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  1. I am waiting for new nightrunner kits to be released. Some of conversion work is possible and doable, but it's hard to do it below 50$/10 when you add up all the costs of bits, etc . I really hope GW finally gets incredibly ashames of their nightrunners and gives us a new kit. I think it would be fine if they were made from re-used assets from shadespire skaven with different weapons, but similar poses. Easy for production and looks amazing. We really need new sculpts.
  2. I see. I completely missed the "must be 1000 points" part. Thanks for clarifying :).
  3. I see thank you! Indeed. Maybe they are changing stuff up and we wont need 3 battleline at 2k anymore. Would open some room for armies with heavy battleline tax as well.
  4. Does this mean you can only take 2 units of clanrats per army for example? Or am I misreading it? I think this type of play will stop the 1 turn games at least. It may be great for IDK as well
  5. An army of skaven that stole warmachines/weapons from all other factions would be amazing haha
  6. They should seriously start making these rule updates dynamic and digital. 6 months of production requirement to push out a book is too long to be relevant to the current meta.
  7. I used to paint every single detail, do subassemblies, etc. Nowadays for tabletop standard I build everything at once and follow the "if the brush cant reach it, the eye cant see it" mentality. Lots of grey hilts under cloaks as a result! It also helps to make what the eye does see consistent with each other, no weird shading, which sometimes happens when glueing stuff together. Or random gaps for that matter. If you pre-shade with a good drybrush and apply thin layers you can always pick out some stuff after you are done to add some character to your miniature.
  8. I bet the survey will say as often as possible lol.
  9. Yeah you are right. I sometimes even find washes too thick already if they pooled a bit too much on a detail. I kind of wonder how these paints will dry when pooling. Sometimes you just miss a spot. Especially when doing the assembly line. Regardless we will probably see a lot less of thick acrylic coats among newer painters. No more putting nice and thick layers straight out of the pot to save time haha. No more "paint is liquid, It'll shape to the details by itself right?!" XD
  10. It seems in the right hands it can be amazing, like merkel showed some amazing results using contrast paints on a Skaven bombardier, but I have also seen other people review it on YouTube and the results were kind of meh in my opinion with some shading, but a basecoat and wash would look nicer (YMMV). I think the whole "1 thick layer" should not be taken too literal. I still think, like glazes, layering these paints may give the best results. Especially to create gradients. However, for speed painting this is a god-sent invention regardless. I used to make the same stuff mixing washes with citadel air paints, resulting in paints that are both a wash and glaze. This will certainly battle the mid-army burnout of horde army painting. Having to go back 4 to 7 steps for each colour is tiring. Now it's just 2 for good results :). I think if you take the darker primer and overbrush it with the light basecoat prior to painting it may improve the gradient better. Or drybrushing if you want to go with darker tones. I'll experiment a bit when the paints are released :).
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