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  1. Magnets and metal boxes is indeed by far the best. For easy storing but also safe transport. Especially with all the fragile parts GW produces lately.
  2. It may be quite dangerous to invest in morghasts currently. For all we know the rules may change when the tome hits the shelves? Maybe they are a suboptimal unit as well. As for conversions, I think you can just take whatever look you prefer and specify it to your opponent. If you model all of them with chest plates it hardly changes the WYSIWYG.
  3. High fantasy in a WHFB setting for me. Like skaven or tomb kings and their environment. The new realms somehow makes everything feel less connected to me.
  4. Thank you everybody for the tips!I guess I will store them away for the time being then^^.
  5. The riders from underworlds are useful at least. 3 for ~18 euro with discounts isnt too bad I suppose? The weapons are converted easily.
  6. What do you people do with armies you fully painted and finished, but dont enjoy playing? (Or like in my case the original planned army wasnt competitive enough and shifted into something unenjoyable) I loved IDK previews. Loved lothan, namarti, soulrender, aspect and volturos and the playstyle they promote on paper, but boy was I dissappointed with the actual output on the table haha. The reason I cant play the aspect is due to fragility. His spear already broke off 5 times during games XD. I have a personal rule of thumb that I only play what I painted, so kind of feel stuck with the army now having invested so much painting time into it.
  7. The only possibility I can think of is that they release a wave of terrain and possible models with these battletomes as a surprise release to see if a "flash" sale will increase sales compared to early previews of models. Lately the pop up store and flash release business model is gaining quite some success in other fields. There is a slight possibility GW is dipping their toes in similar markets? Make the general public aware there will be a COS/Orruk release and then totally surprise us with a mini wave. Also I think they want to line up the bonereapers with halloween (31 october). Hence late october release will likely be on that date. Same reason why Gotrek was released on the international beard day? GW is experimenting :P.
  8. Doubtful. Bonereapers are said to be released at the end of october and COS ans Orruks should be at least a week before that, which leaves only a 4 week gap for stuff to actually be reveales and the whole "pre order next week" thing to make it out there before bonereapers preorders go up. That feels rushed for GW standards.
  9. I see :/. Thats a shame. Regardless looking forward to your progress 😃
  10. Would it be an idea to base it around an existing army's warscrolls and just change the names and keywords of abilities? That way if you ever play the army in a tournament setting you can refer to them as a counts as X army?
  11. Really cool idea. I wish more projects like this were actively made and used in the public
  12. I think its a business decision. They may be trying to keep a close check on average profit each month to be roughly equal and growing at a stable pace so it looks smooth in the charts for the stock holders. Similar to those buy 1 get 1 free deals you tend to see everywhere in poor selling months/years for products of big corporations. Having a dip in the graph for any particular month isnt good for company image. Because of that I think they try to put these big releases at the end of a month in case sales are going poorly or move it up 2 weeks to the start of a month if quotas are already expected to be met. Having stable organic growth with no dips lures in potential investors?
  13. Imagine if that tyrant is just part or some underworlds warband with very poor AOS rules. I can already taste the salt.
  14. I hope this also means they will have the option for all universal cards being available as a standalone product, since they want the entry barrier being lower. I am quite tired of buying almost every warband I will never play just for the cards. And now 1 year of purchases is kind of invalidated card-wise.
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