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  1. MacDuff

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Sneaky gitz!
  2. How do I deal with losing? Beer. Wait, I do that for winning too.
  3. MacDuff

    What setting would you like for future WHQ releases?

    I'll take anything at this point,
  4. I agree that Aelves will get GW love first, and perhaps even Seraphon and Skaven.
  5. They had me at "beast riders", but the way out might be to emphasize Guilds. These define armor and arms (and traits) thay define their force structure (foot soldier, knight, militia, city guard), but have several races modeled in those styles, sometimes with unique mounts or weapons, but perhaps with an emphasis on ranged attacks. This would let units of Aelves and Humans, etc. fight side-by-side with a visual continuity while each being a bit unique. That implies a lot of kits, though...
  6. MacDuff

    Mystery Notifications

    Please tell me how to redirect them back to notifications about interactions with MY posts. All I get now are notifications about your posts, and I didn't change anything. Not that I don't love what you have to say, but this feels like Notification spam.
  7. MacDuff

    Tokens for AoS?

    I hate having tokens clutter up the board. I use skull beads for wounds and flip tokens over (some cardboard, some plastic), and glue some sand and small bushes on to make tokens look like terrain. Sure, I have to flip them over to read them, but they stay with a unit as a reminder.
  8. Somebody should do a poll here. If GW sees overwhelming demand for ongoing MP stories, who knows?
  9. I love this comic strip!
  10. MacDuff

    Scurry Scurry or Stomp Smash

    Grots on 'shrooms can get as high as your LO.
  11. MacDuff

    The Rumour Thread

    All of this speculation is making me crabby.
  12. I'm torn between Johan (no weapon, stats, or courage) or the fanatic in stocks (try fighting in that).
  13. I use skull beads from Amazon. White = 1 wound, Red = 5, Silver = 10. Somehow a pile of skulls on bases seems fitting.
  14. After sorting out retirement, I'd get pro painters to paint armies (support the arts), and give those to new players so they could revel in the game (support the young).