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  1. Love the cards, any chance of making a card up for the two standard prayers too?
  2. Only made a start on mine but halfway there...not going to be winning any literary prizes for this piece though...although the game last night gave me the inspiration to make it to 500 words! The writings of scholars once told of a foul daemon lord, Uraka, who led armies through the realms in search of constant battle, an excerpt of this history was recently discovered in a daemon worshiper’s coven destroyed by the Sigmarites. Uraka led his mighty Khornate legion through the realms seeking to find battle where none could be found. His feats of prowess mounted on his deamonic fell wrought steed Krage were renowned and the skulls of his foes lay trodden into the ground. The victories over the Nurgle foes saw Uraka defeat the plague lord Sllarr and with defeat came victory as his deity bestowed the greater daemon of Khorne, Scarbrand to do his bidding in his everlasting battle for atonement. The gathering of the daemonic host had attracted the most battle crazed mortal warriors and bands of chain hammer wielding whirlwinds of destruction and the heavily armoured warriors on foot were led by twin Slaughterpriests Hrak and Eodk with whom each had been granted the boon of a pair of Khogoraths to further increase the slaughter that could be reaped in the name of Khorne. An excerpt from the battle of the Heavens …with a bestial roar the Khornate armies of Uraka faced off against the hoard of Nugle deamons led by the Glotkin, the realm gates flickered with their unstable magiks and lightning coursed across the unnatural skies. Uncaring for their safey the wrathmongers plunged through the warpgate to confront the main battle line of the hated Nurgle host appearing in the midst of the wretched Nurglings. Scarbrand led the charge across the battlefield bellowing a roar at the rotting fly corpses and deamonic riders, but with a sweep of Carnage and Slaughter the deamons were banished from the realm. The glotkin turned to face this roaring beast and spewed its hateful magic over the Greater Deamon, but the wards on Scarbrands skin glowed bright red and orange and the festering breath washed over to no avail. Emboldened by the charge the warriors of chaos and bloodletters charged into the fray engaging the plaguebearers supported by the roaring Khorgoraths, goaded on by Hrak. In the midst of the battle two meteors struck the earth scattering the armies, and Eodk investigated this skull shaped rock as plumes of blood gushed into the air. In a bid to stop the onrushing greater deamon the glotkin charged breathing magiks and breath over the deamon, with a bellowing roar of defiance Scarbrand was banished, but the glotkin was surrounded by the frenzied bloodletters and warriors and was soon struck down by the rain of blows sloughing the flesh from the great beast. As the final remnants of the Nurgle hoard started to dissipate following the death of their general Uraka raised his head to the sky bellowing a challenge to all to come and face his mighty hoard, knowing that more skulls could be won for his master in the campaign to come.
  3. I am looking for a game if anyone is interested in getting an easy win for the league!
  4. Not there this month, off to Twycross Zoo with the family instead and have a feeling that i may be tired by the end of the day!
  5. Work got busy and I stopped painting shortly after the Summoner (and now have a half painted set of silver tower guys, but a nice relaxing day yesterday allowed me to get some Tzeentch Screamers done after a year or some being base coated only. Must get on and finish off the Khorne guys though.
  6. Unit of Screamers completed for this months challenge.
  7. Great I was wondering where to put them up!
  8. Should be good to make this one so looking for an opponent.
  9. As i have not played many games the other week i found myself looking through the app so often it slowed the gameplay down. I have always used a spreadsheet programme for my armies either excel or google docs. I find this easy to sumarise the rules, if there are any particular ones then they can be looked up at the appropriate time on the app. It made the game quicker for me as instead of looking up a unit each time it had to move or fight i only looked for the special rules. This also has the benefit that i can with a little work on my part hide rows to keep out the clutter of units i am not using. Is it user friendly, not especially, but as i am only playing once a month it works ok for me.
  10. I had loads of time if not stacked out between now and the future (although with all this sun i am finding it hard not to spend the last hour of the day painting! Might get the Fyreslayer (monster) and Warpriest (prince) done before the deadline - my director (Charlotte) has told me the order i need to paint these in for her to play with them. (and you may have guessed that i also read the deadline wrong - but hey gave me a kick to start painting)
  11. Took a break from the Khorne guys to get the Silver Tower bits assembled and my entry to the Derby Club mini competition done.
  12. Decided on the gaunt Summoner (princess) for my submission on this, just finished in time.
  13. ChrisT

    Gaunt Summoner

    Painted up for the Derby mini painting competition June 2016
  14. Having played last night for the first time in ages, I had forgotten all the little buffs etc that can be put on a unit, wether from a command ability or arcane shield etc. Does anyone have a good source for getting some specific tokens with things like + 1 to hit, +1 save etc?
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