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  1. I would even be satisfied with an upgrade kit for clanrats to nightrunners at this point. The release of a dual kit has lead to a full on kit release before though. Also skryre had leaked design info like 3 years ago already. There were new machines in the making, but that rumour died off nearly completely.
  2. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I was imagining a cave where they secretly burrow out of. I like the well and skryre idea. If we can find some cheap drill toys in a dollar shop could create a drill similar to what genestealers use and cover it mostly with dirt. Alternatively, a giant warpstone grinder is easy to cut out of a giant piece of foam as well.
  3. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I personally want to create something that looks more like a cave with green glow coming out of it. With some skaven aesthetics. Its what i always imagined a gnawhole to be like somehow lol.
  4. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Thank you very much. I missed it (cellphone scrolling). Time to take out the bitbox in that case :).
  5. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Does anyone have the exact sizes of the gnawholes? Perhaps we can simply make our own to save a few hobby dollars.
  6. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Awesome! Really good job. Any chance you'd be willing to share a printable file? i would love to use these as a conversion.
  7. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I think... - bell - doomwheel -shackles -1 engineer And +grey seer + some kind of verminlord + something else, perhaps spare CP?
  8. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Really nice theme! I think I've seen only 1 other person pull it off before. I would love a step by step guide for these :). It looks great for eshin themed armies especially.
  9. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Looks fun and thanks for the quick reply! I guess in that case it is time to dig up the crate of clanrats (i have like 250 unpainted clanrats and 130 painted). Time to put some paint to another unit of 40 haha. Because every army needs 120 clanrats to accompany their other 80 clanrats.
  10. Kugane

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I wonder if stormvermin are going to be necesary. I love painting clanrats, But for some reason not so much when it comes to stormvermin haha.
  11. I am super happy with the Skaven tome. Idk what the endless spells will do but so far most releases seem meh, so I wont put my hopes on them. That rat spell though could be great to cut apart and turn into rat swarms on individual bases!
  12. Kugane

    The Rumour Thread

    Thats great! Really fast. I ran into issues during summer promotions (extra 5% extra discount) myself. I will give them a try in the future =). Either way, we should probably go back to rumors! Really hope next week we see more about those Skaven models.
  13. Kugane

    First 500 pts Complete

    I love your bases! Awesome work!
  14. Kugane

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm glad you didnt run into any big issues :). I personally decided to avoid them and stick with (more expensive) alternatives since I got burned badly twice with the 3 month wait for GW products. Each time being told that they are in stock and about to be shipped when I asked what was taking so long. The boxes that got crushed were shipped in a cardboard envelope rather than a proper box. The kind of envelope you normally ship a book in. So while it is the shipping company's fault, I still think its a set up for disaster given how fragile GW product is nowadays lol. Their prices though! They are one of the cheapest on the market haha xD. If stuff has improved, I may give them another chance when the Skaven stuff is up for sale.
  15. Kugane

    The Rumour Thread

    Be careful with waylandgames. I've had bad experiences on 3 occassions out of 5. Twice waiting times of ~3 months and one time of damaged goods due to bad packaging (box got crushed in the mail). They are cheap for a reason it seems, but larger orders seem difficult for them to manage. They do refund quickly if requested though :).