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  1. It's a shame the FS aren't getting just *one* more new actual unit and just the scenery and magma-not-magic. But what we've seen so far looks goooooooood!
  2. So I was considering using Gryph-hounds for my Ghouls to fit the theme of my army... But have come into two issues: Expensive, £15 per 5! They're on a 40mm base?!?! They're MASSIVE! Back to the drawing board...
  3. I don't think it's too bad. They still have to choose FEC units until all of the wounds are healed up. It's not like they get to ignore them. Sure it's not perfect but you will still be healed!
  4. 2 AGK on TG Archreagent 3 TG/ZD is 1900pts......... 🦇🐉😈
  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. That's absolutely gnarly!
  6. I'm going for a full army of "how they see themselves" using some Brettonian & Free Peoples models. My theme is all around Griffons too. So I'm using the large Freeguild one as a Terrorgheist, the High Elf one as a Vhargulf, Bretonian Pegasus Knights as Flayers, Free peoples Demi-gryph will be my Horrors etc. I even picked up some Forge World Empire heads that all have a large feather on to push the theme. Essentially they'll be from the snowy peaks of Ghur, where the Griffons exclusively breed and are a huge part of the culture and how the court wages war. At least, that's what they think. The Griffons are all long gone and what remains of the noble realm are flesh-eating monsters covered in a few feathered charms of their long dead companions that they feasted on decades ago.
  7. I really rate the Mortis engine... It can actually do some decent damage in range/ melee plus you can get the bomb of heals/ damage later in the game. Can easily combine with the book rules to give +3 on casting early on and keeps up with the heroes. Plus the whole "reliquary" fits the feel of the army. The corpse cart is just 80pts of +1 to cast which, while okay, feels useless in every other regard and is easily killed. Arkhan is interesting, but is a LOT of points just to cast curse of years and as other have stated, his powerful deathly invocation is totally wasted.
  8. Guys literally scroll up this was answered a few posts before
  9. You can literally summon KNIGHTS into your opponents flank to charge them. This is most excellent. FOR THE KING!
  10. Re-looking at the Throne and the Summoning abilities, there is a lot of talk of "Multiple Arch Regents" but i'm not seeing how it's beneficial? The wording on the summon Royal Guard ability is: "You can use this command ability at the end of your movement phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly model that has this command ability and has not used it before in the battle. " Does that mean you get to use it ONCE per Archregent, or once PER ARMY? I think it's the former but the wording is a bit silly.
  11. While that makes sense from a logic point of view, it's still disappointing
  12. The issue is, an army like FEC with only 13 units to choose from the book needs heavy synergy and powerful traits/ artefacts/ allegiance abilities to perform. It's still rather limited in scope. They do what they do well but are by no means broken.
  13. Looks tasty! keen to see how you get on. I think i'll be going for more of a KNIGHT centric build with some monsters and heroes to support. Waiting for the WSB to update before I list hammer though.
  14. "Attack sequence ends" basically means that individual attack does not roll to wound, then the opponent allocate wounds and roll saves etc the opponent just suffers the 6 Mortal wounds. Each individual dice has it's own "Attack sequence", so if you rolled two 6's and a 4, you'd deal 12 mortal wounds instantly and then roll to wound with the 4, as it is a hit then your opponent could save against that etc.
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