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  1. Yes, though his damage is underwhelming since thundertusks in melee are are super weak, finding some sort of anvil to camp an objective on the snowballing points battleplans is very important now that ethereal amulet is gone. It was a much bigger competitive hit than I thought it would be. Possibly - a casual player who often forgets to use Triumphs would be much better served by upgrading the huskard on TT to a frostlord version for the extra armor (and at least some melee damage). The 5-monster lists play very cagey and lean heavily on the capture-10 gameplay/objectives, often retrea
  2. Went to Midwest Meltdown this weekend with 115 players, took BCR, went 3-2! Full report on the next show, but forum version: Took a fun (but tuned) list instead of an optimized one since the difference isn't terribly large in outcome. Decided to take mournfang even though they suck because they're cheaper now at 140 and I haven't played with them in over a year and just wanted to for fun. Frostlord on Stonehorn, general, everwinter, ethereal. Huskard on Stonehorn, Sepulchural Plate, Vulture 4 Mournfang, gargant hackers 4 Mournfang, gargant hackers Stonehorn B
  3. Yes, such abilities will also affect the mount. The only thing that doesn't affect the mounts are: 1) Command Traits 2) Artefacts Mount Traits work just fine, even on named characters.
  4. Yes, you may choose a mount trait for a named character on a mount. The Named Character rule only stipulates Command Traits and Artefacts.
  5. Does everyone play dispossessed and STD? how does a meta think that the like 5th worst army in the game is OP lol
  6. People have had some success with Braggoth's Beasthammer, although it comes with caveats. It absolutely requires your opponent to play badly and give you a turn 1 charge with no chaff, and a double turn. Has some fiddly range requirements that often leave your gore-grunta sitting too far away or out of combat, and same problem as all BCR lists: no bodies (without the insane damage, safety nets, and summoning of elite armies than are good, like say FEC). It's gone 3-0 in a few three-rounder tournaments in soft metas though not recently.
  7. I hate it. It was okay when it was only IDK as their main 'thing', and only on one predictable turn (that you tended to retreat during because there wasn't a way not to lose all those fights unless way ahead oh board). But now that it's just 'on' a bunch of stuff, it creates melee haves and have nots <-- and I don't like using that term because I think it's overused. Now every single army needs either great shooting or ASF for themselves or they will get hard-countered in combat. Maybe the world will look different when everyone has a 2nd ed battletome, but this is making the wait for
  8. If you get a double turn, you are further rewarded next battle round by winning ties.
  9. I disagree with the framing that these two are opposed - they don't have to be, and in fact it is the goal of the best rules writers that they not be at odds at all.
  10. Because I have found a frostlord dies in one round if a real hammer gets the charge if he isn't immune to rend, and 18" or 21" move and charge is more than enough to get anywhere I need to go even late game. If you have an ethereal frostlord, you actually have a great advantage on hero capturing battleplans and can leverage that into a win even against some armies that would normally crush you. It's sort of like why someone would choose morathi over just that many points worth of extra witch aelves: because you get to be real strong on duality, etc.
  11. Despite the necro, Most games of AoS are decided by a priority roll either right then or as the main catalyst event that leads to a win or loss later - a fact that I find very unfortunate, and my main complaint. I think such a crazy swingy mechanic belongs in Open and Narrative play, while Matched should be more about coming up with and following through on a more concrete strategy. There's plenty of granular randomness as it is.
  12. The thermalrider cloak is definitely wrong imo, but I played a few test games with 4 frostlord on stonehorn and there isn't a more fun way to play beastclaw. If you already own them or play test games with friends you should do it, but I always advise against spamming and skew lists when a new book might change everything in the near future.
  13. Agree with what others said, though I'd definitely go Ethereal. The thermalrider cloak seems cool, but it makes staying within 6" for the hit buff even more tempting to ignore. That annoying and restrictive positioning is what caused me to give up on beasthammer after testing - besides not being able to fit enough mournfang for my liking. A wizard+cogs is good to run across the table as is what the army is supposed to do, but man without a cast bonus you're flipping a coin for the main strat your army is trying to pull off. If that cast fails it feels like a really poor use of 200 points. I'd
  14. @Reuben Parker I went with skull for my second frostlord at dragonfall and it was just okay. It's true though that a cost you pay for using ethereal is that there isn't a great second artefact choice. Did a batrep on my channel for the event, went 3-2. Super fun event. @Brakkus awesome!
  15. Notably it's the often forgotten about other-other-other ability gnarlroot wargrove has in sylvaneth. 'Can't Retreat' generally has no affect on most games, but when it is a problem it can win games if your opponent forgot while planning in earlier turns. It's strong in sylv since they're so tanky as an army, not so much for 3 yhetees, but it isn't nothing. I just think 4 huskards each with a heal plus 3 more yetis for the same price is better is all. Or 3 huskards and 21 yetis! For playing with the models you own, I like your style, and I have some thoughts: I played mainly eurlb
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