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  1. It seems like it would ignore the wounds, and that would be different than negating is what you are saying. here is the wording from the item: . Do not make save rolls for attacks made with that weapon, and wounds inflicted by that weapon cannot be negated when they are allocated to a model (the wounds can be healed later in the battle).
  2. How does the Baleful Blade artefact from Null Miriad interact with Marathi?
  3. Legion of Blood artefact Oubliette Arcana states: When an enemy WIZARD successfully casts a spell within 30" of the bearer, instead of attempting to unbind it you can declare that the Oubliette Arcana will attempt to capture the magical energies. Roll a dice. On a 6+ the spell is negated and has no effect. In addition, that spell may not be cast again by that WIZARD for the rest of the battle. Does this mean that every time an enemy wizard successfully casts a spell within 30" I can try to unbind with this? or only as many times as the holder has unbinds?
  4. 90% of the time they forgot about it in my games. Even after I told them a few times. People have their plans.
  5. What's Ianobs list? Have a link?
  6. I ran this list in a small tournament ended up playing against Slaanesh and FEC. The black knights got some work done. Ended up beating both armies. Slaanesh is able to completely kill all the black knights with a keeper, but the blocks of skeletons and grave guard took care of everything else. Brought back black knights and just cleared objectives. FEC was a different story. He didn't believe that I can alpha strike with the black knights and I took out 30 ghouls with my black knights. He killed them and I brought them back and then charged the rest. He was down to just one GKoTG by turn 3. And I was still full army on the table minus my white king. overall I think the sacrament gives you the speed you need to alpha strike. And killing a unit on a gravesite gives you a unit back on a 5+. This is the real winner here. I thought about using death march in other legions but nothing can touch the speed and the fuckery that is bringing 15 black knights back when you kill a Keeper on a gravesite.
  7. Is it loo late to register? Have a friend that wants to come.
  8. This update coming? I’m waiting to be excited about the event till I see my name on the entrants list.
  9. until

    great even, well run, thanks guys
  10. Will you be using the realms rules from the core rulebook? Will the malign sorcery book also be in play?
  11. I placed the grave sides on the objectives and since you need to be within 6” to capture objective lots of opponents leave models there to last. Also when a single model unit gets wiped. Happened for me 3 times in a game unfortunately I rolled bad so couldn’t set up a unit every time. But great fun
  12. Because it says “if Arkhan uses this ability, then...” therefore even if he used it 3 times it would only count as him having used the ability.
  13. Nm, just re-read it. Cannot stack.
  14. This might not be the right place to ask but since it was brought up. If you use arkhans command ability twice would it stack?
  15. Sweet, thanks, any chance you could post your list here?
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