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  1. In this MEGA EPISODE (2.5 hours!) Ritchie interview's Ian in very meticulous detail about how to beat everyone's most hated tournament army, Death! We talk about what the weaknesses are, what players often miss, what you can exploit, and how to hit them where it hurts. If you want to up your game against Death, or even if you're a Death player that wants to understand your army better, this is the episode for you! View the full article
  2. In this week's episode, we discuss last week's Blood and Glory 2018, the top 10 lists, what was good and what wasn't, and recap Ritchie's games from the event! View the full article
  3. In this episode, we talk about how to build a list that will win you games and with practice, could win you tournaments! We go over some of the fundamentals of list building as well as provide a guide on what steps to take to ensure that your lists are made to win! View the full article
  4. In this episode we discuss small events - why we should all show them more love, how they're just as great as their more major cousins, and pose some questions to YOU about your thoughts on the topic. We also dissect the new Forge World Vorgaroth model's stats and talk about how we might build lists with him! View the full article
  5. In this episode we discuss the top 10 lists from the Games Workshop GT Finals last weekend, and Ian talks to Ritchie and guest James Tinsdale about their solid finishes! View the full article
  6. We are now halfway through the General's Handbook 2018 "season" so we thought it'd be a good time to step back and categorise the best and best performing lists in the meta. Presenting the Justsaying Mid-Season Competitive Tier List! View the full article
  7. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    If they have High Tide they're not allowed to delay. They go first and lose all of their attacks. Other than high tide, yes of course. But you should be screened with skeletons anyway, so if they want to be in melee with your VloZD they have to give you extra activations. You have to play the cloak minigame but you should usually win.
  8. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Doppelganger Cloak is good vs Deepkin because they have a very low chance of killing your VLoZD with their mortals alone. Factoring Deathless Minions means that each eel does just under 0.7 damage with its mortals - meaning it'd need 20 of them to kill your VLoZD on average. If they charge him and fail to nuke him off the table, all of their attacks are wasted that turn, and if they've flipped tides to T2, they're also wasted next turn. It puts them in a horrible predicament where they have no right answer of whether to charge him or not, so they're forced to either throw it out to luck or fight your endless hordes. It changes the Deepkin matchup from meh to favourable.
  9. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    I think it’s undervalued as an option in general but I also think it’s underpowered (it’s one of the many death units that were forgotten/ignored in the LoN book and really needed updating to “modern” stats). It’s damage output is pathetic compared to similarly priced models. It’s also significantly less “flat” survivable than a vlozd (less wounds, no chalice, less save) and often your vlozd o my suevives by the skin of its teeth so that’s a real thing! I think I’d consider it more if getting those 200 points back let me add something that the list really needed. But I don’t think losing the vlozd threat, rend, and survivabilty to turn one of my 10 Skellies into 40 or grab some extra BKs is worth it.
  10. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    I cant speak about your tactics, the scenario, the board, your opponent etc but looking at that game in a vacuum here's a few points: 1) 11 Black Knights buffed charging average about 50 wounds. Against sequitors rerolling saves that's about 12.5 wounds, or 6 dead. When they attack you back you should be taking off the ones that aren't in combat with the sequitors, and then you have 12.5 damage again. So that should be about 12-13 dead sequitors. If you only killed 5, that's just straight bad luck, which none of us can control 2) Fulminators sound like they had the run of the board. Did you establish board control so they couldnt come down in advantageous positions? Use your skeletons, Mortis Engine etc to control where they could go? Or did you maybe allow them a little too much dominance? 3) My list, and to an extent all death lists, play well....by dying. It's ok that he kills your stuff on his turn, you expect it, and your units suck defensively so you cant do anything about it anyway. Your graves should have been positioned in such a way as to mean that when you rezzed the units back, they got to charge and return the favour to him. Especially since you have cogs, which is exactly for this. 4) Fulminators are 110 points EACH. If you attack and kill 2, then your unit dies, and you go back in and kill another 2, you're in a good position. You need to use that points advantage and win elsewhere on the board. Personally I consider Stormcast to be a good matchup for this list but you are always at the whim of Evocators spiking and killing all your ******. Such is sigmar
  11. In this week's episode we revisit the realms' spells and command abilities three months on, and with the benefits of some experience talk about how playing in the realms should sculpt your army and modify your list choices - especially relevant with the UK major events out to the end of the year all using realm rules! We also discuss the newly released secondary objectives for matched play and how they'll affect tournament scoring going forward. View the full article
  12. I am assuming the triumph part of it is only for use in campaigns and not tournaments. That seems like a given. It absolutely can’t be intended for tournament play that you get rerolls in your next game for an agenda in the previous.
  13. Copy pasted my answer from elsewhere, regarding scoring: The important thing is that games should be atomic, the specific outcome of a game beyond win/loss shouldn’t affect tournament standing, which is why kill points were an issue. Now you have 3 extra TP for agendas and the problem isn’t solved, it’s just moved, easier games are still more likely to give you max points and harder games/opponents are likely to punish your tournament standing. On top of this, there’s a pretty good chance that multiple people on 5-0 will all have completed their agendas too so it also doesn’t create much variation in the tiebreaker anyway. All in all, I don’t think this adds anything to competitive events other than another random element to the pot of army+opponent+ mission+realm.
  14. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    I think its one of them artifacts that is brilliant on paper but weak in practice. Against a lot of lists, it will do nothing. There are times when it can be good I think, when your army is *so* good at a specific thing that all you need to do is make sure the enemy doesn't have an artifact to mess you up (eg, we've been testing it in Deepkin) but I think that's a very niche case. I don't think it's good for us - its too important for us to protect our general. Never say never to stuff like that though, you never know when you'll come up with a build where you feel like that is the best thing for you.
  15. ianob

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    They happen in order (you choose the order) so you have to make sure you order them correctly. Ideal situation is that your general and WK both tag everything, so it all moves 3" forward, then all moves 4" forward. Generally though, as long as your general tags your Black Knights, they'll still be wholly within 12" of the WK even if the WK himself didn't get the 3, so it's not difficult to line up for your first turn. Obviously it gets more difficult after your turn 1 but you generally only have the GG to focus on after turn 1 as the Knights are already where they need to be. Big generalisation of course, you should always try to pre-plan to have the abilities available if you can, but don't waste too much time on it!