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  1. Lol! You’re doing yourself a disservice as the lowest anyone can come is second 😉 RAW19 is all about the teamwork! jimbo
  2. Thanks bud. Sad times that you missed the ticket date 😢 jimbo
  3. If you requested a specific side, you’ve got it. We’re just allocating the remaining people who didn’t specify a particular side and will update the list very shortly. jimbo
  4. Grand Alliance doesn’t matter but you will partner with someone from your side. Pairings will be decided by the Commander. You can request a specific match up to the Commander at the event and they may agree to it! jimbo
  5. Hi Gaz, tickets will be on sale a week after the pack is released. We want to give everyone a chance to read about what they are signing up for as we know it’s a bit different to most other events. Full details will be in the pack. jimbo
  6. Pack to be released on Friday jimbo
  7. More info to be released soon! cheers jimbo
  8. Hi, this is a Narrative event so there are heavy story based elements rather than the Matched Play focussed event where you just try to beat your opponent. We create bespoke battleplans and rules for the event which will be released over the next few months. An event pack soon will be posted shortly too which will have more details on what’s happening, or to play and how to buy tickets! Keep an eye out on this thread for more news. We will also be posting about it on twitter. cheers jimbo
  9. Further info to follow soon Kev jimbo
  10. Thanks chaps. Great feedback and if anyone else has anymore, we would very much like to hear it (positive and negative). We always aim to improve RAW year on year and the best way to do that is for you to tell us what did or didn’t work! cheers jimbo
  11. Send it to the info@realmsatwar.com or post it here and we’ll pick it up. We’ve tweeted a lot of images of posters about people’s lore so check out #RAW18 and #RoadtoRAW on twitter jimbo
  12. You will be assigned a guild on the first day so no picking I’m afraid! jimbo
  13. What happens if one player wants to use the realm rules and one doesn’t? jimbo
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