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  1. ianob

    Is the Deathmarch battalion worth it any more?

    I’m going to discuss it on the podcast this week along with some list theory so I’ll put it up then!
  2. ianob

    Is the Deathmarch battalion worth it any more?

    ...and ended 4-1 (10th place with the various soft scores, 5th place without them) with my only loss being to the winner, so I’d say Deathmarch definitely has some legs!
  3. ianob

    Transport/storage options for Death models

    Seconding battlefoam magnarack
  4. ianob

    Is the Deathmarch battalion worth it any more?

    I’m 3-0 at Facehammer right now with Deathmarch. I’ve been on table 1 all day. Take that as you will!
  5. Ian and Ritchie review the new Beasts of Chaos book, talk about some of the competitive options, and discuss a sample list. Furry Daughters of Khaine? Maybe! View the full article
  6. Correct afaik. The VLoZD’s command ability is statistically significantly better though, and we can stack buffs like nobody else (not that we can really afford to but we *could*) so that’s something.
  7. ianob

    Chainrasps or Skeleton warriors?

  8. In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie talk about the new Beasts of Chaos book, the current trend of using undercosted High Elf models to great effect, and discuss the work on the community rules pack so far! View the full article
  9. ianob

    Myrmourn Banshees

    The FAQ and sharp dropoff in endless spell usage as people have realised how good they aren't probably kills them.
  10. ianob

    What do u use as graveyards?

    I dont use anything 3d since they spend about 90% of every game with models on top of them. I use the official cardboard markers.
  11. Blood and Glory has the absolute best way of scoring painting, hands down. A high bar with lots of things you need to do, but no judging on *how* you do them. It encourages people to *try* the hobby side, and doesn’t punish them for not being great at it. That’s true inclusivity, showcasing our hobby at its best - rather than exclusivity, telling people “you’re not good enough”.
  12. I know what you mean, though I think it would be good, yeah. I don't think everyone would follow it, and I'm sure we wouldn't all agree with what GW did (no matter what they released) - I dont think any standardised pack will ever be completely followed regardless of who or where it comes from - but at least it would be a baseline and probably improve consistency.
  13. This would absolutely be ideal. But it won't ever happen.
  14. You're not wrong, the new units are power crept. You've just named all of the lists I've played with/against with in 2.0, so I can't offer any experiential advice about older units that you probably don't already know. That said, I've seen a few (not many admittedly) people running old school "Les Martin Build" lists around the top tables at both majors and multiple minors this season, so I dont think old style lists are dead. I dont think Liberators/Judicators/Prosecutors/Dracoths/etc are dead. And as many new things have gotten amazing in 2.0 (DoK, LoN, Deepkin) SC have equally gotten new tools to mix in to older-style lists if you don't want to go full sacrosanct chamber. I don't think lists other than the ones you mentioned are dead, not at all. They might not be the best, but equally they might be fine? Stormcast have always had great quality and breadth of options. So, sorry I'm not the right person to answer this, but I think practice and experimentation could easily get you a competitive list whilst sticking to units you love.
  15. Yes, that was a *great* rules pack. The game was horribly broken at that point and GW had not yet released their big FAQ. The first turn change was even reasonable, because a lot of people expected to see that in the FAQ too. And again, I think you're still misunderstanding the standardisation part. Is it likely that every TO will use a standardised tournament pack verbatim? Almost certainly not. Would the overall tournament experience be improved if a standard pack made at least some impact? Absolutely.