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  1. syph0n

    Big Model Fatigue

    The pallette cleanser @Melcavuk suggested is a great idea. Something totally different, or in my case, the odd character model really helps me. I struggle to paint units, bit will do a single model in one go usually. I find basing is the big one for me. My god did I feel motivated basing a unit and some characters. I was going to save the basing till last and do the whole 2k in one go, but I'll do batches now.
  2. syph0n

    WiP Wednesdays

    Meant to post these on Weds when they were WIP but finally finished a unit of Drakespawn Knights! As always, excuse terrible pics. Have also included the other finished models I based tonight.
  3. If you're intent on the Order Serpentis army, allying in a Sorceress and something to sacrifice still keeps your Anvilgard allegiance. No need for Stormcast. Or, you could always ally in some Blood Sisters and a Medusa, though that loses Anvilgard. I'm not convinced about Corsairs, game-wise. They look lovely but I think you probably want a horde of them and loads of Fleetmasters to make best use of them. I don't know what they'd achieve within an Order Serpentis army as an ally. Really I think most would recommend going Daughters of Khaine, but I don't think they look traditionally Dark Aelf like Order Serpentis, Scourge Privateers or Darkling Covens. I've not played many games at all, so I can't advise beyond what I too have read.
  4. syph0n

    Storage at Home

    Fitting some loft ladders this week, but I know I just won't access the stuff if it's stored up there. Might end up that way once it's all painted, but whilst I'm working on it that's where I need it out. I've got the boxes in use however, so it could work. When you're 11 you just have to find a bit of space under the bunk bed or in dad's garage, but when you're 34 with 2 kids and a dog, suddenly your own space is very much at a premium! 😂 Unfortunately I've not got new house money at the minute, so man cave isn't an option. Sketch Up has been immense for me, used it in every room I've decorated in the last 10 years just about!
  5. For those without dedicated hobby spaces, how do you go about storage at home? The thread the other week around transporting models lead to me picking up 3 Really Useful Boxes which my father in law can cut some metal sheets to fit inside for me to magnetise my models. Brilliant, durable, keeps the models dust free and safe. Happy. What I've realised is, now they're out of the A3 paper box lids I had them, is that even stacked, they consume a lot of space. We're looking at decorating a reasonable sized space which is a glorified hallway, so to Ikea we went. Looked at the Kallax units, but the individual shelves are 33x33cm shelves. Too small I think. We need to store cake decorating stuff, models, dog stuff, school bags etc. Typical family of 4 in a 3 bed home. No garage is a bummer. Shed is strictly bikes, decorating, camping. Loft is hobby death, never going there. 😂 As it stands, my very forgiving wife is just ignoring the very neat stack hidden by the dining table... But it won't last. Ideas welcome! I'll post my Sketch Up plan when I'm at my laptop, but would love to see how TGA are going about it. EDIT: A Sketch Up plan of the space. That alcove might be the model home unless I can think of something better (the bit with the little window).
  6. syph0n

    Advice/help in keeping to an army!

    It's the nature of the hobby I'm afraid. I know you also collect Dark Aelves @Overreadand because of the faction split, I too have sorta started nibbling away at other armies. I've gone from having just Order Serpentis at its core, to having about 1k of Scourgerunner Privateers, the same and a bit more Daughters of Khaine, with a bit of a fiddle 1-2k Darkling Covens... Each of these sub-factions need just another unit, another of this and that, and I have another army. Because, essentially, they were all one once upon a time. So I'll have a scout on eBay or I'll do a conversion. List building is the worst for that. It makes your mind wonder. I even ended up with 2k of Stormcast because my son enjoyed a few little games we had and thought a little 1k army would suffice. That didn't last long! If you're a collector, it's very hard to resist. You're not supposed to, it's fun, that's also what GW want! What I've found really helped me stop just last couple of months was to stop building lists. Secondly, I've organised my collection and the storage of it... And it's loads more than I realised and it's becoming difficult to find space at home now. Finally, making sure I paint what I have. Joining the monthly contract has put a timescale on how long it takes me to get through the units I own. It's made me realise that I can buy all the models I like, but the lists they belong to won't ever see the table because I'm too slow at painting to build anything new (so my 1k list of Daughters are still on the sprue for example). My advice is paint what you own, and make that the condition for expansion. I've even started selling things that make my mind tick (Bloodbound Starter box, Alith Anar model, old Space Marines...) because they're not helpful to keep around.
  7. syph0n

    ten ball WIP

    Love the blending. Great work.
  8. syph0n

    terrainguy paints

    Looking really good. The paint upgrade is quite stark. The work before would've made many happy, but the additional highlights make a world of difference.
  9. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    My pledge, as it has been since June (!!) is to finish all 15 Drakespawn Knights. That includes basing, basing a Chariot and adding to the bases of some character models I have. Stretch would be to actually get some paint on a hydra or dragon. If I don't get this done this month, I never will (off work, school hols!) I've picked up an awesome hobby light and sorted storage, so those barriers are gone. Anyway, 3 down, 12 to go... Knight 1/2 need the highlights doing, Malus, Banner and Knight 5 done bar the bases. The banners I'll do in one go across all of the units.
  10. syph0n

    Elfhead getting things painted

    Fantastic work @elfhead. Love the colours on the Corsair and the conversion for the banner. The octothrall is immense too! What is your grey highlight recipe for the black on the banner please?
  11. Ooh, not thought about these as allies... I need a unit to finish my son's 2k list. I've now got my head ticking about a conversion using their rules but Aelven models! I know Martin Morrin sang their praises long before their release to us plebs tomorrow.
  12. Getting there with my Knights. 3 of 5 done bar the bases. Last two, and I hope these go quicker! I then need to do the remaining 10, who are also as painted as the first two as pictured here. I'm going to paint all my banners in one go. Tested out my potential dragon scheme on the baby: Stegadon, Coelia, Stegadon / Sotek mix, Sotek on the wings and underbelly. Khemri, Devlan, Khemri / Ushabti mix, Ushabti on bones and claws. For those old enough, Bilious Green eyes. Awesome paint, still going strong!
  13. syph0n

    A little bit of this and that

    Teacher representing here too. You've got a lot more done than I have though! It's coming together nicely. I'm glad my son wasn't bothered either way out of 40k or AoS, but we've played a few open games now so he's starting to really get AoS. It helps he's got nearly 2k of Stormcast too 😂 Can't blame your daughter, love all the Eldar (called Aeldari now??)
  14. syph0n

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Fairly certain that the Assassin can go in any unit.
  15. syph0n

    The Rumour Thread

    That looks more Slaaneshi to me than Aelven, but we don't necessarily have any clue about Malerion's Aelves other than he's now pictured as half dragon... Which I guess that could be considered as dragon like. I still put money on Slaanesh given the assumptions people are making about Chaos release dates and other rumours.