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  1. heywoah_twitch

    Branchwraith summoning dryads spell

    A teleport is not a move, but in the sylvaneth designer's commentary they call navigate realmroots a move - kind of confusing, but to me this implies that you can't. We're still waiting on an official FAQ to directly answer this question, though.
  2. heywoah_twitch

    Warchanter Buff Stack?

    Yes. There's no language in there that would imply it doesn't stack - and the default for AoS is that stuff stacks unless noted somehow otherwise (via the "any" language clause or by FAQ). It says "pick one unit" but that's for each use of the effect.
  3. heywoah_twitch

    Visibility and Citadel Woods

    Flying has no interaction with obstacles or line of sight: it only lets you move in a different way than normal. Wyldwoods block LOS unless either the shooter or target have flying, but that's not a power flying technically gives you itself, it's an exception that the wyldwoods rules check for, if you get my meaning. For instance if some spell does d6 damage to flyers, that's not a flying power, it's some other ability's affect on flyers.
  4. heywoah_twitch

    Visibility and Citadel Woods

    Flying only let's you pass across models and terrain features when you move, it has no effect when you aren't moving.
  5. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    The only side of the fence I'm on is what the rules say - so I'm thrilled about the clarification!
  6. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    Yes, they both messed up the index and they messed up wording the rule of one to matter in almost any way (due to the override and then doubling down on it with the FAQ I posted). I'm hoping for a fix that allows the rules of one to have teeth but also give room for interesting warscrolls to 'break the rules' so to speak but in a balanced way. On the waywatcher, of course it works, enjoy! It's also a much less exploitable interaction as well imo, but I make rulings based on what the rules exactly say, not what I think is balanced (obviously, otherwise I'd be against 80 attacks from scar veterans
  7. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    The Core Rules last until the end of the Allegiance Abilities heading. They pasted an example battleplan page after the Battleplans heading and note this in the contents, but continue on into warscrolls, battalions, allegiance abilities. See also Core Rules pdf.
  8. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    It implicitly does say that by reading "whenever you roll a 6+ to hit". That's all-inclusive. That's every 6+ to hit. And you make an attack roll with extra attacks just the same as normal attacks, and they can roll 6+ so I really do not understand the confusion. If the rule of one was designed to stop this, then the rule is a complete failure because it straight up does not. Perhaps GW intends for this not to work, that's for them to fix, not us. All we can do is interpret what the rules say, and there isn't a way to read this where it doesn't work. Every 6+ means every 6+.
  9. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    My quote exactly answers his question, and yes I read it. The ability is looking for all hit rolls of 6+ Extra attacks roll to hit The buff lasts until your next hero phase Extra attacks are rolled before your next hero phase The core rules say extra attacks can't produce extra attacks This ability says "whenever you roll a 6+" aka every single 6+ to hit Abilities trump core rules limitations as per the FAQ I posted It's as simple as that
  10. heywoah_twitch

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    The 6+ proc lasts until your next hero phase, and the additional attacks are rolled before your next hero phase, so the buff still applies.
  11. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    2-Day 2k tournament report with beastclaw episode up. Joined by Mr_Mephisto, my teammate, who was on Nagash. First third is about the tournament itself and the doubles event we also did, second third is LoN rounds 1-5, final third is BCR 1-5. Please enjoy.
  12. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    If we're allowed to change warscrolls there are a bunch of fun ideas for thundertusk, yours included, but sadly it's points and battleline-if only for this one. On comparing mournfang to gore-grunta: Ironjawz are bad, and so I'm not terribly interested in making our guys equivalently balanced with a different army that also sucks. I'm trying for competitively viable, and so the sights must be set higher. I wish IJ luck and hope they get some needed updates as well (they are getting hammered in LLV stats, worse even than us, though that's certainly due to representation in part). If both were at 140, gore-gruntas would still be the clear winner, at 3 more wounds and 1 more model for capturing, not to mention the army they sit in has lots of stacking attack and hit buffs to absorb as well as superior allegiance abilities, which should factor into the point cost of a unit when making a direct comparison.
  13. heywoah_twitch

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Well the call for points recommendations has begun, so let's get to it! Stated Goals: Make Beastclaw competitively viable without giving the opponent a negative play experience (thundertusk spam). Encourage players to actually use our Faction instead of taking the 2 good models and dumping the allegiance for GA: Destruction. The ways this is possible are by unlocking battleline-ifs and making the battalions a central part of lists. Disincentivize other armies from just poaching our stuff, similar to the above. Make sure the Start Collecting box is worth buying, both to help people pick up the army, but also to avoid the new player bad experience of getting the obvious box and then later realizing the units within are real bad. Battalions: Skal: 150->60 - Attempts to make this worth it are pure sunk-cost fallacy, even at a low price, but it's possible to try now. Whatever the cheapest a battalion is allowed to cost is what Skal should cost. Eurlbad: 170->130 Jorlbad: 160->120 Torlbad: unchanged - this battalion is so bad it doesn't matter what it costs, but in an effort to curb 'tusk spam keeping it pricey. Olwyr Alfrostun: 190->100 - taking a page from sylvaneth on this mega-battalion with lots of reqs. Braggoth's Beast Hammer: 230->290 - this may seem like a lot, or strange to go up in cost, but I'm concerned about it being too good after the other points updates. Units: Icebrow Hunter: 140->80 - Simply one of the worst heroes in the game. Comparing him to soulscryer, runesmiter, warp-grinder, etc is pretty depressing. Huskard on Stonehorn: 340->280 - This guy is better than magmadroths, which themselves are very bad and expensive. Can't hold an artefact well due to lol punches and kicks and a 4+ save. Stonehorn Beastriders: 320->260 - Rend -2 and fast is good. Fragile and inaccurate is bad. 2 morghasts with same wounds and save do better damage but slower and no charge mws for 220, both battleline. Mournfang Pack: 160->120 - Yes, 60pts per guy, which for what they do is fair. Two of them do the same damage as 3 Ogors, slightly faster, worse banners. Model count and base size are both huge disadvantages, and so 10 points per wound is right I think. Still worse than the "great" battlelines in AoS that aren't about to get nerfed (Skeletons, Sequitors, Arkanaut, Blightkings, Bestigors, etc). Frost Sabres: 40->40/200 - Battleline-if BCR allegiance plus a nice little massive reg discount. Both Frostlords: 420->400 - basically just to give Gutbusters a cool ally choice, ogor bros stick together. Thundertusks of all types: These are all extremely overcosted competitively, but to avoid NPE I'm keeping them as is. Thoughts?
  14. heywoah_twitch

    Majestic Horror

    As well as the above, show them this Designer Commentary FAQ: