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  1. In case it’s not clear, the entire point of the event is for the players to build their Cogfort at the event rather than building them before. Previous RAWs have let players plan, build and paint special units which has been super cool. RAW20 tests the players ability to make a Cogfort when there are no plans, it can’t be preprepared and will require adaption and working with the random parts the Cogseer finds! bringing a fully cimported Cogfort will be nice but isn’t what RAW20 is intended to be. more than happy for you to bring parts, painted to your colour scheme and use them in place of the cog parts you find though. jimbo
  2. The Master Cogseer has provided some information on the Cogframe which will be supplied to each player when they register at RAW20. Each player will then build their Cogfort around the Cogframe DURING THE EVENT!!! jimbo
  3. Really wish we could have acquired enough space for everyone who wanted to come but it just wasn’t possible. However, there are always drop outs so players on the reserve list should keep an eye out for notifications. jimbo
  4. Yes but spell the email address correctly 😉😂 jimbo
  5. We will postpone the date required for full payment to 23.59 01 March 2020. If tickets have not been fully settled by then, they will be offered to the next player on the reserve list. jimbo
  6. A little treat from the exquisite hand of Daniel Summerbell: Realms-At-War RAWPort: There are few tournaments on the Age of Sigmar scene for which the build-up is a major and much anticipated part of the experience. The Road to RAW is an event in itself. The initial pack, released about six months in advance, hinted at rebellion stirring in the mortal realms and introduced the two opposing parties: the incumbent Insignists and the upstart Pyrestarters. It also charged attendees with producing a RAWband – a collection of (ideally converted) models that would grow and develop throughout the campaign. As the event approach, online Party Political Broadcasts introduced the two main characters. The Patrician Lord Dracothfoote, played by Steve, called for order and stability on behalf of the Pyrestarters. The upstart Tarnos Brightmane, played by an incredible set of false teeth (with Mitzy in a supporting role) tried to rally support for burning down the old order and starting again. One of the RAW team evenproduced a spoof tabloid article from the ’Purple Sun,’ and soon Twitter was awash with propaganda from the PSun, the Daily Chain Mail, The Eternal Guardian, and the Evening Herald of Nurgle. As Work-in-Progress pictures were replaced by stunningarmies and RAWbands in all their glory, so stories behind the participants emerged. These varied from a few lines, or a single page, through to multiple episodes, accompanied by photos of suitably posed miniatures. And so to the tournament . It is hard to describe the sight of thirty-six armies playing over incredible, fantastical terrain, let alone capture the three dozen stories developing around the room. All I can do is give a few details of my own experience, and hope readers can extrapolate the sheer scale of the event itself. Round 1 featured an ambush by the Pyrestarters on a small force of Insignists. A 500pt battle allowed those of us who had spent more time painting than rolling dice of late to remember what this ‘Age of Sigmar’ thing was all about, while forcing veteran players to adapt to the task of playing with very few models on the table. Although I have a great deal of experience of this particular challenge (Turn 3 onwards of every game I’ve played to date) it did me little good, and my ill-fated foraging expedition was wiped out by a thundering charge of ex-Bretonnian Blood Knights. Between rounds, the two Parties met to discuss strategy and review results, led by the magnificently attired Dracothfooteand Brightmane. It transpired that not only had the Pyrestarters won most of their games in Round 1, but had captured much of the food supplies (that existed as secondary objectives on each of the tables). Our only comfort was that we had retained more wealth, for which Lord Dracothfoote duly thanked us, before stashing it in his off-realm accounts. The implication of this hit hard during Round 2 as my starving army began taking mortal wounds left, right and centre in every hero phase. My opponent – running two units of gryph-hounds painted to resemble the Avengers - nearly took advantage, and it required some spectacularly unlucky rolling on his part for me to hang on to both the win and a little extra treasure for Lord Dracothfoote’s coffers. A particular pleasure was playing over some of the FenrisGames terrain – not only does it look beautiful, but it’s well designed to be easy to play around. The Insignists’ overall fortunes reflected my own, and it was some relief that hunger had abated in game three. This was a ‘destroy objectives’ game, and I found myself facing the citizens of Candlevale. One of my favourite armies of the tournament: a very simple concept, well executed, consisting of wax golems supported by human troops. The accompanying lore booklet was a particular highlight. The final game of day 1 was a doubles match, leading to some intense tactical discussion as objectives disappeared in the gloom. I had not helped the cause by displaying my usual skill at dice rolling between rounds. Not only had I managed to roll a curse on the upgrade table for my RAWband, but followed it up by inflicting that curse on nearly half my RAWband, removing them from the table (odds of 2.8%, Mathammerfans). My teammate led a horde of undead agricultural workers in a scything charge into the enemy line, but an underestimation of our opponents’ speed cost us the crucial objective in the final turn. The evening saw the introduction of RAWCRY – a simplified version of Warcry that allowed gamers to get members of their RAWband on the table who might not otherwise have seen the light of day. Suffice to say that having not been particularly interested in Warcry before RAW, there is now an impending £100 hole in my bank account. At the same time, the online propaganda war was reaching its zenith: the result of a Twitter poll would contribute to the overall outcome. Despite much public sympathy for the upstart Brightmane, the Insignists pulled off the narrowest of victories – 50.2%-49.8%- a winning margin of one vote from over 200 cast. Day 2 dawned, and hangovers slowly abated as the two full scale, 1500 point, games approached. My first game of the day found me facing a vast Chaos horde, complete with themed dice for each Chaos god. While the army was beautiful, the board on which it was played outshined it. Created by the inimitable Bishmeister, it consisted of a spectacular set of docks, complete with Viking longships, Amazingly, every piece was magnetised, allowing for quick removal to facilitate model movement and gameplay. It also gave me a taste of a mechanic unique to RAW – inter-table play, where my army was affected by a cycle of Nurglehappening next door. Compared to some, I got off lightly, as monsters, dragons and whole armies were travelling between realm-gates, invading each-others’ tables, or diving into city sewers in search of treasure. The final game provided a suitable climax to an epic event. Some logistical juggling on the organisers’ part allowed for a game against an opponent with whom I had been building a narrative since our game at RAW2018. The scenario – involving a delegate attempting to escape to take their seat in the house of Representatives – fitted our narrative beautifully. We adjusted our game to fit the table, the duardinrepresentative escaping from the gates of the city and making for the wheelhouse of an enormous skyship. The game ended with the Representative, devoid of bodyguard, scrambling aboard, while the Varanguard in hot pursuit was left cursing at his horse’s refusal to jump aboard the ship as it left the ground. A suitably cinematic ending to a fantastic event. The final tournament ended with a clear majority of Representatives supporting the Insignists – given the narrow margin in the popular vote, clear evidence that the Mortal Realms operate a first-past-the-post system. The last act of the weekend was to present the prizes. The RAW team do an excellent job of recognising as many of the amazing hobby contributions as they possibly can. This made John Greene’s success in taking the award for both best Army and best RAWband even more impressive in the face of superb competition. A prize for best costume also went to Pete Lockwood, with an honourable mention for the ‘Forbidden-Power-Rangers’ – yet another example of the incredible effort put in to RAW by organisers and attendees. Since the weekend, many minds have been turning to next projects, and even to armies for RAW20. For myself, RAW has determined not only the next steps in my ongoing narrative, but also the next army I’ll be collecting: the triumph of the Insignists, and the failure of the forces of Rustwater to take Erynost in the final game – but their slaughter of a key character - have strengthened the hand of Nagash. An Element Games order is on its way, to sow the seeds of Undeath in the fertile gardens of Erynost.
  7. Well #RAW19 is all over for another year. If you want to see the results and awards, please check out the link below. I’ve also posted links for the battleplans and general rules we used for the event. A massive thanks to all the players who were so amazingly brilliant! We had a fantastic time and really hope you all enjoyed it! Already looking forward to welcoming you back next year for #RAW20! jimbo
  8. Thanks Tom! You’re an absolute superstar!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 jimbo
  9. RAW attendees!! We need your help!! Specifically, we need the help of a Pyrestarter. Unfortunately due to a late drop out, we have uneven numbers of Insignists and Pyrestarters (17/19) so we would very much appreciate a volunteer/traitor to move from being a Pyrestarter to being an Insignist. This will not in any way affect your enjoyment of the weekend but it may mean that you get to stand triumphantly over the the carcass of the failure called Tarnos Brightmane *. We would really really appreciate a volunteer for this and can offer in return, a once in a lifetime 'fourway super-hug' from @Mitzy, @Thornshield, Steve and me! jimbo *there is no guarantee that the Insignists will be successful at RAW19 and you may actually be swapping allegiance from our new Overlord Brightmane to the fallen court of the disgraced Dracothefoote. But hey, that's all part of the fun isn't it!?!
  10. Who is this James Wrath person?!? Sounds like a trouble maker! jimbo
  11. Lol! You’re doing yourself a disservice as the lowest anyone can come is second 😉 RAW19 is all about the teamwork! jimbo
  12. Thanks bud. Sad times that you missed the ticket date 😢 jimbo
  13. If you requested a specific side, you’ve got it. We’re just allocating the remaining people who didn’t specify a particular side and will update the list very shortly. jimbo
  14. Grand Alliance doesn’t matter but you will partner with someone from your side. Pairings will be decided by the Commander. You can request a specific match up to the Commander at the event and they may agree to it! jimbo
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