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  1. Have you played the ITC champs missions for 40k?? At all, how many times? Where are you in the rankings?? Did you just get tabled constantly. I’m really tired of your constant negativity. You’re a strong keyboard warrior my friend.
  2. Guys. The pack is built on the point that the game is full of CLEARLY top table armies out there. If a player wants to bring an army that they LOVE. Which dosent happen to have very over the top allegiance abilities or movement mechanics then this should balance the feild a bit for those armies. As for scoring, the side missions are weighted and built in such a way where if you’re already one doing well in the main mission with good play. These shouldn’t be unachiveable by either player.. there making them almost irrelevant of the actual score. The odds of a player doing all sides and no
  3. This isn’t a 40k forum (lol) but I disagree with that statement. Book missions are not suited for competitive 40k play.
  4. Yo! Just acquired a new Flesh Eater Courts army, realized it really isn't my style looking to move it. A lot of it is painted and ready to go with some NiB stuff as well. This is a strong deal. I'm looking to trade it for Order models. Anything you have from the order grand alliance put it up, I may take it off of your hands. Ghoul king on foot (converted from Hobbit goblin king) Ghouls king on Terrorghiest 120 ghouls (70 painted, 50 nib ** 2 made into ghast courtiers) 6 horrors 2 haunter courtiers Converted Varghulf Necromancer Like I said above. I'm looking for
  5. I'm finding ghoul patrol actually not as strong as suggested. Taking large units (30-40) seems like the way to go. But, if you're hit with any decent level of output.. you're taking to much damage to midigate the battleshock... having only one IP a turn makes this difficult. Ive now started taking king's ghouls battalion for two reasons. One: it's only 90 pts! Two: if a unit from the battalion is in my half of the feild, they do not suffer from battleshock. So with big units of ghouls, just leave a tail. I've been messing with this list.. really enjoying it.
  6. This is theblist im messing with right now. I really like the kings ghouls battalion. Leaving a tail for the unit to not take battle shock, then giving me that 200 points to pop out 20 ghouls any where to harass or sneak cap an objective. Thoughts on the list my dudes!
  7. Where is it illegal? I have 400 points.. where do you get that illegal? Everything except the gnoblars are beastclaw Raiders... and the gnoblars are Gutbusters that ally with beastclaw. Hmm... pretty sure you're confused
  8. This is my v.1 2k competitive list.. hordes ladz, hordes Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeaders Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400) - General - Trait: Completely Delusional - Artefact: Blood River Chalice Crypt Ghast Courtier (80) - Artefact: The Flayed Pennant Varghulf Courtier (160) Varghulf Courtier (160)Battleline Ghoul Patrol (360)40 x Crypt Ghouls Ghoul Patrol (360)40 x Crypt Ghouls Ghoul Patrol (100)10 x Crypt Ghouls 20 x Crypt Ghouls (200)Battalions Ghoul Patrol (150) Total: 1970/2000
  9. Awesome my dude! Congrats on becoming a co-host! I still can't forgive you for those Nurgle dice.. ?
  10. @ChippyRick @Chris Tomlin This could be a thing...
  11. For destruction now, I think it's about going with a more "mono" list. BCR can still be good if you're taking BCR allegiance. The ice mammoth plate makes the stonehorn almost back to its former glory. A few list my club and I have toyed with seem fairly viable. But, yes Destruction is on the back foot.. and it seems to be that for the time being. Ravager change, battlebrew change... these things hurt. But I think they're are a list or two in there. Here's one for example huskard on Thundertusk general, everwinters master, ice mammoth plate x3 thundertusk beas
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