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  1. Thanks chaps. Great feedback and if anyone else has anymore, we would very much like to hear it (positive and negative). We always aim to improve RAW year on year and the best way to do that is for you to tell us what did or didn’t work! cheers jimbo
  2. Send it to the info@realmsatwar.com or post it here and we’ll pick it up. We’ve tweeted a lot of images of posters about people’s lore so check out #RAW18 and #RoadtoRAW on twitter jimbo
  3. You will be assigned a guild on the first day so no picking I’m afraid! jimbo
  4. Jimbo

    Events UK: Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play

    Works for me jimbo
  5. Jimbo

    Events UK: Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play

    What happens if one player wants to use the realm rules and one doesn’t? jimbo
  6. Jimbo

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I put neither on because I think they both look rubbish! No one has mentioned it ever at a tournament. You may have more issues if you’ve modelled one and use the other though jimbo
  7. Jimbo

    Events UK: Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play

    Looking forward to this one! Alex always runs a good event. jimbo
  8. Jimbo

    Events UK: Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see new Forgeworld points for their minis for AoS2 very soon! jimbo
  9. Jimbo

    Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play


    Sounds awesome Alex! Count me in! jimbo
  10. Jimbo

    Rise of Empires 18: Feedback thread.

    Brilliant event chaps; I will definitely recommend it. What I really liked: Pack was clear. I liked having the battleplans in it (I'm good at restraint so I didn't look ahead to what games were coming up next). One ToW is a good idea - keeps it from being too complicated. Battleplans were also great fun especially the final one. I'd definitely play them again. Venue was spacious and the beers cheap. Lunch was good (I had sausage) and the chippy down the road was excellent. Having the tables matching the map was brilliant! It looked great even if there wasn't any room for me to raise new trees! Organisation was good and you guys kept the story flowing. It felt like we were being GM'ed in places which was ace. Attendees were amazing - they took everything in their stride and rolled with whatever happened. The 5 metre explosion was epic. Drinks in Wetherspoons was also hilarious. So good to catch up with people (especially my brother @Skyel - I assume I'm the older sibling) and discuss the evolving storyline whilst watching @KyeBaker out on the pull. Not sure if this is part of what I liked or what I would change: I wasn't sure what the pack wanted me to bring so I brought my whole Sylvaneth army. I used every mini at some point during the event but it was annoying to transport around! What I would change: I didn't feel like we did much in the war room. Kinda felt it was a little superfluous and I didn't feel that I interacted with it at all. I did like the alliance being offered options on where to fight and someone stepping up to take the challenge but since they were read out one at a time, I didn't know if a later option would be a more thematic choice for me so it wasn't clear when I should step forward. @HobbyHammer should play the piano more. It's been mentioned above but the secondary objectives weren't very clear. I know that some people didn't get one which was a bit sad for them. I didn't use the money at all and didn't know what it was for. Also, no one counted mine because it was all in my box! Trophies for 2nd and 3rd best painted. More Death players (although I don't think this will be problems now Legions is out!) I hope that helps! Looking forward to next year! Jimbo
  11. @Athena GamesI take it that means that the FAQs are in effect then!
  12. Looks good. I'll be partnering up with @Mitzy for some bottom table play!
  13. Jimbo

    Events UK: Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants)

    Feb tricky but when in July? jimbo
  14. Jimbo

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Alarielle is good but not super good. You need to remember not to use her as a battering ram the whole time because that gets her killed asap! Swingy attacks that can be ace but do not rely on the spear of kurnoth - it's practically impossible to hit and wound with it because it's 3+ 2+ and therefore on the extremely rare occasion you actually hit something (about one in six attempts) you always roll a one to wound. Her ability to heal every Sylvaneth mini in 30" is incredibly powerful esp with the hunters, treelords and TLA. Three spells (casting and unbinding) is excellent esp with the pie plate of a base she's sat means she usually has a variety of options available. Metamorphosis is an excellent spell. Plus she look incredible anyway. I think she's well worth a place in a Sylvaneth army. Don't expect units of 5 trevs to put out much hurt. Units of 10 tho are a different matter - can be pretty tasty in combat IMO. jimbo