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  1. The horned helmets are so not an issue. Snip them off, file the helmets to a point,, and turn the cow heads into back banners with some extra spear poles. You get the same visual effect without the goofy. Everybody happy now?
  2. GW has already tooled new movement trays for Apocalypse round bases. Add a square base version and you can rank up. Troop blocks will be a bit more spread out, but buying huge armies was always the issue. I could see this benefiting GW - you can still sell trays to old collectors.
  3. I have been a GW fan for decades, and started 40K with the original Space Orks and first plastic Space Marines. During that time I created my initial fantasy armies from Ral Partha and Grenadier minis and wrote my own rule sets. I picked up occasional fantasy units in plastic - many for conversion to 40k - but the massed troop blocks stopped me from building legit armies, and it got crazy about the period when End Times dropped. Then AOS appeared out of the rubble and I dug my odd assortments of fantasy figures out of storage, and learned to my delight that they were playable with free rules. Over the last few years I’ve rebased them, filled their ranks out, and made proper AOS armies. The fact that I could play small games meant I started out with several armies, and as the narrative emerged I got into other new ones. I earlier spoke with the GW creative team when I designed the LOTR games for EA, and complimented Andy and others on how they maintained creative continuity on the Warhammer universe over the decades. Now I see that happening again with AOS, so I’m fascinated to go along on their creative journey.
  4. I'd love to see any new AOS stat cards. It needs more adversary diversity.
  5. GW, for the love of Pete, just put all these (and others) together in a Beastiary. That alone would revitalize the game for AOS!
  6. This Chamon board is just a rumor. I want to see pictures.
  7. Mushrooms, fungus, and spiders, oh my!
  8. What I'd like to see is the same troll in the fast way I'd like to speed paint him: 1. Super spray primer, 2. One-coat flesh (carefully at primer edges), 3. One color wood, 4. One color rock, 5. Pick details with layer paints. Would that be a decent paint job?
  9. I love the idea of Cogforts and hope we'll see them in plastic. But one as a dungeon would be huge, more like a Cogcity.
  10. Thanks! How good is a solo Skitterstrand Arachnarok? 14 wounds sounds tempting.
  11. How good is a single giant spider with no riders in a basically Moonclan Gitz army? I'm wondering if I need a spider shaman and spider riders too.
  12. I loved Dogs of War. Small units with a lot of character. A dozen plus mercenaries isn't going to trash game balance, and introduces more minis and the visual diversity people keep calling for.
  13. I do it and it works just fine if you have a split personality.
  14. Does anybody have a formula for converting AOS stats to WQ?
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