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  1. In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie give their take on the new Blades of Khorne battletome - including a SUPER SPICY list idea that could smash the current meta! (maybe) (that might be a big maybe) View the full article
  2. In this week's episode, we're joined by regular guest James Tinsdale who just won Games Workshop AoS Heat 1! We discuss Flesh Eater Courts and Skaven and the effect that they're already haveing on the meta, James's Sheffield Slaughter Deepkin tech, and get a round up of Heat 1 games from James and Ritchie. A bumper episode! View the full article
  3. Ian and Ritchie discuss the new Skaven battletome, and boy is this one going to be meta defining. From ranged attacks to horde removal to cheap bodies to spellcasting, this battletome does it all! View the full article
  4. ianob

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    My opinions on this topic are quite simple: if someone doesn’t want to continue a game - for ANY reason - then you shouldn’t shame them for conceding. Competitive players may not want to play lost causes. Casual players may not want to play a “hard game they probably won’t win but might” because they don’t want the mental drain. Someone might be having a bad time at home and not want to finish a game they’re getting a beating in. Innocuous, competitive, or otherwise you can’t know someone’s reasons for conceding, and you have no right to. The other side of the question is do you have a responsibility to your opponent to give them a good game? Maybe, but that’s up to you. There is no “should”. The only caveat here is that tournament rules have to handle concessions properly - at the least the conceding player should suffer a 2000-0 defeat and the opponent gets max everything. Although a more usual method to maintain a little more tournament integrity is to say “I’m going to concede, but I think this will happen” and you’ll make a rough agreement with your opponent as to how the game will likely end. And then you get to go to the bar early. Win win.
  5. In this episode, Ian and Ritchie talk about the new Flesh Eater Courts book. In our usual style we don't read out every warscroll and spell, but instead talk about the standout options, and the real world lists that you're likely to see on the table from this book. Enjoy! If you like our podcast, why not also check out our new Middle Earth at http://justmiddling.libsyn.com/ View the full article
  6. In this week's episode, Ian and Ritchie discuss the lists for the upcoming Las Vegas Open - what the big players are running, what the dark horse lists are, and some interesting talking points from the list document. Bonus Gloomspite Gitz mini-discussion at the end of the episode! Here's a link to the AoS Shorts article we reference during the cast, thanks very much to Dan! https://aosshorts.com/lvo-2019-lists/ View the full article
  7. ianob

    Death Wishlisting

    @Sception I dunno what else to tell you then, man. If you’re determined to debunk every argument in their favour with hypotheticals and what ifs, we’re just going to go in circles. I guess that, putting real life ahead of theorycraft, I finished 10th at Facehammer with 30 of them, won a highly competitive one-dayer with them, and didn’t lose a single game in practice against a team including two UK masters players. They work, they’re good, try them!
  8. ianob

    Death Wishlisting

    There are a ton of reasons to use Grave Guard and Death players do not give them near enough credit. Confining my comments to 2H-equipped Grave Guard: They do 11% more damage than Grimghasts on average if Grims have their reroll. They do 70% more damage than Grimghasts on average if the Grims dont have their reroll, a very relevant stat with so many monsters around in the meta. They lose less damage output than grims when given -1 or -2 to hit (which is highly common in the meta now) It's easier to fit 30 1" reach 25mm based models into combat than it is to fit 30 2" reach 32mm based models in combat, and in many situations you can fit a LOT more in combat (when you get into very restricted space areas, such as fighting around/near a big rock/house/deepkin boat etc very often you can only fit in a few Grims where you can fit a whole line of Grave Guard). 25mm bases is a HUGE advantage. Huge. It's hard to overstate what a massive difference it makes and is one of the key reasons that Grave Guard do so well. It's easier to fit 30 Grave Guard onto a gravesite that your opponent has restricted than it is to fit 30 Grimghasts. At high levels of play your Gravesites are almost always restricted and this becomes very important. Sometimes Battleline - this IS an important advantage, not an incidental one And situational but less relevant differences of course such as benefitting from Deathrattle-only abilities like the LoN trait + cover (with shields vs rend 0 they have a 2+ in cover in LoN!), Ossific Diadem which means they're better vs mortals than Grimghasts, etc. *** Now for sure, no argument, 8" move fly alone would be enough reason to consider Grimghasts over the above stuff, and that's before you even get to 4+ unrendable save, 2" reach for attacking over screens, etc. So I'm not in any way saying that Grave Guard are better, but I'm saying they have a use case and a lot of advantages that stack up. 4" move is ALWAYS going to be horrible and forces you into playing Deathmarch/Sacrament to compensate for it. They definitely need a points reduction, but the lack of granularity in AoS points (to date) means that reducing them to "under Grims" would likely be too far under Grims, and overpower them in my opinion. They certainly shouldn't be significantly cheaper than Grims for a 30 man unit. Maybe they could make them 60 per 5 with no max unit discount so running them at smaller numbers would be more feasible, though. And look, I wouldnt be arguing in favour of Death getting more advantages if I just wanted a new broken thing to take to tournaments. but I think balance is good for everybody. I would hazard that most people saying that Grave Guard aren't good have never even proxied them to try.
  9. ianob

    Death Wishlisting

    Grave Guard are a little overcosted but also very good. Not that they're better than grims or even on their level, but they do have a use case and are playable at their points cost. They could do with being 70/360, past that and they'd be overpowered (at least unless Death get allegiance ability nerfs). Also, Grimghasts aren't particularly overpowered honestly. They only output damage on par with their points cost when they have their reroll. -1 to hit hurts them more than other, similar units. 4+ save is nothing special against units with no rend anyway. Plenty of other common units in the game compete with Grimghasts for cost efficiency - Morsarr Guard (who also dont need to go up in points), Witches (who's supporting heroes and abilities are the problem, rather than their points value), Sequitors and Evocators. They're all on a level. Other units in lower tier armies need buffs, Grims are costed just fine. Reviewing Death lists is super boring right now. Oh look, the general changed, a support hero changes, there's some dogs skeletons and dire wolves in various irrelevent configurations, go diversity.
  10. ianob

    Death Wishlisting

    Death have a great range already, even the older stuff like Blood Knights. Half of it just needs rules that make it worth putting it on the table. Notably the Mortarchs (even though Arkhan sees play, Neferata has just one trick, and Mannfred sucks - they needed changes really) , Morghasts (need either 60 points reduction or a big statline increase, I'd prefer the latter but it wont happen), Black Knights outside of spamming command abilities in Deathmarch need a reduction, Blood Knights (they'd still be barely playable at 80 points less), Wight Kings (which would be playable at 60 points less). So many of our units are SERIOUSLY badly pointed.
  11. In this episode I talk to JustSaying's own Ritchie about navigating his Sylvaneth to a 4th place finish at the UK masters event this past weekend, probably one of the toughest if not THE toughest fields of players in the world! View the full article
  12. In this week's episode, we discuss the top 8 lists from the 40-man Tempest 2019 event this past weekend up in Scotland. It's an event full of skilled players running highly competitive meta lists (with the requisite few surprises...), so tune in for some great information! View the full article
  13. In this episode, Ian and Ritchie (who will be attending the UK masters!) review the UK masters lists that have been published this week. We talk about the secret tech in some of the list, give our verdict on each list's chances, and make our predictions for the ones to watch! Justice Series GT (30th & 31st March 2019) rules pack is now live! Find it here: https://tinyurl.com/yapbfg2z Get your ticket here: https://tinyurl.com/y75auydv View the full article
  14. ianob

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Also, all the named character boxes that arent actually named characters, and the unique bladegheists that is actually... just a bladegheist. Yeah, distinctly got this feeling too, very weird and feels like they were just guys that didn't make it into what could have been a great book.
  15. ianob

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Simple really - most armies rely on inspiring presence to not have their horde units die, and AoS is still ultimately a horde meta. Removing that ability is powerful. And it's a way of interacting with hordes that is not common, so people dont really have a defense against it. Battlebrew needs the Wyches to have gone first. Herdstone has a short range. Etc. But undoubtedly that is a downside, of course. The reason I dont like the battalion personally is that I think it locks you in to suboptimal units, but as a caveat, suboptimal doesnt mean not powerful. Both Myrmourns and Harridans are great units.