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  1. MacDuff

    Zulu style Garrek’s reavers - ideas wanted

    I'd turn knives into stabbing spears and use extra plastic rod to make their iconic round-headed clubs.
  2. MacDuff

    Hey all, I'm new here

    Welcome to our very cool world of imagination and creativity!
  3. MacDuff

    Long time lurker now official!

    I think those are the most dynamic Grots I've ever seen. Kudos!
  4. MacDuff

    The Rumour Thread

    Since we just passed page 666 on this thread, I have to vote Chaos for this bit.
  5. MacDuff

    Some inspirational art

    There is so much crazy cool stuff here that I wouldn't know where to begin.
  6. I hate it when my dice dare to roll a 1. And when my beer can tips over.
  7. I'm glad my coffee suggestion was helpful.
  8. Army wise, I've got maybe 1/3 of the factions going, but the pattern is the same. I try to find 1-2 armies in each Grand Alliance (need to work on Destruction next), try to visualize a paint scheme so each has a different overall color on the tabletop, and then jump in and over a couple months buy 2-3,000 points of units, trying to collect all units but not going whole hog on battleline. As I buy an army I focus on building and priming all of them. Then they go into a box top - usually a GW sized one - and then they might sit a few months as I collect another army. Over time I go back then and start painting, at least enough for Skirmish, SOH, or 500 point battles. This works out the general painting scheme, but if I get bored I start painting (or building) another army. I might bounce back and forth, but ultimately I reach critical mass on an army and make a big push to finish the rest of them. Then they go back in the box, to come out for proper AOS battles.
  9. This might work very well with the Firestorm map board, fighting from territory to territory.
  10. MacDuff

    Advice for a more *Competitive* Khorne Army

    "People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves." Paulo Coelho
  11. MacDuff

    Wishlisting Thread

    It feels like we're making Christmas lists for Santa.
  12. MacDuff

    Wishlisting Thread

    1) Cogforts and other smaller coggy human devices for cavalry, heroes, etc. 2) A giant Deepkin octopus 3) Crazy greenskin machines and creatures to launch themselves and ride 4) Dispossed mechanical golems (come on, we saw it!) 5) Any of those crazy new WF undead things we just saw in the video game teaser
  13. MacDuff

    How do you do mathhammer?

    It's time for schools to start teaching Sigmath!
  14. MacDuff

    What are your 2018 Objectives?

    No promises, but I think I can: 1. Drink more beer 2. Pick my nose 3. Buy stupid amounts of plastic. Beyond these, painting will be driven by #1 above.
  15. Moving terrain makes sense. Tau have it.