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Found 57 results

  1. Hello everyone. The Soulblight faction can choose the Swift Death bloodline that gives additional movement to all units and this little bonus... "In addition, Swift Death models can always move as if they can fly." How does this interact with things that prohibit flying, such as the Skaven vortex spell? There are two different aspects to this question. 1) Blood Knights and Vampire Lords on foot and on nightmares do not have the FLY keyword on their warscrolls, and the Swift Death bloodline does not give that keyword. As such they never actually fly, they only ever move as though they were flying. 2) All other Soulblight units have the FLY keyword native on their warscrolls. These are all actually flying when they move and follow all the normal rules for fliers. Does the "always" part of the Swift Death ability trump any attempts to stop any Swift Death models from flying? Or would it be only Blood Knights and Vampire Lords without FLY? Or are they all stopped from "flying", even the ones who never actually were flying?
  2. The VLords upper body and upper arms came from the Abhorrant Ghoulking, his cape and the whole flesh/muscle/additional skin was done using Greenstuff. -- Detlaff, warden of the Queen's livestock, proconsul of the flayed fields.
  3. Hello all. I’m a long time GW hobby participant that loves to convert and kitbash. Figured I’d make a place to share the things I come up with. Knights of the Black Chalice This is the start of my Soulblight force. I want them to be an army of knights so I’m converting a lot of counts as units to keep the knightly theme. The plan is to expand it to run as a Legion of Blood force too. We’ll see if I ever get there. Chaos knights as Blood Knights. Shield arms left off for ease of painting. I plan on having 2 more units of 5. This is the start of my counts as Blood Palanquin. Instead of a platform carried into battle by an ethereal host it is a war machine around which spirit hosts will cavort. My converted Knight of Shrouds for Malign Portents who madly believes himself to be a Knight Questor. More Death will eventually follow. I have plans for counts as Vargheist using Stormcast Prosecutors, huge vampire knights borne aloft on ethereal wings. Aetherwings painted as huge ravens to count as Fell Bats, Executioners with head and weapon swaps to be Grave Guard etc. Storm Scions (name still in flux) My custom Stormcast warhost. Taking my inspiration from Viking myth (Sigmar as a mix of Odin and Thor), the god Ulric from the World-that-was, and Space Wolves. First 6 Liberators. 4 more planned in a similar vein. Lord Celestant is still WIP, based on the Neave Blacktalon model. I had to stop working on my Liberators to make this guy once I saw the Warscroll for the upcoming Knight Incantor. Since they are described as stormcallers and I’m using some Space Wolf inspiration I knew I had to make me an AoS version of THE Stormcaller, Njal himself. So I took the leader of the Farstriders as the base since he has a bird on his arm. That gave my my Nightwing, Njal’s Cyber raven. I swapped the head and hands and voila. My Stormcaller Knight Incantor. Up next will be a Lord Relictor then the rest of the Liberators. Other plans include Judicators, Paladins, Raptors and Palladors. Let me know what you think so far.
  4. Old Woden

    Vampire Lord conversion

    Converted from the Eldar Visarch to fit in with his back story of a Glade Lord that gets turned by a vampire. More info in the signatures.
  5. Version 4.00.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  6. Vampire Lord Conversion. Body - Slaughterpriest Wings - Vargheists Head and Sword - Knight of Shrouds on Eteral Steed More images: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2018/08/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-soulblight.html
  7. I'm starting a standard Legions of Nagash army- I was lured in by the new Death hype but I'm trying to keep things "old school" if you will. My current thought is to use two Vampire Lords (one on Zombie Dragon, one on Nightmare) and one Necromancer as heroes for a list with a bunch of Skeleton Warriors as battleline: - Vampire Lord on Nightmare w/ Spirit-Possessed Blades, Chalice of Blood [General, Mastery of Death] - Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w/ Lance, Shield, Chalice of Blood [Wristbands of Black Gold] - Necromancer - 40x Skeleton Warriors w/ Spears and Shields - 10x Black Knights w/ Lances and Shields All that would take up 1210 points, leaving me with 290 to go. This is the perfect number to buy 30 more Skeleton Warriors and 1 Command Point, 5 Blood Knights and 1 Command Point, or maybe something else? I feel like the Black Knights and Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon will be enough speed that I don't need Dire Wolves, but maybe I do? Also, I'm going with Legion of Sacrament for the +1 to casting (easier to cast spells and to trigger Locus of Shyish), +3" movement, and the excellent Wristbands of Black Gold. However, Grand Legion for extra healing and Lord of Nagashizzar for extra attacks sounds great too. I'm new to Death so I'd be happy to get anyone's feedback about this list!
  8. New Death? Lokks like nighthaunt, derathrattle, maybe soulblight Thoughts?
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve recently gotten some guidance towards where to progress my army after expressing my liking of the vampire theme, and my owning of the skeleton horde box. I’m going to build Neferata and now face the dilemma of choosing between whether I want to focus on soulblight and having blood Knight battleline, or the legion of blood. I’m wondering which one is more viable, and whether or not the blood knights are incentive enough for a soulblight allegiance. (With the soulblight allegiance I can still take 40 skeletons and a necromancer which add up to 390 points in allies so I don’t see an incentive for going legion of blood).
  10. Hello there, I am selling my mostly unpainted death army. I can also be interested to trade for painted aos. here is the ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112851139246 1 x Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead (Basecoated in prime colors) 1 x Vampire Lord on horse (Unassambled, Count Mannfred on horse model) 1 x Winged Vampire Lord ( Russian alternative model, unpainted) 1 x Necromancer (Battlemage model with serpent staff, unpainted) 1 x Cairn Wraith (unpainted) 1 x Corpse Cart (unpainted, additional bits included) 1 x Mourngul (painted in prime colors) 50 x Zombies (mantic, painted, with command group) 50 x Zombies (mantic, basecoat, with command group) + additional bits and boxes for units
  11. Hey guys, I’m getting into Age of Sigmar and I need some help moving forward. So far I’ve purchased the Skeleton Horde start collecting box and need guidance. I’m thinking of building Mannfred and want to have a majorly vampire based army with some skeletons (Not worries about allegiance). Any tips for my next purchases?
  12. Version 2.08.00


    DONT'T USE THIS, IT GOT ROLLED INTO LEGIONS OF NAGASH. PLEASE USE THE CARDS FROM: All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), and DIN A4 printing sheet (if you use US letter format, you may have to scale them down - idk, just test it, because I didn't ;)) Overview and changes each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Trait(s), Command Traits, Artefacts, the two core spells (Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield) on a single card, sub-faction specific spells card size is 41x63mm (same as X-Wing upgrade cards) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed.
  13. I've prepared some analisys about the battletome Legions of Nagash so you can make me know what you think about it. AnywayI really find myself still pleased by this battletome cause we gained a lot of different ways to play, but also disappointed by the lot of things we lost (and the mocking about the warscroll battalions). you can find everything here^^ Before you begin... there are 8 videos in the link, I advise you beforehand^^
  14. New cards are up: Two things to note: 1. it has the new size of 63 x 88 mm, previously tested with Maggotkin of Nurgle This is the same size as X-Wing pilot cards, Magic or Pokemon cards and will therefore fit a lot of sleeves. It has better readability, the print should be clearer on medium class printers and the cover should pop more. I'm working on redoin the old cards all in this new size and will update alll download links soon to these versions. 2. LoN has over 110 cards included, due to 6 different allegiances and 2 spell lores. Therefore, it doesn't fit the normal card boxes I designed for 40/70 cards. Together with the new size, I'm working on a solution to still cram the card box onto A4 sheets. Have fun.
  15. Hi all-- Just a quick question: I bought one SC! Malignants, and one SC! Skelehorde. Anyone have any advice on how to build them? I was thinking Arkhan, Mortis engine and Black Knights. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys, Hoping you can help me out here. Really keen on starting a Soulblight army and will need 20-30 blood knight models. I live in Australia and I'm really not keen on paying $165AUD per five blood knight minis. 165 probably means nothing to you if you don't live here, but for me that's 2 tanks of petrol in my 6 cylinder car, or 8 trips to the cinema, 4 cases of beer or 110kg of bananas ? Given I'm after 30 knights that's more beer than I'm not willing to not drink. What other options are there? I've looked at: - GW moungul knights but they look too small - I've seen some people suggest Dragon Princes but I'm not sure on that one - Not a fan of the Mantic Soul Reavers - The GameZone minis look too busy Any other ideas? I was thinking some easy conversions of human knights but unfortunately the Empire and Bretonnian knights are no longer available. Help!
  17. So finally finished (besides her base) the horse mounted version of my vampiric big boss Cassia. Still not sure on a full name though I'm sure I'll think of something! (Any ideas do let me know!) And of course it wouldn't be Cassia if she wasn't covered in the blood of her victims... She will be getting her inaugural games in tomorrow as we practice for our path to glory firestorm campaign and I will try to post some battle reports here. Hopefully with pictures though most will be unpainted alas... (Sorry, it's a long process!) Anyway here she is in all her gory glory!
  18. So we're back today with more dynamic death... Deatherizers (okay I'm bad at alliteration) because after painting dragon Cassia the only logical step is to paint her up some blood knight bodyguards right? (10 of these buggers to do...) And of course a neigh neigh horsey riding version of Cassia because I don't always want a dragon riding general... Especially not for our upcoming path to glory / firestorm campaign where the general must be the same in each game! (But I'm totally allowed to field her as a vamp lord or lord on dragon) As you can see this random mounted vampire lady I made a while back works well for cassia (just ignore the slightly smaller nose... Necromantic vampire magic for you...) And you may have noticed this well dressed Cassia doesn't have her dinner all down her well have no fear, once she's finisher I will go mad with the blood technical paint and make her suitably red I'm planning to go ethereal looking with the horsies hence the green for cassias horse and the grey initial coat for a bloodknight. You also get to see Cassia's progression over the course of this evening. (Alsowhat you can't see is one knight has a broken lance... Budget cuts and all... I might try and fix it later but tbh he is easier to transport like this)
  19. So today I had a lot of fun painting up my vampire to sit on her zombie dragon Need a good surname for her but I'm getting there. Then it'll be onto actually creating some background for my soulblight army. She's already going to have the nickname of 'the bat queen' for employing large use of her bat-like gargoyle followers (counts as fell-bat conversion, pic below) and of course regular bats (gonna have to get myself bat swarms just because they can be useful for protection) She will also have a horse mounted model that will be painted up later but I'm proud of how she's turned out. Good fun applying the blood too obviously she's just a messy eater.
  20. And here it's a video on how I converted one winged vampire lord on a on foot one. It could also be magnetized , but I really liked to use it in the position I modified, so I decided not to procede to that step. Anyway all the other steps you can find them here:
  21. I realised some video about the new allegiances in GH2017, I'm still waiting the eventual compendium before creating my final opinions for this new release. In the while you can share with me the opinions about them. GH2017 review Grand Allegiance Death: Flesh Eater courts: NIghtHaunt: Soulblight: Do you share my thoghts about? Or no?
  22. Hello all - I had a question regarding a potential Death list that I was building, as a friend of mine is selling me some of his models that he wants to get rid of (very cheaply, to boot): Allegiance: Death Heroes Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - General - Command Trait : Ruler of the Night - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Cursed Book Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Units 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 6 x Vargheists (320) 4 x Bat Swarms (160) Total: 1980/ 2000 The idea for this list is fairly straightforward - Keep VLoZD up/healed, and use him to fly towards key battles/flanks, and buffed up Deathless Minions saves and buff either himself or a key allied unit with his command ability. The 2 Vampire Lords can fly 10" and have great utility this way, as well as being able to debuff a key enemy unit, and throw out the obligatory Mystic Shield/Arcane Bolt. The Bat Swarms I can sub out for more Vargheists, but I plan on flying them up towards key shooting units, since they only have to be within 12" to debuff them with that -1 to hit rolls (since this doesn't stack, it's better to have x4, rather than 2x2, and can receive Deathless Minions bonus). Blood Knights will do what Blood Knights do... haha. Some variations: 1. Dropping 1 Vampire Lord, 4 bat swarms will buy me 300pts for another unit of Blood Knights, and dropping 4 x Bat swarms will give me 3 more Vargheists. I don't fancy the Coven Throne, and have decided to ignore it in this list. 2. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, 2 bat swarms, add Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror and 3 Vargheists. This is one less hero, but the spell for the Vampire Lord on Terror, DOUBLES a unit's move characteristic... In that case, the Vargheists would receive the Command Ability + Mystic Shield + Hellish Vigour = 24" fly, 4+ save, 28a/3+/3+/-1/2 reroll failed hits that generate more attacks per model killed. These would be the crowd-clearers, 3. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, Vargheists, Bats, Add 10 more Blood Knights and Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror. This would basically be Blood Knights 2 x 10, 1 x 5, and heroes... Vampire Lords would buff a Blood Knight deathstar to have 30 wounds, saving on 3+ with mystic shield (2+ vs attacks with no rend), 5+ Deathless Minions save, 20" move (buffed), 30 attacks, rerolling failed hits... that do D3 damage on the charge (!!!). A one-trick pony, that buffed up, on average against a 4+ save base, would = 24 wounds. Even if something crazy like Khorne Skullreapers or Bloodwarriors, the extra save would sustain their numbers, allowing for a model to regen each turn. Thoughts? Concerns? I know it's not massive model count, and lacks shooting, so armies like Khorne will give me some trouble, but the ability to soak up mortal wounds, heal, and regen models, as well as flying chargers a la Vargheists, will allow me to fly into some Thundertusks, should I ever face them.
  23. Hey guys, I'm a new AoS player. Have been playing Warhammer since 5th edition and with the drop of AoS I moved onto Bolt Action and Kings of War, both of which are great games. But with points in AoS I'm keen to give it a spin and start a new army rather than recycling one of my old WHFB ones. So I thought I'd start a Soulblight army for a couple of reasons: - low model count - I'm keen on having to not do too much painting as I'm learning the game and seeing if I like it. Although I've not played yet I get the sense that it can be tough to play to time when you have huge model counts in this game. - I've never done undead before, so it's good to try something new - I had Empire and Bretonnians in WHFB. In KoW I went for something non-human and did a monstrous Nightstalker army and it was good fun. If GW were to release some nice human faction minis I'm pretty sure my wallet would scream out in horror, but for now I'll do another non-human army before I inevitably swing back in the future. I am a bit apprehensive about starting this army because its not an 'updated' faction. It worries me that a new book and minis may drop that would change how I approach it, but I guess that is the risk you take if you don't want to do one of the few new/updated factions. I'm going to try and keep the army pure-Soulblight; except for sometimes maybe summoning some Dire Wolves when I have odd points left over when putting a list together. The units Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - He'll be low down on the painting schedule but I'll do one eventually. He looks like a total wrecking ball when you pop red Fury on him. Been rolling some dice in theoretical combats (hope I'm not the only one who does this :-) ) and he looks capable of putting Greater Daemons down in a single round of combat. I'm sure he would be a shooting magnet so that could make him tricky to use. Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror - I'll have to find an alternative mini to use for him as he is now out of production and I'd not be keen on picking up the original off eBay as it looks pretty pants (anyone have any ideas on a good alternative?). His spell looks completely ridiculous so I definitely want one soon :-) Vampire Lord - Looks like a nice, solid and relatively cheap character. His spell is good so is hard to see a list without one in it. I imagine he will always be on a steed or will have wings and carrying a chalice. With not having to pay for these upgrades I don't see why anyone would use one on foot. Am I missing something? Coven Throne - Is an interesting one. Fantastic model, good damage output against low defence units and really fast. Its spell would make it great on a flank I think to get in some one on one engagements and grind down the enemy behind the safety of Beguile. I think its command ability is great and could swing games in your favour at the right time, but when running it as the general I don't think I'd want it on the flank or in an isolated part of the board, so that sits at odds with its combat utility I think. I'll paint one up at some point to give it a run to put theory into practice. Count Mannfred - Looks very useful and a good upgrade on a regular mounted Vampire Lord. If there were spare points floating around I think making that upgrade would make sense. Vlad , Isabella and Konrad - In a super fast army, the slowest thing is 10", I don't really see a place for these guys. Bat Swarms - I think I'll be trying to get in at least one unit of these in every list due to their nice ability to disrupt shooting, which seems to be so strong in AoS. Fell Bats - Same points costs as the Bat Swarms but with a better damage output. I could see the point of these guys if it weren't for the Vargheists. Where I have the option of taking 3 Vargheists or 6 Fell Bats for the same points, it seems like a no-brainer as the damage output of the Vargs is much better. I could see a place for the Fell Bats as chaff and blockers. I've converted some models for these so I'll probably run them in non-competitive lists. Vargheists - I'm keen to paint 6 of these I think with the intent of running them sometimes in units of 3. I see them as good light-character hunters and clearing out light units. They look very vulnerable so I'd think that I would have to be careful about when to commit them to combat as I think I'd be wanting to prioritise their combat over others before they get smacked down. Blood Knights - I'm super exited about these guys and they look like a hard as nails Battleline unit. Never mind being battleine, they'll put down the enemy elite without breaking their stride. They look like they will excel at demolishing nil-Rend units as they have a 3+ save, which I could boost to 2+, getting wounds back, reviving slain models and ripping through the enemy on the charge. Overall I think the army is going to require careful use of charges and selection of which combats to fight first. I think that the best option sometimes will not be to throw everything into combat in a single turn, but to stage the charges over multiple turns, particularly if more than one Rending enemy unit needs to be fought in the same turn. Painting So to get started I've painted up four Bat Swarms and 12 converted Fell Bats. I think this will be all the bats I'll ever need. Currently on the painting table is a couple of Vampire Lords mounted on steeds. I'm aiming to finish these this weekend.
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