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  1. Charlo

    Death in warcry

    There was a picture floating about of the Death Cards for this... Anyone have it?
  2. The language they use is that the models are explicitly going forever.
  3. "I bought an old box for an older game why is it no longer supported?!" I get your point but GW don't even sell that box anymore.
  4. So with the confirmed models going that means we have the following left in free cities: So here is the free cities roster Heroes 1 Battlemage on griffin 2. Battlemage 3. Hurricanum and Battlemage 4. Luminark and Battlemage 5. Sorceress 6. Sorceress on black dragon 7. Excelsior Warpriest? 8. Warden king 9. Runelord 10. Freeguild general on griffin 11. Cogsmith 12. Dreadlord on blackdragon 13. Anointed 14. Flamespyeee Phoenix anointed 15 frost heart phoenjx anointed 16. Black ark fleetmaster 17. Assasin 18 nomad prince 19Many stormcast dudes Battleline 1 bleakswords 2. Darkshards 3 dreadspears 4 longbeards 5 freeguild Guard 6 freeguild handgunners Other 1 executioners 2 blackguard 3 flagellants 4 hammerers 5 lrobreakers 6 irondrakes 7 demigryphs 8 greatswords 9 outriders 10 pistoliers 11 steam tank 12 hellblaster volley gun 13 hellstorm rocket 14 war hydra 15 drakespwan chariot 16 drakespawn knights 17 Phoenix Guard 18 kharbydiss 19 black ark corsairs 20 scourgerunner chariots 21 dark riders 22 shadow warriors 23 eternal guard 24 sisters of the thorn 25 sisters of the watch 26 wild riders 27 wildwood rangers
  5. Do remember that you have rules still in the grand alliance books and points in GHB19 so you have a year minimum. Not to mention Tomb Kings and Bret's *still* have points in there so yours will be reprinted again I'd imagine.
  6. How do they not match? They're all from wood elves!
  7. Cannot believe the Glade Guard are going.
  8. Not really...? From what it seems its 7 new allegiance abilities for the great free cities, that encompass the older factions. You still have great companies and probably still will for the forseeable future!
  9. I don't think it's a catch all battletome to update the old factions at all. It's a faction to represent the free Cities. If you're expecting more you're only going to be disappointed I'm afraid.
  10. In terms of allegiance abilities, battleline and allies, based on other tomes I think it will look something like this: Allegiance: The City you are from. This will no doubt have a unique allegience ability, a mandatory artefact, command trait, command abilitiy for you to use. What keywords you can take will depend on the city. There will not be unique allegiances for Free Peoples/ Disspossesed/ Wanderers etc in this book, if you want those you'll have to play those armies as purely that keyword. Battleline: I think having "battleline if general is X" is probably too much to factor in on top of cities restrictions, basic battleline etc. I think to maximise the fluff and ease of use, you'll have differing batteline depending purely on the city. So the Phoenecium may have Phoenix Guard and Dwarf Warriors, whereas Hammerhaal will be very open. Allies: similar to Death, the subfactions (collegiate arcane, free peoples etc) will remain and those allegiances will be the same. Cities will never be a full ally in themselves as they cover too much, however cities will be able to take certain allies depending on the city. Alternatively, they may just say no allies but instead the rules for adding Stormcast/ Kharadron etc and those gaining the city allegiences makes up for it.
  11. Charlo

    Tomb Kings Discussion

    I think the new army is probably skeleton based, but the similarities to Tomb Kings will probably end there bar some common units I'd imagine. I can't see them bring Chariots back in a large form, it will be something new instead. My guess is everything will be made of bones.
  12. I think keeping StD/ Darkoath as "unmarked" in general but adding very flexible battalions (ala Beasts of Chaos) to gain marks would be an excellent way of doing it. It means you can write a more focused ruleset with internal synergy, as opposed to having to worry about every unit having a unique interaction with 5 different marks across four other main allegience abilities.
  13. I meant in the way that they are hooded elves with bows and kind of personify the Wanderer theme.
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