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  1. MacDuff

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    I haven't jumped into this game system yet, so I'm asking if these cool little dudes should be my first love. Are they any good? In reading comments it seems folks have a lot of tactics forming. I know they're little and green, but are they mean?
  2. MacDuff

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm just encouraging folks to keep requests on target, concise, and actionable by GW. You know what they want. I just want you guys to get what YOU want.
  3. I've studied social media dynamics for a decade now for the Department of Defense, commercial, and non-profit clients, focusing on manipulation, false information, anonymity, and persuasion dynamics, along with the biases and special-interest siloing that accompanies them. We see these negative trends infecting our worldwide society to cause hate, fear, and divide us. For all of us who swim in these social media waters, we are encouraged to shape our own responses by these frequently bad examples of human behavior. Part of it is rooted in anonyminity, because when we're masked by a fake name we aren't accountable for words we'd never say to people we actually know. It's cowardice to talk tough or mean or angrily when hiding behind a mask, saying things you'd never say to another's face. Part of this destructive dynamic is also reinforced by anger and negativity since this is currently the coin of the realm (you know of what I speak), and we see those examples giving us permission to exhibit behaviors we were once socialized to abhor. These trends won't go away anytime soon, but evidence suggests that folks are getting wise to the joke, and it's actually on us for not speaking out to remove it from our social fabric. For Ben's community, it behooves us to realize that acceptable social behavior is a choice, and not a destructive dynamic we're trapped into. Hobbies are designed to take us to a happy place, away from the awful things we hear around us. When you bring that negativity into a special place like this, it's like walking into our living room with manure on your shoes. Please wipe them before you come in.
  4. MacDuff

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but I have to laugh at so many of the posts on this thread. GW asked for what unit points to adjust, how much, and why. They're not going to rewrite Warscrolls or revamp Battletomes. They're going to adjust points, as they did before. Come on, class, and focus on the homework assignment to help get what you want to make things better. Any other blue sky wishes will be ignored, because that's not what they asked for.
  5. MacDuff

    So if gw is no longer selling wh quest...

    They will let ST die because Blackstone hints ar the way forward for WQ in AOS. My two cents..
  6. MacDuff

    40k Player going into AoS

    Dive on in. The water's fine here.
  7. MacDuff

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    KO ships need a big power boost. And new ships - I want a sky sub! Look at how making Orks more mobile is reinvigorating that army.
  8. MacDuff

    Both WHQ Games No Longer on the US Site

    SOH is back on the US site, but not ST. This gives me hope the AOS version of WQ lives on. Now I hope it evolves toward the new 40k standard.
  9. From the early reviews I've read it sounds like GW nailed it with this game. The mini mix is outstanding and hints at new armies, narratives, and characters. And bringing the lore to life with the Iron Men's Lone Ranger Robot - how cool is that? The after game adventures sound like what SOH needed more of. The cooperative and solo play options also seem to scratch the ST itch. And I love the cardboard spaceships the heroes arrive in. Now I want the same in AOS, with Deepkin, KO, Sky Grots, and other heroes having their own rides (anyone up for a floating sky fortress?). Sure, each ship is just a printed tile, but this addition stretches the imagination, enriches the fluff, and creates desire for plastic versions later on. I know some folks here are worried about complexity, but in reading about actual gameplay, it seems no more complex than ST (except richer in upgrade options and with different symbols on the dice), so my fears about complexity are going away. Even the enemy AI tables seem to be improved, and larger rooms with cover will keep shoot feasts in check. Now that I've seen what WQ can be, I want version 2 for AOS to follow in those footsteps.
  10. Let's WAAAGH against Chaos or the rats next.
  11. I love having a solo mode too. I also dig the increasing RPG emphasis GW is taking. I spent a few weeks on my first 2 Kill Team forces, deciding on model builds, specialists, equipment, names, etc. I ended up with two 20-man forces of unique dudes. I'd love to do the same for AOS.
  12. MacDuff

    Wishlisting Thread

    If wishes were fishes we'd all be Deepkin. ;o)
  13. I have a feeling that WQ 40K is experimenting with a lot of new mechanics that will inform WQ AOS before long. It might already be in the works, which would explain ST and SOH being retired to clear the decks for AOS Quest, Mk2.
  14. MacDuff

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    I'd like to see Squigs and Spiders thrown into this soup, with a dash of Scuttlings. And some fungus Trolls.
  15. MacDuff

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    I'm humming "Bad Moon Rising".