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  1. Well you could have part of the range be new models. You could have some models in each type. Is not Forge World owned by Games Workshop? It seems like a waste to not indulge the large and fanatical Chaos Dwarf fanbase.
  2. So the Pestilent throng is set to work perfectly for Nurgle except for this technical thing that makes a Beastmen character less efective.
  3. Does that not give Humans a huge advantage? Are you sure that he does not take Dwarves or Elves? Are they homunculi?
  4. I feel like Destruction is the most limited of the grand alliances, even more so than Death. All of the Allegiances feel similar, with the exception of some of the Gloomspite guys. I wish that Chaos Dwarves were turned into Stone Dwarves or some kind of Destruction Dwarves with ranged weapons.
  5. Will we ever get a ranged-focus allegiance for Death?
  6. Why cannot they copyright Tomb Kings or something similar? They trademarked or copyrights Ogor when it is clearly a lame variant of Ogre. They could use Tomb King if they wanted to. Are they really not going to create official rules for Tomb Kings?
  7. Well we can at least get a real Tome. After all, the demand is big and there are so many models that they do not make that they should.
  8. I do not know if the Chaos allegiance abilities are any good, but right now Chaos Dwarves can only be played in Chaos and Legion of Azgorh. By comparison, Beastmen can be played in Chaos, Beasts of Chaos, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Khorne, and Tzeentch. I am not sure how many allegiances there are in Chaos but there are three at least that Beastmen cannot be in. Chaos Warriors have as many as seven allegiances. Daemons have I think six.
  9. I meant Forgeworld. There needs to be more abilities and artifacts to make faction truly viable and there are just not enough character or units. I would love some Beastmen of Hashut, especially Bullgors for the Bullgod.
  10. Well, in the Nuurgle Allegiance Abilities list the Command Traits are divided by Rotkin, Daemon, and Mortal. Beasts of Chaos are mortal but do not have the Mortal keyword I believe. Can they still take Command traits?
  11. Fogeworld does not count. I would actually play this game if there were Citadel Miniatures for the Chaos Dwarven army. I with we had a Battle Tome. There is so much wasted opportunity.
  12. Can Beastlords or other Beasts of Chaos with Khorne or Nurgle allegiance have Command traits?
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