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  1. Hi there - I have a pass but my wife needs to check if she can request these dates off (nurse). Can I get a ticket and apply for a refund at least two weeks before the event if i cant go?
  2. alexmcgee123

    Justice Series GT


    Hi there - where is the ticket link?
  3. True, but a kid with a sniper rifle isnt a crack shot. You still need to learn the game. Personally, I would fear too much levelling as it were, thats what 9th age did (an example being making dwarfs as fast as elves and giving them magic and cav) and it killed the game. Chess is a fine game, but AoS, and its diversity is what I like.
  4. Here’s a thought- as lots of you are using this as a warm up for facehammer- how about we use their rules for realms?
  5. Hi guys. Sorry for the delay on this. Have been away with work and with the baby. Ok. What have other events been doing re realms? We will go with the standard UK scene. As for roster level, I thinks it’s fair to say your army comes from a certain realm to use the artifacts and spells
  6. Hi no need for lists in advance. Re realm rules/ I’m gonna say that if both players want to them yes, as they are part of the game. However, should both players decide they don’t want to- that’s cool. However, lists can be designed with the following in mind 1- Chamon 2- Shyish 3- Ashqui 4- Ulgu 5- Ghyran 6- Hyish
  7. until

    Event pack on this page republished. Re realms. I am happy for each player to use them if they want - will not be enforced for this one. Endless Spells are in play.
  8. until

    yes - for some reason there are two posts for this event - the other one has been corrected - all game at 2.5 hrs
  9. Event pack republished. We will use scenarios taken from the new core books and the GHB
  10. No - no need to bring anything to confirm - i'll have the list
  11. New pack up Sunday night after I've read the new rules
  12. Will check now Mark. Inferno - there is a premier inn in Southend - about 10 minutes drive from the venue. I can even pick you up as I will be passing through on my way each day
  13. Hi there! Forgeworld units will indeed be in play - bring whatever nastiness you want!
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