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  1. I do recall some 9th age friends saying that if you put rounds together the block size will be larger and thus against WHFB rules.
  2. I'm still sad that the "big release rumor" for Skaven and Ogors ended up being 1 model... Anyone hear any more rumors or have these projects been chucked to the side by GW?
  3. I was going to get back into AOS because of Lumineth, bought most of the army, was super happy with Sevirith, etc., but people really killed the vibe for me with all the snarky comments. I am still painting slowly, but whats the point playing if the opponent is just going to be sour all game? I see the same in TCGs, I think we need a global mentality adjustment. Because I think this type of toxicity is bad for board/cardgames.
  4. I see! Guess it's time to wait a bit longer then! 😃 Ty for the info.
  5. I was sort of hoping for a mongolian-inspired army, a bit like Rippas snarlfangs. Wonder if wolfriders will be a thing for these boyz.
  6. I'm starting to believe, it was YOU, the Lumineth player, that had the NPE all along. PLOT TWIST.
  7. That extra 80 points can be quite useful as well XD.
  8. I would assume Loreseeker to cap an objective and using Teclis to auto-teleport bladelords to guard the Loreseeker, making it very tough to get off an objective. (I never played Lumineth, just guessing. )
  9. Well, those are joining the army soon then! Thanks for the help 😃.
  10. That sounds great! I'll put those on my buy list. I love the windmage model, but wasn't sure about his warscroll. I like the 10 windcharger plan. I wonder how viable they are going to be, though.
  11. So far I have (on the way): 2 units of wardens, 2 units of sentinels, 1x Dawnriders, 1x Sevireth, 1x Eltharion and 1x Cathallar. I tried to keep it as basic as possible until this release and now don't know what to get first. So I think 5 or 10 bladelords for the Cathallar may be a good pick, a loreseeker and the scenery? Originally I was planning to get a second unit of Dawnriders, but perhaps Windchargers can fill the role of objective grabbers.
  12. Only have around 200 euro total to spend. No idea what to buy! XD Bladelords are a must-have I suppose.
  13. I think it's better to wait for the new models before we can make a solid statement about it =). They are here soon after all. Right now you are mostly correct.
  14. I study Asian war history, and I can't help but see such strong paralels between Lumineth warfare and the things you'd see a historical Korean army, for example, pull off. So I wouldn't put it past them to add more asian-style weaponry.
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