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  1. heywoah_twitch

    noob question about allies

    I'm going to come in hard as dissent here and say that there is no reason to do this at all - *viable listbuilding wise* Obviously you can have fun hobby reasons for doing this, but your question was mechanical and so I'm treating it as such. The strength of ironjawz is largely synergy based and several critical effects require keywords (waagh needs # of units, warchanters buff, weirdnob casting bonus, mighty destroyers movement, charge bonus, smashing and bashing!) and you are diluting the list for every non-orruk you bring. Not only that, but ironjawz units can do anything a gutbuster can do only better. 'ardboys make better objective campers / anvils and can do more damage with buffs. Brutes outclass ogors in melee, gore-gruntas are better than mournfang when you factor in cost/wounds/buffs. Leadbelchers have some ranged, which ironjawz lack, but it's not actually good ranged. Weirdnobs are better than butchers as well (butcher spell is not great and his cauldron doesn't affect non-ogors). If you absolutely must use allies in ironjawz, it should be for something that fills a crucial need and does it exceptionally, because you give up a lot for it - and leadbelcher's random short-ranged attacks (or even worse, falling for the trap of scrap-launcher / ironblaster) are a far cry from that. I'm all for being positive, but let's not give someone bad advice either.
  2. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Troggoth Discussion

    I said I would post here in a show of support, and so I am posting here to show my support. Trogg battleline if hag general, and un-nerf the hag!
  3. heywoah_twitch

    Idoneth Volturnos command ability

    Yep, as you say, only Command Traits and Artefacts have the no fun allowed ruling on mount attacks, Command Abilities are fair game.
  4. heywoah_twitch

    Do dead heroes still hold objectives?

    aaand FAQ is out today, thank goodness!
  5. heywoah_twitch

    Do dead heroes still hold objectives?

    edited, sorry.
  6. heywoah_twitch

    Do dead heroes still hold objectives?

    The objective was played as retained at 6Nations, but all agreed that this was about 600% not intended and expected to get FAQ'd in the future.
  7. heywoah_twitch

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    This is a thread about stupid destruction lists, not chaos lists. Although you posted skaven and your name is Skreech Verminking so really I can't be mad and I guess you get a pass 😄
  8. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    I think upgrading the thundertusk beastriders to a huskard is worth much more than the endless spell, and Realm Artefacts are significantly better than any of our artefacts.
  9. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Can't see it friend, I don't have access. In other news, played a 2k game with braggoth's beasthammer against khorne with archaon, but the local gw only had a 4x4 table free, so it was a ridiculous meatgrinder let me tell you. List: He dropped first and made me take t1. I summoned Cogs and there was a citadel woods in the middle of the board and lots of other terrain, so my mournfang were just full stopped with their big bases from getting anywhere useful. Frostlord charged and killed 5 wrathmongers, I figured ethereal amulet would keep me safe from my own attacks, and it did, I took 2 damage from myself. Archaon charged frostlord on his turn 1 and instantly rolled 6s to wound thus slaying him outright. Turn 2 I charged archaon with 4 mournfang that had beasthammer +1 to hit and a butcher +1 to hit, so 8 gargant swings at 2s to hit and 3s rr1s to wound and I only hit with 4, then archaon passed all 4 saves, then 16 mount attacks ended up doing 3 damage, but I took 5 mortal wounds to mournfang from his 6s to save all things considered. I double piled-in to do another 3 damage and lost 3 mournfang to battleshock between my 2 units of 4 (crown of domination is good) and that was game over, just about everything useful in my army was dead and he had a healthy archaon plus a thousand points of reavers and heroes left. Major Loss. Can't take too much away from this game since the board was small and we were both on 2k melee grinder armies. It did mean that his whole army always had every aoe buff and I have no flying so the table definitely favored him, but I should have been more careful with my frostlord. The alternative was most likely losing all 8 mournfang to 80 fully buffed reavers on the charge so I dodn't think I had a good option one way or another. After all, you can't double pile-in if you haven't charged, and they'd be stuck in combat for the game most likely. Notes: Terrain is the bane of huge cavalry bases on units of 4+, Archaon hard counters frostlords for breakfast, Khorne fights better than beastclaw on the charge or otherwise. If I had more table-space I could have positioned the gore-gruntas better to participate in combat instead of be stuck behind mournfang, but terrain makes that a challenge in either case. I was lucky to get cogs off (he wasn't on brazen rune and a 7 to cast with no bonuses is basically a coinflip. Once out, they helped him far more than they helped me all game. It def soured me on them tbh). I think the way to play it is not actually moving up at all and trying to counter-charge the opponent. It looks like an alpha strike and feels like an alpha strike, but it can't hang against real melee armies so far (got smashed by ironjawz real bad as well).
  10. heywoah_twitch

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    This one scores points for the grossest name of any unit in age of sigmar. Nurgle must be heated. I was thinking of gordrakk using his command ability on a teef rukk of 16 big stabbas for 60 damage vs non-monsters. Then tried to make a ridiculous Ironjawz list where you have a megaboss on maw-krusha with a sword of judgment doing 1d6mws per 2+ to hit vs heroes and monsters with enough CAs for 2 waaghs + gordrakk waagh on turn 1. With no CAs it's 4d6mws on average plus all his other attacks, with waaghs it's more like 7d6. Actually, this looks to me like a standard ironjawz list now that I think about it 😅
  11. heywoah_twitch

    Setting up Stormcast units in the celestial realm

    Anything not on the battlefield once the game begins is considered a reinforcement, although there aren't many rules that care about that distinction.
  12. heywoah_twitch

    Gift of the Heavens Rules Dispute

    It doesn't say "units within 10inches" or even "while they are within" which seems to be the normal language for constant aoe effects, it says "those units" which seems pretty cut and dry that it's not a traveling bubble.
  13. heywoah_twitch

    Nighthaunt - battalion setup & from the underworld

    You actually don't have to set up all units from the battalion as one drop, it's just an option you may choose. In fact, you can set up "some or all units from a warscroll battalion at the same time rather than each individually". The battalion set up rule governs only how many you may set up at once, and not how the are set up, and so you can use whatever set up replacement options you have on top of this, at your discretion.
  14. heywoah_twitch

    Setting up Stormcast units in the celestial realm

    The ability Scions of the Storm limits the number of units you can set up in the celestial realm, but Hurled By Sigmar's Hand has no such limitations, so for starters I read this as skyborne gets to put as many in reserve as it wants. As for whether this counts against your normal battletrait I think that it does, as SotS clearly limits what it can set up as how many are in the CR and how many are on the battlefield. But here's the thing. The restriction wording is exactly this: "You can set up one reserve unit in the celestial realm for each unit you have set up on the battlefield." This is not "how many that can be there" - it just governs whether or not you can choose to put one there at the time. So, order matters. First you set up your normal units using SotS, as at the time of set up you are following the limitations. After you're done with your normal setups, you set up your Skyborne Slayers units using HBSH, and voila! You get all the things and followed exactly the rules.
  15. heywoah_twitch

    Models with 25mm base and 2" range attacks

    If every base is touching, then 3 ranks get to attack, as 25mm is literally less than an inch. If the bases have a little room in between, I'd bust out the tape measure.