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  1. Yeah I know! But they don't give you a significant boost anyway. If you compare the «mandatory» items from the sky port to some of the best sub-factions from other BT, we don't have that many «can't miss». Yes, the choice to take them depending on the general or hero choice is refreshing and allows us more creativity.
  2. I agree that Zilfin/Urbaz are our most competitive skyports. But others have their value as well! Even Urbaz has some bad entries (command trait, Endrinwork) and Zilfin as well (command trait). You can make a solid Endrinmaster with dirigible in Zon and Wardens get pretty good. Morhnar ‘ s artefact is a game changer, Thryng has a lot of cool rules and Nar can be pretty good against a magic heavy meta. While no clear cut number one, it does break the trend of having one obvious super good sub faction in recent books (Petrifex, Conflagration come to mind). That’s a sign of good design for our book. Even with limited unit options, we can have a lot of different builds that can be competitive and fun.
  3. That is the one thing FAQ didn't address and it's a major one. I'm a Zilfin player myself and here's how I see it. 1. The hitcher's wording states that the unit can hitch instead of making a normal move. So that would mean they can't hitch as the Zilfin hero phase move is for one unit only (the vessel). 2. BUT! the very next words after those are, in brackets, «as long as this unit has not already made a normal move in the same phase». Because of that, I take it as they can hitch because they have not made a normal move in that hero phase. Now RAW, it is debatable as two separate parts of the rule could lead you to two different answers. However, RAI, it's clear that the intend of the rule is that you can't move wholly within six inches of a ship, then fly high or fly high, then move. That is supported somewhat by an «official» video of Warhammer TV when they were previewing the new book against Mawtribes. The KO player used the Zilfin move with a Gunhauler if I remember correctly and hitched a unit of sky riggers while doing so. As a TO, I ruled that you can hitch with the Zilfin move because the hitchers haven't made a move in the same phase and I see the part in brackets as a clarification on instead of making a normal move, rather than a second condition to be met to make the move. I know other TO's rule it differently. Both could be argued. Unfortunately, only a clear FAQ will settle that debate.
  4. Your list is illegal. Brokk is a named, unique character and can't have a command trait or an artefact of power.
  5. Don't underestimate the Geminids as well...
  6. I meant yes to the second question! You don't have to have an Admiral. If you do AND he is your general, you have to take that trait. Otherwise, you can do as you please.
  7. .It's not a rule, it's an endrinworks. It's on the Zilfin page where all the sky ports are. It's called Aetherspheric endrins.
  8. Never really played at 1000 points but if I would, I'd probably bring that.
  9. Sure thing! I ran Zilfin with There's no Trading but also the automatic 1 for Battlleshock (Don't remember the name atm) Khemyst with Stickler for the Code and Aethershock Earbuster 2X10 Arkanauts with hooks 10 Thunderers with rifles 6 Endrinriggers with saws and rivet guns Frigate with Cannon and Aetherspheric Endrins
  10. I never tried double frigates as I only own one...But I love the Ironclad. It has far better firepower and higher transport capacity. The 4+ save (Which the Frigate should have btw) is also a nice addition to hit. I also enjoy the Flagship rule to buff all the ships.
  11. Only lost a handful of Thunderers the whole tournament. Basically, I would set up the Thunderers as far away from my target as I could, lapping around the ship but leaving the front of it open. I deployed the Khemyst alone in front on the 9 inch line. Have to find the sweet spot eveytime. That way, if my target survives, he more often then not has to charge the Khemyst (-1 attack) and the Frigate (possibly having them strike last) so I can retreat with the Thunderers. It happened this way in the doubles event against a horde of Plague monks. Did wonders!
  12. Usually, I would bait my opponent with my IC, which I deployed first with the meat of the army, and put it somewhere I did not want to put to force them to react accordingly. After that, I could redeploy it with Fleetmaster easily according to his deployment. Every game I played, I outdropped my opponent meaning I knew in advance if I wanted to go first or second and deploy accordingly. For the target priority, it really depends on the scenario and the list. But I usually went for what I perceived was the heart of my opponent's army or big units if he had them. I ear busted a large block of 40 ghouls in a game but I also shot Jezzails, Deamonettes etc. Really depends... As for the choice of boats over Arkanauts, a lot of things went into consideration. 1. I hate big blocks of units. 2. I don't have that many Arkanauts. 3. That build is slow, and in a tournament where basically only the objectives will decide the outcome of the game, I chose mobility instead of raw firepower. I don't want to spend over 600 points (40 Arkanauts and Khemyst) on a single static unit that dies to a swift breeze...I know it's a good combo but it's not my style.
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