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  1. You can always mix in Lahmian Medium with washes. In fact, I very rarely use water to thin washes now. Lahmian Medium I find helps it settle better. You can then always use (minimal) straight wash to go back to strengthen the depth where needed.
  2. syph0n


    It's a light spray, so you spray sort of at/above the model rather than directly trying to coat each aspect of it. Others have mentioned zenithal highlighting, so don't spray the underside, just spray the upper angles. It means that your following basecoats go over lighter or darker prime layers, subtlying changing the tone darker or lighter where light would naturally fall.
  3. syph0n

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Ray Dranfield has created some exceptional stuff (I can't remember the other chap). The Kill Team scenery is immense, but actually so much of all of it is. It is incredibly flexible, expandable and I had some many little bits spare that were perfect for basing as well. £80 for two Kill Teams (nearly), a set of ruins, the board and rules is huge value for money. I'll buy a set of Warcry in an instant and one for the school club if it's remotely as good. I feel the same. I started with 40K over 20 years ago but it never got going like I did with Fantasy. But because KT is so collectable and easy to play, I now have a fully painted Tyranid Kill Team, a nearly finish Space Wolf one, a primed Ultramarine one, a built and based Necron team and that's without looking at the GSC or AdMech I have on sprues.
  4. syph0n

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm always amazed how the rumours get out. I know a couple of people who work for GW, either directly or otherwise, and neither spill the beans - it's not worth the risk. I'm guessing some staff have close friends they might let slip some things to just because of the sheer quantity of new stuff that they didn't realise was released, but that hanging threat of job loss (presumably a dream job for a lot of them) helps keep their lips tightly sealed. I think a lot of it comes from staff in distribution or warehouses. They might have zero interest in the hobby and think nothing of saying 'yeah I saw a box full of daemons, Wrath and something' to a mate and it snowballs from there. If I worked in somewhere like the Design Studio I wouldn't tell a soul.
  5. Lots of old heads in the hobby but interesting to see AoS is the starting point for many. TL;DR - started in 1995 with 40K, but always dipped in and out after painting a few units and building a load. Have loads of different stuff from different eras. AoS has a cheap starting point, easy to build an army, so drew me in properly. Kill Team and AoS2 so easy to play, I don't expect to dip out. Full story for those who are bored: I voted AoS, but I've been in the hobby (and out) since 1995. My dad brought home a yellow cover Warhammer book which I must have read cover to cover 10 times over. It's still in my loft I think. He also brought home the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Book at some point, though I can't remember know when. Google tells me this was 5th ed. However, it was 40K I started with because the friend I went to Games Workshop with preferred the Space Marines over the dragons, vampires and skellies I was more interested in. So that was that, Friar Lane in Nottingham, painting Ultramarines. I played a few games of 2nd ed but never by myself, just at GW shops. I played a little bit of 3rd ed with a different friend but that was probably towards the end of 3rd ed. I played a lot of Necromunda with an Orlock gang during this time and probably painted quite a lot of models, especially Ultramarine characters. I must have stuck around the hobby for a while because of the launch of 5th ed Fantasy that I had the book for and 3rd Edition of 40K I had half the box of with a friend. I picked up Fantasy in 1999/2000 ish with High Elves. I preferred Dark Elves, my mate preferred Wood Elves but because we didn't have the money, we divided the High Elves up between us by units. The intention was to play and we started going to Warhammer World, but although I managed to paint up a unit of spears and a unit of archers, GCSEs got in the way so again, never played. Back into the hobby again in probably 2002/3. I did then start my Dark Elves but despite painting a box of Dreadspears and my wife (then GF) paining some Witches Elves, dipped out again. I collected the Lord of the Rings magazine collection, but didn't do anything with it and sold it to someone in New Zealand! I think I played a game once in Warhammer World of Goblins vs Dwarves which must have been another dip in, sometime around 2006/7 because it was the Battle for Skull Pass starter. Whenever they came out, 2007-9 maybe, I picked up a load of the last line of Dark Elves - new Cold Ones, Corsairs etc. Some of my favourite models ever. Again, they remained unpainted but I did build a load of them. I also got some more 40K stuff when Assault on Black Reach came out, but again built a lot but painted or played very little: I got married, had another kid... AoS launch is when I first actually played. When you first get back into the hobby, you have a routine of having to buy a rule book, a codex or battletome, models, paints to replace knackered ones. It's quite expensive. AoS was good because I could use the mass of models I had from my High Elf days, Dark Elf days and just play. My daughter was just about old enough to play with me so we had a few games of it and although I did drop out again before the first General's Handbook, I kept reading online and sorted out a lot of hobby stuff. Hence, my vote for when I've been in this side of the hobby. Last February is when I've actually, properly got engaged fully since the mid-90s. I've got a hobby box which I got the previous dip in, organised all my paints, old models and the AoS system, app, warscroll builder, TGA (especially) and Twitter have made it really easy because I've had next to no initial outlay. I've got more disposable income than before, kids are older (13 and 8 ) so my time demands are different. I've bought a good daylight lamp, Really Useful Boxes to organise stuff and I've got my own storage space for it all. I've been able to play 3 or 4 games of AoS, but I would play more if I had more than 1000 pts painted of my Order Serpentis stuff. I've also got into Kill Team and play it at the school club I run and with friend of mine who works for GW. I can't see me dipping out now.
  6. syph0n

    WiP Wednesdays

    I've been painting Tyranids for Kill Team lately so haven't felt I should overdo the posts on an AoS forum because people aren't here for that. I love WIP Wednesday. Even though Weds are a pain for me (meetings after work, daughter at Guides), it forces me to do a bit of hobby I might ordinarily skip.
  7. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    As before, I'll pledge towards some general goals of which I hope to achieve two or three of them: Finish Tyranid Kill Team Finish Space Wolf Kill Team Put some paint on either my 2nd dragon or hydra Complete half finished unit of Drakespawn Knights Paint a Lord Relictor
  8. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    See above^^. Failed miserably really. Back to work has killed my hobby time, meeting after work day, kids back to clubs.... I've been building, painting and playing towards Kill Team and have had a couple of games recently though. It's meant AoS has slipped down the list of hobby time, but I'm hopeful I can finish my two teams properly over the next week and then definitely dip back into AoS and my Order Serpentis army.
  9. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Part of my wider hobby resolutions is to try different techniques. I'm well into Kill Team so I've done some work with washes and technical paints, just as skill building. Did these two today, much happier with the top one. Much quicker too! No more 40K posts until I've done more AoS! Promise!
  10. syph0n

    Djinn vote-poll

    Much prefer the scale. I think Magnus looks too big.
  11. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Rather than commit to one particular model or unit, I've got a few things that need painting or building: Finish the detail on my Space Wolf team Try some faster painting styles on a Tyranid Kill Team and/or Stormcast Eternals Finish 5 Drakespawn Knights Rebase some of my Mixed Order pirate list and/or finish modelling the Frostheart rider conversion Make a start on the 2nd dragon or 2nd hydra for Order Serpentis My aim overall is to finish my Order Serpentis army by February. That's 1 army in a year since starting back up. I want a nice painted force if I can convince @Bento have a battle down at WHW and show me the ropes! I got Malign Sorcery, the Daughters Battleforce and Morathi for Christmas. I don't want it to be this time next year before they see light of day!
  12. syph0n

    Djinn vote-poll

    I went Ogroid.
  13. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Well I nearly actually did my challenge. Did the dragon earlier in the month. Got 2 of 6 Space Wolves finished, my wife built my Kill Team ruins as planned and got 4 Wolves basecoated and based. Didn't finish the Kill Team, Relictor or rebase any of my mixed Order project but it was a very ambitious month! /edit though I did base the 3 big monsters/leaders for the mixed Order stuff! Dodgy Instagram pic of the Kill Team. My lovely wife WIP on the Kill Team scenery!
  14. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Nice one. A great looking army all together!