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  1. syph0n

    Ulgu, slaanesh and malerion

    This thread has me excited. I've missed a lot of lore around Malerion, so glad I've got some bits to research.
  2. syph0n

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    Maintain my current painting frequency. I do a good few hours a week now and I've come to love painting again. Play some games! I've got Kill Team lined up over Christmas with a bit of luck, but I live so close to Warhammer World it's ridiculous I don't play. Maintain focus. I've now got 2000 point armies for Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast Eternals, Mixed Order (which is its own army) and Order Serpentis. Order Serpentis is supposed to be my main one! If I want to buy something new, I need to just get a character model or something to scratch a hobby itch. I've also got 5 Kill Teams if you include the box set!
  3. Cheers Ben! Happy to share. Black undercoat Black / Stegadon mix 3:1 As above, 2:1 Stegadon Stegadon / Fenrisian mix 2:1 Fenrisian On the wings, I painted more of the Stegadon stages, to lighten them. Similarly, the underbody is less black. I used Nuln oil/Nuln gloss and a touch of Abaddon Black to shade around all the recesses, wings or otherwise. Those pics are better, but the green tone is lost slightly. I was trying to emulate the Eavy Metal Sorceress Black Dragon but I lack the skill and the colour scheme! I'll try with the next one and use a bit of Sotek before Fenrisian. Edit: always used Lahmian Medium this time to thin paint too. More for the highlights.
  4. Some better photos today. Unfortunately my camera isn't working right, so still using my awful phone camera. However, I'm over 1000 points painted since returning to the hobby in February this year. Just a another dragon, hydra, finish another unit of Knights (have 5 mostly finished really) and that's 2000 of Order Serpentis. Hopefully I can do that within a year!
  5. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Took some better photos of the dragon. I'll put more army pics on my own thread as not to clog this one up! Still not amazing photos (DSLR broke 😭) but miles better than my rushed quick shot before bed photos!
  6. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Dragon done! Will take some proper pics tomorrow, and try to get some army shots. Over 1000 points, and with the addition of a second hydra and dragon, it'll hit 2000 points.
  7. syph0n

    The Rumour Thread

    Regarding old world and retuning characters, look to the 'dark' aelves for your answer. Morathi - demi God Malerion - actual God (he is isn't he?) All other characters, consigned to Legends. You've got the GW blueprint right there. You might get the odd one slip through the net, but no other character (and the Druchii had some awesome ones) has survived other than in Legends. The other nice bits is to see Mathlann referenced by the Idoneth, Khaine etc. I love that link back. I don't have any rumours, so I'll leave my two pence there! 👍
  8. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Thank you. I've tried to make it look more like an Order Serpentis army, but I've had this since it first came out, long before the official Dreadlord on Black Dragon model. It's took me so long that I've been able to use the actual Dreadlord model!
  9. syph0n

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Just the scales and snow to do on the dragon, plus and bits to tidy or glaze etc when viewed as a whole.
  10. syph0n

    WiP Wednesdays

    Good luck. I regularly get it wrong myself but practice makes perfect. One other tip, is that you need to have your hands in such a way that your hands are very steady. I can't really explain it, but the way I hold the painting grip means my left thumb and left little finger sort of support the right hand. I'd take a photo but I need 3 hands to show you! 😂
  11. syph0n

    WiP Wednesdays

    Painting eyes is difficult. However, these are my steps: Paint basecoat and wash on face. If the wash is dark enough in the eye recess, paint a nice couple of thin coats of white. Use a good tipped brush and the paint has to be a good consistency. Too thin and runs, too thick and you won't have the working time before your brush is drying. If it's not dark in the eye sockets, Rhinox or black before the white. In either case, a bit of darkness around the edges helps define the eye. When the white is white, paint black lines, not dots, from above the eye to below. This gets a bit of black on the eyebrow or cheek, but you should get two even lines on both sides. Make sure you look at the model dead on here. Tidy up the face when you finish the layers. I'm rubbish at photography but these might show the outcome.
  12. syph0n

    The Rumour Thread

    "Scaled new heights of secrecy" are the clues there aren't they?
  13. syph0n

    The Rumour Thread

    I thought we'd get an Aelves battletome or something Free Cities related that ties them all together, but not so sure now. I don't even recall how any rumours started, aside from the AoS2 round up pages. I'm glad they're just aelves now, rather than the division of before, with natural groupings. There's got to be some logic however to having a faction of only two models, of which one unit (dark riders) are a two part kit in a new army (ie good enough for current edition). In fact, all the plastic dark elf models are good for a while yet, surely, especially looking at poor Abaddon and Eldar in 40k 😁 Selfishly, I want them all to remain in matched play, purely because I'd like to play with them when I eventually paint them. Secondly, I don't mind waiting for Malerion's faction becuase of said painting pile! In any case, I would definitely expect the Darkoath and maybe some other tomes well before Malerion and Teclis. Unsure on Slaanesh, but maybe they'll strike whilst the iron is hot...
  14. syph0n

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I've dipped in and out of this thread lots (not a Stormcast player though my son has 2000 pts of them accumulated over box sets etc), but is there a mathematical conclusion/consensus to taking a Lord-Ordinator with only two Ballista? I played a few games with my boy and the Lord-Ordinator buffs were appreciated. However, I'm making a "mixed Order pirate aelfy list" that currently has me deciding between Tenebrael Shard + Sword of Judgment and a second Sorceress, vs a converted Lord-Ordinator (Fleetmaster on a 40mm base with a telescope and measuring implements) and Shadowblade Assassin. Both I think suit the list, but if the Lord-Ordinator won't add the value to the two Ballista I'll take, the Shard and a 2nd Sorceress might give me more mileage/cause less issues with counts-as.
  15. syph0n

    Order Serpentis Models as Order Draconis

    Colours can help immensely. Mixing bits even more so. The only issue is that I don't think from a lore perspective the Drakespawn should be comparable to horses. As it stands, I think they are weaker rules wise and are therefore more comparable. You'd expect a Drakespawn to tear a warhorse to bits, surely? Not sure the rules currently reflect it. That's a totally different discussion however! I personally use a Draconis dragon with a Dreadlord model conversion. I also use a Serpentis dragon too as is. To note - base sizes, bizarrely, are smaller for Serpentis dragon than it is for Draconis. Draconis dragon is on a 120mm. I put my Serpentis ones on 120mm prior to the base size guide, just because I found 105mm to be a bit less stable. I've had to put markers on the base (grasses, skulls etc) to indicate the 15mm difference. I would have no issues playing against you, but it would be nice to see effort going in to convert and adapt.