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  1. Hello All. What are your thoughts on Deathmarch in 2019? Obviously we have Ianob's list which looked really good and solid, but obviously since then has been nerfed a fair bit. Most importantly, you can't take under point armies for any real reason, and the cloak has been nerfed. With that said what would you change to the list? I figured, more warriors because why not. But what about the artefacts? I can't really think of a great one to go on the VloZD or Wight King (Infernal Standard still I guess?)
  2. You can fit 6 10 squads of Morteks to be fair. With 80 points left, and that is with Soulmason for the rerolll of 1s to hit (so essentailyl always hit), and a Kavalos for the +1 Attack so they get 4 attacks on their shot. Its a super one dimensional list, just screen as much as possible I did also try a 10 man squad of riders and 3 10 man squads of guard. But think the 6 squads and just screening super well might be better.. but the 10 man riders could slog something dangerous down or content enemy board side. yeah I noticed the tight points too trying to fit 4 of them in.. Perhaps I will aim if i really want to do this for 3 instead, just in case they are nerfed my list isn't basically unfieldable within the points limit.
  3. 4 Mortek Crawlers in 2k.. yay or nay? really love that model, and the rules seem pretty nice too. This is prob too many to be a top tier list, but seems super fun to me.
  4. I think you're spot on but this is kinda bad on KR to lie like that as if you search their website it shows the VC1 as compatible.
  5. sadly not.. the wingspan is too much
  6. Hey Does anyone happen to use the VC1 for the VLoZD? As I just got it and it doesn't exactly fit? Any tips? See piv attached
  7. Hmm yes I noticed that but I just meant modelling wise how would you get a GG Hornblower a Great Wight Blade?
  8. Hey just a small one. i noticed it states "some units carry X some units carry Y" for Grave Guard. But.. what about Hornblowers and Standard bearers? what do they carry? I always assumed they had the same as the unit they were in, but if you give your GG Great Wight Blades, how do they carry that one handed WYSIWYG?
  9. That's steel legion drab!? No way man!
  10. Hey Josh out of curiosity how did you do your bone? I find that shade to be one of the best I've seen and I love it!
  11. My mistake, I do indeed have a lord relictor. I haven't really used chariot too much though as I will usually just deep strike them in myself. But then they seem to end up in the enemy's backline and kinda on their own.
  12. Hey guys I have been playing a very similar list for a while now and wanted to see what you guys thought if it and where to take this up to 2k. Lord Castellant - staunch defender Knight Venator (love this model) Lord Castellant on dracoth 5x Judicators with Bows - shockbolt bow prime 5x Judicators with Bows -shcokbolt bow prime 10x Liberators with Warhammer and Shields 10x Liberators with zwarhammer and Shields 5x Retributors 0 soulstar maces. 1 gryph hound I'm finding it hard to get the Retributors into a counter charge properly or they end up too far away from the combat. I think I need some dracoth guards but unsure what the best build is.
  13. No rules in ghb2017? Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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