succeeded in bringing back half my grave guard unit, which was pretty important for keeping me in the game. The alpha objective unfortunately landed on the far right side of the board, putting it out of my reach for the moment. I consolidated my forces on the left side and took the objective, completing my battle tactic (bring it down) in the process. This put me back into a slight lead and with a fairly strong force grouped together. SBG 8 - 6 OGR Top of Round 3: Ogor Mawtribes My opponent chose Slay the Warlord as his battle tactic. In retrospect, there was a mistake here. At the time, I was under the belief that any “general” counted towards the tactic (so in this case, Belladamma counting because she’s a bonus general in Vyrkos) but I have since learned that that is not the case. In any case, he was able to charge into my exposed Belladamma and take her out without too much problem. He also charged his Firebelly into my Vengorian, which would end pretty badly for him. The alpha objective landed someone on the right side again, so he was able to score 2 points for the tactic, and 3 points on objectives. SBG 8 - 11 OGR Bottom of Round 3: Soulblight Gravelords My record keeping starts to fail me here as I started to forget to label my pictures, and in fact I don’t think I took any for this round. The big clash on the left side of the board continued and I made another huge blunder. I had meant to flee Mannfred from combat but totally forgot. Instead of asking to re-do it I decided to suffer a round of fighting, thinking he could manage (spoiler alert: he didn’t). Losing Mannfred was a huge blow, especially to my mobility and this was probably what cost me the game. However, I was able to push up the center of the board with my Vengorian (who had since healed up most of his wounds after being one away from death) and a revived unit of zombies. This allowed me to take the center objective again and I was able to score at least 2 points. I barely failed my attempt at killing his own warlord this round, so I failed my battle tactic. SBG 10 - 11 OGR Top of Round 4: Soulblight Gravelords I was hoping for a dominant combat phase here so that I could push into his vulnerable heroes in round 4. Unfortunately, without the buffs from Belladamma, the Vampire Lord, and Mannfred my basic units just weren’t strong enough to break through the last unit of ogors. I lost all my zombies, but did manage to put quite a few wounds into the last unit. However, being stuck in combat was a big problem. My vengorian moved onto the right side objective (which once again became the alpha) but I couldn’t do enough damage to kill the leadbelchers and win over the objective. I did claim my battle tactic by running some revived skeletons and my necromancer into his territory and still had two objectives claimed. If the alpha objective had fallen into my territory I would have been able to maintain a stronger lead. SBG 14 - 11 OGR Bottom of Round 4: Ogor Mawtribes The ogors and skeletons continued to duke it out on the left side of the map while the leadbelchers continued to try and take out my Vengorian Lord who was just barely hanging on for dear life. My opponent also claimed Savage Spearhead this turn and scored the bonus point for having the alpha objective which tied up the game. SBG 14 - 14 OGR Top of Round 5: Ogor Mawtribes The alpha objective landed in the middle this turn, which meant that things could potentially get interesting since we were so close on points. My opponent took Monstrous Takeover as a throw away battle tactic since they couldn’t complete any of the others. The leadbelchers finally finished off my Vengorian Lord. Once again, with the alpha under his control he was able to score three points this turn. SBG 14 - 17 OGR Bottom of Round 5: Soulblight Gravelords So the ending of this game was a little weird. My opponent assumed that I had essentially won the game and starting tidying up, assuming that I could just grab the middle objective with my necromancer and skeletons. As a result, I kind of just haphazardly moved my models over without bothering to measure out carefully. After doing so, I realized that technically I was within pile-in range of one of his ogors and reminded my opponent since he hadn’t noticed. He was able to pile in and thus stop me from getting the objective and battle tactic. If I had spent the time carefully measuring out the models with the 3” gauge or if I hadn’t said anything, I would have finished this round with 5 points, bringing me up to 19 total (and then adding in 3+ for both of us because of grand strategies). Of course, we’re just playing for fun so it doesn’t matter too much. Officially speaking this game was a loss for me, but I do feel like I should have tied if I had played it out properly, oh well! SBG 18 - 22 OGR Final Scores Soulblight Ogors Post Game Overall this was a really fun and close game, coming down to the very end and being decided by only a few points regardless of which ending you want to consider. I was a bit nervous about running this list, which is actually the 5-0 tournament list run by Brendan Melnick in the US. To me, the list didn’t look very strong, and while similar to the style I wanted to play it didn’t include very many heavy hitters like dragons or blood knights. I’m glad I tried it out though because it turned out to be a strong list, even with me piloting it very badly (losing Mannfred and my Grave Guard to mistakes). I learned a lot by playing this list and seeing how powerful it is to have a focused list with big blobs of units and focusing on battle tactics and objective control. It seems that the current battle pack really encourages a “hold 2 and then complete tactics” style of play which this list does really well. It was also fun playing against my first Korean opponent and playing my first game against the ogors who I think are a really fun matchup for my Soulblight.
  7. I have been putting a few games up so I thought doing a thread would be better than flooding with posts. Hopefully that's alright. :] Top most posts are the most recent. Kharadron Overlords vs. Ossiarch Bonereapers | 2000 Points | Power Struggle Kharadron Overlords vs. Ogor Mawtribes | 2000 Points | The Veins of Ghur Kharadron Overlords vs. Soulblight Gravelords (Again) | 2000 Points | Tectonic Interference Kharadron Overlords vs. Stormcast Eternals | 2000 Points | The Vice Tides of Destruction Battle Report: KO vs. SBGL 2000 Points
  8. What self-respecting force of bloodsucking wolfkin is complete without a wizened old dame riding a spurned ex-lover to lead them? I generally hate painting fur (Nagash knows why I chose a wolfy faction for my army), so last knight I sat down with the intention of forcing myself to get the wolves on this model started. 7-8 hours later I found that I'd basically finished the model. It's such a good sculpt full of nice hidden details and I literally couldn't put my brush down. Like Radikar, I love the composition of this model so much and it was an absolute joy to paint - the crispness of the detail on the sculpt really helps.
  9. So the horde is gathering nicely, and I thought I'd post a mini-army shot of the models I've finished so far. I'm now over halfway towards having a completed 1000 pt Vyrkos dynasty force to start playing some games with. This is the list I'm working towards as my first milestone: - Radukar the Beast - Belladamma Volga - 2 units of 10 dire wolves (+1 extra unit summoned by Radukar's command ability) - 5 Blood Knights This comes to 980 pts total. Of this, I now have 2 Blood Knights and 15 wolves still to complete.
  10. I've finished the first tester model for my blood knights scheme. I went for a similar overall scheme to the studio army but with purple barding. I'm still not 100% sold on it so I'd be really grateful to hear some feedback before I commit and paint the other 4. I may go for a very dark red/brown colour for the barding instead.
  11. The first battleline unit for my new force is now complete; a unit of 10 dire wolves. These little critters were a really quick paint, which is a relief as I have to do 30 of 'em for my 1000 pt starter force. To keep things simple, I followed the suggested recipe from the battletome painting section, with a couple of tweaks: Fur: Chaos Black undercoat, drybrushed with Skavenblight dinge and Stormvermin fur. A final very light drybrush n the manes and tails with Celestra Grey. Wounds: Wazdakka red, highlighted with Tuskgor Fur. The skin around the wounds was Knight Questor Flesh highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone, and the whole thing was finished off with plenty of Blood for the Blood God technical paint. Bone: Morghast bone, Skeleton Horde, Ushabti Bone, Screaming Skull.
  12. I haven't done much hobby for a while now but the new(ish) sculpts for the Soulblight Gravelords have stoked my bloodpaintlust and encouraged me to brush the cobwebs from my hobby cupboard and give them a go. I've decided to document my progress with my new army project, so here's the first entry of what I hope will be a regularly updated painting and gaming log. As with any of my army projects, I've started with the model that's provided the muse for the whole undertaking; in this case Radukar the Beast. I love the pose and composition of this model so much; he looks so feral and menacing. It was an absolute joy to put together and paint. I wanted to keep the colours quite dark and desuturated for this army, with mainly browns, greys and slate blues contrasted with pale skin and blood effects. For the skin I followed something very close to the suggested recipe in the army book - Rakarth Flesh, a wash of Guilliman Flesh contrast paint and Lahmian Medium, and then layered up with several thinned glazes of Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh. I shaded the feet down with glazes of Snakebite Leather, Mechanicum Grey and Wildwood contrast paints. I've found contrast paints thinned with Lahmian medium (rather than contrast medium) to make excellent glazes for tinting flesh tones and creating decent blends quite quickly. The metal is Leadbelcher for the steel, and Liberator Gold for the gold parts with more contrast paints glazes (mainly Mechanicum Grey, Black Templar and Snakebite Leather). The wolf pelt was Grey Seer, with Apothecary White, and Mechanicum Grey glazes, Nuln oil on the darker parts, and then highlighted up with Dawnstone and Celestra Grey. The blue cloth was Dark Reaper, Nuln Oil, and highlights with Dark Reaper mixed with Thunderhawk Blue, and finally an all-over glaze of Terradon Turquoise for a bit more saturation. I followed a similar recipe for the blue gauntlets, but mixed a bit of Waaagh Flesh into the Dark Reaper and left off the final glaze to give a green-grey tone. The facial markings and scars are Screamer Pink washed with Barak Nar Burgundy and lots of Lahmian Medium, and the streak markings on the forehead where highlighted with Mephiston Red. Any comments and critiques are welcome - I'm always open to suggestions to improve my painting, so please let me know what you think.
  13. Zlatan

    Radukar the Beast

    General for my new Soulblight Gravelords army
  14. Hi all, I hope this is the best place to post about Legion of Blood - now that the new Soulblight Gravelords battletome landed. In the past few weeks I have tried to stay clear of any leak/preview, so that I could have an unbiased, fresh look at the battletome as it eventually materialised into my greedy hands. That happened yesterday (what a day!) so I am now elbows deep into the whole awesomeness. What I would like to discuss here is how to make Legion of Blood work in the context of the new battletome, but from a very selfish perspective, focused on my dislike for anything with the DEATHRATTLE keyword. I'll try to summarise what I (think I) gathered from a first read of the book, looking for any sort of feedback from your side. So: The main LoB change consist in the Favoured Retainers battle trait, which now focuses on DEATHRATTLE units as opposed to VAMPIRE LORDS and BLOOD KNIGHTS. Whether we like it or not (I do not and I do not understand this choice from a lore perspective, but hey...), it means the book is now encouraging the inclusion of some skeletons in our LoB lists. Argh. My idea of a Legion of Blood army is something that includes Neferata (good news on that side, more on that below) and loads of VAMPIRE units. The latter fell out of favour for LoB, though, as they appear to be the focus of the Kastelai Dynasty instead. "Yeah, just play the Kastelai", I hear you say. Fair. But let's assume for a moment that we want to stick with LoB and VAMPIRE units. Can we make it work? Going VAMPIRE instead of DEATHRATTLE means giving up one of the LoB battle traits, so we start on the back foot. However, we still have, I would argue, the best command trait and artefact combination in the whole book for making our beloved Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon seriously hard to kill. Namely, in LoB we have access to Aura o Dark Majesty, which is great (-1 to hit flat in melee, which means that shooting is still an issue) and the Souldbound Garments, which are now filthy, bringing our VLoZD to a 2+ save. Neferata can make that a 2+ unrendable save, which is glorious. Yes, the Coven Throne also gives you the opportunity to improve your save rolls by 1, but that costs a CP, and there is no CP farming option in this book, aside for allying Kurdoss (but that's a tough sell). Our Beautiful Queen Neferata now has a very solid profile. As a start, she does not have to be your general in LoB - huge, as our VLoZD can take Aura of Dark Majesty with her in the list as well. Incidentally, with the new Endless Legions rules you don't care too much about your general getting killed, which is awesome. A 3+ (potentially a 2+ with a Coven Throne, potentially an unreadable 2+ with her on spell), 12 wounds and her command ability not degrading with wounds, she can now stick around for way longer. And, I just love that Akmet-har is now slaying any HERO on a 5+. That's... something. So. She's in. Neferata + VLoZD + Coven Throne make for an exceptional trio of Leaders, two of which are generals. Excellent. The problem is our battleline options. The minimum size for a unit of dire wolves is now 10, which is harsh, as the battleline tax effectively double (compared to the usual 5x3 wolves paradigm I'm used to). With that, we can barely fit two units of Blood Knights, and we are basically done. Very few wounds on the board, close to zero board presence. On top of this all, Nighthaunt are now allies. This is a huge blow, as 3 units of Chain Rasps would have done nicely to deal with the battleline tax. So. Is this really the end of a LoB VAMPIRE-themed option? Am I missing something important, here? I know that leaning into the Kastelai is the best thing to do, but I am just curious as to whether I can make it work still. It could be just me caring about this option, and that's absolutely ok - just indulge me, and please let me know whether there is anything you'd like to add to this discussion. Thanks!
  15. I've grown impatient for GW to come out with some really cool Vampires and with the COVID Pandemic it has given me suffcient time to hobby. So without further ado, I present House Corvent, a Vampire Coven that turned its back on Nagash and made a deal with Khorne. House Corvent “To be on the cusp of dominating the mortal realms, only to be denied such power from a group of greedy rats only shows how ignorant he really is.” - Duntov Von Corvent, discussing Clan Eshin’s intervention during Nagash’s Necroquake and the Arcanum Optimar. House Corvent is an ancient Soulblight Coven that is of significantly smaller size than many other Soulblight Covens. Despite its size, House Corvent’s members are known as being some of the deadliest and fiercest fighting of all Soulblight. This has resulted in the Coven being tasked with some of the most difficult and deadly missions. Duntov Von Corvent, the head of House Corvent dates back to a time when there were only faint whispers of blood sucking immortals that inhabited the realms. Duntov has served under Neferata since she turned him centuries ago. However, that came to an abrupt end several years ago when Duntov made a deal with the Blood God, by turning the Covens back on magic and the Great Necromancer. In return House Corvent would, for the first time in centuries, have their minds free from Nagash’s grasp and no longer would they be puppets in his undead army. Having served Neferata and as a result Nagash, Duntov became increasingly frustrated with the strangle hold the Undying King and his Mortarch had over their servants. It was during a bloody battle in Shyish when the forces of Khorne appeared and House Corvent was sent behind enemy lines to assassinate leaders of the invading Khorne Warhorde. Duntov ruthlessly slaughtered a high-ranking Chaos Lord, plunging his sword through the Chaos Lord's skull and then sucking his body dry of any remaining life blood. The feasting did not stop there, the warriors of House Corvent drained the warriors of Khorne of their blood as was the Soulblights nature. It was at this very moment that the eyes of Khorne gazed upon Duntov and house Corvent, for the Blood God cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows, and on this particular occasion the blood flowed endlessly. Khorne was aware of the existence of the Soulblight, however never had he seen such bloodthirsty warriors as those from House Corvent and this pleased the Blood God. Sensing turmoil within Duntov and his House, Khorne appeared to the Vampire Lord offering House Corvent freedom from Nagash and Neferata and in return they only needed to turn their back on magic and pledge loyalty to the Blood God. Duntov and his House accepted the offer, and at the snap of his fingers, the Chaos powers of Khorne freed House Corvent from the grasp of Nagash and his Mortarch of Blood. The following years proved to be difficult for House Corvent, no longer would they have the luxury to do as they pleased in Shyish; no longer would they be the apex hunters of the realm of Death, now they were the hunted. Despite being incredibly cunning, Neferata was blinded by her rage, one of her oldest and most elite Soulblight leaders had defected to the forces of Chaos. She would send countless Deathrattle legions in search of the traitor Duntov Von Corvent and his House. However, each skeletal legion was met with swift destruction. Duntov not only had the elite forces of his House to command but was supported by Khorne daemons. In one particular bloody battle against the forces of Death, Duntov called upon The Tyrants of Blood and he was greeted by Skarbrand and two Bloodthirster escorts. The trio of Bloodthirsters went on to decimate the front lines, allowing Duntov and his Blood Drenched Knights to ride down the remaining forces of Death. The once powerful magic wielding Soulblight in House Corvent, now turned warrior-priests, were often found drinking the blood of their fallen foes so that Khorne would answer their prayers. Top Lieutenants, now called Deathbringers were found spearheading charges, some aspiring to gain Khorne’s favor and others being exalted by their new God. Through these victories in Shyish, the locals in surrounding areas bore witness to an alternative life, one that wasn’t dictated by the Undying King. Over time these locals would flock to Duntov Von Corvent, pledging loyalty to him and worshiping Khorne as their new God. Most would fill out the ranks as Bloodreavers or Chaos Warriors, but those that proved particularly savage would receive The Red Baptism and become a fearsome Blood Warrior and thus was established the Corvent Warhorde. Less than a decade after their pledge of loyalty to the Blood God, House Corvent had grown to become a thorn in Nagash’s side and for a fleeting moment the Undying King questioned the vulnerability of Shyish. House Corvent Organizational Background of Notable Leaders & Units Faction: Chaos, Khorne Realm: Shyish Motto: Ut neque quod duceretur captum neque quartam partem dare, non accipere vulnerum occidioni (Take no prisoners, give no quarter, accept only bloodshed). Duntov Von Corvent (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak): Often found leading his House into battle from atop a Karkadrak. He carries a Khorne blessed Sword as old as House Corvent itself, forged from the metal of Chamon that has the ability to pierce even the strongest armor with relative ease earning its nickname The Gorecleaver. Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore): The famed Vampire warrior and right hand of Duntov Von Corvent, Arkus leads the troops of House Corvent head first into combat, riding atop his Chaos Beast. Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot): Perhaps one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty officers in House Corvent. Cazdrakk prefers offense to defense and thus throws caution to the wind, wielding a Reaperblade in one hand and a Daemonbound Axe in the other. Cazdrakk leads House Corvent’s foot soldiers and is usually tasked with taking and holding areas of great importance on the battlefield. Zori Zosix (Priest): Oldest in House Corvent, second only to Duntov Von Corvent himself, Zori was the spiritual leader of the House in their mortal days. When Neferata turned Duntov and subsequently the remainder of the House, these rituals were practiced in secrecy as it was seen to be heresy. However, under their new Chaos God, their bloody rituals are welcomed. In battle, Zori is often found atop his skull altar or warshrine praying to the Blood God for support in battle. Sometimes answered in the form of daemons, other times in the judgments of Khorne. Lt. Unu (Bloodstoker): One of Duntov Von Corvent’s most trusted lieutenants, he is tasked with keeping the infantry known as the Gore Seekers in line, whipping anyone that dare disobey an order. The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights): It is rare to see Duntov Von Corvent without his royal cavalry escort of Chaos Knights called The Blood Drenched. Their name paints an accurate picture, as these former Blood Knights charge at terrifying speeds, crashing into enemy lines breaking bone and detonating organs creating a red haze in the air and soaking the riders and their mounts with their enemies’ blood. Gore Seekers (Chaos Warriors, Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers): The Gore Seekers are a general term used for the foot troops within House Corvent. The Gore Seekers look to capture The Blood Gods' eye through spilling as much blood as possible and as a result they are usually found on the front lines and oftentimes they are the first to see combat, in hopes that their eagerness will earn Khorne’s favor. Art of Duntov Von Corvent Duntov Von Corvent on Foot (Chaos Lord) Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak) Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore) Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot) Zori Zosix (Priest/Chaos Warshrine) The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights) with Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak
  16. Introduction to the Shard When the great Dragon Dracothion formed the Realms it was a cataclysmic process. Titanic energies were unleashed as vast tracks of land were molded into place. It was unavoidable that some parts of creation would break apart, flung into the void like the sparks from a blacksmith’s anvil. Most of these sparks died out into the void or became the first morsels of magic to be eaten by the Dark Gods. But some stabilised, hanging between the Realms in the Aetheric Void as minute islands within a vast Ocean. These Shard-Realms are as diverse as the realms they come from, often mixing magic of different Realms. Many are small and sparsely inhabited, if at all. A few, such as Baettomel’s Shard however, are the size of continents and home to many species and civilizations. Named after the Celestial Cartographer who first discovered her, Baettomel’s Shard was created from the magics of both Aqshy and Shyish. This dual nature is reflected by the people living on the Shard. Fiery passion and independence are tempered by a reverence for tradition and the finality of death. “Burn brightly in Life, Shine eternally in Death” ~ Popular saying, used both to wish Good Luck or say Farewell A brief history of the Shard The Shard is tethered to both Aqshy and Shyish through 2 Realmgates. During the Age of Myth colonists from both Aqshy and Shyish came to the Shard. From Aqshy came Humans, Ogors and Aelves. They built the great city of Aldranyte at the center of the Shard. From Shyish came a dynasty of Soulblight Vampires and their Orruk thralls. They founded the City-state of Lahmessos in the mountainous regions. For many years these great cities stood as beacons of civilization, science and magic as the rest of the Shard was explored and colonised. There was harmony and peace until of course, the Age of Chaos came. Though spared the initial onslaught, Aldranyte was the first city on the Shard to come under siege. Warbands and Demons had claimed the Realmgate in Aqshy and began to cross the gate into the city. Here they were met by the combined forces of the Shard, the living and the undead fighting side by side. For a time, they held the invaders at bay but their defeat was inevitable. A cabal of Chaos Sorcerers corrupted the Realmgate. Where once warm winds flowed, icy blizzards began to blow. Those who were touched by the wind found their lifeforce drained. The mortals, once energetic and passionate became lethargic and uncaring. Though the vampires were unaffected they could not stand alone against the renewed assaults. They abandoned Aldranyte and retreated into the fortified halls of Lahmessos. As the forces of Chaos laid siege to Lahmessos, they rampaged across the Shard. The surviving mortals were forced to live nomadic existences, constantly hunted by Blood Hounds and worse. This reign of terror and horror did not break the Shard-dwellers. Not once did the followers of Chaos set foot in the Sanguine Halls and they paid a toll of souls in battle for every day of the siege. Resistance mounted in the plains at the edge of the Shard as well. At first, only scattered embers smouldered but over time those embers lit into a blaze of rebellion that formed the Fire Kingdoms. One day, the lightning from Azyr touched even this distant realm, ending the Age of Chaos. The battles fought during the Realmgate Wars would come to shape much of the history of the Shard. But that’s a story for another time… ------------------- Hey everyone and welcome to my new army project. I am aiming for a 2000 point Soulblight army with some Undead friends. Here I will share the lore of the army and the world I am working on as well as pictures of the Vampires and other Undead. I hope you like it My first miniature for the army, a count-as Fellbat which doubles as a test for the colour scheme and base. Quite happy with the result but I would like feedback to improve if you have it! Thanks for looking!
  17. Uvatha

    Vampire Lord #1

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Vampire Lord #5

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Vampire Lord #4

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Vampire Lord #3

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Vampire Lord #2

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Vampire Lords

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
  23. Uvatha

    Vampire Lords

    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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