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  1. And another week of your life busy cleaning moldlines of hundreds of underlings. Moldlines are the wrong kind of mold pestilens likes.
  2. I see! You see so much stuff being stated as facts, its sometimes hard to figure out what statements are real and which are not. I thought the things you keep seeing about stuff like DOK and Idoneth having poor sale numbers was a fact from GW themselves, but I stand corrected. After some googling I can't find any actual numbers. I agree with the things matching the rules will sell well. I see it happen at locals a lot as well. I dont see anyone buying older stuff now though, like goblins was THE thing 2 months ago and now hardly anyone seems interrested. Flavour of the month I suppose.
  3. GW never claimed any of this of course, its pure speculation of what I read on reddit and hear on podcasts, but there is a correlation that weaker armies dont sell as well as GW hoped, also if a new army offers nothing better than older armies its less likely to sell. There are some threads that talk about total sales of product lines on various sites about that. I think its normal though, especially in western culture, where many people want the latest, newest, best thing. Even if its only marginally better than what they already have, there are people who will spend cash on it. (Cars, phones, etc). I think its the same for miniature gaming. A new release will always reach some audience it resonates with, but if you want to reach to an even larger crowd - make it better than current stuff.
  4. Loving the dark blue/black colour! What colours did You use for that effect? Also, careful, dont get burnt out! That looks like quite some work to get finished for a horde army.
  5. Vanguard marines also now. I'm having a lot of fun with both atm. GW is finally giving the stealth play style attention. I hope this comes to AoS
  6. I think the fact that underpowered armies dont sell well. Equal power armies also dont sell well. They may feel its better to make the next army ever so slightly stronger to make sure it at least sells to the tournament crowd? On a casual level i think people can adjust their army list to be compatible.
  7. I think the first step is to accept you are a person that gets frustrated, the second step is to do something about that. Instead of trying to fight the symptoms, you should try and fix the core issue by practicing a positive attitude. When you do lose, and you do feel that frustration brewing in your mind, rather than giving in to that feeling, treat it as an opportunity to practice to be humble, to practice patience, and even to practice tolerance to loss. The moments thing don't go our way are always the moments with the most opportunity for personal growth. We all have enough suffering as is, so don't let a game like AoS be one of them :). Keep practicing and in time you'll condition your mind to face a loss with dignity and perhaps even happiness.
  8. Has anyone played with the bombardier? Kind of wonder if its worth using him like a damage bomb with his buff. Nearly done painting him and would love to add it to the army.
  9. Indeed. I just wonder what the damage output is at this point. I may need to recalculate the damage per point of all the skaven units we currently have buffed and unbuffed to see which are the best ranged units right now.
  10. I completely missed that gnawhole teleporting counts as making a move. Well... guess that is not a viable strategy then
  11. Teleporting a group of jezzails around with warpgnaw holes might be fun. Put a hole on opposite ends of the battlefield and keep going back and forth.
  12. I would even be satisfied with an upgrade kit for clanrats to nightrunners at this point. The release of a dual kit has lead to a full on kit release before though. Also skryre had leaked design info like 3 years ago already. There were new machines in the making, but that rumour died off nearly completely.
  13. I was imagining a cave where they secretly burrow out of. I like the well and skryre idea. If we can find some cheap drill toys in a dollar shop could create a drill similar to what genestealers use and cover it mostly with dirt. Alternatively, a giant warpstone grinder is easy to cut out of a giant piece of foam as well.
  14. I personally want to create something that looks more like a cave with green glow coming out of it. With some skaven aesthetics. Its what i always imagined a gnawhole to be like somehow lol.
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