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  1. This Chamon board is just a rumor. I want to see pictures.
  2. Mushrooms, fungus, and spiders, oh my!
  3. What I'd like to see is the same troll in the fast way I'd like to speed paint him: 1. Super spray primer, 2. One-coat flesh (carefully at primer edges), 3. One color wood, 4. One color rock, 5. Pick details with layer paints. Would that be a decent paint job?
  4. I love the idea of Cogforts and hope we'll see them in plastic. But one as a dungeon would be huge, more like a Cogcity.
  5. Thanks! How good is a solo Skitterstrand Arachnarok? 14 wounds sounds tempting.
  6. How good is a single giant spider with no riders in a basically Moonclan Gitz army? I'm wondering if I need a spider shaman and spider riders too.
  7. Do we have too much time on our hands?
  8. I loved Dogs of War. Small units with a lot of character. A dozen plus mercenaries isn't going to trash game balance, and introduces more minis and the visual diversity people keep calling for.
  9. I do it and it works just fine if you have a split personality.
  10. Does anybody have a formula for converting AOS stats to WQ?
  11. One technique video game designers apply for the game's tutorial is to give newcomers five easy wins. In AOS this might mean letting her claim objectives first, setting your up weaker units against her stronger ones, playing defensively with your strong units, etc. not to throw the game, but put your noobie cap on and play at below your level. After certain moves you can regret a bad decision and explain why. Every new player I've introduced over the years was more likely to come back if they won their first game.
  12. Has anybody thought about how to convert this fungus gang to WQ in AOS? I'd like to add this band in SOH as a wandering monster band. In fact, are there any thoughts on rules for all the Nightvault bands? They're great models and crying out for community or WD rules to tide us over until they redesign WQ along Blackstone Fortress lines.
  13. Has anybody thought about how to convert the Dreaded Ambull's rules to AOS? He's a super boss for a challenging climax.
  14. Losing to a brand new player is the greatest dopamine gift you can give them.
  15. Hey, no problem. I enjoyed the ride.
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