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  1. WillofNagash

    Events UK: FaceHammer GT 2018

    Will you be using the realms rules from the core rulebook? Will the malign sorcery book also be in play?
  2. WillofNagash

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    I placed the grave sides on the objectives and since you need to be within 6” to capture objective lots of opponents leave models there to last. Also when a single model unit gets wiped. Happened for me 3 times in a game unfortunately I rolled bad so couldn’t set up a unit every time. But great fun
  3. WillofNagash

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    Because it says “if Arkhan uses this ability, then...” therefore even if he used it 3 times it would only count as him having used the ability.
  4. WillofNagash

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    Nm, just re-read it. Cannot stack.
  5. WillofNagash

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    This might not be the right place to ask but since it was brought up. If you use arkhans command ability twice would it stack?
  6. WillofNagash

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    Sweet, thanks, any chance you could post your list here?
  7. WillofNagash

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    What’s the name of your podcast? Also I don’t see your signature or any link.
  8. Isn't this what we already have? Also i am running a sick Deathrattle army, hardest part was deciding which of the 3 allegiances i was going to take. Finally chose Sacrament for the mobility and the horror of bringing back whole units on a 4+ thing.
  9. The genius of LoN is that you can make so many different builds and play styles out of the same models. I don't see why it would be a good idea to break them up into separate armies. It looks like the Stormcast book is kinda going in the same direction. From what i hear there are different allegiances for some of the different stormhosts. Having an army that can be played multiple ways is way better than having models that can only fit in one allegiance. Just my opinion. Also the new nighthaunt allegiance abilities are pure genius.
  10. WillofNagash

    SCGT 2018 Results, asking for Allegiance

    Legion of sacrament for Arthur Treitl
  11. WillofNagash

    GHON Deathmarch: Victory via Attrition?

    List works a bit better with sacrament IMO. Get the extra move from Sacrament command trait. Make the WK not be general. That way you have 2 heroes that increase movement. And sky fires easily killed 40 skeletons not just because of shooting, they shot, got into combat and left we with 14 skeletons to hit back with. Then battleshock took the rest away. RuneBrush is right, movement sucks. But it’s worth trying out.
  12. WillofNagash

    GHON Deathmarch: Victory via Attrition?

    I’ve tested this. Make sure you put some immune to battle shock. 6 skyfires take out 40 skeletons in combat.
  13. WillofNagash

    LoN vs darkling covens

    I would say to keep it as is. It far better to be able to target 2 things with your harbingers. And you don’t even have to use them on the same turn, could wait and do it later.
  14. WillofNagash

    deathrattle horde, which allegiance?

    I almost agree with you except for the local meta has lots of shooting, I don’t see a general that gives +1 attack surviving long. But maybe they will be forced to split attacks...thanks. , I can’t change what weapon my skeletons have now. It’s too late.
  15. WillofNagash

    deathrattle horde, which allegiance?

    Hey guys, looking at running a bunch of skeletons across the table. Im kinda set on the list, but i cannot decide on the allegiance. Should I go for Sacrament and have the extra 3" movement and shooting defense? Should i go Nagash and get the extra heal on a 5+, extra attack? the extra 6+ save? great artifacts traits? Should i go Night, +1 save in half the battle field, ability to come on the side of the board./ but no good artifacts or command traits? Allegiance: ????Vampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: NightmareWight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)- Mount: SteedNecromancer (110)Vampire Lord (140)- Mount: Nightmare30 x Grave Guard (420)- Great Wight Blades40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spears40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades20 x Skeleton Warriors (160)- Ancient Blades10 x Black Knights (240)Deathmarch (110)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 170