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  1. The yellow/black (or what I assume to be) lines on the wire kind of make it impossible to be AOS related I'd say. Otherwise there'd be a chance :(
  2. That bonsai tree is really getting my hopes up for a meaningful chinese or japanese model line :o.
  3. How exactly is a Saurus Oldblood dealing 6 wounds with their jaws alone? I don't have the seraphon battletome, but looking at the warscroll at the moment I can only see it dealing about 1 damage with its jaws once every 4 attacks or so against a unit with a 5+ save. I am starting to wonder if the opponent is cheating. Is there a rule that helps them increase attacks and turn it all to mortal wounds or something? Edit: NVM, I was looking at a saurus oldblood on foot, not the one on carnosaur.
  4. I don't think people meant the competitive scene specifically, but rather that Seraphon is a better army currently than Khorne. At least, thats what I understood.
  5. Yeah, but "lets all jam 600 euro and 3 months of painting" isn't exactly a 'fix'. Blood reavers could work, their bases are 32mm as well if I'm not mistaken, so you could get a decently long line to deny a lot of area. It is a shame that power-wise you can't really go up against them... GW is too busy calculating all the money thats coming in to really sit back and calculate game balance XD
  6. How to stop losing? Just stop playing. Can't lose if you don't play. Jokes aside, are there any units you can ally that can reach the objectives before he can lock you in? Personally I think you need to just deny him any area to teleport to. Its a 9 inch bubble, so what you can do is be extremely cheesy and get a cheap unit with lots of models as an ally and create 1 long line spacing the models as far apart as possible up to 9 inch around your army, which will then force him to teleport another 9 inch beyond that. You then just start pushing your line forward and let the rest follow behind, so that your important units can reach their destination without interruption. What you want to do is to keep his good units busy for 1 or 2 turns trying to fight off your weak line and in the meantime already get him engaged with yet another cheap unit, if possible, a defensive one. I see it happening a lot in warhammer 40k where they create large lines of troops around their army to stop deepstriking from happening. If that doesn't work, I think Khorne has a bad matchup against Seraphon... Many armies have a bad matchup against Seraphon and their weird tactics. It may be an idea to talk with this person and ask their advice how they think you could counter their army? You can simply state you have no idea how to handle his combo and are kind of losing interrest at this rate?
  7. Would adding a 40 block of regular skeleton mercenaries have board presence? I am not even sure if mercenaries would reduce our command points since we techically have RD points instead?
  8. I assume the same. I keep seeing like a tiny raised area near these snapped spots, unlike the kind that you have when you bend something too far. Slightly dissapointing, I hope the replacements wont have the same issue.
  9. Anyone else had issues with the immortis/stalker chest piece collarbones being broken? I got 2 sets of feast of bones and in both sets bit #8 was broken. GW was nice enough to offer replacements and will likely send them soon, but I still find it odd that in both cases the exact same part was broken at the exact same spot as well.
  10. Its such a shame that stalker falchions arent optimal for 1 big attack. I love how they look. I might convert my falchions to 1 handers just for the aesthetic.
  11. If nobody does, just message GW and ask for the build instructions. They will send you a pdf =).
  12. I ran some calculations on Katakros. Like stated before, he is much better than given credit for. I may have miscalculated a bit here and there and of course its all in a vaccuum. The naked stats: In a best case scenario Katakros by itself deals 1 to 1.6 dmg per 100 points spent + up to 0.9 "dmg" in the form of recovered/healed models per 100p + each unit in range deals give or take 20% more damage due to +1 to hit. On an entire army his CA can add up to about 10 extra damage each turn considering lots of stuff gets buffed. Extra save on everyone + decreased hit on key opponent units also helps. So theoretically Katakros in a 2k army is adds about: 3 to 3.6 (+ up to .9) dmg/100p considering the blanket buff. The healed units are likely to grant you up to .9 per turn. It adds up quickly. Not even taking into consideration how much extra board presence you maintain by him making everything survive longer. Many have stated he is undercosted, but everything combined makes him a nightmare to deal with. Of course if he gets shot down its going to suck. TL;DR Katakros is worth it in melee heavy armies with lots of guard or riders.
  13. Using immortis to protect arkhan also impacts his mobility a lot. Being limited to immortis movement is quite bad XD.
  14. I personally had a few broken parts and such and quite a bit of flashing, but overall am quite satisfied with FW :). They always give good customer support. Still a shame to see models go though.
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