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  1. Player List is live on the first page (second post). Please remember that traditionally we do get drop outs so those players listed may well end up playing. Any deposit paid to get on the reserves list will be refunded if you do not make it to the players list. Thanks so much for your support of our event this year will be just as impressive as all the previous and we cannot wait to see you all for a fantastic weekend of gaming! Now to start building more terrain, AGAIN.......
  2. Ok guys and gals, we slipped up and missed what time tickets were on sale in the pack so the pack has been tweaked and to save you looking through it again... TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY 8th MARCH @ 8:00am GMT raw19 pack 1stb edition.pdf
  3. Tickets on sale next Friday (8th March 2019).
  4. The PACK is finally here.... feast your eyes on this bad boy: raw19 pack 1st edition.pdf
  5. Ticket purchased and a #hopshoedown planned for all attendees care of The Mitzy & Jimbo Show 😘
  6. Players - In order of timed Payment 01 Alexander Nygard - Insignist 02 Daniel Summerbell - Insignist - PAID 03 George Bearman - Insignist - PAID 04 Clare Paige - Insignist - PAID 05 Tom Fownes - Pyrestarter 06 Jon Charles - Pyrestarter - PAID 07 Ol Barrett - Pyrestarter 08 Damien Medhurst - Pyrestarter 09 John Greene - Pyrestarter - PAID 10 Phil Dodd - Pyrestarter - PAID 11 Charles Nolan - Insignist - PAID 12 Paul Buckler - Insignist - PAID 13 Chris Tomlin - Pyrestarter 14 Rich Belfield - Insignist - PAID 15 Matt Lyons - Pyrestarter 16 Jenny Lyons - Pyrestarter 17 Aaron Bailey - Insignist 18 Tom Hewitt - Pyrestarter 19 Ben Smith - Pyrestarter 20 Pete Lockwood - Pyrestarter 21 Alex Ley - Pyrestarter 22 Matt Sheret - Insignist 23 Gaz Evans - Insignist - PAID 24 William Howell - Insignist 25 Rob Moar - Insignist 26 Jakob Takanen - Pyrestarter - PAID 27 Markus Takanen - Pyrestarter - PAID 28 Kev Mossman - Insignist - PAID 29 Lawrence Craven - Pyrestarter 30 John Hoyland - Pyrestarter - PAID 31 Phil Muscroft - Pyrestarter - PAID 32 Larbi Benyounes - Pyrestarter - PAID 33 Daniel Davies - Pyrestarter - PAID 34 Martin Clarke - Insignist 35 James Allen - Insignist 36 Tom Healey - Insignist 37 Andy Thompson - Insignist 38 Ollie Grimwood - Insignist - PAID 39 Bishmeister - Insignist - PAID 40 Ben Foote - Insignist - PAID Reserves List - In order of timed Payment 41 James Thompson 42 Kieren Allender 43 Jonathan Pyke 44 Nathan Prescott 45 Jon Williams 46 Carl Hewson 47 John Brough 48 Glen Caldecott 49 Simon Roberts 50 Stuart Snares 51 Garry Marshall 52 Garry Marshall +1
  7. Oh yes, that's right the RAW crew are back! And yes with a new year we're obviously bringing you a new Narrative... 2019 brings with it unsteady and unpredictable times across the Mortal Realms, and throughout the many free cities spanning them, guerrilla groups are rising up against the perceived oppression. Both sides are recruiting, and not always by way of willing volunteers! You decide whether you want to defend the innocents or overthrow the tyrants. RAW19 gives you the chance to build and model your very own "veterans" or "regiment of renown" unit. Of course we will bring you a warscroll for the unit (when it's ready) but hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing... Anyway, now that we have your attention, the Dates for the event are as follows: Friday 4th October to Sunday 6th October 2019 Save the date now, you really won't want to miss this! UPDATE: FRIDAY 1st March 2019 Today we are extremely pleased to launch this years player pack please download it https://www.dropbox.com/s/h75am5ky3zgpcyt/raw19 pack 1stb edition.pdf?dl=0 TICKETS go on sale on FRIDAY 8th March 2019 @ 8:00am GMT raw19 pack 1stb edition.pdf
  8. Hi Everyone, thanks for completing the food order survey, we really are getting close now so I hope that you are all ready??? I still need food orders from the following players please: Jacob Cave Ben Foote @Bishmeister Carl Martin
  9. The latest version of the pack is here, all final tweaks have been made and documented. Download it here now: raw18 packv4.pdf
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