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  1. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    It most likely to do with the models rather than any grand idea of rules writing, but it's a cool option regardless!
  2. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    BIG FAQ is out and the Wanderers got a little option in the preceedings... Wild Riders can now take shields and re-roll saves of 1, at the expense of 2" of movement!
  3. Charlo

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Anything you got about Vampires, i'll take it!
  4. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    5 Tyrants is utterly hilarious and exactly the type of Hero-Hammer you need. Just a huge shame they can't get more than one Artefact 😢
  5. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Oooo nice. That's pretty gnarly then.
  6. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    For the bamboozled... Whats the interaction here that makes it so good?
  7. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Exactly! I want Ogors to get a "Scrap Pile(s)" terrain piece too (as lets face it, they will seldom get new models....) that can buff nearby units or maybe appear next to units for Ogors to use and buff themselves. Give extra save/ rend/ hits
  8. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    I suppose the Ironblaster needs to decide on what it is. Is it: A) A massive cannon for the Gutbusters offering Fire Support to deal with hordes B) A "chariot" equivalent, shooting as it goes and then hitting hard in combat Personally, I think the Chariot idea is better for it. In which case it's combat potential needs to be greatly upped. Maybe even give it bonuses to shoot at point blank range (e.g. in combat!) and have either some rend or more attacks. Squads would be AWESOME too.
  9. Charlo

    Destruction Bases

    If you want some nice and easy Mud, I used Stirland & a beige drybrush (might've been Ushabti?) on my 40k Knights. It's easy to push around feet and base of the model to show things sinking too. Could easily go further with some tufts & pools of resin for water or wet effects
  10. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    @tea_wild_owl that is absolutely insane!!! Awesome conversions.
  11. Charlo

    Blood Knight Conversions

    I got 15 Dragon Princes for a steal so will be using those along with the death upgrade packs and other spare bits. Probably put some bits of ghoul/ skeleton on there.
  12. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    They have an allegiance ability and AoS boxes so aren't phased out! They'll probably get a book in due course.
  13. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    On the back of this, do the Warrior/ Longbreads kits come with bits to give them all Great Weapons and Shields?
  14. Gotta say I absolutely LOVE your army dude. Quite possibly the best AoS army I've ever seen, such an excellent theme!
  15. Skimmed the thread and I'm just not sure what will happen. Ogors are in the unfortunate place of having no allegiance abilities (outside of GA:D) and being fractured into tiny factions. A huge shame because the kits they do have are either some great Plastics or some (at least imo) some excellently characterful sculpts. Outside of Gutbusters, Firebellies & Maneaters, I don't think they should be combined with anything else (except maybe Aleguzzler, as it kinda fits...!) but I also don't want a bit of scenery, some spells and to call it a day. I think the Sylvaneth treatment is probably the best one here... Take the existing kits & add some new stuff to push a singular theme. Eg. they went hard on trees/ tree spirits. What should this be for Ogors? Personally, I think it's SCRAP! Pillaging/ Feasting/ Improvides Weapons. A few ideas on this theme: A super elite unit of Ogors completely covered in scrap armour. Basically function as walking battering rams. No skin showing at all. An allegiance ability based around killing enemy units and getting bonuses for doing so as you loot their weapons (extra attacks, more rend, +1 save from improvised Armour). An allegiance ability on eating, again killing enemy units (or eating nearby grots!) for HP. Scrap pile terrain piece/ scrap wagon that improves nearby units shooting/ save etc Lore of MAW magic, based around blood and metal, maybe a lesser fire lore for Firebellies Speaking of, Firebellies are the key figures in Ogor society as you need heat to both cook and forge weapons. Could have a Cult unit of Firebelly Ogors, with similar abilities to the hero and a source of mortal wounds. Bit of a brain dump, but you get the idea!