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  1. Snufflers ability happens at the start of the movement phase, so the idea is to use it then fire off the buffed unti into the enemy, which with something like Squig Riders of Boingrots is possible! Especially with the +3" move CA from the Giant Squig Boss etc.
  2. Just to chime in, I think the Ogor book is deceptively strong and also pretty varied. A lot of good players out there are using varying builds to great success both casually and competetively. It's very no-nonsense and honest, but the power is in there if you look for it. I think the new Gitz subfactions from WD are decently good too - Jaws of Mork seems dangerous.
  3. Gamesworkshop. Short for "Gee Dubbya" e.g. G W
  4. Wow, I've never noticed that before. What an odd one!
  5. This makes me very happy. Thanks for letting me know!!
  6. This is really interesting and some great insight! Any info on what the rest of the list looked like, the damned legion used, marks & units etc?
  7. I think people need to drop the idea of cultists getting marks, it doesn't even fit the narrative! They follow Chaos in a much more unrefined way. The best argument you can make is undivided but even then they aren't that far along the path to damnation to understand that.
  8. I think the allegiance has legs, but its very specific. Untamed Beasts with the charge bonuses will tie things up very quickly and be a good chunk of wounds for your opponenet to chew through while your hammer units get into position. Probably some nice combo with Belakor to stop those harrassed by the beasts from doing anything. Alternatively, battleline Iron Golems to sit on objectives is cheap as chips and useful. Maybe there is room for Splintered Fang with their mortals too. But like people say, these guys not having marks means they cannot be buffed by prayers so? Who knows. S2D are all about buffs and making the Warshrines leaders and having two prayers that go off on a 2+ is rather tasty. They can do extra objective stuff in a lot of battle plans while providing very reliable boosts to friendly units. You could focus on undivided and hand out re-rolls to hit, wound and charges to two units - while making anything nearby get a 6+ DPR and immunity to battleshock - I think there is definately something in that! Gresh could also feed into this giving +1 to hit too for a CP. Like all S2D stuff, its not outwardly powerful, but there is a lot of moving parts and buffs to take into consideration. No artefacts is a total oversight though I feel... but going chamon and ignoring rend -1 on your warlord warshrine is a decent option!
  9. Hey guys, sorry if it's been discussed before... But how do you feel about a Mega-Gargant inside Mawtribes? Is it worth it? Which type is best? Do they fit into the army well enough? Any tricks or tips?
  10. Depends heavily on meta. It will probably get shot up if its that kind of place, otherwise its a fun core!
  11. I mean, when you put it like thaaaaaaat! I think they're like... Okay, to be able to throw a fairly okay missile weapon around. Deffo should've been a premium option with some rend though imo.
  12. Woof that's nasty. Empty throne is really cool - big unit of Varanguard with that can do crazy things. Especially when you combine with 3" no retreat, you can tag a lot of stuff with that then stop them from running away.
  13. Just to note, you get the Badmoon and all those allegiance abilities too. The trogg stuff is in *addition*
  14. I guess you just have to be 2 drop if going full trogg then
  15. You really had me in the first half 🤣
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