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  1. I would assume that good sub factions would have a huge point cost in that case, kind of to discourage its use, but balance 2k battles if used at all? I kind of like the reasoning behind it. I personally have also said it before, but if we want more diversity in Age of Sigmar games, the community needs to have more power to balance stuff when necessary. GW is a busy company and don't have time balancing stuff, but on the other hand balancing also isn't their strong suit. I would love a system where people could take a kind of official exam with GW to access parts of their website to vote for point increase or decreases on every single unit and battalion in the game to either promote or demote the use of certain models and fix meta issues ahead of time. I know many people hate it. Lots of people seem to like it when they can dominate other players with overpowered builds, but personally, I would like to see the passion aspect of the hobby return more, where people play with the models they like rather than Army X that is good until month Y.
  2. Happy (early) year of the horned rat all! I hope GW capitalizes on it and releases new Skaven!
  3. I think many people underestimate the impact of throwing X dice, where X is the number you rolled during the charge and each 4+ is a mortal wound. Its like they are dealing an average of 3 mortal wounds per unit per charge even before any kind of battle starts. The odds of getting at least 1 amazing charge and wrecking an enemy unit is quite large. Not to mention charging heroes can be horrendous for opponents to deal with.
  4. Cities of sigmar is a large faction and warcry cards only fit like 8 different units per card. If they were to handpick favourites and release them in warcry it would likely create an outrage with dissapointed fans because fanfavourite unit X didnt make the cut but unit Y did. Also a reliable source mentioned a steam punk kind of empire release being worked on. I would assume for the image of warcry GW would prefer those units to represent the cities rather than the current outdated ones. I don't know why, but it tends to feel like you are trying to dump negative opinions/views as if they are proof or fact to get people riled up? I may be mistaken of course. Maybe you are dealing with issues in real life and its a spillover effect, but just relax! 😃 If anything, AOS is just a game, nothing to get so worked up about. On top of that, cities of sigmar is a relatively new side project GW completed in a very short time. If I am not mistaken GW had a fan design the whole book for them? Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. Either way, the entire tome is a passion project and may not have been considered or worked into other projects since most the stuff we see is being produced waaay ahead of their release schedule. If COS were to be in warcry the window between the start of the COS tome and the next warcry release may have been too short to be worthwhile for GW.
  5. With city of sigmar Ogryns and converted Skaven and Seraphon underlings and all of it organized by the great horned rat and we have everything any AOS player could wish for.
  6. Baldness is represented by 85% of the GW range as well. Ranging from Space Marines to Idoneth to various cultists. So if purity means to embrace the four armed emperor? I cannot say you are wrong. Being a bloodthirsty Khorne Berserker? Questionable. Stealing souls of the living? The only thing pure in spirit is the essence they steal. Like those artists that cannot draw hands, I am starting to believe a large fraction of GW's sculptors can't sculpt proper hair XD.
  7. I am looking for 2 handed weapons with arms and the ironguts maw icons (or simply complete Ironguts models). I have plenty of glutton bodies to use as a base. Anyone have any bitsor models leftover?
  8. A lot of ogor stuff is suddenly out of stock on the site. A new set coming?
  9. New rumour engine. I don't know about you people, but that looks as Ogor as it can get to me. The shield is the same as the one on the Stonehorn. Edit: My bad, it was already posted.
  10. I built 2 of each and 1 of the bruiser or whatever its called. It makes it convenient if you run smaller units some day as well.
  11. Does anyone know the base size of frost sabres? I am going through their scroll and did some calculations and they seem to be quite good for their cost. Deepstriking a big unit can deal quite some damage early on - on average 3 to 4 times as much as an ironblaster. They can potentially delete problematic units early. On top of that they can be buffed. So depending on their base size and ability to get in range they may be a solid unit. Perhaps even good enough to bring a sabre group of 12.
  12. I personally love that they are working on ogors with different facial expressions and features and think its a huge win. I also like the fact that he is almost fully clothed similar to the tyrant. Kind of curious what his rules look like. Also... I wonder what that trap will do.
  13. Thank you for the feedback! I got a hold of 2 Feast of Bones sets, so I might as well pick up a box of gluttons to build the unused Leadbelcher bits into actual models. I am currently building around 1 or 2 stonehorns, but I love the idea of an underguts army. I guess once everything is built and painted up its time to playtest a bunch to figure out what is more efficient :).
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