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  4. https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1232532598326427648
  5. If you were to play a game with all three mortarchs, whose command ability would you take and why? I'm leaning towards arkhan for fluff reasons but whats everyone else say?
  6. Groje


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  7. The Following is an example of how Death could be easily transformed into a legitimate grand alliance through some new rules and a few new models Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 1 DEATHLORDS Allegiance - The Lords of Death: - Instead of setting up a unit during deployment, you can declare that it is in the Realm of Death. Any unit with the DEATH keyword can be set up in the Realm of Death (the unit does not require the DEATHLORDS keyword) - Once per turn, in your hero phase, you may summon one unit from the Realm of Death (18" from caster, 9" from enemy, this is their move). "Traits of Nagash" Nagash may gift his Mortarchs with his aspects (Similar to allegiance traits -but named chars can take) 1. Sight of Nagash: +6" to spell ranges 2. Speed of Nagash: Re-Roll failed charges 3. Will of Nagash: +1 to all casting and unbinding rolls 4. Anger of Nagash: Reroll wound rolls of 1 5. Defiance of Nagash: -1 to hit in the shooting phase 6. Vigor of Nagash: Heal 1 wound in each Hero Phase Spell Lore: Lore of Undeath Morkharn: 5+ Heal D3 wounds or models on a unit, or D6 if the unit has 10 or more models. Sulekhim: 6+ cause D6 wounds to any model within 3" of the caster Khizaar: 5+ 12" 2D6, unit takes wounds for each point exceeding bravery Razkhar: 5+ Summon any unit of of any size (any unit, any size, except behemoth or hero)(18", 9" from enemy, this is their move). Ryze: 7+ Summon any behemoth Khandorak: 8+ Summon any hero (inc. Behemoth) Scroll Changes: Nagash - knows every spell in Lore of Undeath as well as every spell available to any DEATH allegiance. Mannfred - Wind of Death: pick a direction, then roll 4D6". Every unit touched suffers D3 wounds. DEATHMAGES (sub faction of Lords of Death) All DEATHMAGES have the following rule Puppetmaster: This model can be fielded with any DEATH army without breaking the allegiance, despite not sharing the particular allegiance. - They also may know 1 spell available to the current allegiance. Scroll Changes: Mortis Engine - Add NIGHTHAUNT keyword - Change to 250pt Add the following rules: - Partially Ethereal: this model ignores rend of -1 - Death Trampled: This model gets +1 to hit (all attacks) on any turn it has charged - The Reliquary: All death models within 2D6" have a 6+ save to all wounds. If you roll doubles, the model takes D3 wounds instead. - Also, when this model dies, all enemy models within 3" suffer D3 mortal wounds. DEATHRATTLE Allegiance Ability: Dying in Wait Instead of setting up a death unit, you can instead place them to one side as "Dying in Wait". In any movement phase, you can roll a D6 for any of these units: 1-2: The Dead Slumbers: Nothing happens, roll again the next movement phase 3-4: Unearthed!: set up at least 9" from enemy models & this is their move 5-6: The Restless Dead: set up at least 9" from enemy models - the unit can still make a normal move DEATHRATTLE Allegiance Traits 1. Steadfast Horde: Units within 10" of your general do not have to take battleshock tests 2. Skeletal Horror: Enemy units within 10" of your general have -1 bravery 3. Bonemaster: All Battleline units within 10" of your general gain +2 models when using their banner to restore models 4. Reinforce the line: units dying in wait treat a roll of 2 as a 3 if setting up within 15" of your general 5. Veteran of 1000 wars: Reroll save rolls of 1 for your general 6. Eternal Hero: Your general heals 1 wound in each of your hero phases DEATHRATTLE Artifacts 1.Venerable Armor: -1 to hit in the combat phase 2.Blackshield: +1 save vs all shooting attacks 3.Sword of the Ages: When this model piles in, all units within 3" immediatly suffer 1 mortal wound 4.Decrepit Crown: This model can reroll faied charges 5.Cursed Pendant: this modle can unbind 1 spell as if it were a wizard 6.Doom Axe: Pick one weapon to be a Doom Axe. All hit rolls of 1 cause a mortal wound Warscroll Changes: Black Knights (180 pts): - 2 attacks each, 3+/4+; 3 damage on the charge - improve armor save to 4+ - For every 6+ wound roll, the attack does one mortal wound in addtion to normal damage Grave Guard (140 points for 10) - 1 attack each, 2 damage - 4+ natural save Standard bearer: D6 heal: 1-3: restore 1 model 4-5: restore 3 models 6: restore 5 models Wight King > Wight Lords (5 man box set, 220 points) - Absorbs all existing wight king models - 3 wounds each - Standard of the Forsaken: all Death units within 10" of this standard have +1 attacks - - OR Standard of the Eternal: all Death units within 10" of this banner have a 5++ save (1 standard per unit) - Weapons: Tomb blade (3) attacks at 4+/3+, -1 rend 2 damage - - OR Black Axe, (3) attacks at 4+/4+ -2 rend 2 damage. - Champion has +1 attack New Units Wight King: Awesome "celestant on dracoth" size model on a cool skeletal mount. - Commander of the horde: all deathrattle within 8" of this model have +1 to wound - Lord of Bones command ability Skeletal Dragon: Dragon model with zombie-dragon like attacks. - No breath attack, 5++ save, 16 wounds. Skeletal Arbalest- New skeletons with bows kit - Same as skeletons, but with shooting instead of melee. 20" range. Always 5+ to hit no matter what, or 4+ if within 10"
  8. Thinking of running this list at an upcoming GT. Thoughts? LeadersVampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)- General- Deathlance- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Ghast Courtier (80)- Artefact: Ring of ImmortalityUnitsBlood Knights x 10 (520)Morghast Harbingers x 2 (240)Morghast Harbingers x 2 (240)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsGhoul Patrol (100)Total: 1920/2000
  9. Ok, so i'm attending the Las Vegas Open next year in the Age of Sigmar GT Event. But I have a few lists I can run and I just want to shoot them out there and see what everyone thinks. Pros, Cons... just opinions. So forth. At the moment, I am Planning on running my Flesh Eater Courts, but I do have options to run other stuff. SO here we go. .. FLESH EATER COURTS LeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (400)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Ring of ImmortalityAbhorrant Ghoul King (100)- Artefact: Black AmuletVarghulf Courtier (160)- Artefact: Cursed BookCrypt Ghast Courtier (80)- Artefact: Sword of Unholy PowerCrypt Haunter Courtier (120)- Artefact: Tomb BladeUnitsCrypt Ghouls x 20 (200)Crypt Ghouls x 20 (200)Crypt Ghouls x 10 (100)Crypt Horrors x 6 (280)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)War MachinesBatallionsKing's Ghouls (40)Total: 2000/2000 DEATH LORDS/ZOMBIES Leaders Nagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (900) - General Units Morghast Harbingers x 2 (240) Morghast Harbingers x 2 (240) Morghast Harbingers x 2 (240) Zombies x 20 (120) Zombies x 20 (120) Zombies x 20 (120) Behemoths War Machines Batallions Total: 1980/2000 NIGHTHAUNT/DEATH MAGE LeadersArkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340)- GeneralCairn Wraith (60)Tomb Banshee (80)UnitsSpirit Hosts x 3 (120)Spirit Hosts x 3 (120)Spirit Hosts x 3 (120)Mortis Engine x 1 (180)Mortis Engine x 1 (180)Hexwraiths x 10 (320)BehemothsMourngul (400)War MachinesBatallionsLegion of Death (60)Total: 1980/2000 (I really like this list, curious if you think its competitive... i seem to think so.)
  10. I'm planning on doing a deathlords army at 1000 points. I'm debating between: -manfred or nefrata -2x morghast archai 940 or 920 looking for thoughts, ideas pros and cons.
  11. Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you the work in progress of my Death army! It will consist of mainly Deathrattle, Nighthaunt and some Deathlords. For now, Arkhan the Black is leading my horde but when I listened to Josh Reynold's audiodrama's, I then wanted to build Mannfred. So might pick up an other Get Started box and have Mannfred tag along. Anyway, here are the goodies I currently have (minus some spirits): Currently, I'm testing some paint schemes. Here's a wip of a Hexwraith (Black Knights just aren't as good in battle) I'm working on: Did some test on some spirits to get a nice ghostly look but that didn't work out that good, so I changed the recipe a bit. Now I'm very pleased with it! Let me know what you think so far!
  12. Slowly trying to get Nagash painted up but making progress. Left the hobby about 18 years ago and this is my first project since getting back in again quite recently. Lots to do still and will take some better pics plus more progress. Got a bunch of other stuff started too so need to get painting.
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