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  1. Figured you guys might be interested in this (sorry for the copypaste) ... In this week’s episode of the Justsaying Podcast we talk in-depth about Ritchie’s epic Gloomspite Gitz list that he piloted to a 5-0 podium at Bobo this past weekend! Listen now! http://podcast.justplaygames.uk/5-0-at-bobo-gloomspite-gitz-list-tech-with-ritchie
  2. In this episode, we discuss Ritchie's 3rd place podium this past weekend with his Gloomspite Gitz list that is taking the internet by storm - you won't believe he did it with this one weird trick! We also talk about Games Workshop Heat 2, and the glut of news and releases coming soon. Exciting times for Age of Sigmar! View the full article
  3. In this episode, we take a break from book reviews to talk about the current state of the meta. Always strike first, benchmarks set by new books, power creep, and ways in which the meta is warping around this stuff - plus what you can do to counter it, if you're that way inclined! We also take a look at the top 10 lists from SCGT, a really good showcase of the current meta, and the Brisvegas event in Australia, which was won by the new Fyreslayers! View the full article
  4. Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Fyreslayers book - an interesting combination of powerful units, interesting abilities, unplayables and missed opportunities! We also discuss the recent controversial Khorne FAQ and accidentally talk about the state of the current meta a bit. View the full article
  5. I guess I just play a lot of competitive AoS? I mean, there’s a reason Seraphon aren’t running roughshod over the meta. They’re weak and lose to most of Tier 1. It’s a great achievement for someone to play their list well and with good matchups on the day anything can win an event, but it doesn’t mean Seraphon are suddenly in a good spot because they win something. Anyway look, I don’t want to get into an argument on the internet about this. If you think Seraphon are great against the whole of Tier 1, bring them to some majors and let’s see their incredible matchups start showing up in the stats!
  6. It’s tier 2 by my definition, but tiers are always subjective That said, ignoring tiers, Seraphon lose to: Anything with shooting (so Skaven, Stormcast, and more) Eels Nagash DoK Sylvaneth If you lose to all of the top and most popular lists that are played, you yourself are not a top list.
  7. Tier 2 lists are still capable of winning events with the right pilot and the right lucky matchups. 5 games and 100+ players can mean no hard matchups, or only one hard matchup, it's the way our game works. Nothing more to it!
  8. In this episode we review the Justice Series GT that we ran last weekend in Liverpool. We talk about lists, meta, shooting, and go into more details behind how and why we designed our rules pack plus some thoughts on active judging and why you should consider it for your next event! View the full article
  9. In this week's SPECIAL episode of JustSaying, we review the list from our own Grand Tournament, the Justice Series GT, taking place in Liverpool this weekend the 30th and 31st March! Follow along with the lists here: https://tabletop.to/justice-series-grand-tournament/lists And don't forget to follow us on youtube and twitter for updates throughout the weekend! View the full article
  10. In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie give their take on the new Blades of Khorne battletome - including a SUPER SPICY list idea that could smash the current meta! (maybe) (that might be a big maybe) View the full article
  11. In this week's episode, we're joined by regular guest James Tinsdale who just won Games Workshop AoS Heat 1! We discuss Flesh Eater Courts and Skaven and the effect that they're already haveing on the meta, James's Sheffield Slaughter Deepkin tech, and get a round up of Heat 1 games from James and Ritchie. A bumper episode! View the full article
  12. Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Skaven battletome, and boy is this one going to be meta defining. From ranged attacks to horde removal to cheap bodies to spellcasting, this battletome does it all! View the full article
  13. My opinions on this topic are quite simple: if someone doesn’t want to continue a game - for ANY reason - then you shouldn’t shame them for conceding. Competitive players may not want to play lost causes. Casual players may not want to play a “hard game they probably won’t win but might” because they don’t want the mental drain. Someone might be having a bad time at home and not want to finish a game they’re getting a beating in. Innocuous, competitive, or otherwise you can’t know someone’s reasons for conceding, and you have no right to. The other side of the question is do you have a responsibility to your opponent to give them a good game? Maybe, but that’s up to you. There is no “should”. The only caveat here is that tournament rules have to handle concessions properly - at the least the conceding player should suffer a 2000-0 defeat and the opponent gets max everything. Although a more usual method to maintain a little more tournament integrity is to say “I’m going to concede, but I think this will happen” and you’ll make a rough agreement with your opponent as to how the game will likely end. And then you get to go to the bar early. Win win.
  14. In this episode, Ian and Ritchie talk about the new Flesh Eater Courts book. In our usual style we don't read out every warscroll and spell, but instead talk about the standout options, and the real world lists that you're likely to see on the table from this book. Enjoy! If you like our podcast, why not also check out our new Middle Earth at http://justmiddling.libsyn.com/ View the full article
  15. In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie discuss the lists for the upcoming Las Vegas Open - what the big players are running, what the dark horse lists are, and some interesting talking points from the list document. Bonus Gloomspite Gitz mini-discussion at the end of the episode! Here's a link to the AoS Shorts article we reference during the cast, thanks very much to Dan! https://aosshorts.com/lvo-2019-lists/ View the full article
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