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  1. Charlo

    Will there ever be New Human models for Order?

    I see this going two ways... 1) A Brand new human faction to represent a certain part of humanity in AoS. In terms of fluff i'm thinking more organized than Free Peoples but less so than Stormcast. 2) Beast of Chaos style release that combines Free Peoples, Collegiate Arcane, Ironeld Arsenal (and maybe devout of Sigmar) into a new book with some extra terrain and spells (or similar) model releases to unify it. Free Peoples will be the meat of the book with Wizards and War-machines getting their own bonuses and associated key words. But what I really want: 3) Collegiate Arcane expanded into a full-blown faction will loads of model support including rookie wizard units, levitating wizard ranged units etc
  2. Charlo

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    So if I take out Vhordrai for a VLoZD, I'll give him Mist Form, Saccarine Goblet & Vile Transference. This leaves me with 40 points. What endless spell would be best? I'm considering the following: Pallisade - to wall off some targets/ area denial Gravetide - more mortals, bravery debuffs and cover for my expensive knights Jaws - as above but no cover and easier to use Geminids - debuffs and mortals Pendulum - just even more mortals! I could rejig the list to get cogs or the like in, but they're a bit samey and everyone uses them!
  3. Charlo

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    Vhordrai just seems like a LOT of bang for buck with the reasons Honk has said - though I'd definitely consider a regular VLoZD as it gives me another 40 points to play with (probably an endless spell?) I also really like Magic in AoS2 so Necromantic is a must
  4. Charlo

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    Great to hear - I'm new to AoS but have been reading a lot of forums/ listening to podcasts so get the jist of it. Been struggling to settle on a faction and I think the limited scope of Soulblight is what I enjoy; they're straight forward and I can learn the game with them - plus I own a VLoZD and some Vargheists so may as well get use out of them...! ==== For a 2K starting list i've been thinking of: Vhordrai [Vile Transferance] Vampire Lord [Winged Nightmare, Spirit Gale] Coven Throne [Amaranthine Orb, Saccarine Globet] 3x5 Blood Knights 6 Bat Swarms (in one big unit) 3 Vargheists ==== Plan is basically to charge! Coven Throne can help with defence, bat swarms are the target of Deathly Invocation and tie things up and cause further -1 to hit against enemy ranged attacks. Vhordrai obviously a total beast and the other vampire is backup. Blood Knight hit things hard. Throne with the goblet could be pretty nasty too and orb is for throwing more mortal wounds around the place. Necromantic bloodline keeps the casting going. Vargheists hunt warmachines and similar! Thoughts?
  5. Charlo

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    Yup! Not adverse to allies, but when blood Knights are quite expensive anyway + Vordhai/ VLoZD you don't have many points to play with anyways! I don't mind the Bats Swarms/ Fellbats, I'll just convert some stuff for those fairly easily. Same with Blood Knights, can make some Plastic ones fairly easily. Heres a quick question though, if you go Soulblight Allegiance; do the Vamps get spells from Lore of Vampires? Or are they just stuck to the Warscroll Spells? EDIT: Answered my own question, they do get Vamp lore spells, yay!
  6. Charlo

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    Looking at doing a Vampire-y army and I'm not super into LoB or LoN so am wondering if Soulblight is any good at all? I'm not looking for top tier competitive just a cool army. The Necromantic Bloodline seems like a nice midway between LoS and LoB and makes the elite Soulblight Units even more so. Obviously the Battleline is expensive but they hit hard and are fairly tanky with 15 wounds and a 3+/ 6+ after-the-save. Bat Swarms seem like a hidden gem with the shooting debuff and healing, plus Vargheists are far from terrible. The command traits and artifacts are also quite nice, all things considered. What would a decent 2K look like? Is Price Vordhai worth it? Can you use the Crimson Keep Battalion in a Soulblight Army?
  7. Absolutely awesome. Would make an incredibly fluffy adversary to the like of Idoneth too!
  8. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    That is AWESOME.
  9. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Really?! That can't be right... If so that's awesome.
  10. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Very quick question, do the Sylvaneth in the the "Alliance of Wood and Sea" Idoneth Warscroll Battalion use up the "allies" points (usually about 400) or not? My gut feeling is not as the Faction at the top is listed as Idoneth Deepkin.
  11. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Very quick question, do the Sylvaneth in the the "Alliance of Wood and Sea" Warscroll Battalion use up the allies points or not? My gut feeling is not as the Faction at the top is listed as Idoneth Deepkin.
  12. Charlo

    Help me build an army around Celestial Hurricanum?

    I've been considering basically this list. The only problem is you cannot increase the range of endless spells with the War Council, but you can make the something silly like +6 to cast...!
  13. Had a similar idea to this and these are awesome! Love the green.
  14. Charlo

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Got a soft spot for the Gargant as it's a bloody GIANT! Considering you can whip him and use Titanic Fury Spell to give him +2 attacks to everything, that's hilarious fun.
  15. Charlo

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    Glad you had a good time and some excellent sounding games. Your army is quite the wildcard and not something anyone would expect to be faced with. I'm quite interested in Reavers, how did you find them overall? Any tips? The fact they are GA: Order Battlelines is super cool.