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  1. Use one a lot, it’s great as a distraction piece away from VLoZd. Also great as a mobile healing platform and once per game Nuke. It puts out a reasonable bit of tarpit ability, ISNT awful in a fight, buffs casting which is super handy. It also moves quick enough to keep up with your big gribblies. But perhaps it’s best use, is as a sort of mobile wall / blocking piece to severely limit the amount of models that opponents can put into contact with said protected gribblies. It’s very good for the points, and in my experience it rarely disappoints.
  2. Yeah the CP drop at beginning does leave you a little wanting. Perhaps use aetherquartz brooch? Seems a shame to write of deathmarch cos of the new CP limitations. Re running dogs, canny with this list if you want low drop and batallion to get turn one charge. VLoZD provides some much needed rend as does the GG blob. But yeah, it’s not ideal.
  3. Running this on weds, undecided about whether to run block of 30 grave guard or as with this list, 20? Thinking is that getting turn one Vanhels off is pretty crucial if the black knights are gonna drop the beastly alpha this list is designed for them to do. So, corpse cart seems solid in that case. Or, dice the 6+ casting in exchange for a scarier blob of GG? Hmmm.
  4. Nah, gamezone mournful knights are nice. Sticking with them. Until the sexy new kit comes out with the new soulblight pirate faction....
  5. Yeah, was having an especially salty day. No bad towards anyone that uses it, and that goes for anything and everything I say. Its aimed at Gdub. x
  6. Same, this is HUGE for Soulblight and LoB. They are a decent unit way overpointed. Only issue is now I need to buy yet another 5 of Gamezones mournful knights, cos gw sculpts suck donkey balls and dragon princes painted red is so 90’s. Lol
  7. Knights are summonable, that’s the big diff
  8. Sure, point is simply that death shouldn’t have cannons. It’s their whole schtick. And the army, top down is designed and written with a degree of internal balance, which things like this mess with. Same with all the diff armies. This messes with an already very lopsided balance. Some armies are inherently weaker in a certain area, for good reason. Armies shouldn’t be all things to all people. Chose your frickin playstyle and play an army which suits it. Rather than bash square pegs into round holes for ‘narrative - cough - b o l l o x ‘ reasons. Sure. It will be grrrreeeeeaaat
  9. +10 on Nagash on a 9+ is a terrifying threat. Every turn you make the casting, if it goes off 19” + 2d6 charge is mega. Orb is tooo swingy.
  10. Yup, soup is bad. More armies being more like each other. You can paint and convert them however you like, but popular opinion is this has been death of 40k and similar feelings are true about effect on Malifaux. Keep armies distinct, that’s the joy of the game. Somethings should be worse at something’s and others better at others. Providing patches for everyone is lame sauce, IMO.
  11. I’d sack off orb and take Pinions, and take Balefire Lantern. That item is a total workhorse. Stick it vamp lord and fly him around with Nagash, pain in the ass.
  12. This in spades. Bottom line is, they are a gamer as all we are. They want the play the game, but they are clearly not well schooled in etiquette. As someone who has a brother with paranoid schizophrenia, I know just how hard it is to deal with or watch others deal with someone who is inherently hard to get on with. This is a bit of a tangent, but point is, tolerance, rising above it, politely educating them. Messaging them privately to offer support, assistance, tuition etc. Run a back to basics club night where everyone is run through the basics. Thing is, this ISN'T taught, it’s herd mentality, we all know it because for the most part we are well adjusted people who fit into a community. This person is clearly having a tough time as is, and they probably want more than anything to fit in. They’re guard is up, understandably, being trans in this day and age is ****** tough, like something we can’t possibly understand unless we’ve been through it. So, perhaps, as a community (and btw I’m not saying your not doing this already) we need to accept a more diverse player base, and with that accept that some of these people might not come with the tacit knowledge we all do. And again, that ****** really isn’t taught anywhere, it’s certainly not in the books. Also this kind of play etiquette is something most of us pick up at school, even just through mucking about as lads or girls. Moving from one dominant gendered community to another might reduce what little experience someone has of ‘playing fair’ to ****** all. Again, I’m not preaching. Just saying, we as the custodians and gatekeepers of this proud hobby and community need to go above and beyond sometimes. After all, weren’t we all the odd one out at one point or another? Like I say, run a club etiquette night / print off a flyer with this on / send round a whatsapp pdf etc. Make what is tacit, explicit and you’ll probably find you all become best mates. X
  13. Yes. It’s worth it. Add 5 more black knights, turn one charge buffed to the hilt is scary as hell.
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