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  1. Mitzy

    RAW19 - Realms At War - Uprising

    Reserved for Players
  2. Mitzy

    RAW19 - Realms At War - Uprising

    Oh yes, that's right the RAW crew are back! And yes with a new year we're obviously bringing you a new Narrative... 2019 brings with it unsteady and unpredictable times across the Mortal Realms, and throughout the many free cities spanning them, guerrilla groups are rising up against the perceived oppression. Both sides are recruiting, and not always by way of willing volunteers! You decide whether you want to defend the innocents or overthrow the tyrants. RAW19 gives you the chance to build and model your very own "veterans" or "regiment of renown" unit. Of course we will bring you a warscroll for the unit (when it's ready) but hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing... Anyway, now that we have your attention, the Dates for the event are as follows: Friday 4th October to Sunday 6th October 2019 Save the date now, you really won't want to miss this!
  3. Hi Everyone, thanks for completing the food order survey, we really are getting close now so I hope that you are all ready??? I still need food orders from the following players please: Jacob Cave Ben Foote @Bishmeister Carl Martin
  4. The latest version of the pack is here, all final tweaks have been made and documented. Download it here now: raw18 packv4.pdf
  5. Just posting to remind anyone who may be interested that there are still 5 places for RAW18 remaining as we have had some drop outs in recent weeks. If you want to come along please get in touch ASAP.
  6. yes there are... We have 4 places left.
  7. Glenn thanks for getting in touch, the place is yours pending payment as per the pack, welcome aboard! Mitzy
  8. Due to a number of recent drop outs we now have FOUR places available. if you are interested in joining the RAWtrain please make contact there is still plenty of time to get involved and build an aetherlab...
  9. Hey Guys & Gals hope that everyone is OK and excited to be heading to Cambridge in October? Hopefully you are all underway with your Aethermist and Aetherlab? If not why not... Anyway as you may have seen on Twitter Jimbo, Ming, Steve and Myself held a weekend of gaming to test out the cool rules and battleplans we have in store for you all. The weekend was also for us to enrich the narrative of the weekend and get to a suitable point for you all to follow on the story and forge your own narrative adventures. Therefore without further ado here is the story so far...